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Here I've got pictures of my grandmother, Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff who married John Lott Bergen in 1910.  She was the daughter of Elizabeth Elmira DeBevoise (Granny) and Abraham Wyckoff.


cvsw2.jpg (111152 bytes)     that's her on the left, don't know the other two

cvsw7.jpg (254017 bytes)   that's her in the middle,  July 1, 1902 Jamaica DRC Sunday School picnic at Seagate.  May Freeman, Miss Pomroy, Mabel King, Ritie Jackson, CVSW, Grace Downing, Anna Keyser, Margaret Creevey?   'Goody-Good S.S. Class'

cvsw4.jpg (56435 bytes)         cvsw3.jpg (55368 bytes)  as a young lady


cvsw5.jpg (198016 bytes)   photo of her painting

cvsw8.jpg (207887 bytes)   wow, how's that for a hat?          cvsw9.jpg (272057 bytes)   a few years older

cvsw6.jpg (184087 bytes)   I believe with a cousin, not sure who (Warren Suydam?)


etta.jpg (190446 bytes)     RARE photo of Henrietta 'Etta' Paxton,  worked as maid for my grandmother for room & board, eventually came to live with us.  Illiterate, with no desire to learn how to read, though my mother offered to teach her.  Cleaned house somewhat, mainly cooked for us.  Just stayed in the kitchen and her tiny room with separate toilet and sink.  In her eighties, partially blind and infirm, a nephew came to get her.  I wish I had been old enough to appreciate her more.  She was a simple but gentle, loving soul.  I think she loved us as if we were her own children.