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Vol II File 23: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

35. Saye - Mandeville Line (Earls of Essex)

Ref: Wurts: pp. 100-101, 125-126.


The following is extracted from Burke, pp. 352-353.


36. St. Liz Line (Earl of Northampton and Northumberland)

The county which gave designation to the earldom of Huntingdon was, according to Dr. Heylin, a thickly wooded forest, until the reign of the 2nd Henry, when the timber was first cleared away; the chief town, from the celebrity of the forest as a chase, was called Huntingtown, which soon became Huntington, or Huntingdon. The earldom of Huntingdon was conferred, by William the Conqueror, upon Waltheof.

37. Segrave Line

Ref: Burke, pp. 484-486.

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