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Records from the George Washington Rivers Family Bible
American Book and Bible House Date torn. Copyright on 1 page

Inscription : Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see

Marrage Certification as follows:

G.W. Rivers of Glover,AL
and B.V. Wheeless of Glover, AL
April 13th, 1884
at the res. of W.B. Holland
by Rev. J.D. Hudson
O.F. Hill & J.M. Rivers

Marrige Page:

Mattie E. Rivers to William D. Pugh 14 June 1908
Thomas D. Rivers to Ida Hill 3 Jan 1909
Lula A. Rivers to Lonnie Overstreet 5 Mar 1911
William C. Rivers to Susie Baumhausr 5 Jan 1916
Stephen E. Rivers to Sadonna Berkley 27 Apr 1922
Etta Mae Rivers to Earlie D. Harris 8 Sep 1923
Elmore E. Rivers to Mildred Dismukes 25 Dec 1932
S. Monroe Rivers to Margaretta Shaw 29 Jun 1931
Virgiline Rivers to Hubert P. Key 21 July 1935
Albert Grey Rivers to Anna Mae Phillips 10 Jan 1939


George Washington Rivers 20 Oct 1856
Bell Vernant Rivers 14 Sep 1868
Thomas David Rivers 15 Dec 1885
William Carl Rivers 16 Feb 1888
Stephen Earl Rivers 22 Aug 1890
Mattie Evaline Rivers 20 Aug 1892
Lula Amelia Rivers 13 Aug 1894
Etta Mae Rivers 16 Oct 1896
Pearl Grey Rivers 11 Dec 1898
Fannie Leona Rivers 18 Oct 1899
Samuel Monroe Rivers 22 Dec 1900
Ellis Elmore Rivers 15 Feb 1903
Billie Holland Rivers 3 Feb 1905
George Wilmer Rivers 25 May 1906
Bell Virgiline Rivers 29 Sep 1908
Albert Grey Rivers 10 Apr 1911


Pearl Grey Rivers 12 Dec 1898
Fannie Leona Rivers 27 Oct 1899
Billie Holland Rivers 25 June 1905
Lula Amelia Rivers Overstreet 24 Jul 1929

Bible in possession of Samuel M. Rivers Jr.
Pensacola, FL,



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