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Vol II File 10: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

14. Cantilupe Line

There is reason to believe that this family came originally from Normandy. See Harliean Society.

15. Chaworth Line

16. Clare Line (Earls of Hertford and Gloucester)

Ref: Wurts, pp. 57-70, for details on the Clare Line, and pp. 75-79, for details on Robert FitzWalter.

Ref: Burke, pp. 118-120, for details on the Clare Line, and pp. 212-213, for details on Robert FitzWalter.

Ref: Cokayne, Vol VI., pp. 498-503.

The Clare Family of English nobles was prominent in the 12th and 13th centuries. The first earl of Clare, the founder of the family, was Richard Fitzgilbert, a knight who accompanied William the Conqueror on the Norman invasion of England in 1066. His great-grandson, Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, known as "Strongbow", laid the foundations for English rule in Ireland, Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Clare (died 1217), and his son, Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Clare (flourished 1215-1280), were leaders of the barons who forced King John to sign the Magna Charta in 1215.

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