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Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 156

   William HILL (1519-)
James of Lyme HILL (1545-1621) [previous]

Pedigree 157

   John JURDAINE (1525-1588)
Judith JURDAINE (1550-1620) [previous]
   Thomazine FRY (1529-1588)

Pedigree 158

               William LEVIT 
           William LEVET 
       William LEVET 
               Robert SYWARD 
           Elizabeth SYWARD 
   William LEVET (1500-1577)
           John BARNBY 
       Ann BARBY 
Nicholas LEVET (1524-1578) [previous]
       William WENTWORTH 
   Elizabeth WENTWORTH 

Pedigree 159

                  *Henry WESTBY  [more]
               Thomas WESTBY 
                  *Alice ENTWISLE  [more]
           Robert WESTBY 
                   John MARSHALL 
               Margaret MARSHALL 
       Robert WESTBY 
               Richard WHEATLEY 
           Isabella WHEATLEY 
   Ralph WESTBY 
                  *Thomas RERESBY (-1439) [more]
               Ralph RERESBY (-1466)
                   Maude BOSVILE (-1430)
           Ralph RERESBY (-1505)
                  *William STAPLETON  [more]
               Agnes STAPLETON 
                  *Margaret PICKERING  [more]
       Isabel RERESBY 
              *Richard FITZWILLIAM (-1478) [more]
           Margaret FITZWILLIAM 
              *Elizabeth CLARELL (1415-1503) [more]
Ann WESTBY  [previous]
       John ARTHINGTON 

Pedigree 160

                  *Nicholas DRAKE (1302-1327) [more]
               Robert DRAKE (1331-1392)
           William DRAKE (-1420)
       Edmund DRAKE (-1471)
   William DRAKE (1471-1510)
       Joan (-1481)
Thomas DRAKE (1465-1541) [previous]

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