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Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 126

                  *Thomas WENTWORTH  [more]
               William WENTWORTH 
                  *Isabel FLEMING  [more]
           William WENTWORTH 
       Thomas WENTWORTH (1463-)
               Thomas DURRANT 
           Isabella DURRANT 
   William WENTWORTH (1440-1477)
           Richard REDMAN 
       Joan REDMAN 
Thomas WENTWORTH (1478-1548) [previous]
                  *John FITZWILLIAM (-1385) [more]
               Edmund FITZWILLIAM (1360-1430)
                  *Elizabeth CLINTON  [more]
           Edmund FITZWILLIAM (-1465)
                  *John HOTHAM (-1370) [more]
               Maud HOTHAM (1365-1433)
                  *Margaret INGLEBERT  [more]
       Richard FITZWILLIAM (-1478)
               John CLIFTON 
           Catherine CLIFTON (-1435)
                  *William CLARELL (-1383) [more]
               Thomas CLARELL (-1442)
                  *Elizabeth de REYGATE (-1391) [more]
           Thomas CLARELL (1394-1430)
                   Nicholas MONTGOMERY 
               Matilda MONTGOMERY (-1456)
                  *Margery FOLJAMBE (-1453) [more]
       Elizabeth CLARELL (1415-1503)
                  *Henry le SCROPE (1312-1392) [more]
               John SCROPE (-1405)
                   Joan (Agnes) (1317-)
           Elizabeth SCROPE (-1430)
                  *David de STRABOLGI IV (1327-1369) [more]
               Elizabeth de STRATHBOGIE (-1388)
                  *Elizabeth de FERRERS (-1375) [more]

Pedigree 127

                  *John WOODRUFFE  [more]
               John WOODRUFFE 
                  *Elizabeth SOTHILL  [more]
           Oliver WOODRUFFE 
               Anne CRESTARIE 
       John WOODRUFFE 
           Alice MIRFIELD 
   Richard WOODRUFFE (1460-)
       _____ HAMERTON 
Beatrice WOODRUFFE (1486-) [previous]
                  *Thomas FITZWILLIAM  [more]
               Thomas FITZWILLIAM 
                  *Elizabeth MABLETHORPE  [more]
           Thomas FITZWILLIAM (1390-1403)
                   William STAYNE 
               Joan STAYNE 
       Thomas FITZWILLIAM (1388-1479)
                   _____ ASKE 
               John ASKE (1365-1397)
           Elizabeth ASKE (1390-1403)
                   John SHELVESTRODE 
               Joan SHELVESTRODE (1365-)
   Beatrice FITZWILLIAM (1450-)
                  *John DYMOKE  [more]
               John DYMOKE (-1381)
                   Felicia HAREVILL 
           Thomas DYMOKE (1355-1422)
                  *Thomas LUDLOW  [more]
               Margaret LUDLOW (-1417)
       Margaret DYMOKE (1405-1463)
               Richard HEBDEN (1315-)
           Elizabeth de HEBDEN (1380-1453)
               (Miss) RYE 

Pedigree 128

                  *William BARKER (-1411) [more]
               Henry BARKER (-1438)
                   Margery WHOWOOD 
           William BARKER (-1480)
               Margery LOVESTICK 
       John BARKER 
           Anne Colynson ROWLOW 
   John BARKER 
       Elizabeth GRENE 
Humphrey BARKER  [previous]
   Margaret (-1538)

Pedigree 129

   John HICKS (1455-1492)
Thomas HICKS (1487-1525) [previous]
   Joan DAMER (1459-)

Pedigree 130

   James ATWOOD (1465-)
Margaret ATWOOD (1491-) [previous]
   Alicia PAYNE (1469-)

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