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    "Muster Roll of Captain John G. Cleveland, "E" of the 36th Regiment Volunteers of the Confederate States from Alabama for 3 years or the War unless sooner discharged." Muster Roll from Mt. Vernon Arsenal, May 13, 1862.

 Names in brackets were obtained from other sources. The Private's names have been put in alphabetical order for ease of reference. All of the soldiers were listed as having joined the regiment in Mobile, Alabama.

OFFICERS                   RANK                AGE       NOTES
Cleveland, John G.        Capt.
Lott, Washington          1 Lieut.                 Later Captain
Lott, Elisha B.,          2 Lieut.
Cleveland, Joel A.        2 Lieut.
Malone, T.A.              1 Sgt.          37
Lott, T. A.               2 Sgt.          24
Ladd, B[enjamin] H.,      3 Sgt.          20       Later 2 Lieut.
Byrd, John A.             4 Sgt.
Hartley, Daniel           5 Sgt.          22
[Burns, John T.]          Sgt.
[McMillon, J. B.]         Sgt.
[Nicholas, Lewis]         Sgt.
Staten, Willoughby        1 Corpl.
Byrd, Thomas              2 Corpl.        22
Mason, Powell             3 Corpl.        36
Hollinger, C[ornelius] A. 4 Corpl.        22       Later Sgt.
[Williams, George F.        Corpl.]

Privates                                      Age     Notes

Allen, John                     19
[Baker, J.P.]
Bently, William C.              35
Berg, William
Blankinship, William            20
[Blackledge, Richard]
Brannan, Martin                 27
Brannan, James                  53
[Brannen, Jesse]
[Brannon, Daniel E.]
Brannon, Thomas J.              27
Brenninger, Jacob               33
Brinkley, Edward                22
Brinkly, William                24
Bryant, Willis                  25
[Burch, Berry]
Byrd, Francis M.                22
[Byrd, James W.]
Byrd, Lemuel, [Jr.]                     Later Cpl.
[Byrd, Thos.]
Byrd, William
Campbell, Thomas                33
Carmon, James A.                21
Caton, Sidney                   44
Chestang, W[m]. H.
Churchwell, James W. [M?]       31
Churchwell, Thomas
Churchwell, W. C.               40
[Clark, Daniel]
Clark, Joseph                   30
[Collins, Eli H.]
[Cowart, Edward]
Curry, W[illiam] H.             27
C_____, T. A.                   ?? (appears on a crease)
Dallas, William                 25
Daughtery, Willis               35
Davis, George W.                27
Davis, John A.                  22
Denmark, John A.                42
Denmark, Redding                37
[Densler, F. A.]
Dewitt, Alvin. B.               24      Later Sgt.
Dewitt, Thomas J.               27
[Dickerson, John]
[Dickson, Richard]
Dixon, Joseph                   33
Dixon, Richard                  19
Dowling, Thomas                 18
[Drinkhard, W. J.]
[Dueitt, Thomas J.]
Eslava, Oscar [D.]              22
Eubanks, John F.                23
Eubanks, Littleton H.           22
Fagan, Andrew                   23
Fagan, George W.                18
Fisby, Lewis                    36
Fitzgerald, William C.
[Fountain, L.S.]
George, Isaac                   30
[George, James G.]
George, Travis
Gibson, John C.                 22
Goff, Albert                    17
Grant, Augustine F.             20
[Graves, John]
Harriel, Elizah                 18
Harris, John                    25
[Hart, John W.]
Hayth, George F.
Helman, John                    30
Helverston, John C.
[Hillman, C.A.]
[Holand, B.]
Hollingsworth, Seaborn          35
Hostfelt, Chas. [R.]            17
Howard, Eli                     38
Howard, Hezekiah                21
Howell, William [L.]            24
Hudgens, Francis M.             23
Hudgens, Josiah                 16
Jennette, Russell C.            18
[Jones, J. R.]
Kennedy, James T.
[Kennedy, Joseph T.]
Kidd, O. J                       34
Kirtland, W.                    21
La Farque, John B.              16
[Latt, H. A.]
Lomary, R. L.                   23
[Lott, H. A.]
[Lott, William]
[Lowry, Robert]
Martin, Felix A.                28      Later Corpl.
Mason, Jesse                    38
McCullum, A. C.                 22
[McLain, Anguish C.]
McVay, Geo. W.
Measles, Luke
Meek, William B.                18
[Miller, Henry]
Miller, James A.                18
[Miller, Mahan]
Miller, Meagher                 19
[Miller, 0.]
[Milligan, Robt.]
Mills, Thomas                   26
Mobley, James [A.]              29
Moore, James J.                 18
[Murphy, John]
Nichols, Alexander              16
Nichols, Lewis                  25
Nelson, Frank D.                25
Patrick, William                28
[Pepper, W.]
[Perry, Joseph]
[Petette, William J.]
[Pipkin, William]
Platt, James P.                 37      Later Sgt.
[Pope, A.C.]
Pope, Willis                    17
Powell, Richmond                28
Preston, James
Prine, Joel J.                  21
Prussell, William
Raspberry, James J.             36
[Rester, Hiram]
Rowell, Andrew J.               26
[Rowell, John B.]
[Robison, Neil]
Rowell, William L.
Ryder, John                     30
Salsor [Salzer], Adam           34
Salser, John                    23
Seago, Benj.[amin] L.           20
Sheridan, Richard               17
[Simmons, Augustine]
Smith, John                     32
[Smith, Lewis D.]
[Starkey, J. B.]
[Stephens, W. S.]
[Stevens, E. S.]
Stevenson, Charles H            16
Stringfellow, George            24
Stringfellow, W. C.             33
Tansy, William P.               17
[Taylor, W. L.]
[Turly, Louis]
[Turner, R.]
Urquhart, John                  38
[Walley, J. M.]
Weaver, James                   19
Welford, William                25
Welford, Henry                  21
Wiggins, Americus D.            17
[Williams, A. J.]
Williams, Francis R.            22
Williams, George O.             26
Williams, George W.             18
Wilson, Washington [H.]         34

Mobley, James. This may be the the James Mobley that died as a Prisoner of War on Nov. 26, 1864, and is buired at Camp Chase, Ohio, in row 16, number 4, grave number 517. (Back to Muster Roll

Platt, James P. Believed to be the same J. P. Platt that was a Sergeant of Company F, 36th Alabama. He died as a Prisoner of War on Feb. 9, 1865, and is buried in row 28, number 13, grave 1,132 at Camp Chase Cemetery, Columbus Ohio.(Back to Muster Roll)

Taylor, W. L. While not on the Muster Roll, Private W. L. Taylor is listed as having died on Feb. 6, 1865, as a Prisoner of War at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. He is buried in the Camp Chase Cemetery, row 27, number 17, grave number 1,064.  (Back to Muster Roll)

Williams, George F. While not on the Muster Roll, Corpl. George F. Williams is listed as having died as a Prisoner of War on May 17, 1865. He is buried at Camp Chase Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio, in row 39, number 31, grave number 1,979.

This transcription is from the original Muster Roll that is part of the collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. I have closely looked at the original document along with photocopies graciously provided by ADHA. Given the age and wear of the document and the handwriting style changes in the ensuing century, it is possible that this nevertheless contains errors.

IMPORTANT  NOTE: Names in brackets are from additional sources and not listed in the actual Muster Roll. Please contact me about corrections and/or additions.

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