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Wedding presents
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This is a list of wedding presents received by John L. Bergen and Caroline V.S. Wyckoff on their marriage in 1910.  In keeping with her penchant for writing, I also found a notebook where she wrote a FULL copy of every thank-you note she sent out.  (It boggles the mind.)


Blair, Mr. & Mrs. I. J. - 	   berrie spoon
Robinson, Mrs. L. D. - 		   berrie spoon
Suydam, Miss Jennie - 		   sugar spoon
Woodruff, Mr. Franklin - 	   2 silver candle holders
Woodruff, Mr. Arthur - 		   2 silver candle holders
DeBevoise, Mr. & Mrs. C. T. -      1 doz. chocolate spoons
Lott, Mr. & Mrs. W. R. - 	   cut glass pitcher & 6 glasses
Eldert Mr. & Mrs. D. - 		   cut glass bread tray
Duryea, Miss Jennie - 		   cut glass bonbon dish
Ditmis, Mr. & Mrs. John - 	   gilt chair
Ditmis, Miss Katie - 		   rug
Lott, Miss Eliza - 		   pickle bottle, silver and glass
Hopkins, Mrs. David - 		   silver & glass bonbon dish
Prince, Mr. & Mrs. John D., Jr. -  silver comport
Brower, Mr. & Mrs. A. S. - 	   painted fish set
West, Mr. & Mrs. - 		   brass hanging basket
Griffin, Mr. & Mrs. F. - 	   cut glass vase
VanSiclen, Mr. & Mrs. G. - 	   gilt clock & ornaments
VanSiclen, Miss Mable - 	   large cut glass vase
Suydam, Mr. & Mrs. J. T.  	   black clock
Griffin, Miss Sara - 		   large berrie spoon
Simonson, Mr. A. - 		   cold meat fork
Ryder, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer - 	   fancy vase
Booth, Mrs. Maria - 		   silver & glass stand
VanDine, Mr. & Mrs. - 		   silver mayonaise spoon
Bergen, Mrs. Cornelius 	   large silver vase
Downing, Mr. & Mrs. G.  	   centerpiece, lace
Llewelyn, Mr. & Mrs.  		   2 silver candle holders
Titus, Mrs. Lewis  		   large cut glass dish
Suydam, W. John & Dan  	   large cut glass dish
Llewelyn, Miss Ruth  		   glass and silver coaster
DeBevoise, Mr. & Mrs. A. J.       brass jardeniere
Eldert, Mr. & Mrs. John  	   cut glass dish
VanSiclen, Mr. & Mrs. A. C.       olive spoon & fork
Lott, Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur - 	   pie knife
Meynen, Dr. & Mrs. - 		   bonbon dish, silver
Springsteen, Mrs. & Mrs. D. -      1 doz. soup spoons
Hegeman, Mr. & Mrs. F. - 	   1/2 doz. tea spoons
Hegeman, Mr. John - 		   1/2 doz. tea spoons
Dunham, Mr. & Mrs. A. - 	   Mayonaise dish & fork
Lott, Mr. & Mrs. J. & family -     silver bread tray
Jackson, Ritie - 		   silver sugar tongs (small)
Watts, Mr. & Mrs. G. T. - 	   1/2 doz. butter spreaders
Bergen, Mr. & Mrs. Corneal - 	   mahogany clock
Woodruff, Aunt Phebe  		   table cloth & napkins
Bergen, Mrs. Anna - 		   set silver
Vanderveer, Miss Kate - 	   cold meat fork
Pearsion(?), Miss Kate - 	   1/2 doz. cut glass tumblers
Palmer, Miss Anna - 		   1/2 doz. cut glass tumblers
Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. - 		   china pudding dish
Ditmas, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew - 	   1 doz. ice cream forks
Harrison, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. -   fancy vase
Ryder, Mrs. J. L. & daughters -    mahogany chair
Prince, Mr. & Mrs. - 		   6 cut glass ind almond dishes
Palmer, Dr. & Mrs. - 		   silver tray
Crossman, Mrs. Josie - 		   2 brass candle sticks
Ryerson, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob - 	   cut glass bonbon dish
Nostrand, Misses Carrie & M. -     cold meat fork
Mott, Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. - 	   6 silver coffee spoons
Nostrand, Mr. & Mrs. Henry	   silver bonbon dish
Ryder, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. -      silver sugar spoon
Lott Mr. & Mrs. Peter - 	   silver pickle fork
Swartwood, Mr. & Mrs. D. M. -      cut glass dish
Allgeo, Miss L. - 		   small cut glass dish
Carpenter, Mr. & Mrs. A. H. -      1 doz. cut glass sherbet
Gardner, Mrs. O. - 		   gas lamp
Wyckoff, Mr. Abe -	           cut glass fern dish
Constable, Mrs. - 		   silver & glass mustard jar
Constable, Miss Laura - 	   silver berrie spoon
Hull, Dr. P. - 			   silver oyster ladle
Van Sinderen, Mr. & Mrs. John -    small silver fork
Post, Mr. & Mrs. F. - 		   pie knife
Ryder, Mr. & Mrs. Will - 	   large cut glass vase
Grandma -   		           silver ???
Henry, C. - 			   towel
Mother - 			   $25.00
DeBevoise, Mr. & Mrs. J. - 	   1 doz. napkins
Ellis, Mr. & Mrs. G. - 		   silver ??? ladle
Warren, Mr. & Mrs. F. - 	   ??? chair