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Tennessee Marriage Records

Cannon Co.1

Elkins, Arta M---Morgan, Gordon---September 7, 1838---September 10, 1838
Gabriel Elkins and Sophia Dillard
, John D.---Tittle, Julia Ann---September 4, 1839---September 5, 1839
           s/o Thomas Elkins and Mary "Polly" Melton
Hiram Young Tittle and Mary "Polly" Pop Higgins
, Dillard S. (Love)---Cummings, Mary E---October 2, 1844---October 2, 1844
           s/o Thomas Elkins and Mary "Polly" Melton
Elkins, Susannah---Manus, Daniel---June 11, 1840---June 11, 1840
Elkins, Nancy---Mears, James---July 2, 1842---July 3, 1842
Elkins, Stacy C.---Young, John A.---November 22, 1842---November 23, 1842
Gabriel Elkins and Sophia Dillard
, Polly---Dozier, Peter---January 7, 1845---January 7, 1845
Elkins, Malissa Caroline---Melton, Benjamin---January 28, 1846---January 28, 1846
           d/o Thomas Elkins and Mary "Polly" Melton
            s/o Jacob Melton and Lucy Matthews
Elkins, Martha Virginia---Fowler, Jacob---May 21, 1846---May 21, 1846
           d/o Thomas Elkins and Mary "Polly" Melton
Elkins, Charles to Duboise, Mary A....April 29, 1848...April 30, 1848
Elkins, Shaderick W. to Deloach, Lousanna...August 19, 1848...No entry
Elkins, Margarett E.---Prater, James---February 18, 1850---February 18, 1850 1, 2
           prob. d/o of Murphy Gabriel Elkins and Mary Lusas Pendleton
, Liza Jane---Prater, Moses U.---Licence date Dec. 1, 1856  but "no return" 3
           d/o Edmund S. Elkins and Paralee Estes
           s/o Martin L. Prater
, Clara Lucinda---Prater, Clayton L.---License date July 17, 1873 but "no return" 4
           d/o Edmund S. Elkins and Paralee Estes
           s/o William C. Prater & Delilah Stanfield

Dekalb Co.2

Elkins, Anjaline---Judkins, B. R.---04 Nov. 1862
Elkins, E. J.---Walden, J. C.---04 Nov. 1862
Elkins, L. V.---Cantrell, A.P.---27 Nov. 1864
Elkins, Matilda---Cantrell, J. A.---28 Jan. 1869
Elkins, John M.---Cantrell, Martha---20 Mar. 1869
Elkins, Elizabeth---Breadlove, A. C.---31 Aug. 1878

Warren Co.3

Elkins, Nancy---Duncan, William---20 Feb. 1863
Elkins, M. E.----Gribble, William E.---12 Dec. 1865
Elkins, Benjamin---Bates, Nancy---11 Aug 1867
Elkins, Mary Anne---Neal, Isham B.---23 Oct. 1870
Elkins, James B.---Brown, Mary Ann---20 Aug. 1871
Elkins, Parelle---Biles, Nicholas---11 April 1872
Elkins, James---Wiloby, Jane---16 Feb 1874 
Elkins, Martha---Woodlee, James---15 June 1876
Elkins, Victoria---McNeal, John---12 Oct. 1876
Elkins, William---McCollom, Amanda---26 Aug. 1877
Elkins, G. W.---Melton, Rutha Ann---23 Dec. 1877
Elkins, J. N.---Templeton, S. A.---17 April 1881
Elkins, Robert---Brabin, Fannie---21 Aug. 1883
Elkins, D. L.---Holland, Nancy P.---08 May 1887
Elkins, W. T.---Spurlock, Bobie---18 July 1895
Elkins, R. M.---Watson, M. E.---06 Aug, 1896
Elkins, William F.---Blue, Maggie---30 Dec. 1900

1. Cannon County, TN Marriages--March 1838 to Feb. 1850
2.  Marriage Book A, page 132; Bob Prater
3.  Marriage Book A2, page 51;Bob Prater
4.  Marriage Book C, page 163, Bob Prater
5. DeKalb County, Tennessee Marriages, 1851-1900. County court records located at Smithville, Tennessee or Family History Library microfilm #0593050-0593054. The county is located in central Tennessee and was created in 1837 from Cannon, Warren, and White counties.
6. Warren County, Tennessee Marriages, 1852-1900. County court records located at McMinnville, Tennessee or Family History Library microfilm #0571562-0571565. This county was created in 1807 from the existing counties of White, Jackson, and Smith.

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