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Wedding guests
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I was puzzled about this two page list dated Oct. 17, 1877, until it dawned on me that was the date Lizzie & Abe got married. So on the left is her list of wedding guests and on the right is his list.

DeBeVoise, Mr. James                      Wyckoff, Mrs. C.L.
DeBeVoise, Mr. Isaac & daughter           VanSinderen, Mrs. H.
Covert, Mr. John & family                 VanSinderen, Mr. A.
Covert, Mr. & Mrs. William                VanSinderen, Mr. U.
Covert, Mr. & Mrs. Frank                  Palmer, Dr. and family
Covert, Mr. M. S. & family                Palmer, Mr. & Mrs. A. J.
DeBevoise, Mr. A. J. & family             Woodruff,  Mr. & Mrs. & family
DeBeVoise, Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel             Wyckoff, Mr. John & family
Betts, Mr. Meserole & family              Hegeman, Mr. & Mrs. T. S.
Kolyer, Mr. A. B. & family                Crossman, Mr. & Mrs. D. J.
DeBeVoise, Mr. & Mrs. Chas.               Vanderveer, Mr. & Mrs. D.
DeBeVoise, Mr. Isaac & family             Nostrand, Mr. & Mrs. Henry L.
Stockholm, Mrs. Ann                       Duryea, Mr. M. I. & family
Hulst, Mr. Peter D. & family              Snediker, Mr. & Mrs. I.
Stockholm, Mrs. H. & daughter             Albertson, Mr. & Mrs. T.
Lott, Mrs. Charles                        Springsteen, Mr. M. & family
Lott, Mr. Aaron & family                  VanSinderen, Miss Eliza
Lott, Mr. James C. & family               Eldert, Mr. John H. (crossed out)
Larzalere, Mr. Bernard & family           Conover, Mr. William
Bergen, Mr. John & family                 Rapelyea, Mr. & Mrs. V.
Lott, Mr. James & family                  DeBevoise, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Smith, Mr. & Mrs. A.                      Henry, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Forbell, Mr. & Mrs. A.                    Ludlow, Miss Phebe
Collison, Mr. & Mrs. A.                   Wyckoff, Mrs. Sarah & daughter
Lott, Mr. & Mrs. F. (crossed out)         Higbie, Mrs. Maria & sons
Ketcham, Mr. & Mrs. A. O. (crossed out)   Woodruff, Miss Lillian & bro.
Ely, Mr. & Mrs. George (crossed out)      Rapelye, Mr. & Mrs. Peter
Stockholm, Mr. & Mrs. H. J.               Vanderveer, Mr. & Mrs. Eldert
Stockholm, Mr. Chas. & bro's              Linington, Mr. & Mrs. John
Stockholm, Miss Maria                     Linington, Mrs. Caroline
Duryea, Mr. & Mrs. John                   Linington, Mr. Wyckoff
Eldert, Mr. & Mrs. Ditmas                 
DeBeVoise, Mr. & Mrs. C. C.               
DeBeVoise, Miss Lizzie A.                 
DeBevoise, Miss Hester
Bergen, Mr. & Mrs. John J.
Voris, Miss Susie & sister
Suydam, Mr. & Mrs John T.
DeBeVoise, Mr. Chas. T. & Lady
Lott, Mr. Frank J.
McNaughton, Mr. Ed & Lady
Snyder, Mr. James H. & Lady
Kinsey, Mr. & Mrs. Peter
Tompkins, Mr. Frank
DeBeVoise, Mr. & Mrs. John
Schenck, Dr. & Mrs. Teunis
Lott, Mr. Jerry
DeHart, Mr. & Mrs. W. H.