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Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE


Orenge (1028-) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 1028

Married Hugh de PORT (1024-1096)

Children: [listed under entry for Hugh de PORT]

References: [EnglishP],[WallopFH]

Oria [Pedigree]


  1. Oneca Fortunez

Orme le Gulden [Pedigree]

Married (Miss) de BEAUCHAMP


  1. Radulphus FITZORM

References: [ConverseA],[CP]

Osberne de Bolebec [Pedigree]

Married Awelina of Sweden


  1. Osbern GIFFARD m. Avelina FITZRICHARD

References: [ConverseA]

Osburgh Queen of Wessex (810-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Oslac Chief Butler of Wessex (785-) and Wife of Oslac Chief Butler of WESSEX (0790-)

    b. ABT 810
    r. Isle of Wight, Eng.
    r. Wessex, Eng.
    d. 846
    d. 852

Married Ethelwulf (Ethelbald) King of Wessex King of England (806-858)

Children: [listed under entry for Ethelwulf (Ethelbald)]

References: [GENSERV],[JAMS],[AR7],[Weis1]

Osgod Clopo [Pedigree]


  1. Agatha (Getha) m. Ralph the Staller Earl Hereford (-1057)

References: [RoyalAAF],[PlantagenetA],[AR7]

Oslac Chief Butler of Wessex (785-) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 785
    r. Wessex, Eng.

Married Wife of Oslac Chief Butler of WESSEX (0790-)


  1. Osburgh Queen of Wessex (810-) m. Ethelwulf (Ethelbald) King of Wessex King of England (806-858)

References: [GENSERV],[JAMS],[AR7],[Weis1]

Ostrogotha Princess of the Gepidae [Pedigree]

Daughter of Elemund King of the Gepidae

Married Wacho

Children: [listed under entry for Wacho]

References: [RFC]

Osulf fil Frame Lord Belvoir [Pedigree]


  1. Adela de BELVOIR m(1) William de ALBINI Lord of the Isles, Viscount of the Contentin

Otho Geraldino Baron of Windsor [Pedigree]

Son of Otterus (Othoer) Baron of Gherardini, Lord in Tuscany


  1. Walter FitzOther (-1100) m. Beatrice

References: [MCP],[BurkeC],[RoyalAAF],[AR7]

Othon Guillaume Count of Bourgogne, Macon, Dijon (958-1026) [Pedigree]

Son of Adalbert Marquis of Ivrea King of Italy (936-971) and Gerberga of Macon (0970-986)

       King of Lombardy.
    b. ABT 958/959, of Lombardy, Italy
    r. Lombard, Italy
    d. 21 Sep 1026/7
    d. 21 Sep 1026, Dijon, France
    bur. Dijon, France

Married first Ermentrude de Roucy Countess of Macon (-1005)


  1. Renaud I Count of Burgundy (986-1057) m. Adelais (Judith) of Normandy Princess of Normandy (0990-1037)
  2. Agnes of Burgundy (995-1068) m(1) William III of Poitou (V of Aquitaine) "le Grand" Count of Poitou Duke of Aquitaine (969-1030)
  3. Matilda of Burgundy (-1005) m(2) Landry III Seigneur de Maers, Count of Nevers, Auxerre (-1028)
  4. Gerberge of Macon (985-1023) m. William II of Provence Count Provence (983-1018)
  5. Agnes Countess of BURGUNDY (0995-1068)
  6. Gerberge BURGUNDY (1007-) m(1) William II Count of PROVENCE (1005-1018)

Married second Blanche (Alix) of Anjou (942-1026)

References: [GENSERV],[ES],[WallopFH],[RFC],[MRL],[AR7], [Weis1],[Paget1],[PlantagenetA]

Ottar Egilsson (551-) [Pedigree]

Son of Egil Aunsson (530-)

    b. c. 551, Sweden


  1. Adils Ottarsson (572-) m. Yrsa Helgasdottir (565-)

References: [RFC]

Otterus (Othoer) Baron of Gherardini, Lord in Tuscany [Pedigree]


  1. Otho Geraldino Baron of Windsor

References: [MRL],[MCP]

Otto (Otho) II Duke of Carinthia Duke of Franconia, Carinthia (947-1004) [Pedigree]

Son of Conrad "the Wise" Duke of Lorraine and Luitgardis of Germany (-0947)

       Marquis of Verona, Count in the Nahegau, Enzgau, Spayergau and Mainenfeldgau; Lord Hornbach.
    d. 1004
    b. 947/8
    d. 4 Nov 1006

Married Judith of Verdun (-977)


  1. Henry_II of Spires Count of Spires Duke of Franconia, Carinthia (-0997) m. Adelaide of Nordgau (-1045)

References: [AR7],[WallopFH],[RFC]

Otto (Othon) Count of Valois (1000-1045) [Pedigree]

Son of Herbert III Count of Vermandois (955-1000) and Hermengarde of Bar-sur-Seine (970-1035)

       REF Dewey1. Count of Vermandois from 1021 to 1045.
    b. ABT 1000, of Vermandois, Normandy, France
    d. 25 May 1045

Married Pavie of Valois


  1. Heribert IV Count of Vermandois (1032-1080) m. Adela de VEXIN (1043-1085)

References: [Weis1],[RFC],[WallopFH]

Otto I "the Great" Holy Roman Emperor (912-973) [Pedigree]

Son of Henry I "the Fowler" King of The Germans (-936) and Matilda of_Oldenburg (878-968)

       King of Germany, King of Italy.
    b. 23 Nov 912, Saxony
    d. 7 May 973, Memleben, Saxony, Germany

Married first Eadgyth (Edith) Princess of England (-0946)


  1. Rechilde of Germany m. Kuno Count von Oehningen (-1020)
  2. Luitgardis of Germany (-0947) m. Conrad "the Wise" Duke of Lorraine

Married second Adelaide of BURGUNDY (-0999)


  1. Otto II Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany, Italy Emperor (-0983) m(2) Theophana (956-991)

References: [GENSERV],[AR7],[Weis1],[Paget1],[RFC],[WallopFH], [MRL],[ES]

Otto I "the Illustrious" Duke of Saxony (836-912) [Pedigree]

Son of Ludolph Duke of Saxony (806-864) and Hedwige (Oda) of SAXONY (831-)

       Duke of Holy Roman Empire
       Count in South Thuringia; known as "the Illustrious" and "the Grand".
    b. ABT 836
    b. ABT 0851
    r. Saxony, Germany
    r. Saxony, Germany
    d. 30 Nov 912

Married Hedwig of Germany (856-903)


  1. Henry I "the Fowler" King of The Germans (-936) m. Matilda of_Oldenburg (878-968)

References: [AR7],[GENSERV],[Weis1],[WallopFH]

Otto II Count Thanning, Ambras, Diessen (-1120) [Pedigree]

Son of Berthold II Count on the Upper Isar, Count von Diessen (-1060) and (Miss) von HOHENWART

       Known also as Otto von Wolfratshausen.
    d. 24 Apr ABT 1120

Married Adelaide von REGENSBURG


  1. Adelaide von WOLFRATSHAUSEN (1084-1126) m. Berenger_I Count of Sulzbach (1080-1125)

References: [RFC],[AR7]

Otto II Count of Modena and Canossa (-0988) [Pedigree]

Son of Siegfried of Lucca and Lombardy

    b. of Canossa
    d. 13 Feb 0988

Married Hildegarde


  1. Prangilda of Modena m. Manfred I Marquis de Turin (-1000)

References: [PlantagenetA]

Otto II Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany, Italy Emperor (-0983) [Pedigree]

Son of Otto I "the Great" Holy Roman Emperor (912-973) and Adelaide of BURGUNDY (-0999)

    b. 955
    d. 7 Dec 0983, Rome, Italy
    b. ABT 955
    d. 7 Dec 983, Rome

Married second Theophana (956-991)


  1. Matilda of_Saxony (-1024) m. Edzo Count of Lorraine (-1034)

References: [RFC],[WallopFH],[AR7]

Otto of Lorraine (-955) [Pedigree]

Son of Richwin Count of Verdun and Kunigunde of France (890-923)

    d. AFT 955


  1. Ermengarde of Lorraine m. Robert_I Count of Lomme

References: [RFC],[AR7]

Otto_I Count of Savoy, Maurienne (1020-1060) [Pedigree]

Son of Humbert I of SAVOY Count of Savoy (975-1042) and Auchilia of Burgundy

       REF AR7. Marquis of Susa.
    d. 1060
    b. ABT 1020
    d. 1 Mar 1060

Married Adelaide de Montferrat (1034-1091)


  1. Bertha of MAURIENNE (1051-1081) m. Heinrich IV Holy Roman Emperor (1050-1106)
  2. Amadeus II Count of Savoy, Maurienne, Marquis of Italy (1046-1080) m. Jeanne of GENEVA (-1070)
  3. Adelaide (Alix) of Maurienne (-1079) m(1) Wigo III Count of Albon, Grenoble (1001-1075)
  4. Pietro di MAURIENNE (-1078) m. Agnes of Aquitaine (-1089)

References: [AR7],[ES],[RFC],[PlantagenetA],[Talbot1], [WallopFH],[Moncreiffe]

Otto_II Count of Chiny (-1125) [Pedigree]

Son of Arnold_II Count Wareq, Ivoix, Chiny (-1106) and Adela de ROMERU (-1068)

       REF Theroff. Ida's fahter is shown as Count Albert_III of_Namur.
    d. 28 Apr 1125 (A MONK)
    d. 1124-31

Married Adelaide of_Namur (1068-1124)


  1. Albert Count of Chiny (-1162)
  2. Ida de_Chiny and de_Namur (1083-1117) m. Godfrey_I of_Brabant "The Bearded" Count of Brabant (1060-1139)

References: [AR7],[RFC],[ES],[WallopFH],[Moncreiffe],[MRL]

Owain Gwynedd King of Gwynedd Prince of North Wales (1100-1169) [Pedigree]

Son of Gruffudd ap Cynan Prince of North Wales King of Gwynedd (1055-1137) and Angharad of Flint

    b. ABT 1100, of Gwynedd, Wales
    d. DecEMBER 1169, Carnarvonshire, Wales
    b. c. 1100
    d. 1170

Married first Christina fil Gronw


  1. Gwenllian of Gwynedd

Married second Gwladus of South Wales (1098-)


  1. Dafydd
  2. Iorwerth Drwyndwn Prince of North Wales (-1174) m. Marared of Powys (1134-)
  3. David Gwynedd Prince of North Wales (-1204) m. Emma Princess of England

References: [WallopFH],[Moncreiffe],[AR7],[BurkeGRF],[RoyalAAF], [PlantagenetA],[Talbot1]

Owain ap Edwin Lord of Flint (1058-1105) [Pedigree]

Son of Edwin Lord of Flint (-1086) and Iverydd (Ivereth) of Powys (1024-)

    b. 1058, of Llys Edwin, Wales
    d. 1105

Married Morfydd (1048-)


  1. Angharad of Flint m. Gruffudd ap Cynan Prince of North Wales King of Gwynedd (1055-1137)
  2. Grono ap Owen Prince of Fegaingl (1073-1124) m. Genilles fil Hoedliw

References: [PlantagenetA],[AR7],[Moncreiffe],[RoyalAAF]

Owain ap Hywel Dha King of South Wales (-988) [Pedigree]

Son of Hywel "Dda" (the Good) ap Cadell Prince of Deheubarth (887-) and Elen Verch Llywarch (893-)

    d. 988 or 968

Married Angharad Ferch Llewelyn Queen of Powys


  1. Maredudd ap Owain ap Hywel Dda m. Asritha
  2. Einion ap Owain m. Ellenor

References: [AR7],[RGD],[MRL]

Pandulf III the Old Prince of Benevento [Pedigree]


  1. Gaitelgrima of Benevento (-1027) m. Guaimar III Prince of Salerno (-1031)

References: [PlantagenetA]

Papia [Pedigree]

Daughter of Richard I "The Fearless" of Normandy 3rd Duke of Normandy (933-996) and Unknown Mistress

       REF AR7. Said to illegitimate dau. of Richard I "the Fearless".

Married Gulbert de St. Valerie

Children: [listed under entry for Gulbert de St. Valerie]

References: [AR7]

Papia [Pedigree]

Married Richard I "The Fearless" of Normandy 3rd Duke of Normandy (933-996)

Children: [listed under entry for Richard I "The Fearless" of Normandy]

References: [ES],[RFC],[GENSERV]

Pascen [Pedigree]

Son of Cadell I


  1. Cynan (500-) m. Tangwysl

References: [GENSERV]

Pavie of Valois [Pedigree]

Married Otto (Othon) Count of Valois (1000-1045)

Children: [listed under entry for Otto (Othon)]

References: [RFC],[Weis1],[WallopFH]

Pedro Comnenus [Pedigree]

Married Jimena Nunez


  1. Suer Perez de TOLEDO (1088-)

References: [LDS-AF]

Pedro Fernandez [Pedigree]


  1. Urraca Perez (-1025) m. Sancho Garcia Count of Castile, Alava (965-1017)

References: [ES],[RFC]

Pedro Garcia (1184-) [Pedigree]

Son of Diego Garcia (1160-)

    b. ABT 1184, of Toledo, Castile, Spain

Married Maria Dominico (1185-)


  1. Juan Perez de TOLEDO (1208-)

References: [LDS-AF]

Pedro Gutierrez (1177-) [Pedigree]

Son of Gutierre Perez (1150-)

    b. ABT 1177, of Toledo, Castile, Spain


  1. Fernan Perez de TOLEDO (1203-) m. Luna ILLAN (1206-)

References: [LDS-AF]

Pedro II de Aragon-Catalonia King of Aragon (1176-1213) [Pedigree]

Son of Alfonso II Raimundez King of Aragon And Pamplona (1152-1196) and Sancha de Castile Princess of Castile (1154-1208)

    b. 1176
    r. Aragon, Spain
    d. 13 Sep 1213, Murat, Allier, France

Married Marie de Montpellier (1182-1218)


  1. Jaime I "the Conqueror" de Aragon King of Aragon (1207-1276) m(2) Yolande Princess of Hungary (1213-1251)

References: [GENSERV],[MannEd],[RFC]

Pedro Suarez (1120-) [Pedigree]

Son of Suer Perez de TOLEDO (1088-)

    b. ABT 1120, of Toledo, Castile, Spain


  1. Gutierre Perez (1150-)

References: [LDS-AF]

Pelayo Rodriguez [Pedigree]


  1. Frunilda Pelays m. Ordonio Count of Leon (-997)

References: [PlantagenetA],[ES]

Pepin "The Short" King of Franks (-768) [Pedigree]

Son of Charles Martel "the_Hammer" Mayor of the Palace (-741) and Chrotrude of_Alemania Duchess of Austrasia (690-)

    b. 714, Austrasia, France
    d. 24 Sep 768, St Denis, Paris, Seine, France

Married Bertrada Countess of Laon (720-783)


  1. Charlemagne King of Franks (742-814) m(1) Hildegarde of Vinzgau Countess of Linzgau (-783)
  2. Carloman King of Franks (751-)

References: [GENSERV],[RGD],[WilsonAB],[Weis1],[AR7]

Pepin II Count of Quentin (818-840) [Pedigree]

Son of Bernard King of Italy (795-818) and Cunigunde (797-835)

    b. ABT 818, Vermandois, Normandy, France
    d. AFT 840, Milan, Italy


  1. Herbert_I of Vermandois Count of Vermandois (848-) m. Bertha de_Morvois

References: [GENSERV],[Weis1],[Dewey1]

Pepin II Count of Senlis (876-922) [Pedigree]

Son of Pepin de Senlis de Valois

    b. ABT 876, Vermandois, Normandy, France
    d. AFT 922


  1. Bernard Count of Senlis (918-)

References: [RoyalAAF],[PlantagenetA]

Pepin V or II Count of Vermandois (817-) [Pedigree]

Son of Bernard King of Lombardy and Cunegonde

       Count of Senlis, Peronne, and St. Quentin.
       Prince of Italy, Lord of Peronne and St. Quentin in the Vermandois
    b. 817/18, of Peronne, France
    d. 892


  1. Pepin de Senlis de Valois

References: [RFC],[WallopFH]

Pepin de Senlis de Valois [Pedigree]

Son of Pepin V or II Count of Vermandois (817-)


  1. _____ de_Rennes (845-) m. Berenger de_Bayeux Count of Bayeux Count of Senlis (847-930)
  2. Pepin II Count of Senlis (876-922)
  3. Geva of Senlis

References: [WallopFH],[RoyalAAF],[GENSERV],[RFC]

Pepin of_Heristal (635-714) [Pedigree]

Son of Ansgise Mayor of Austrasia and St. Begga of_Landen (613-)

       REF AR7. Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia.
    b. ABT 635, Heristal, Liege, Belgium
    b. ABT 635
    d. 16 Dec 714, Junille, Meuse, France
    d. 16 Dec 714, Jupile on the Meuse

Married Aupais (654-)


  1. Charles Martel "the_Hammer" Mayor of the Palace (-741) m. Chrotrude of_Alemania Duchess of Austrasia (690-)

References: [GENSERV],[RFC],[AR7],[Weis1]

Pepin of_Landen (585-) [Pedigree]

Son of Carloman Mayor of The Palace of Austrasia (550-)

       REF AR7. Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia.
       REF RFC. A loop is introduced by having Pepin of_Landen
       the son of Carloman, son of Charles Martel.
    b. ABT 585
    b. ABT 0591, Landen, Austrasia, France
    d. 639

Married Itta (Itte) Saint (597-)


  1. St. Begga of_Landen (613-) m. Ansgise Mayor of Austrasia

References: [RFC],[GENSERV],[AR7]

Petar Bodin King of Dioclea [Pedigree]


  1. (Miss) de BODIN OF DIOCLEA m. Vukan Gliubomir (-1113)

References: [JAMS]

Peter - William V (VII) Duke of Aquitaine Count of Poitou (-1058) [Pedigree]

Son of William III of Poitou (V of Aquitaine) "le Grand" Count of Poitou Duke of Aquitaine (969-1030) and Agnes of Burgundy (995-1068)

       Daughter Agnes is illegitimate.
    d. 1058

Married first Ermensinde de LONGWY (-1058)


  1. Clementia of_Aquitaine (1048-1129) m(1) Konrad_I of_Luxembourg Count of Luxembourg (-1086)

Married third unknown


  1. Agnes of Aquitaine (-1089) m(2) Pietro di MAURIENNE (-1078)

References: [ES],[Talbot1],[RFC],[AR7],[PlantagenetA]

Peter of France Comte d'Courtenay (1125-1183) [Pedigree]

Son of Louis_VI the_Fat King of France (1081-1137) and Adelaide of_Savoy (1092-1154)

       Prince of France, Count of Montargis, Sire de Courtenay; Crusader.
       REF AR7. Count of Montargis and Courtenay, j.u.
    b. ABT 1125, of Courtenay, Loiret, France
    d. 10 Apr 1183, Palestine
    b. ABT 1121
    d. BEF 1183

Married Elizabeth de COURTENAY (1127-1205)


  1. Peter de COURTENAY Emperor of Constantinople (1155-1218) m. Yolande of Hainaut Countess of Namur (1175-1219)
  2. Alice de COURTENAY (1160-1205) m(1) Aymer "Taillefer" de_Valence Count Angouleme (1165-1202)

References: [Weis1],[ES],[AR7],[PlantagenetA],[Talbot1],[DFA]

Petronella (-1146) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT 1146

Married Walter Burggraf von Doornick (-1137)

Children: [listed under entry for Walter]

References: [ES]

Petronilla [Pedigree]

Married William MALBANK (-1109)

Children: [listed under entry for William MALBANK]

References: [PlantagenetA]

Petronilla (1364-) [Pedigree]
    b. 1364, Sanderstead, Eng.

Married Peter Atte WODE (1360-)

Children: [listed under entry for Peter Atte WODE]

References: [GENSERV]

Petronilla de Aragon (1135-1173) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Ramiro II "the Monk" de Aragon King of Aragon (1075-1157) and Matilda de Aquitaine (1101-1157)

    b. 1135
    d. 13 Oct 1173
    d. 17 Oct 1174

Married Raymond Berenger IV of Barcelona Marquis of Barcelona (1113-1162)

Children: [listed under entry for Raymond Berenger IV of Barcelona]

References: [AR7],[MannEd],[PlantagenetA],[ES],[Talbot1]

Petronille [Pedigree]

Married Gauthier I Sire de Chateau-Renard

Children: [listed under entry for Gauthier I]

References: [PlantagenetA]

Petronille of Andech Countess d'Anjou (825-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Hugh the Abbot Count of Andech (794-844) and Adelaide of France

    b. ABT 825
    r. Andech, Rheinland, Prussia

Married Tertulle the Breton Count d'Anjou Seneschal of the Gatinais (821-)

Children: [listed under entry for Tertulle the Breton]

References: [GENSERV],[RoyalAAF],[RFC]

Petrussa of_the_Lombards [Pedigree]

Daughter of Aripert_II

Married Vislas_I King of the Obotrites

Children: [listed under entry for Vislas_I]

References: [AR7]

Philip de Blemeis [Pedigree]

Son of Walter de Blemeis

       Lord of Tong, Salop, and Ashby, Leics
    ev. Adult BY 1127

Married Maud la MESCHIN


  1. Alice de Blemeis m. Alan la ZOUCHE (-1190)

References: [AR7]

Philip_I the_Fair King of France (1052-1108) [Pedigree]

Son of Henry I of France King of France (1008-1060) and Anne of Russia (1036-1075)

       Excommunicated for bigamy.
       Count of Paris
    b. 1052
    d. 29 Jul 1108, Meulan, France

Married first Bertha of Holland (1055-1094)


  1. Constance of_France (1078-1124) m. Bohemond I Prince of Antioch (1057-1111)
  2. Louis_VI the_Fat King of France (1081-1137) m(1) Lucienne of_Rochefort

Married second Bertrade de MONTFORT (1060-1117)


  1. Cecile de FRANCE (-1145) m. Pons de TOULOUSE Comte de Tripoli (1098-1137)

References: [Weis1],[RFC],[LDS-AF],[AR7],[ConverseA],[Talbot1], [Paget1],[ES]

Philip_II Duke of Swabia (1177-1208) [Pedigree]

Son of Frederick_III Barbarossa Emperor of Germany (1122-1190) and Beatrix de BOURGOGNE Countess Palatine de Bourgogne (1143-1184)

       REF AR7. Margrave of Tuscany, Emperor of Germany.
    b. 1177-81
    d. 21 Jun 1208, Bamberg

Married Irene ANGELICA (-1208)


  1. Marie of_Swabia (-1240) m. Heinrich_II of_Brabant Herzog von Brabant (1207-1247)

References: [AR7],[Theroff]

Philip_II Augustus King of France (1165-1223) [Pedigree]

Son of Louis_VII the_Younger King of France (1121-1180) and Adelaide de Champagne (1140-1209)

    b. 21 AUG 1165, Gonesse,Nr: Paris,France
    d. 14 JUL 1223, Mantes,France
    bur. St. Denis,France

Married first Isabelle of Flanders Countess d'Artois (1170-1190)


  1. Louis_VIII "the Lion" King of France (1187-1226) m. Blanche of_Castile (1188-1253)

Married second Ingeborg of Denmark (1175-1236)

Married third Agnes of Andechs-Meranien Princess (1180-1201)


  1. Philip HUREPEL
  2. Marie (1198-1223) m. Henry_I of Brabant Duke of Brabant (1165-1235)

References: [Theroff],[RoyalAAF],[WallopFH],[LDS-AF],[WilsonAB], [AR7],[Paget1]

Philip_III the_Bold King of France (1245-1285) [Pedigree]

Son of Louis_IX "Saint Louis" King of France (1214-1270) and Margaret of_Provence (1221-1295)

    b. 1 May 1245, Poissy, France
    d. 5 Oct 1285, Perpignan
    bur. St.Denis, France

Married first Isabelle of_Aragon (1247-1271)


  1. Philip_IV the_Fair King of France (1268-1314) m. Jeanne of_Navarre (1272-1305)
  2. Charles de_Valois Count of Valois (1270-1325) m. Margaret of_Naples

Married second Mary of_Brabant (-1321)


  1. Marguerite de_France (1279-1317) m. Edward_I (Longshanks) King of England (1239-1307)

References: [AR7],[Weis1],[Theroff],[PRES.GED]