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Especially due to the recent activity around the Hendrick I. Lott house of late, I have scanned several actual documents concerning Hendrick and his surrounding family.  As time permits, I will be adding to the commentary.


This is a complaint written to Johannes Lott b. 5/11/1692, Rem Remsen (not sure who he married), Andries Onderdonck, Jr. (husband of Gertrude Lott b. 5/4/1688), Hendrick Lott (not sure which one), and Johannes Schenck (husband of Maria Lott b. 10/31/1693), written by Dirck Hooglandt.  This Johannes Lott is the Grandfather of Hendrick I. Lott.

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Will of Johannes Lott b. 5/11/1692, Grandfather of Hendrick I. Lott, dated 4/20/1771

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Letter declaring sons, Johannes, Petrus & Jeromus Lott as administrators for will of Johannes Lott, dated 5/2/1775.

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This is the will of Hendrick Lott b. 11/7/1715, Uncle of Hendrick I., dated 10/1/1760.

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This is the will of Johannes Lott b. 12/31/1720, who married Jannetie Probasco and was father of Hendrick I. Lott.  The will is dated 1/24/1782, proved 11/11/1788

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This is the actual inventory of goods of Johannes Lott, dated 3/25/1803.
The inventory was delayed until the death of his wife Jannetie.

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    300 DPI image (very large) of 1st page of above.

   300 DPI (same as above - enhanced)


Will of Jannetie (Probasco) Lott, mother of Hendrick I., dated 11/10/1788.

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Indenture 5/3/1793, Johannes & Christopher Lott selling house and property in New Lotts to their mother Jannetie (Probasco) Lott for ten shillings for rest of her natural life, then to be void.

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Account of household items bought for Antye Lott b. 9/14/1747, sister of Hendrick I. Lott,  as her outset on her marriage to Henry Staats of Albany, 1782.

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Will of Jurrien Lott b. 3/10/1749, brother of Hendrick I. Lott, 7/9/1799.

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Inventory of Jurrien Lott, 6/13/1801, brother of Hendrick I. Lott.  From this inventory, it appears he fell on hard times after writing his will.

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Will of Johannes J. Lott b. 11/15/1752, brother of Hendrick I. Lott, dated 8/1/1806.

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Inventory of the above Johannes Lott, dated 4/17/1807.

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Will of Catalina Lott b. 2/13/1755, widow of Ulpianus VanSinderen, and sister of Hendrick I. Lott 11/17/1834

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Inventory of Catalina (Lott) VanSinderen, 6/18/1840.

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2/29/1804 Letter of Administration declaring Catalina (Lott) VanSinderen and son Adrian as executors for Ulpianus VanSinderen, whi died intestate.

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Inventory of Jane Lott, singlewoman, sister of Hendrick I. Lott, dated 3/5/1833..

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5/1/1834 Receipt of Jane Lott Stoothoff to Hotso VanSinderen for interest on legacy from Jane Lott.

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Unidentified inventory, after 1800, lists names of five slaves.

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This is a photograph of a portrait of Mary Brownjohn b. 12/16/1770, who married Hendrick I. Lott.  Eventually I will get a better picture.  I probably have a portrait of Hendrick I. himself, just haven't found any identified as such.

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Here is an interesting clipping from 1917.    

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Receipt of Isaac Snedeker to brother Jacob 5/2/1763.  Witnessed by Johannes Lott and wife Jannetie Probasco.

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Not positive yet exactly what property this map is showing.

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12/3/1779 Release of Barent Johnson, that he received legacies of his father John Johnson, from executors William Johnson and Johannes Lott.

lott54.jpg (1169009 bytes)

12/3/1779 Release of Martin Johnson, that he received legacies of his father John Johnson, from executors William Johnson and Johannes Lott.

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Now jump a hundred years<g>

Large paper with map - 1872

440 Lots at East New York, L.I.
The Estate of Thomas Lott, deceased, to be sold at Auction, on
Tuesday, June 11th, 1872, at 12 o'clock, at the Commercial Exchange, 389 Fulton St.,
(Opposite City Hall) Brooklyn - - Under Direction of F. L. Dallon, Esq., Referee
Crooke, Bergen & Clement, Attorneys, 346 Fulton St., Brooklyn
70 percent on bond and mortgage.

I believe this is Thomas Brownjohn Lott.
Here is a modern day (2001) map with the property being sold
shaded in red. This is not exact, as the two maps do not fully match.

B_Lott_lots.jpg (616196 bytes)

Street Names:

Mother Gaston Blvd. was Stone Ave.
Powell St. was Orient St.
Junius St. was Johnson Ave.
Riverdale Ave was Rapalje Ave.
Newport St. was Vanderveer Ave
Hegeman Ave. was Van Brunt Ave.
Linden Blvd. was Stoothoff Ave.