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The Ship Sally arrived in the Port of Philadelphia on August 23, 1773. Her Commander, John Osmond, had brought her from Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, stopping in Portsmouth, England to possibly pick up more passengers or cargo. She brough 193 passengers to the New World. One of the names on the list of passengers was


Because of the great influx of foreigners, especially German and Swiss, it was deemed advisable to require an Oath of Allegiance to the Crown of Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All males over the age of sixteen (16) were compelled to take the Oath as soon as possible after docking. The list of those taking the Oath professing allegiance to King George the Second included the name of Johann Henrich Dreyman. This act proves that he was at least sixteen when he arrived in America. He took the Oath the same day he arrived.

On September 1, 1773 JOHN HENRY DRYMAN, originally from the Port of Rotterdam was indentured to Dennis Whilon, who lived in nearby Chester County, Owchland Township, Pennsylvania. He was to be a servant for 5 years. The price was L28.2.0. This is 28 pounds plus English money.

We know little of Henry Dryman's life in Pennsylvania, we know that he was found on a tax roll of 1782 in Chester County, listed as having taxable personal property. We know that he married in Pennsylvania, most likely in Chester County, but we have found no marriage record for him. Most of his children were probably born in Chester County. By 1787 he was in Washington County, Virginia where again he is found on tax records. His son James was born in Virginia in 1790.

We next find Henry Dryman in Greene County, Tennessee where on 1 August 1792 he purchased 300 acres from Daniel Rawlings for the sum of 55 pounds. Henry stayed in Greene County for several years. On the 21st November 1804 Henry Dryman sold this 300 acres to John Olinger, who was from the Shennendoh Valley of Virginia for $1,000. Henry was getting ready to move his family to Buncombe County, North Carolina.
Deed between Henry Dryman & Daniel Rawlings
Deed between Henry Dryman & John Olinger

From North Carolina deeds we know that Henry had three sons, John, Henry Jr., and James and a daughter named Sarah. I believe that he also had a daughter named Margaret. Found in Greene County, Tennessee is a marriage bond for John Goldman and Margaret Dryman, dated 23 April 1798. We have found no other Dryman families in Greene County, so I feel Margaret must be part of Henry's family.

Deed records for Buncombe County, North Carolina has recorded these transactions for John "Henry" Dryman (Sr.):

  1. Nathan Smith to Henry Dryman, 16 Mar 1805, Deed Book 10; pg. 57/58
  2. Nathan Smith to Henry Dryman, 10 Mar 1806, Deed Book A, pg. 344-346
  3. Nathan Smith to Henry Dryman, 10 Mar 1806, Deed Book A, pg. 12/13
  4. Henry Dryman Sr. to Henry Dryman Jr., 23 May 1807, Deed Book A, pg. 327/328
  5. Henry Dryman Sr. to Henry Dryman Jr., 23 May 1807, Deed Book A, pg. 297/298
  6. Henry Dryman Sr. to John Dryman, 23 May 1807, Deed Book A, pg. 309/310
  7. Henry Dryman Sr. to Sarah Dryman, 23 May 1807, Deed Book A, pg. 463/464
  8. Henry Dryman Sr. to James Dryman, 23 May 1807, Deed Book A, pg. 379-381
  9. John Dryman to Henry Dryman, Sr., 2 Sep 1814, Deed Book G, pg. 226

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