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Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 726

  *Conrad_I "the_Peaceful" (925-0993) [more]
Bertha of_Burgundy (962-1010) [previous]
  *Matilda of France (-981) [more]

Pedigree 727

   William IV of Auvergne 
Robert I d' AUVERGNE (-1032) [previous]

Pedigree 728

  *William_II of Provence  [more]
Ermengarde of Arles  [previous]
  *Blanche (Alix) of Anjou (942-1026) [more]

Pedigree 729

                  *Merfyn the Freckled  [more]
               Rhodri Mawr "the Great" ap Merfyn (789-)
                  *Nest ferch Cadell  [more]
           Cadell ap Rhodri Mawr (861-)
                  *Meuric ap Dyfnwal  [more]
               Angharad Verch Meurig (825-)
       Hywel "Dda" (the Good) ap Cadell (887-)
           Rheingar (0865-)
   Owain ap Hywel Dha (-988)
                   Bleiddig (Bledri) (790-)
               Hyfaidd Ap Bleiddig (820-)
                   Tangwystl Verch Owain (794-)
           Llywarch Ap Hyfaidd (867-)
       Elen Verch Llywarch (893-)
Maredudd ap Owain ap Hywel Dda  [previous]
   Angharad Ferch Llewelyn 

Pedigree 730

       Edulph (921-)
   Leofwine (950-1028)
           Ethelred (865-)
       Elfwina (905-)
              *Alfred "the Great" (-899) [more]
           Ethelfleda (869-918)
              *Ealhswith of_Mercia (852-905) [more]
Leofric III (968-1057) [previous]
       Athelstan Mannesson (0925-)
   Alwara (0955-)

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