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Photos relating to the area of John (10000)'s settlement --

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When John (10000) moved north into Ohio about 1810, his land was left in the hands of his eldest son, Thomas (11000) P. Ruggles whose property and grave are the subject of these photos.

Thomas' house still stands on the property that was his. It was built either by his father John (10000) sometime between 1800 and 1810 or by Thomas (11000) just after his father moved north to Ohio about 1810, still stands.  

tpr house.JPG (225271 bytes)The original two-story part of this house is shown here doubtless with much updated siding.  Its location is at the blue X on the map in the Family Album and is early 1800's by Thomas (11000) P. (10000) just south of the new highway and across from Ribolt, KY.





Its original squared (fancy for the times!) logs cantpr house2.JPG (314803 bytes) be seen both at the foundation level (as shown in the photo at the right) and just below the roof (as shown in the photo shown below).

tpr house3.JPG (284200 bytes)

cabincreek2.JPG (261419 bytes)

tpr chimney.JPG (238363 bytes)Their chimney is still standing, as of August 2000, almost 200 years later.  Nice work!  John's land was in the Cabin Creek watershed.  A bit of Cabin Creek is shown in the photo on the right.  Cabin Creek is the subject of a highway markecabincreek.JPG (318739 bytes)r at the old highway bridge west of Ribolt.  The text explains why the Indians were able to delay final settlement of this area of Kentucky into the 1790's so that it was still open to our Ruggles ancestors.  The text says: CABIN CREEK -- EARLY POINT OF ENTRY INTO KENTUCKY FOR EXPLORERS AND PIONEERS.  FROM IT MARAUDING INDIANS FORDED ACROSS THE OHIO RIVER.  WAR ROADS MARKED WITH DRAWINGS OF ANIMALS, THE SUN, AND THE MOON LEAD FROM THE NORTH TO UPPER BLUE LICKS.  KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT OF  HIGHWAYS, #143.

The name cabin seems to have come from an early settler named Cabbin.  It is spelled Cabbin in all the earliest records I have seen.

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