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Battle of Hastings, 1066


Companions of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, 1066

       1. Robert de Beaumont, afterwards Count of Meulan and Earl of Leicester
          Robert de BEAUMONT (1049-1118)
          great(25) grand father
       2. Eustace, Count of Boulogne
          Eustace II of Boulogne (1030-1080)
          great(28) grand father
       3. William, afterwards 3rd Count of Evreux
          William DEVEREUX (1025-)
          great(26) grand father
       4. Geoffrey of Mortagne, afterwards Count of Perche
          Geoffrey II de Perche (-1100)
          great(24) grand father
       5. William FitzOsbern, afterwards Earl of Hereford
          William FITZOSBERN (-1071)
          great(27) grand father
       6. Aimery, vicomte of Thouars
          Aimery IV de THOUARS (1024-1093)
          great(26) grand father
       7. Hugh de Montfort, seigneur of Montfort-sur-Risle
          Hugh III MONTFORT 
          great(28) grand father
       8. Walter Giffard, seigneur of Longueville
          Walter GIFFARD (-1084)
          not directly related.
       9. Ralph de Toeni, seigneur of Conches
          Ralph_III de TOENI (-1102)
          great(26) grand father
      10. Hugh de Grandmesnil, seigneur of Grandmesnil
          Hugh de GRANDMESNIL 
          great(25) grand father
      11. William de Warenne, afterwards Earl of Surrey
          William de WARREN (1055-1089)
          great(24) grand father
      12. William Malet, seigneur of Graville
          William MALET (-1071)
          great(27) grand father
      13. Eudes, Bishop of Bayeux, afterwards Earl of Kent
          Odo of_Bayeux (-1097)
          great(27) uncle
          through their ancestor Herluin de CONTEVILLE Viscount (-1087).
      14. Turstin FitzRou
      15. Engenulf de l'Aigle, seigneur de l'Aigle
          Engenaulf (-1066)
          great(28) grand father
      16. Geoffrey de Mowbray, Bishop of Coutances
          Geoffrey de Mowbray (1030-1093)
          great(29) uncle
          through their ancestor Roger de MOWBRAY
      17. Robert, Count of Mortain, afterwards Earl of Cornwall
          Robert de_Mortain (1031-1090)
          great(27) grand father
      18. Wadard
      19. Vital
      20. Goubert d'Auffay, seigneur of Auffay
          Gulbert de St. Valerie 
          great(27) grand father