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The History Of The

Dixon and Stevenson Families

White, Hannah, Melton, Teague, Kelly, Hildebrand/Hilderbrand, Elkins, Pendleton, McDaniel, Cheek,

This is for my children and grandchildren and all future members of
our family. I came to the realization that some day there would not be anyone to tell the history of our family. I have learned so much about who we are from my family and the research that I have done, I hope others will enjoy it as much.

I knew we were from hard working mid-western folks and it wasn't until I started down this path of history that I began to appreciate what my family has accomplished. Our families were here from the beginning and helped to open up and settle the country. When times were hard they managed to survive, they had faith in each other and most of all in God. With this faith they gave us who we are today.


     Come in and sit for awhile and visit with my family