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These are my grandparents, John Lott Bergen and Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff.  Married in 1910, they lived in the house built in 1905 by her grandmother Catalina (VanSinderen) Wyckoff.  This was 87 Bergen Avenue, Jamaica, NY.


ber_hse.jpg (170099 bytes)     ber_hse2.jpg (176030 bytes)     ber_hse3.jpg (243710 bytes)     ber_hse4.jpg (150564 bytes)     ber_hse5.jpg (164372 bytes)

mail.jpg (152023 bytes)   their mailman          org_grin.jpg (237725 bytes)  Italian organ grinder & monkey entertaining the family on the porch

This house cost about $4,000.00 to build  hse_cont.jpg (279887 bytes)

In the late 1940's, alone in that large house, my grandmother, for various reasons had to leave, and she moved into this much smaller house in Bellrose, NY.  So all the 'stuff' from the big house got crammed into this smaller place.

bellrose.jpg (198347 bytes)  



This is an interesting photo. Apparently at some point they were in Boston, Mass. (Only Dewey Square I know of). That's them, third row from the back.

deweym.jpg (351648 bytes)    and a close-up  deweycl.jpg (171044 bytes)

Seated in the middle of this family shot is Anna (Lott) Bergen, mother of John Lott Bergen. Interesting to note that without exception, in every photo of him standing with other people, he is leaning away from them.

                    Berg_fam1.jpg (210470 bytes)


My mother, Anna Lott (Bergen) Billard