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Letter - 11/7/1910

          Cor. Elm & Jamaica Ave.
          Richmond Hill
My dear Mrs. Bergen,
  I will try and explain why I havent been to see you.
I am ashamed to disappoint you but I have a severe case
of Empyema and I will be under the doctors
care for a week or so.
  I promised to take your case and mean to keep my word
but if you think you can not wait until I am well enough
to come and see you which may be two or three weeks, I
give you the privilege of getting another nurse.
  I hope to have your case and I am very sorry to have
had to disappoint you but it could not be avoided.
  Now if there is anything you want to know before I
come up let me know either by mail or telephone and
I will gladly tell you or rather have Mother tell you.
  The things you will need I will enclose in a list
as follows:
    Some pieces of old linen
    6 oz. Carbolic -!  baby blanket
    1 bottle of Bichloride of Mercury Tablets
    2 Douche Pans
    6 oz. of Boracic Acid
    2 nail brushes
    4 small granite basins
    1 package of sterile cotton (small package)
    1 package of sterile gause
    2 Large packages of absorbent cotton
      (from Fred. Loesers)
    1 Large piece of Castile soap
    $.10 Boracic Acid Powder
    a douche bag and fountain syringe
    1 large rubber sheet to cover the mattress
    1 small rubber sheet, about 3 yards by 1 yard
    1/2 doz. quilted pads made of newspapers, cover with
        unbleached muslin. Take 1/2 doz. papers to each
        pad, make these about 1 yd. sqare
    1 doz. of small hand towels
    20 yds of cheese cloth for pad, which I will make myself
    Hot water bottle
  That will be all for the present.  Of course you know
about the things for the baby, if not I will let you know.
Make the flannel bands for the baby about 10 in. long and
5 or 6 in. wide and be sure to get flannel shirts.
  We will have plenty of time to arrange the other things.
  You needn't be at all timid, I will be there and we will
have every thing in order.
  I hope you will be able to read this for I am writing
in a very uncomfortable position. Doctor doesn't want me
to move any more than I can help.
  Now if there is anything you would like to know do not
hesitate to let me know and just as soon as I am able I
will come up to see you.
Hoping you are well.
     I am (?)
     O. Harmes (Hames?)