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Little Compton, RHODE ISLAND


                             THE PEARCE FAMILY

1.    RICHARD1 PEARCE, born near Waltham Abbey, Essex County, England, died in Portsmouth, R.I., in 1678.

He married in Waltham Abbey 5 May 1642 SUSANNAH WRIGHT, daughter of John and Mary (Dell) Wright. baptized 5 Aug. 1627 in Waltham Abbey, died in Portsmouth, R.I., in 1678.

For further information on the Pearce and Wright families in England, see an article by Benjamin F. Wilbour in the New England Genealogical and Historical Register, volume 84, page 427.

In his will, made 22 April 1677 and proved 28 Oct. 1678 in Portsmouth, he left to his son Richard his dwelling house and land, one pair of oxen with a cart and wheels, etc. To his six sons and four daughters, he left one shilling each.

        Children, given in Austin’s Rhode Island Dictionary:

                  i.    Martha, b. 13 Sept. 1645; d. 24 Feb. 1744; m. Mahershallahasbaz Dyer.

                 ii.    John, b. 8 Sept. 1647; d. 5 Dec. 1707; m. Mary Tallman, daughter of Peter and Ann Tallman.

iii.                   Richard, b. 3 Oct. 1649; m. Experience (–)

iv.                    Giles, b. 23 July 1651; d. 19 Nov. 1698; m. Elizabeth Hall, daughter of William and Mary Hall.

v.                     Susannah, b. 20 Nov. 1652; d. 24 Dec. 1743; m. 4 Dec. 1673 George Brownell.

                vi.    Mary, b. 6 May 1654; d. 4 May 1736; m. in 1678 Thomas Brownell.

               vii.    Jeremiah, b. 17 Nov. 1656.

              viii.    James, b. 6 Dec. 1658.

                ix.    (?), b. 7 July 1661.

        2.       x.    George, b. 10 July 1662

                xi.    William, b. 22 Dec. 1664.

2.    GEORGE2 PEARCE (Richard1), born in Portsmouth 10 July 1662, died in LC in September 1752.

He married first in LC 7 April 1687 ALICE HART of Portsmouth, daughter of Richard and Hannah Hart, born in 1669, died in LC 11 March 1718. He married second in LC 22 March 1721 TEMPERANCE KIRBY, daughter of Richard and Patience (Gifford) Hart, born 5 May 1670, died 5 Feb. 1761 in LC.


His will, recorded in Taunton and proved 3 Oct. 1752: To “... wife Temperance 100 pounds and all household goods. To son James 30 pounds. To son George Pearce 1/2 my... 30 acre lot bounded southerly on Moses Butts. To grandson George Thurston 72 pounds. To daughter Mary Simmons 60 pounds. To three children James, George and Mary, rest and residue... I confirm deeds of gift to sons James and George Pearce...”

        Children by first wife, recorded in LC with the exception of Samuel:

                   i.   Susannah, b. 21 Aug. 1688; d. 5 Aug. 1711; m. in LC 19 Dec. 1706 Edward Thurston.

        3.       ii.   James, b. 4 Sept. 1691,

                iii.    Samuel, b. 3 Feb. 1695; d. 29 Jan. 1705.

                iv.    George, b. 2 March 1697.

                 v.    Mary, b. 16 May 1700; d. 3 Jan. 1755; m. in LC 3 Dec. 1721 William Simmons.

3.    JAMES3 PEARCE (George2, Richard1), born in LC 4 Sept. 1691, died there 24 Sept. 1755. Residence: LC.

He married first in LC 5 March 1712 MARTHA WILBORE, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Palmer) Wilbore, born in LC 22 Oct. 1690, died there 2 Sept. 1760.

His will, recorded in Taunton, made Feb. 1755 and proved 7 Oct. 1755: “... To wife Martha 100 pounds old tenor, my Negro woman named Ann and all household goods and use of the best room in my dwelling house. To son William all land I bought of Samuel Crandall, John Church, William Wilbor, son of Joseph, east of Cole Brook, where he now lives, and the housing. To son Giles land I bought of Thomas Gray and Edward Gray among the 24 acre lots in LC and part of 24 acre lot I bought of William Wilbor lying west of Cole Brook and part of the 20th lot among the 24 acre lot called Ward Lot and 700 pounds. To daughter Susannah bed and furniture. To daughters Martha Tompkins, Mary Woodman and Alice Luther 50 pounds apiece... To daughter Phebe one bed and 120 pounds... “

        Children, recorded in LC:

        5         i.    William, b. 19 Jan. 1713.

                 ii.    Susanna, b. 24 May 1714 (?); d. unmarried.

                iii.    Martha, b. 14 Aug. 1717; m. 20 March 1741 in LC Joseph Tompkins.

        6      iv.    James, b. 24 Sept. 1719.

        7        v.    Giles, b. 23 March 1722.

                vi.    Mary, b. 17 Oct. 1724; m. in LC 23 March 1749 William Woodman.

        8     vii.    George, b. 12 Sept. 1727.

              viii.    Alice, b. 7 June 1730; m. in LC Jan. 1749 Jabez Luther.

                ix.    Phebe, b. 21 Sept. 1731; d. 20 Sept. 1755; unmarried.

        9        x.    Samuel, b. 29 Jan. 1734.

4.    GEORGE3 PEARCE (George2, Richard1), born in LC 2 March 1697, died there 22 Feb. 1764. Residence: LC.

He was married in LC 20 Feb. 1717 by Richard Billings, justice, to DEBORAH SEARLE, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Rogers) Searle, born in LC 17 Nov. 1695, died there 16 May 1776.

His will, made 23 Nov. 1763 and proved 6 March 1764: “... To wife Deborah one hundred pounds of old tenor bills. and my Negro woman Phillis. To son Jeptha Pearce, one half of 15 acre lot, the 5th in number in the westerly tier of lots. To son Nathaniel Pearce all my homestead farm that I now live on, also my Negro man and my Negro woman named Cate, said Nathaniel to be the executor of my will. To son Richard one half of a 30 acre lot, the 32nd in number, he to have the south side of said lot and all right I have in a 24 acre lot. To daughters Alice Dwelly. Temperance Seabury, Sarah Sawyer, Ruth Horswell, Antrace Tabor, Deborah Pearce, 100 pounds apiece in bills of public credit... “

Her will, made 8 Oct. 1770 and proved 4 June 1776: “... To son Jepthah Pearce... To son Nathaniel my iron trammell. To son Richard my desk. To daughter Alice Dwelly the bed and furniture that belonged to my honored mother. To daughter Sarah Sawyer my great looking glass. To daughter Ruth Horswell... To daughter Deborah Manchester my tea kettle and teaspoons. To my six daughters my wearing apparel. To four daughters Sarah, Ruth, Deborah and Alice my gold beads and rest and residue. My Negro woman named Phillis is to be free of all my children and any other person at my decease...”

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Alice, b. 4 Nov. 1718; d. 28 March 1796; m. (--) Dwelly

                 ii.    Sarah, b. 11 Nov. 1720; d. 20 July 1721.

        10.   iii.    Jepthah, b. 20 Feb. 1722

                iv.    Temperance, b. 20 Jan. 1724; d. 16 March 1793; m. (1) 9 Oct. 1745 Thomas Gibbs; m. (2) Ichabod Seabury.

                 v.    Jeremiah, b. 22 Dec. 1725; d. in London, England, 13 Oct. 1750.

        11.   vi.    Nathaniel, b. 13 Oct. 1727.

               vii.    Sarah, b. 14 Jan. 1729; d. 28 Aug. 1780; m. in Tiverton in 1746 Josiah Sawyer Jr.

              viii.    Ruth, b. 20 Oct. 1731; m. in LC 24 Oct. 17 50 John Horswell Jr.

                ix.    Antrace, b. 12 Nov. 1733; m. in Tiverton 24 June 1753 Thomas Tabor Jr.

                 x.    Deborah, b. 23 Feb. 1735; d. 25 April 1795; m. Christopher Manchester.

                xi.    Richard, b. 19 April 1736; d. in Tiverton 15 March 1817.

5. WILLIAM4 PEARCE (James3, George2 Richard1). born in LC 19 Jan. 1713, died leaving no will. Residence: LC.                                                                                                                                

He married first in LC 2 Nov. 1735 ELIZABETH WOODMAN, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Briggs) Woodman of LC, born there 10 Sept. 1713. He married second ANNA (--).

        Children by first wife, recorded in LC:

                  i.    John, b. 30 Jan. 1736.

        12.    ii.    James, b. 9 Oct. 1740.

        13.   iii.    Richard, b. 26 May 1744.

                iv.    Elizabeth, b. 14 Sept. 1749; d. young.

        Children by second wife:

                 v.    Peter, b. 10 Nov. 1752.

                vi.    Elizabeth, b. 23 Aug. 1755.

               vii.    Thomas, b. 5 April 1758.

              viii.    Susannah, b. 2 Aug. 1759.

                ix.    John, b. 3 Aug. 1760.

6.    JAMES4 PEARCE (James3 George2 Richard1), born in LC 24 July 1719, died there 14 Sept. 1767, leaving no will. Residence:

He married 14 Sept. 1749 SARAH SIMMONS, daughter of John and Comfort (Shaw) Simmons, born in LC 26 Jan. 1730, died there 24 Dec. 1785. Her will, made 2 June 1756 and proved 7 Oct. 1760: “... To son William my Bible. To son James my square table... to son Giles my new iron cittle. To son George hand iron and trammell. To son Samuel my case of bottles. To daughter Susannah my Negro woman and child. To daughter Martha my chest of drawers. To daughter Mary the cullerd chest with drawer in it. To daughter Alice Luther my white chest without a drawer. To daughter Susanna all my money... “

        Children, recorded in LC except Job, Ezekiel and Simeon:

        14.     i.    Wright. b. 26 July 1750.

        15.    ii.    Stephen, b. 20 Dec. 1753.

        16.   iii.    John, b. 24 Aug. 1755.

                iv.    Job, b. 30 Sept. 1758; d. 26 Oct. 1782.

        17.    v.    Ezekiel, b. 27 March 1760.

                vi.    Ezra, b. 21 March 1761; d. young.

        18. vii.    Ichabod, b. 24 Nov. 1762.

              viii.    Simeon, b. 27 Jan. 1764.

7.    GILES4 PEARCE (James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 23 March 1722, died there in July 1792. Residence: LC.

He married there 23 Aug. 1744 MERCY ROUSE, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Horswell) Rouse. born 13 Jan. 1727.

His will, made 14 July 1792 and proved 7 Aug. 1793: “... To wife Mercy all household goods, improvement of my great room in my dwelling house and bedroom adjoining as long as she is my widow. To my sons Rouse and James all my land, buildings that I have in this world. To wife Mercy 100 pounds of good beef... Two silver dollars apiece to daughter Hannah Taylor, to grandchildren, daughter of daughter Martha Church, to daughter Sarah Seabury, to daughter Rachel Pearce, to daughter Abigail Gifford, to daughter Rebecca Seabury. One silver dollar apiece to daughter Mary Tabor and to granddaughter Edith Brownell. To daughter Lydia Bowen 12 dollars. To daughter Rachel the privilege of living in my new house as long as she is single. To son Rouse my wearing apparel. To son James my loom... “

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Hannah, b. 18 Oct. 1745; m. Dec. 1771 Peter Taylor, son of John and Joanna (Wilbor) Taylor.

                 ii.    Martha, b. 18 Jan. 1747; m. in 1766 Caleb Church.

                iii.    Sarah, b. 22 April 1748; m. Philip Seabury.

                iv.    Rachel, b. 14 April 1750; m. Josiah Seabury

                 v.    Elizabeth, b. 19 Oct. 1751; m. 14 Feb. 1771 William Brownell, son of Stephen and Edith (Wilbor) Brownell.

        19    vi.    Rouse, b. 4 July 1753.

        20   vii.    James, b. 15 Aug. 1755.

              viii.    Mercy, b. 11 Dec. 17 57; m. Job Taber.

                ix.    Lydia, b. 29 July 1760; m. 25 July 1779 William Bowen, son of Nathaniel and Esther Bowen.

                 x.    Abigail, b. 3 March 1763 in. 30 Oct. 1791 Isaac Gifford, son of Enos and Mary (Wilbor) Gifford.

                xi.    Rebecca, b. 13 May 1766; m. Peleg Seabury.

8.    GEORGE 4 PEARCE (James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 12 Sept. 1727, died there in November 1780. Residence: LC.

He married first 25 Oct. 1750 DEBORAH WOODMAN, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Briggs) Woodman, born in LC 21 Oct. 1726, died there 30 March 1760. He married second 4 Feb. 1762 PRISCILLA WOODMAN, daughter of Robert and Deborah (Paddock) Woodman, born in LC 1 July 1721, died there 6 May 1791.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Jeremiah, b. 26 Oct. 1751; d. 25 Dec. 1751.

                 ii.    Isaac, b. 28 Aug. 1756; d. 3 Nov. 1756.

                iii.    Deborah, b. 26 June 1758; d. 26 Feb. 1759.

9.    SAMUEL4 PEARCE (James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 29 Jan. 1734. Residence: LC. He married there 12 Nov. 1755 BETTY SIMMONS, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Wood) Simmons, born in LC 8 March 1733.

According to the Pearce book by F. C. Pearce, published in 1888: After living in LC he moved to Warren, R.I., where he ever afterward lived, He was a master mechanic, contractor and builder. Several of the larger buildings in Warren which he built are standing to this day Among that number is the Baptist Church.

        Children, the first four recorded in LC:

                  i.    Phebe, b. 18 Sept. 1756.

                 ii.    Priscilla, b. 1 Feb. 1758.

                iii.    Jeremiah, b. 17 March 1760; m. Nancy Brown.

                iv.    Joseph, b. 18 Dec. 1761.

                 v.    Samuel, b. 19 March 1764; m. Ruth Martin.

                vi.    James, b. 10 Dec. 1765.

               vii.    John, b. 16 Feb. 1768; m. Patience Arnold.

              viii.    Mary, b. 2 March 1775; d. 13 Nov. 1798.

                ix.    Abigail, b. 10 June 1776.

10.  JEPTHA4 PEARCE (George 3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 20 Feb. 1722, died there in November 1770. Residence: LC.

He married in LC 23 Nov. 1749 ELIZABETH (ELIZA) ROUSE, daughter of George and Hannah (Horswell) Rouse, born 23 Feb. 1724.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Elizabeth, b. 22 April 1751; d. 22 June 1753.

                 ii.    Ruth, b. 7 April 1753.

                iii.    Elizabeth, b. 17 Oct. 1756; d. 15 July 1849.

                iv.    Jeremiah, b. 15 Jan. 1758.

        21.    v.    Isaac, b. 15 Nov. 1759.

                vi.    Deborah, b. in 1760; d. 27. Jan. 1778.

               vii.    Hannah, b. 22 Oct. 1761.

11.  NATHANIEL4 PEARCE (George3, George 2, Richard1) born in LC 13 Oct. 1727, died there 19 Feb. 1801. Residence: LC.

He married Dec. 1751 SARAH ROUSE, daughter of George and Hannah (Horswell) Rouse, born in LC 14 Jan. 1728, died there 23 Nov. 1812.

His will, made 7 June 1800 and proved 4 March 1801: “... To wife Sarah all household goods and improvement of great room, bedroom and the use of the cellar, one cow... To son John the westerly end of my homestead farm... To son Joseph the easterly end of homestead with all the buildings... To daughters Phebe Tompkins, widow, Mary Briggs, wife of Arnold Briggs, and Betsey Seabury, wife of Gideon Seabury, 20 silver dollars each. To granddaughter Sarah Pearce, daughter of son George, deceased, 10 silver dollars. To son Joseph my cider mill. My sons John and Joseph Pearce to be executors... ‘

Her will, made 10 Jan. 1811 and proved 2 Dec. 1812: “... To son John 4 dollars. To son Joseph silver dollar. To daughter Mary Briggs, wife of Arnold Briggs, silver dollar. To daughter Bettey Seabury, wife of Gideon Seabury, that half of my pew in the Little Comptom meeting house. To daughter Sarah Pearce, wife of Ezekiel Pearce, my gold necklace. To grandson Nathaniel Tompkins 1 silver dollar. To granddaughter Sarah Brown, daughter of George Pearce, deceased, 1 silver dollar. To granddaughter Salome Saxon, daughter of Ezekiel Pearce, one silver spoon... “

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Valentine, b. 14 Feb. 1751; d. at sea in 1775.

                 ii.    Phebe, b. 21 March 1752; m. 16 Jan. 1774 Nathaniel Tompkins.

                iii.    Mary, b. 20 April 1754; m. about 1776 Arnold Briggs.

                iv.    Bettey, b. 14 Nov. 1756; d. 25 April 1889 (?); m. Gideon Seabury.

                 v.    John, b. 26 April 1758; d. 13 Nov. 1827; m. 1 July 1784 Deborah Hix, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Hix.

                vi.    George, b. 26 April 1758; d. at sea in 1779; m. 8 Oct. 1780 Margaret Simmons, daughter of Aaron and Abigail Simmons

               vii.    Nathaniel, b. 17 Dec. 1761; d. at sea in 1779.

              viii.    Sarah, b. in 1762; m. 13 April 1786 Ezekiel Pearce.

        22    ix.    Col. Joseph, b. 26 Jan. 1764.

12.  CAPT. JAMES5 PEARCE (William4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 9 Oct. 1740, died there 2 March 1821. Residence: LC.

He married 14 July 1762 DEBORAH HUNT, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Dring) Hunt, born in LC 6 May 1739. He is buried in the Old Commons cemetery.

His will. recorded in LC, made 8 Nov. 1820 and proved 9 July 1821: “... To son Samuel one dollar. To son William my plow and harrow. To son John all carpenter tools. To son Loring my two handled saw. To daughter Elizabeth Hilliard my largest pewter platter marked T.H.R. To daughter Sarah Wilbor. wife of Owen Wilbor... To daughter Abigail Hammond, wife of Christopher Hammond, my two hitchells. To wife Deborah all real and personal estate not given away and she to be sole executrix...”

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Samuel, b. 13 Feb. 1763; d. in New Bedford 21 Nov. 1827

                 ii.    Elizabeth, b. July 1764; m. 19 March 1786 Samuel Hilliard.

        23    iii.    William, b. 7 June 1766.

                iv.    Sarah, b. 12 Nov. 1768; m. 30 Jan 1791 Owen Wilbor

                 v.    Loring, b. 19 March 1774.

        24.   vi.    John, b. 24 Aug. 1775.

       vii.    Abigail, b. 3 May 1778; m. Humphrey Hammond.

13.  RICHARD5 PEARCE (William4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 26 May 1744, died there 15 March 1718. He married MARY ELLIS, daughter of Jonathan and Patience (Blackwell) Ellis, born in LC 27 April 1744. Residence: LC.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    James. b. 2 Jan. 1778.

14.  WRIGHT5 PEARCE (James4, James3, George2, Richard1). born in LC 26 July 1750, died there 8 April 1829 Residence: LC.

He married in 1771 ANTRACE SAWYER, daughter of Josiah and Sarah Sawyer of LC, born in LC 30 Oct. 1751, died there 12 Oct. 1835. They are buried in the Pearce cemetery north of the stone school house, way in from the road, on the west of the Long Highway.


His will, made 16 Nov. 1819 and proved 11 May 1829: “... To wife Antrace use of great room and chamber above, little northeast bedroom in my dwelling house, household goods, my clock and my young sorrel mare. To son Godfrey all lands I deeded to him with the buildings, Tripp lot of wood of 8 acres, and he to be executor with son Abraham. To son Thomas 800 dollars. To son Timothy 25 dollars. To son Abraham all that farm with buildings I bought of the Rev. Mase Shepard and my Irish wood lot. To daughter Sarah Pearce, wife of Capt. Benjamin Pearce, house and land where she now lives that I bought of Fortune Gray and 6 acres I formerly deeded to son Abraham. To granddaughter Sophia Pearce, daughter of my daughter Sarah Pearce, bed and bedding, in northeast corner of great chamber. To my wife 1/2 of the pew in the Congregational Church or meeting house. To grandsons Abner, George and Frederick Pearce my wearing apparel. Rest and residue of estate to sons Godfrey and Abraham...”

Her will, made 17 April 1832 and proved 8 Nov. 1835: “... To son Godfrey my corner cupboard, brass clock... To son Timothy one great silver spoon and two dollars... To son Thomas one great spoon. To respected daughter Sarah Pearce all wearing apparel, brass kettle, large iron pot, all my pewter, great Bible... and after her to her daughter Sarah. To son Abraham one great Silver spoon, blue chest, fire shovel and one half flag bottomed chairs... To grandson James Pearce, son of my son Godfrey, one great silver spoon. To granddaughter Antrace Pearce, daughter of Godfrey Pearce, my bed whereon I now lie, one pair of sheets... To granddaughter Hannah, daughter of Timothy Pearce, one great silver spoon. To granddaughter Betsey Pearce, daughter of son Timothy, two dollars. To granddaughter Sophia Pearce, daughter of Benjamin Pearce my narrow bed and largest looking glass... To granddaughter Phebe Pearce, daughter of Benjamin Pearce, one bed lying under that I gave to Sophia, filled with coarse feathers. To granddaughter Sarah Pearce, daughter of Benjamin Pearce... To granddaughter Louisa Pearce, daughter of Thomas Pearce, one great wheel. To granddaughter Antrace Pearce, daughter of Timothy, three tea spoons. To daughter-in-law Sarah Pearce, wife of Godfrey, my black silk gown. To son and daughter of Godfrey Pearce, use of bed pan, flax hatchel, wool combs and the same to be kept at my son Godfrey’s...”

        Children, all recorded in LC except Priscilla:

        25.     i.    Godfrey, b. 3 Oct. 1772.

                 ii.    Priscilla, b. 28 Sept. 1776; d. 25 Sept. 1778 in LC.

                iii.    Sarah Antrace, b. 29 April 1778; d. 31 Jan. 1866; m. 19 Aug. 1810 Benjamin Pearce.

                iv.    Timothy, b. 17 July 1779; m. (1) in LC 14 Sept. 1805 Hannah Dennis; m. (2) (--.) Wilbor

        26.    v.    Thomas, b. 6 Sept. 1784.

                vi.    Priscilla, b. 23 July 1790; d. 17 Sept. 1790.

               vii.    Abraham, b. 12 April 1792; d. 6 Sept. 1862; m. Ruth Bailey.

15.  STEPHEN5 PEARCE (James4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 20 Dec. 1753; died in Paris, Oneida County, N. Y., 14 May 1843. Residence: LC.

He married in LC 18 Feb. 1776 ABIGAIL TAYLOR, daughter of Gideon and Mary (Brownell) Taylor, born in LC 12 Nov. 1758, died in Paris, N. Y., 28 Oct. 1856.

From the Pearce book: In 1776 he entered the Revolutionary Army as ensign in the second company of infantry from Little Compton, and was soon after promoted to first lieutenant; he served during the war and at its close he retired from the service with the rank of captain in the second company of the second battalion, Newport County troops. In 1791, with his wife and four children, he removed from LC to Paris Hill, Oneida County, N. Y., where he became a pioneer settler in a wild region. He lived to see that area populous and prosperous. He served also in the War of 1812, notwithstanding his age.

        Children, first five recorded in LC:

                  i.    James, b. 7 Nov. 1776.

                 ii.    George Taylor, b. 31 Aug. 1779; d. 25 Aug. 1848; m. Mercy Simmons.

                iii.    Lucy Simmons, b. 29 Aug. 1782; d. 15 Aug. 1867; m. 8 Nov. 1800 Simeon Walker.

                iv.    Deborah Taylor, b. 6 July 1785; d. 30 Dec. 1864; m. 15 Feb.1808 Reuben Tower.

                 v     Mary Taylor, b. 16 Dec. 1790; d. 2 Jan. 1849; m. 22 June 1808 Eleazer Tompkins.

                vi.    Andrew, b. 16 June 1793; d. 22 June 1840; m. Harriet S. Hale.

               vii.    Emma, b. 8 April 1796; d. 22 Feb. 1878; m. 26 June 1815 Zeriah F. Rowell.

              viii.    Nancy, b. 30 Sept. 1798; d. 25 May 1854; m. Joseph Grinnell.

                ix.    James, b. 30 Nov. 1803; m. Lucy Barnes. m. (2) Joanna Polley.

16.  JOHN5 PEARCE (James4, James 3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 24 Aug. 1755, died in 1793.

He was married in LC by the Rev. Jonathan Ellis 11 Feb. 1776 to LYDIA PALMER, daughter of Simeon and Elizabeth (Mortimer) Palmer of LC, born 23 Sept. 1756.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Elizabeth, b. 25 Nov. 1776.

                 ii.    Walter, b. 9 March 1779.

                iii.    Benjamin, b. 12 May 178 1; m. Esther Hazard.

                iv.    Sarah, b. 22 Nov. 1783; m. (--) Tompkins.

17.  EZEKIEL5 PEARCE (James4, James3, George2, Richar1), born in LC 27 March 1760, died there 10 May 1838. Residence - LC.

He married in LC 13 April 1786 SARAH PEARCE, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Rouse) Pearce, born in LC 4 Feb. 1766, died there 24 July 1848.

        Children, the first three recorded in LC:

                  i.    Salome, b. 11 May 1787; d. 7 Feb. 1867; m. 17 Jan. 1804 James Sexton.

                 ii.    Val. b. 28 Jan. 1791; m. (1) 4 Feb. 1815 Mercy Simmons; m. (2) in July 1820 Catharine Boss; m. (3) 26 Sept. 1846 Antrace Pearce, b. 3 May 1804, d. 16 April 1890.

                iii.    Joshua, b. 20 Oct. 1792; d. 7 April 1816.

                iv.    Mary, b. 11 Oct. 1796; d. 15 Jan. 1866; m. 9 June 1825 George Brownell.

                 v.    Nathaniel, b. 12 April 1800; m. 26 Jan. 1825 Clarissa Simmons.

                vi.    George B., b. 12 April 1800; d. 10 July 1890; m. 1 Nov.1821 Sally Simmons.

               vii.    Ezekiel, b. 1 Nov. 1805; m. 14 Oct. 1829 Phebe Simmons.

18.  ICHABOD5 PEARCE (James4, James 3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 24 March 1762, died there 11 Dec. 1844.

He married in LC 3 Dec. 1789 LUCY SIMMONS, daughter of John and Hannah (Brightman) Simmons, born in LC 29 May 1771, died there 26 Nov. 1859. Both are buried in the Pearce cemetery north of the stone school house and west of the Long Highway.

        Children, the first three recorded in LC:

                  i.    Jonathan, b. 31 March 1790.

                 ii.    Pardon S., b. 3 Dec. 1792; m. E. Allen.

                iii.    Clarinda, b. 23 March 1795; d. 12 June 1864; m. 12 March 1823 William Bartlett Wilbor, son of Jonathan and Priscilla (Wilbor) Wilbor.

                iv.    Cinderella, m. 22 Jan. 1826 Elisha Brownell, son of Isaac and Betsey (Wood) Brownell

                 v.    Cynthia, b. in 1804; d. 20 Oct. 1852 ae 48.

19.  ROUSE5 PEARCE (Giles4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 4 July 1753, died there 24 Dec. 1831. Residence: LC.


He married there 19 Dec. 1776 MARY BROWNELL, daughter of Stephen and Edith (Wilbor) Brownell, born in LC 5 July 1754, died there 16 April 1851. Both are buried in the Pearce cemetery near the stone school house.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Giles, b. 2 Feb. 1778; m. Sarah Champlin.

                 ii.    Stephen, b. 5 July 1780; m. 19 Jan. 1803 Nancy Crandall.

                iii.    George R., b. 21 March 1782; m. 17 Jan. 1802 Lucy Graves.

        27.   iv.    Benjamin, b. 19 May 1784.

        28.    v.    Cornelius, b. 27 April 1787.

        29.   vi.    Ellery, b. 25 July 1789.

        30.  vii.    Bradford, b. 25 Dec. 1791.

              viii.    Sally, b. 27 Oct. 1793; m. (1) Abraham Willcox; m. (2) William Proctor.

                ix.    Mary, b. 25 May 1796 m. Samuel Corey, son of William Corey.

20.  JAMES5 PEARCE (Giles4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 15 Aug. 1755, died there 22 July 1820. Residence: LC.

He married in LC 3 July 1783 PHEBE WOOD, daughter of George and Desire (Gray) Wood, born in LC 9 March 1763, died there 25 June 1842.

        Children, recorded in Tiverton:

                  i.    Deborah, b. 26 Jan. 1786; m. (--) Dennison.

                 ii.    Sally, b. 28 Dec. 1787; m. (--) Jaynes.

                iii.    John, b. 8 Feb. 1790.

                iv.    Susannah, b. 17 March 1792; m. (--) Tripp.

                 v.    Giles, b. 1 April 1794; m. Content Hall.

                vi.    George W., b. 11 July 1797.

               vii.    Desire, b. April 1800.

              viii.    Lydia, m. (--) Dodge. Abel, b. 7 Feb. 1805; m. Sarah Herring.

                ix.    Phebe, b. 13 Oct. 1807; m. 14 Sept. 1833 Amos A. Hale.

21.  SAAC5 PEARCE (Jeptha4, George 3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 15 Nov. 1759, died there 22 May 1805. Residence: LC.

He married 1 Aug. 1784 in LC SUSANNAH STODDARD, daughter of Nathaniel and Emlin (Wilbore) Stoddard, born in LC 9 March 1760, died there 31 March 1825. They are buried in the Old Commons cemetery.

They lived on Snell Road in the house once owned by Elliott Snell (1918). This was the home of a Windmill, later moved to the Wilbour cemetery on West Road, now a part of the Herbert Taylor house.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                   i.    Deborah, b. April 1785; m. 17 June 1804 Thomas Sanford.

        31.    ii.    Nathaniel, b. 30 June 1787.

                iii.    Elizabeth, b. 27 Nov. 1789; d. 20 March 1867; m. 23 Aug. 1818 John Crosby. d. 28 April 1852.

                iv.    Hannah, b. 19 Dec. 1790; d. 1 Nov. 1824; m. 5 Dec. 1819 George Wilbor.

                 v.    Walter Wilbor, b. 14 May 17 92; d. 7 Nov. 1811.

                vi.    Lydia, b. 22 Dec. 1794; d. 15 March 1862; m. 5 Dec. 1819 Abel Simmons.

        32.  vii.    Jonathan D., b. 15 April 1801.

22.  COL. JOSEPH5 PEARCE (Nathaniel4, George3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 26 Jan. 1764, there 6 Aug. 1836. Residence: LC.

He was married first about 1789 by the Rev. Mase Sheppard to ANNA HILLIARD of LC, daughter of David and Ann Mercy (Irish) Hilliard, born in LC 18 Aug. 1769, died there 27 June 1816. He was married second by the Rev Mase Shepard 16 Nov. 1817 to PRISCILLA PALMER, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Briggs) Palmer of LC, born there 6 Nov. 1781, died there 27 Feb. 1823.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Phebe, b. 14 June 1792; d. in May 1812.

                 ii.    Benjamin, b. 3 Dec. 1796; d. 2 Oct. 1822.

        33.   iii.    Val, b. 14 Oct. 1799.

                iv.    Nancy, b. 16 May 1802; d. 28 July 1856; m. 12 Oct. 1822 James Pearce, b. 6 July 1802.

        34.    v.    Joseph, b. 4 Nov. 1804.

                vi.    Nathaniel, b. 23 April 1807; m. (?); d. at sea.

               vii.    Ann Mercy, b. 23 April 1807; d. 5 April 1860; m. Thomas Records.

 Children by second wife:

              viii.    Phebe, b. 6 June 1820; d. 30 April 1880; m. 10 Feb. 1841 Josiah S. Pearce, b. 22 April 1818, d. 16 Nov. 1869.

                ix.    Priscilla, b. 13 Feb. 1823; d. 5 Feb. 1887; m. George Hubbard.

23.  WILLIA6 PEARCE (James5, William4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 7 June 1766, died there 15 May 1846. Residence: LC.

He married 8 Aug. 1790 in LC ELEANOR PEARCE, daughter of Jeremiah Pearce of Portsmouth, born in LC 5 Jan. 1769, died there 22 Jan. 1834.

He served in the Revolutionary War and became a corporal.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Jonathan, b. 28 May 1791; d. 7 June 1814.

                 ii.    Henry Lawton, b. 30 April 1793; d. 13 June 1861; m. Haity T. Pearce.

                iii.    Parker Hall, b. 11 Dec. 1794; d. 2 5 June 1874; m. Hannah Withington.

                iv.    Harriet, b. 14 June 1799; d. 7 Sept. 1861; m. Harvey Brownell, son of James and Hannah (Manchester) Brownell.

                 v.    Benjamin Franklin, b. 2 July 1801; m. 10 Dec. 1822 Rowena Hills.

                vi.    Cyrus.

               vii.    Cyrus E., b. 24 Feb. 1809; d. in 1864. Residence: Chile, South America.

24.  JOHN6 PEARCE (James5, William4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 24 Aug. 1775, died in 1835. He married in LC 7 Feb. 1793 ANNA TAYLOR, daughter of Robert and Abigail (Jamison) Taylor, born in LC 22 Nov. 1778. His will, made 1 May 1835 and proved in LC 8 Oct. 1849: “... To daughter-in-law Mary Ann Pearce, wife of son Robert, one turn up bedstead cord and bed under. To grandson William Taylor, my wooden clock. To four granddaughters, Abigail Taylor, Prudence Wilbor, Eliza Ann Pearce and Maria Wilbor, one dollar each. My carpenter tools and carpenter shop to sold by my executor. To son Robert the rest and residue...

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Abigail, b. 15 Dec. 1793; m. Feb. 1818 Mase Taylor, son of Jonathan and Martha (Briggs) Taylor, b. 13 March 1793.

                 ii.    Robert T., b. 14 Oct. 1796; d. in LC 7 April 1873.

                iii.    Prudence, b. 30 April 1798; d. in 1878; m. 26 Dec. 1822 Hervey Wilbour, son of Daniel and Deborah (Taylor) Wilbour.

                iv.    Eliza Ann, b. 13 Dec. 1807; d. 5 May 1854; unmarried. See her will below.

                 v.    Maria, b. 20 Jan. 1811; d. 13 June 1851; m. 1 April 1832 Daniel Wilbor, son of Daniel and Deborah (Taylor) Wilbor.


The will of Eliza Ann Pearce, made 16 May 1850 and proved 10 July 1854: “... To sister Prudence Wilbur one bed. To nephew William Taylor my best bed and my largest trunk. To nephew Daniel Wilbur my best chest and second sized trunk. To sisters Abby Taylor, Prudence Wilbur and Maria Wilbur my bedding. The rest and residue to sister Prudence Wilbur... “

25.  GODFREY6 PEARCE (Wright5, James4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 3 Oct. 1772, died there 13 July 1849. Residence: LC.

He was married 1 Sept. 1799 by the Rev. Mase Shepard in LC to SARAH SIMMONS, daughter of George and Lucy (Davis) Simmons, born in LC 21 Dec. 1775, died 2 April 1856. Both are buried in the Pearce cemetery near the stone school house in LC.

His will, made 5 Feb. 1848 and proved 10 Sept. 1849: “... To wife Sarah that use of one half of dwelling house, either end and all household furniture. To son James all lands lying in LC and Tiverton with buildings, also my desk. To son George, property at Station Island and my silver watch. To daughter Antrace Pearce. wife of Val Pearce, 500 dollars. To granddaughter Harriet Pearce, daughter of James Pearce. 160 dollars. Rest and residue to son James Pearce... “

        Children, recorded in LC:

        35.     i.    James, b. 6 July 1802.

                 ii.    Antrace, b. 3 May 1804; d. 16 April 1890; m. 26 Sept. 1846 Val Pearce.

                iii.    George S., b. 14 March 1809; d. 2 April 1892; m. (1) 1 May 1830 Harriet Barney; m. (2) 12 July 1846 Susannah F. Gore; m. (3) Mary L. Gordridge.

26.  THOMAS6 PEARCE (Wright5, James4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 6 Sept. 1784, died there 24 July 1847. Residence: LC.

He was married 26 Feb. 1811 in LC by the Rev. Mase Shepard to ELIPHAL TOMPKINS, daughter of John and Comfort (Seabury) Tompkins, born in LC 15 March 1790, died 1 Feb. 1868. Both are buried in the Old Commons cemetery.

His will, made 6 April 1841 and proved 8 Nov. 1847: “... To wife use of real and personal estate excepting what is given in the following and all furniture. But if she remains not my widow then one third of real estate. To sons John and George Pearce my wearing apparel. To daughter Maria Pearce one bed that is now in the east room. Unto my children all estate both real and personal at the decease of my wife

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Abner T., b. 4 Oct. 1811; m. Sarah R. Briggs.

                 ii.    Frederic, b. 30 March 1813; m. 11 Nov. 1839.

                iii.    Louisa, b. 22 Oct. 1815; m. Barber 36.

        36    iv.    Josiah, b. 22 April 1818.

                 v.    Franklin, b. 19 June 1820; m. Elizabeth Najac.

                vi.    John T., b. 25 Aug. 1824; d. 24 July 1843.

               vii.    George T., b. 28 July 1826. Residence: San Francisco.

              viii.    Maria, b. 24 Aug. 1828; m. 24 Sept. 1848 David Grinnell.

27.  BENJAMIN6 PEARCE (Rouses5, Giles4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 19 May 1784, died there 10 Aug. 1869.

He was married 19 Aug. 1810 in LC by the Rev. Mase Shepard to SARAH A. PEARCE, daughter of Wright and Antrace (Sawyer) Pearce, born in LC 29 April 1788, died there 7 Jan. 1766. They are buried in the Pearce cemetery near the stone school house.

Residence: LC. In 1850 they lived on Willow Avenue next to Abet Simmons, and, according to the census of 1865, they were living at that time in district no. 5.

Her will, made 13 Aug. 1863 and proved 12 March 1866: “Sarah Pearce, wife of Benjamin Pearce of LC of advanced age... To husband Benjamin Pearce use of all real and personal estate. To sons Wright and James P. Pearce five dollars each. To three daughters Sophia Hilliard, Phebe Pearce and Sarah Snell, all wearing apparel. To children Wright. Benjamin Jr. and Sarah Snell one large silver spoon each, To daughter Sophia Hilliard my earrings and finger ring. To daughter Sarah Snell my gold necklace and great iron kettle. To granddaughter Emma Corilla Pearce, one bed and six small teaspoons. To granddaughter Estella Pearce one bed and six silver teaspoons. To grandson Albert C. G. Pearce my clock, picture of T. W. Dorr and the family register. To son Rouse Pearce my best looking glass and picture of General Washington. To sons Benjamin Jr. and Rouse, the rest and residue of my estate and they to be executors.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Sophia, b. 14 Aug. 1811; m. (--) Hilliard.

                 ii.    Phebe, b. 22 May 1813; d. 13 Feb. 1910 in LC; m. Joseph Pearce.

                iii.    Benjamin, b. 18 Nov. 1815; d. 4 Dec. 1815; unmarried.

        37.   iv.    Wright, b. 9 Feb. 1818.

                 v.    James Peckham, b. 4 May 1819; m. (1) Lucy Blake, b. in 1822, d. 1 Jan. 1866; m. (2) Margaret Palmer.

                vi.    Sarah, b. 3 Nov. 1820; m. 6 Dec. 1841 George W. Snell.

        38.  vii.    Benjamin, b. 9 Nov. 1822.

              viii.    Mary, b. 20 Aug. 1824; d. 3 Oct. 1824; unmarried

        39.   ix.    Rouse, b. 4 June 1826.

                 x.    Harriet S., b. in 1830.

28.  CORNELIUS6 PEARCE (Rouses5, Giles4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 27 April 1787. Residence: LC.

He married 16 Dec. 1810 PRISCILLA BROWNELL, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Peckham) Brownell, born in LC 22 Oct. 1788.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Eveline, b. 24 June 1810.

                 ii.    George Rouse, b. 13 Nov. 1812.

29.  ELLERY6 PEARCE (Rouses5, Giles4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 25 July 1789. He married in Tiverton 18 July 1815 HOPE NEGUS, daughter of Stephen Negus. Residence: LC.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                 i,     Stephen Durfee, b. 20 Dec. 1815.

                 ii.    Eliza Brownell, b. 31 July 1817.

30. BRADFORD6 PEARCE (Rouses5, Giles4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 25 Dec. 1791, died there 28 June 1869. Residence: LC.

He married 22 Jan. 1818 FANNY TOMPKINS, daughter of Uriah and Mary (Taylor) Tompkins, born 18 Jan. 1796.

In his will, made 18 June 1868 and proved 14 June 1869, he left to his daughter Lydia Oliver all household furniture, to grandson H. Oliver and to Charles H. Mitchell, 100 dollars apiece, and to son Charles the rest and residue.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Mary Taylor, b. 16 March 1819.

                 ii.    Frances Bradford, b. 10 March 1820; m. 12 Nov. 1843 Albert Manchester, son of Thomas and Cynthia Manchester.

                iii.    Ann, b. 5 April 1822.

                iv.    Lydia Mariah. b. 13 Feb. 1824.

                 v.    William Bradford. b. 26 April 1826.

                vi.    Abby, b. 19 April 1828.

               vii.    Harriet K., b. 30 Aug. 1830.

              viii.    Henry H., b. 15 Jan. 1833.

        40    ix.    Charles, b. 3 Nov. 1835.

31   NATHANIEL6 PEARCE (Isaacs5, Jeptha4, George3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 30 June 1787, died there 28 March 1868, leaving no will. Residence: LC. He married in LC 2 Nov. 1809 SUSANNAH SIMMONS, daughter of Peleg and Eliphal (Sanford) Simmons, born in LC 2 Nov. 1788, died 12 Oct. 1845.

        Children, recorded in LC;

                  i.    Fallee S., b. 26 Nov. 1810; d. 9 March 1856.

                 ii.    Mary S., b. 16 Feb. 1813; d. 28 Dec. 1828.

                iii.    Edwin, b. 17 Jan. 1815; m. in LC 6 April 1884 Susan L. Simmons, daughter of Taber and Betsey (Wardell) Simmons, born in Westport.

                iv.    Benjamin C., b. 5 Oct. 1819; d. 10 May 1830.

                 v.    Ann M., b. 19 June 1821; m. 14 May 1879 the Rev. James Burlingame.

                vi.    William S., b. 25 June 1824; m. Amelia McDonald.

               vii.    Nathaniel S., b. 13 May 1828; d. 22 June 1830.

32.  JONATHAN D.6 PEARCE (Isaacs5, Jeptha 4, George 3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 15 April 1801, died there 3 Aug. 1866.

He married in LC 16 Feb. 1823 HANNAH PHILLIPS HEAD daughter of Daniel and Hannah (Davenport) Head, born in LC 4 April 1803 died there 3 Dec. 1879. They are buried in the New Wilbour cemetery on West Road, or the Seaconnet cemetery.

He was a blacksmith. They lived on the road at the east of the Commons, which touches Peckham Road at the north, and lived on the old John Peckham farm.

        Children, recorded in LC:

                  i.    Miranda, b. 22 Feb. 1824; d. 17 Nov. 1905; unmarried.

                 ii.    George W., b. 12 Feb. 1826; d. 7 Oct. 1851; m. in LC 21 Jan. 1850 Harriet Atwell White, daughter of David and Patience (Brown) White.

                iii.    Hannah, b. 8 March 1828; m. 15 Jan. 1849 Chester Gifford.

                iv.    Frederick Horatio, b. 29 Nov. 1830; d. 4 Nov. 1899; unmarried,

                 v.    Mary D., b. 2 Oct. 1832; m. (1) 17 Oct. 1857 Asath P. Tabor; m. (2) 25 March 1865 Benjamin C. Borden.

        41    vi.    Abel H., b. 29 June 1834.

               vii.    Julie, b. 2 Aug. 1837; m. (1) 28 Sept. 1858 Aaron Bradford; m. (2) 8 Nov. 1880 Joshua Cole.

        42  viii.    Jonathan, b. 6 Dec. 1839.

                ix.    Susan E., b. 20 Nov. 1841; m. 20 April 1869 Wiley M. Huykendall Residence: Texas

                 x.    Isaac B., b. 20 Nov. 1841; d. 4 Aug. 1846

33.  VAL6 PEARCE (Joseph5, Nathaniel4, George3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 14 Oct. 1799, died there 21 Dec. 1852.

He was married in LC 26 Dec. 1821 by Thomas Burgess, justice, to ELIZABETH (ELIZA) WOODMAN, daughter of William and Priscilla (Brownell) Woodman, born in LC 13 Sept. 1800, died 9 March 1870. Both are buried in the Union cemetery.

Residence: LC. They lived on the Long Highway. Their son Oliver was a soldier in the Civil War, serving as a private in company B 4th Massachusetts cavalry, enlisted 14 Sept. 1863 in New Bedford, discharged 31 May 1865.

        Children, recorded in LC:

        43.     i.    Benjamin Seabury, b. 30 Aug. 1826.

                 ii.    Nathaniel Woodman, b. 28 Aug. 1830; d. in May 1832.

                iii.    George Warren, b. 7 July 1833; d. 14 Jan. 1853 ae 19.

                iv.    Oliver Val, b. 3 May 1839; d. 13 July 1866.

34.  JOSEPH6 PEARCE (Joseph5, Nathaniel4, George3, George2, Richard1). born in LC 4 Nov. 1804, died 4 July 1874. He married 29 Feb. 1832 PHEBE PEARCE, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Pearce) Pearce, born in LC 22 May 1813, died there 13 Feb. 1910. Both are buried in the Union cemetery.

Children, possibly born in Tiverton, last two recorded in LC, all listed in the 1865 census:

                  i.    Henry, b. 11 Jan. 1834; m. in LC 16 Aug. 1866 Catharine C. Chester, daughter of James and Arcksie (?) Chester.

                 ii.    Emerson Paine, b. 24 April 1836; d. 21 March 1919; m. 3 May 1863 Kate McLeod. b. 29 Dec. 1840. Residence: Providence.

                iii.    David H., b. 6 May 1838; m. 20 Nov. 1873 Lillian E. Rice, b. in June 1850. Residence: Providence.

                iv.    Alfred G., b. 20 Dec. 1840; m. 3 Oct. 1870 Julia A. White, b. 11 May 1849.

                 v.    Joseph B., b. 28 Aug. 1843; d. 30 Aug. 1908 in Providence; m. 15 Dec. 1864 Cynthia R. Wilbour, daughter of William and Clarinda Wilbour, d. in LC 15 June 1888. Residence: Adamsville.

                vi.    Ellery A., b. 18 July 1846; m. Leah Freeborn.

        44.  vii.    James Nelson, b. 5 Nov. 1849.

              viii.    George W., b. 21 Nov. 1853; m. 3 Dec. 1885 Ida D. William, b. 4 Sept. 1856.

                ix.    Nancy Anna, b. in LC 6 May 1865; d. 20 Sept. 1938; m. 7 March 1889 Charles Richmond Wilbur.

35.  JAMES7 PEARCE (Godfrey6, Wright5, James4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 16 May 1802, died there 3 Nov. 1896. Residence: LC.

He married in LC 12 Dec. 1822 NANCY PEARCE, daughter of Col. Joseph and Anna Pearce, born in LC 16 May 1802, died there 28 July 1856. Both are buried in the Old Commons cemetery.


                  i.    Harriet A., b. 13 Dec. 1832; m. July 1862 Horatio W.Richmond, son of Isaac and Abigail Richmond. Residence: Fairhaven.

                 ii.    Sarah Ann, d. 14 Nov. 1845 ae 14.

36.  JOSIAH S.7 PEARCE (Thomas6, Wright5, James4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 22 April 1818, died there 16 Nov. 1867. Residence: LC. He was married 10 Feb. 1841 by the Rev. Alfred Goldsmith in LC to PHEBE PEARCE, daughter of Col. Joseph and Priscilla (Palmer) Pearce, born in LC 6 June 1820 died there 30 April 1880. Both are buried in the Old Commons cemetery.


                  i.    Sarah A., b. 3 Nov. 1846; m. June 1886 William S. Liscomb. Residence: Providence,

                 ii.    Nancy James, b. 13 Feb. 1949. d. in LC 28 March 1918; LC 11 June 1872 Asa R. Howland, b. 19 Aug. 1845.

                iii.    John T., b. 17 Oct. 1851; d. 2 5 Jan. 1911.

                iv.    Isabel M., b. 29 May 1854; d. 19 May 1899; m. (1) Clarence O. Gray; m. (2) 28 Feb. 1886 George E. Cobb.

37.  WRIGHT7 PEARCE (Benjamin6, Rouses5, Giles4. James3. George2, Richard1), born 9 Feb. 1818, died In LC 1 Dec. 1883.

He married 25 Aug. 1844 JULIA A. FRANCIS, daughter of Cook and Hannah Francis, born in November 1823 in LC, died there 4 Sept. 1900. Both are buried at the Adamsville School House.

Residence: LC. In 1850 they lived on the Miranda Pierce Road.

        Children, not recorded in LC:

                  i.    James F., b. 5 Dec. 1845; drowned in Vineland 24 May 1864 ae 19.

                 ii.    Edwin W., b. 23 June 1847; d. 18 Feb. 1863 ae 5.

                iii.    Caroline A., b. in 1848.

                iv.    Wright, b. in 1849 (?).

                 v.    Charles H., b. 16 April 1849; d. 7 Oct. 1883.

                vi.    George R., b. in May 1852.

               vii.    Orlando G., b. 31 May 1855; d. in 1914; m. Susan F. Lake, b. in 1855, d. in 1941.

              viii.    Son, b. 24 June 1857.

                ix.    Amanda M., b. 26 June 1860; d. 13 Feb. 1863 ae 3.

                 x.    Amanda M., b. 19 May 1866; d. 12 June 1907 ae 39.

                xi.    James Edmund, b. 27 March 1867.

38.  BENJAMIN7 PEARCE JR. (Benjamin6, Rouses5, Giles4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 9 Nov. 1822, died there 22 Feb. 1901.

He was married in LC 25 March 1850 by the Rev. Elihu Grant to HARRIET S. MANCHESTER of Tiverton, daughter of Gardner and Betsey (Hambley) Manchester, born 9 Feb. 1833, died in LC in 1904. They are buried in Pleasant View cemetery near Adamsville.

In the census of 1865, they were listed as living in LC district no. 8, on Nigger Lane, the road east of the Commons.


                  i.    Albert Gardner, b. in 1851; d. 13 May 1911 in Warwick, R.I.

                 ii.    Gardner M., b. in April 1854; d. 24 Dec. 1856 ae 2.

                iii.    Betsey J., d. 13 Nov. 1856 ae 3 months.

                iv.    Edward W., b. 12 April 1859; d. in LC 17 July 1938; m. 7 March 1899 in LC Ella S. Hambley, daughter of William and Sarah Ann (Carr) Hambley, d. 14 Aug. 1945 ae 87 in Cranston.

                 v.    Harriet B., b. 26 Nov. 1870; d. 12 Dec. 1873.

                vi.    Henry G., b. 21 Feb. 1874 in LC; m. 22 Oct. 1903 in Fall River Catharine Hardy. They had a daughter, Gladys, b. 21 July 1918 in Fall River, m. 23 Nov. 1943 in New York City Kenneth Sutcliffe, d. 4 April 1945 in Fall River.


39.  ROUSE7 PEARCE (Benjamin6, Rouse5, Giles4, James3 George2, Richard1), born in LC 18 June 1826, died 5 May 1915, buried in the Pearce cemetery.

He was married first in the stone church by James McKenzie 25 Nov. 1849 to COMFORT MARIA GRINNELL of Tiverton, born in 1832, died in LC 19 Oct. 1862. She is buried in the Pearce cemetery north of the stone school house. He married second 2 Jan. 1865 DEBORAH BOWER, born 22 Aug. 1839. AP


                  i.    Anne, b. in 1852; d. 29 Nov. 1853 ae 1.              ii.         Franklin A., b. 22 April 1851; d. 27 Jan. 1857.

                iii.    Estella, b. 27 June 1858; d. 27 Aug. 1884; m. 2 June 1878 Charles Richmond Wilbur, b. 3 Oct. 1838.

40.  CHARLES7 PEARCE (Bradford6, Rouses5, Giles4, James3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 3 Nov. 1835, died 30 Dec. 1914. He married DIANNA A. BRIGGS, daughter of Charles and Ann (Manchester) Briggs, born in 1848, died in LC 8 Aug. 1896.

        Children, not recorded in LC:

                  i.    Frank Borden, b. in LC 27 May 1867; d. 25 Nov. 1948; m. 9 April 1890 Louise F. Dobbs, daughter of Charles Dobbs of Providence.

                 ii.    Fannie Holmes, b. 15 July 1870 in LC; m. 21 Feb. 1900. Henry Athington, son of William and Mary (Hargrave) Athington, born in England in 1854.

                iii.    Charles Lyman, b. 20 May 1874; d. 20 Dec. 1945 at Cranston.

                 iv.    George W., b. in 1876.

41.  ABEL7 PEARCE (Jonathan6, Isaacs5, Jeptha 4, George 3. George2, Richard1), born in LC 29 June 1834. He married first 27 Sept. 1865 FANNY LACY, born 5 Feb. 1839, died in December 1870. He married second in October 1875 HARRIET JAMES. He became a Texas rancher, well known as “Shanghai” Pierce of Pierce Station, Texas.


                  i.    Mamie F., b. 19 July 1867.

42.  JONATHAN7 PEARCE (Jonathan6, Isaacs5, Jeptha4, George3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 6 Dec. 1839. He married 2 May 1866 NANNIE LACY, born 11 Aug. 1845. Residence: Dennings Bridge, Metagoda County, Texas. where he owned a very large tract of land.


                  i.    Jonathan P., b. 5 Nov. 1868.

                 ii.    Pearl, b. 26 Dec. 1873.

                iii.    Abel, b. 4 Dec. 1875.

                iv.    Grace. b. 1 Sept. 1879.

43.  BENJAMIN SEABURY7 PEARCE (Val6, Joseph5, Nathaniel4, George3. George2, Richard1), born in LC 30 Aug. 1826, died there 7 Aug. 1899. He married in LC 27 Nov. 1851 PHEBE A. BRAYTON, daughter of Preserved and Nancy Brayton of Tiverton, born there 12 Feb. 1831/3, died in LC April 1905. They are buried in Pleasant View cemetery.

        Children, all recorded in LC:

        46.     i.    Annie Benjamin, b. 5 Oct. 1864.

                 ii.    Philander Records, b. in LC 10 Aug. 1866.

        47    iii.    Herbert Warren, b. 7 Sept. 1870.

44.  JAMES NELSON7 PEARCE (Joseph6, Joseph5, Nathaniel4, George 3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 5 Nov. 1849. Residence: LC. He married there 13 April 1899 ISABELLA McARTHUR of Providence, daughter of John and Isabella (Campbell) McArthur of Nova Scotia, born in 1864.


                 i,     James Nelson Jr.

45.  JAMES EDMUND8 PEARCE (Wright7, Benjamin6, Rouses5, Giles4 James 3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 27 March 1867, died there 27 April 1941, buried in Pleasant View cemetery.

He married first in LC 13 Nov. 1894 LYDIA ESTHER SOULE, daughter of John and Mary (Wilbur) Soule, born in LC 10 Aug. 1871, died there 23 March 1933, buried at Pleasant View. He married second in LC 29 Oct. 1933 ABBIE ELIZABETH GODFREY SOULE, daughter of Zoeth and Julia M. (Dyer) Soule, born in East Greenwich, R.I., 11 June 1870, died in LC 10 March 1943.

46.  ANNIE BENJAMIN8 PEARCE Benjamin7, VaI6, Joseph5, Nathaniel4, George3, George2. Richard1), born in LC 5 Oct. 1864.


                  i.    Stewart Fuller, b. 25 July 1885; d. in 1943; m. in LC 9 Nov. 1910 Hellen Richards Simmons, daughter of David and Grace (Grinnell) Simmons, b. in 1886 in Tiverton, d. in 1946.

                 ii.    Eliza Woodman, b. 31 Aug. 1889; m. in LC. 12 Dec. 1907 Abel Wilbur Jennings, b. in 1886, son of Samuel and Nancy (Wilbor) Jennings.


47.  HERBERT WARREN8 PEARCE (Benjamin7, Val6, Joseph5, Nathaniel4, George3, George2, Richard1), born in LC 7 Sept. 1870, died 27 Aug. 1933. He married SOPHIA M. HILLIARD, daughter of David and Ellen LeRoy (Thayer) Hilliard. Residence: LC. They lived on Maple Avenue where his father lived in 1890.


                  i.    Edith Gertrude, b. 10 Nov. 1901; m. 28 June 1930 Otho Edmund Wordell, son of Gershom and Emma (Potter) Wordell.




1.    ELIJAH1 PEARCE, born in Freetown, Mass., in 1787, died 15 June 1877. Residence: LC. He married first SARAH (--). He was married second in LC by the Rev. Alfred Goldsmith 17 May 1842 to DESIRE GRINNELL, daughter of Billings and Comfort Grinnell, born in LC Oct. 1788, died there 8 Oct. 1866. They are buried in back of the school house at Adamsville.

        Children, not recorded in LC:

                  i.    Andrew, b. in 1825. 2          ii.         Luther P., b. 24 Jan. 1826.

                iii.    William, b. in Fall River in 1828; m. in LC 27 Nov. 1850 Mary A. Hunt. daughter of Dennis and Mary Hunt,

2. LUTHER P.2 PEARCE (Elijah1), born in Fall River 4 Jan. 1826, died in LC 7 Aug. 1867. Residence: LC.

He married 19 Jan. 1851 in LC JANE T. IRISH, daughter of John and Lydia (Grinnell) Irish, born in LC 30 May 1831, died in Westport 18 April 1920. Both are buried in the cemetery back of the Adamsville school.

A soldier in the Civil War, he was in Company D, 12th Regiment, Rhode Island volunteers, enlisted 11 Sept. 1862. discharged 29 July 1863 at Providence.

        Children, all recorded in LC:

                  i.    John Elijah, b. 4 July 1853.

                 ii.    Luther Winfield, b. 9 Dec. 1857.

                iii.    Emma Lincoln, b. 3 June 1861.

                iv.    Edward Sheridan, b. 1 Jan. 1867.

                 v.    Frank Andrew, b. 1 Jan. 1867; d. 20 May 1868.


JOHN FRANKLIN PIERCE, son of John and Sarah (Hathaway) Pierce born in Freetown, Mass., 18 Aug. 1856, died in LC 15 March 1926. Residence LC.

He married in LC 10 Nov. 1880 ROSETTA MARIA WILBOR, daughter of Jonathan6 (Jonathan5 Walliam4, William3 Samuel2, William1) and Rosetta Crowell (Young) Wilbor, born 29 Jan. 18 53 in LC, died there 12 Sept. 1937. They are buried in Hillside cemetery.

        Children, born in LC and recorded there

                  i.    Emma Wilbor, b. 30 Jan. 1882.

                 ii.    Mabel, b. 26 April 1890; d. 27 April 1890.

                iii.    John Franklin, b. 13 Feb. 1892; m. Madeline Field, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Mosher) Field.



Other Pearce births of which there are records in LC: Benjamin, son of Hannah Pearce, born 13 April 1763, died 27 Aug. 1778. Sarah, daughter of George and Margaret Pearce, born 29 May 1781. John W., son of Robert T. and Mary Ann Pearce, born 17 July 1829. Rebecca, daughter of Rachel Pearce, born 26 April 1788.

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