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Piglet's Genealogy Pages: The Butchers

Unlike the rest of my lines, this family seems to have been more prone to commerce than farming; William was a blacksmith, and Jonas was a merchant.
I'm still actively looking for whether the George Butcher who came from North Carolina to Greene County and was also a blacksmith was any kin of his. Seems like he ought to be, but can't find George's ancestors....
In downtown Walnut Grove, Missouri, there still stands a building with the stone "J. M. B. 1891"--this is the building that Jonas built for his hardware store.

Documentation of relationships is variable, not all these links are certain. Please don't take this site as "gospel" but rather as "to the best of my knowledge right now."

Family group sheets:

Other surnames not listed above:

Robertson, Jonas' wife Mabel and her ancestors
Holyfield, William's wife Mary and her ancestors
Johnson, Norma's husband Carlis and his ancestors
Purcell, Velma's husband Other and his ancestors

Spouses of Butchers for whom I know no ancestors:

*This Robertson has no known relation to Jonas' wife Mabel and appears to be a separate line. (Wives in family groups with surnames other than Butcher will be found on the main page for that family.)

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