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1674 Inventory of Alice Cruse of Brushford, Somerset - Part I

  1. An Inventory of All and singular the

  2. Goods and Chattles of Alce Cruse late of

  3. Brushford in the Countey of Somersett widdow

  4. deceased taken and appraised the Twelueth day

  5. of August 1674 by us whose names are

  6. hereunder written

l s d
  7. Imprimis her wearing apparell and
  8. money in her purse
j iiij o
  9. Item one bedsteed o vij o
10. It 2 coffers o v o
11. It one Cubboard o viij iiij
12. It 2 brasse pannes j vj viij
13. It 2 brasse potts j ij o
14. It for pewter j vj viij
15. It one Trundle and one fate [vat] o jx vj
16. It Three beare barrells o viij o
17. It one tableboard and forme o iiij o
18. It one Bar=Rag [Rack?] 2 potthookes one
19. paire of Andirons one gridiron and
20. one frying pan
o vj viij

(continued in Part II)

-Debbie Kennett

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