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Vol I File 11: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

10. Counts of Ponthieu to Joanna Dammartin, Wife of Ferdinand III., King of Castile and Leon

Part F.

Early Spanish Ancestors

1. Spanish Kings to Edward I

Ref: "Historia de Asturias, Alta Edad Media" Vol I. (1979)

Ref: Soldevila, F., "Historia de Espana" Vol. I. (1962)

Ref: Merriman, Roger B., "The Rise of the Spanish Empire" Vol. I. (Middle Ages) (1918)

The Iberian Peninsula was conquered by the Arabs in 711. Pelayo, leader of the revolt against the Muslims; was elected King of Asturias, 718. He reigned from 718 to 737. He had a son and a daughter as follows:



Ref: Tierney and Painter, "Western Europe in the Middle Ages (300-1475)"

Another line among the Kings of Spain is as follows:

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