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Newsletter Vol 4 #2

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Overstreet Family Newsletter
Vol. 4, #2 - March 1984
Editor:  Gregory S. Smith
Rt. 1, Box 35
Mt. Olive, MS 39119


The following was submitted by Susan Kelley, 4104 Kilgore Lane,
Austin, Texas 78727.   Ref. "The Maxeys of Virginia," by Edythe
Maxey Clark.
Susan N. Maxey, b 1837, Franklin Co, VA, dau. Isaac and Elizabeth
(Bowles) Maxey, married Tilghman Overstreet, May 6, 1858, Bedford
Co, Virginia.   Daniel Washington Maxey married Nancy A. Ayres.
Their dau. Mattie Dora Maxey, b July 28, 1887, Bedford Co, VA,
married J. D. Overstreet, August 17, 1904, Bedford County.
Who were these Overstreets?   OFN

Would like to know who John and Henry Overstreet were who are
listed in Cumberland Co, NC 1755.   According to Bertie Co, NC,
records, "Henry Overstreet bought fifty acres in 1736, in NC, 'where
Ann Overstreet doeth now live'."   Were they separated at the time
or could Ann have been a widowed daughter-in-law?   The
Overstreets listed in Tyrell Co, NC (1735-40), namely, John, Dorcas,
Michael, and David, are they part of the family of Henry Overstreet of
Bertie County?
Mary Ida Shearhart, 4212 Donnelly, Ft. Worth, Texas 76107.

Which Silas Overstreet was a resident of Anson County, NC,
between 1770 and 1789?  OFN

Philemon Terrell c 1750-c 1816 moved from Robeson Co, NC, to
Liberty Co, CA c 1795.   He and his Elizabeth had a son John c
1790 who m 1) Lydia Ellis 1815, m 2) Nancy Overstreet 1827 in
Irwin Co, GA. John died in Echols Co, GA.     Who was Nancy and
did she have children?    OFN

Who was Eliza Overstreet Shadrack Newman, March 15, 1835,
Liberty Co, GA?	OFN

Who was Sarah Overstreet of Nashville, TN, who married Oct. 22,
1856, in Nashville John O'Burn of Raleigh, NC?   OFN

Overstreet from "Index to DAR Lineages" were listed in Vol. 3, #5.
Dolly O. Huff would like to know more about this publication.   I have
searched the libraries in my area and been unable to locate the
book.   It was apparently in a DAR Traveling Library.
Dolly O. Huff, OP. O. Box 88, Stroudsburg, PA  18360

	          *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


Rebecca Overstout - Richmond Co. #191
Elias Overstreet - Richmond Co. #209
James Overstreet - Halifax Co. #141
Jonathan Overstreet - Robeson Co. #222
Madgilbey Overstreet - Robeson Co. #230

		*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


BRASWELL:  William Braswell was in Edgecombe Co., NC, in 1714.
In 1734, William deeds a tract of land on Yawahaw Swamp,
Edgecombe Co, adjacent to land belonging to Robert Braswell on
Poplar Branch.  An Elijah Braswell married an Overstreet girl in 1771.
Henry Overstreet married Jane Braswell and was in Georgia with
Robert and Kindred Braswell (see Vol.2, #3).   John Overstreet
possibly married Ferebe (or Pheriby) Braswell and was in Robeson
Co, NC.   Pheriby Overstreet received a grant from the Government in
1784, receiving 100 acres in Capt. Cades Dist., Bladen Co, NC.   In
1782, the following Braswells were in Nash Co, NC:   Benjamin,
Arthur, Jacob, Sr., Jacob, Jr., Henry, Mourning, Samuel, William,
William, Sr., and William, Jr.

The following was recorded in Isle of Wight Co, VA.   "Henry Pope -
May 28, 1728 - Oct 28, 1728.   Token bequests to sons, William (d in
Edgecombe Co, NC, 1749), Henry, Richard, Jacob, John (Maj. John
who d in 1745, Edgecombe Co, married Mourning McKinne, dau of
Barnabe), daughters, Mary Williams, Jane Braswell (wife of Valentine
Braswell of NC, who was a son of Richard Braswell of Isle of Wight,
who d in 1725), each of them having had his part before."

McNEIL, McLAIN, GRAHAM, and BOWIE (BUIE):  In the records of the
accounts of Malcom McNeill, Robeson Co, NC, Jan 1827, we find
these names:   Niele Buie, Malcom Buie, Niele McNiele, and Thomas
Sampson (adm.).   In an inventory and accounts of the sale of the
estate of Dugald Graham, deceased, we find among the names:
Daniel McLean, Duncan McLean, Giles McLean, John McLean,
Norman McLean, William McNiele, John Overstreet, James McLean
(exr.) and Archibald McLean (exr).   This was dated July 1 and 2,
1830, Robeson Co, NC.   In the account of sales of Dugald Graham,
Robeson Co, Nov. 10, 1831, these names were listed:   Daniel
McLean, Duncan McLean, John McLean, Neile Mc Lean, Archibald
McLean, and John Overstreet.   In the inventory of the estate of Norman
McLeod, signed by Daniel McLeod, Feb 26, 1831, we find the ever
popular John Overstreet.   The following record was dated June 2,
1828, Robeson Co:  "Return of Malcom McNiele, guardian of six of
the heirs of Daniel Buie, on account with Issabella Buie.   Heirs
mentioned - William, Margaret, and other minor heirs of Issabella

It is obvious that the McNeils, McLains, Grahams, Buies, and
Overstreets were related in North Carolina.   The McNeils, McLains,
and Grahams married into the Mississippi Overstreets, and the
Overstreets and Bowies became related in Georgia.

John Rezin Bowie was born Sept 1756, in Georgia, and died Oct
3, 1819, in Louisiana.   He and his wife Elve Apeatesby Jones left
Georgia, moved to TN for six or seven years, then to Missouri,
Kentucky, and finally settled on Bayou Boef in Rapides Parish,
Louisiana about 1802.   Their son James "Jim" Bowie was born
about 1795, in Elliot Springs, TN, and died March 6, 1836, at the
Alamo in Texas.   He married April 25, 1831 Ursula Veramendi,
born Oct 26, 1811, Monclova, Mexico, and died Sept 26, 1833.

COWART:  Mary Ida Shearhart reports that the Cowarts were
granted a large tract of land in Albermarle Sound in 1690, at
which time it was considered a colony of Virginia but became
Chowan Co. in 1722, and later formed into Bertie Co, NC.
She suggests that perhaps the Cowarts knew "Bertie Co. Henry
Overstreet" and perhaps that is why they happened to come to
Emanuel Co, GA, and Mary Cowart married Henry Overstreet,
born in 1821.   There were a lot of Cowarts in the 1850 Emanuel
Co Census.  Mrs. Shearhart also suggests that since Bertie Co
was once a colony of Virginia, could Henry Overstreet have been
one the "three who came over from England and one went South
from Virginia."

WARD:  One John Overstreet married a Ward girl, whose family
was in Tyrell Co, NC, in 1740.   A Dorcas Overstreet was in Tyrell
Co in 1735.   She had sons, Michael, John, and David.

BOOKER;  A Virginia magazine of History and Biography entitled,
"Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol I, by Adams and Chiles,
reports the following marriage bonds:   John Overstreet and Kitty
Booker Oct. 18, 1783, and Moses Overstreet and Mary Brooker
Jan 1797.

LEE:   Zachariah Lee was born about 1735, and was reported to
have been killed by Tories soon after the Revolutionary War.   He
married Lucy Farmer, a daughter of Isaac Farmer, Sr.   Their known
children were Jesse, Isaac, Jacob (married Cynthia Floyd), Samuel,
and a daughter who married Henry Pope.   Their son Samuel Lee
was born about 1775-80, and moved from Robeson Co, NC, to
Wayne Co, Mississippi.   It is believed he married first Sarah Shay
(or Slay) and married second Patsy Overstreet  ?.  His children
married into the Overstreets of Wayne Co, MS.   Could they have
known of and been related to the Overstreets back in Robeson Co,

		*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


Bowie:		James	1784
Brasill:		John	1787
Braswell:	Benjamin 1786
		Ferdinand 1787
		George	 1788
		John	 1785
		Kindred	 1790
		Robert	 1787
		Samuel	 1786
Braswell:	Benjamin1788


Braswell:	Mathew, Reddick, Richard, Sampson
		Sampson Sr., and Wilie 1805
Brazeal:	Henry 1805

	   *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                 	            ANDERSON OVERSTREET

Anderson Overstreet was b January 17, 1825, and d September 9,
1901, in Kemper Co, MS.   He was a son of John Overstreet who
came from North Carolina.    His sister Emily Overstreet c 1819 - c
1856 m Alexander Graham, a son of Alexander and Flora Graham
also from North Carolina.    Anderson Overstreet m Sarah Jane Hart,
b March 8, 1829, TN, and d February 22, 1916, Kemper County, MS.

I.  Martha J. Overstreet  c 1849 m Mr. Flora.	(m. John Hunter)

II.  John J. Overstreet  c 1851 m Jane Baylis.  (m. Jennie Brittain)	
	James H. Overstreet c 1875
	Cynthia M. Overstreet c 1877
	F. Blanche Overstreet  c 1879
	Oliver Baylis Overstreet  1885-1929
	Carrie Overstreet  c 1888
	Mary Overstreet  c 1890

III.   Henry Hull (Henry was Henry Hart)Overstreet  c 1853

IV.  Virginia Overstreet  c 1855 m Jacob B. West, (m
Lawson  White, not Jacob West)a son of Daniel 
and Rebecca Overstreet West of Wayne Co, MS.
	James West  c 1874 m Miranda Jane Boyles.
	Daniel E. West  c 1876 m Sissy McLain.
	Mary West  c 1878
	Berry West  c 1880
	Erastus West  c 1883 m Beadie Gatlin.
	Edwin G. West  c 1886 m Nancy Guthrie
	Viola West  c 1888 m O. S. Sterns.
	Cora West  c 1890 m Mr. McLain.
	William West  c 1892
	Calvin B. West  c 1894

V.  Harvey Hazzard Overstreet  c 1857

VI.  Willis W. Overstreet  c 1859

VII.  Augustus Overstreet  c 1861

VIII.   Fannie Overstreet c 1863 m 1894 Willis O. McNeil, b Oct 1859,
son of Wiley and Jane or Jan Overstreet McNeil, and grandson of
Alexander McNeil who came from North Carolina.   Wiley and Jane
McNeil also had these children:  Adin C., Elizabeth, Wiley O, Mary
Erastus, William, Malcolm, John M., George H, Henry, Alonzo, and
Cordellia Asaline.

IX.  Calvin Quincey Overstreet  c 1868
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