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Womack Early Records in America

Richard Womack of Goochland County, Virginia

This essay concerns Richard Womack of Goochland County, Virginia. Very little is known about him. His name appears in records as Wamack, Wormack, Walmack, etc. There were at least 10 Richard Womacks in Virginia in colonial times, so care must be taken to distinguish them. The name of Richard's wife is unknown.

Some of Richard Womack's descendants spell the name WARMACK. The Womack surname has dozens of valid spelling variations and pronounciatians; WOMACK is simply the most common. I have studied the Womack family for several years now, and I believe that practically all white Womacks in America as of 1850, no matter the spelling, were descendants of the Womacks in Henrico, Co, VA in the late 1600s. (There were a handfull of obvious excptions, such as some recent Womack immigrants from England in New York in 1850). Most Womack families have records where the name is spelled Warmack or Wormack. In the case of Richard's sons William and Matthew, the Warmack spelling stuck. Brothers William Warmack and Matthew Warmack and their descendants, who were in Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky in 1850, were one of three Warmack lines in America. The other two Warmack lines were John Warmack of Franklin and Habersham Counties, Georgia (descendants in Georgia and Alabama in 1850); and John, William, and Timothy Warmack of Montgomery and Pulaski Counties, Georgia (descendants in Mississippi and Texas in 1850).

Richard Womack of this essay is likely the Richard "Wormack" in the 1746 tax list of Goochland Co, VA:

1746 tax list of Goochland Co, VA
Copid from the BLANTON mailing list

page 4. Tithe List by Stephen Bedford 1746 [parish not named]
4 [tithes] Abraham Womack Jr.
4 [tithes] Abraham Wormack Sr., Thos. Wormack, Richard Wormack

If Richard was tithable in 1746, he was probably at least 21.

The Thomas Womack in the above list was probably the Thomas Womack who married Sarah Owen, daughter of Richard Owen, who lived in Cumberland Co, VA (adjacent to Goochland).. This Thomas moved to Halifax Co, VA with his father-in-law, then later to Rowan Co, NC. Thomas Womack's children were later close to Richard Womack's children in Warren Co, KY. See my essay on Thomas Womack of Rowan Co, NC.

Some Womack researchers have placed Abraham, Thomas, Richard, and William Womack, as the sons of Abraham Womack, who was in turn the son of the "original" Abraham Womack in America (he was born about 1644 and appears often in records of Henrico Co, VA in the later 1600s). I think the tax lists of Goochland Co, VA are part of the proof for this family grouping, but I do not know what other proof, if any exists. I am not an expert on the very early Womack family in Virginia, so I will not speculate further for now. I will say that recent DNA tests show that a descendant of Thomas Womack of Rowan Co, NC had the same Y-chromosome DNA as known descendants of the Abraham who was born circa 1644. I expect that DNA tests on male Womack or Warmack descendants of Richard Womak of Goochland Co, VA will also match.

Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia 1733-1815 Compiled by Kathleen Booth Williams

17 August 1786. Henry W. DAVIS and Judith Walmack. Sur. David Lanior. Wit. David Layne amd Thomas Payne. p. 34

25 October 1785. John DAVIS and Nancy Walmack, dau. of Richard Walmack who is surety. Also, his name is spelled Richard Wamack on the bond. p. 31

REB NOTE: From email correspondence with Earlene Hathaway (a descendant of Henry W. Davis and Judah/Judith Womack):

The record for John Davis and Nancy Walmack their bond is signed by Richard Walmack and John Davis.  Then the most interesting part also at the bottom of that document there is a very faint statement "This is to certify that I am willing that Henry W. Davis shall marry my daughter Judith and may you grant him a lisence to be married and _______you oblige. Signed Richard Wamack." I can't begin to explain why this would be at the bottom of John Davis and Nancy Walmack's bond.  Perhaps who ever copied it for me added it?????

A Richard Walmack appears in the 1782 tax list of Goochland Co, VA, but his household has only one white person (no blacks), so maybe this is a son? In 1787, a Richard Womack appears in the tax list of Fluvanna Co, VA, which is adjacent to Goochland. This Richard had one white male besides himself over 21 in his household. Unfortunately, this tax list does not list white females, or males under 21. In 1788 in Fluvanna Co, VA, Mary WALMACK married John GLASS.

Henry W. Davis who married Judith or Judah Womack was a Revolutionary War soldier. There are at least two transcriptions of his service on the internet, Revolutionary War Pensioners in Williamson County, and Gaskin's Virginia Battallion. Also, from research by Earlene Hathaway: In the Revolutionary War record for Henry W. Davis there are statements from Lucy Ramsey a resident of Wayne Co, TN that states Judah was her oldest sister.

This was vital piece to a puzzle I had been trying to solve for some time: who were the Womacks or Warmacks from Guilford Co, NC? I knew that Lucy Womack/Warmack had married Stephen Ramsey in Guilford Co, NC; was this the Lucy Ramsey who was the sister of Judah Davis?

Marriage Records of Guilford County, North Carolina

Guilford County, North Carolina Will Abstracts 1771-1841 Compiled by Irene B. Webster

A:100 - WILLIAM DENNIS - 20 Feb 1791 - Prb May 1791
Sons-in-law: OBEDIAH CALLOWAT, JONATHAN CALLOWAY & MATHIAS DENNIS - 75 ac bought of John Barnum on Mans Fork
Wife - above mentioned land and home plantation during widowhood
Son WILLIAM & DANIEL - remainder of lands
Youngest ch: LEAH, WILLIAM, DANIEL, LEVINAH - home plantation
Wits: Mathew Brown, William Rayl, Aaron Mendenhall

The James Hester in the above marriage records married Jena Ramsey in Guilford Co, NC on 15 Jan 1790. Very likely, Jena, Stephen, and Margaret "Peggy" Ramsey were siblings. Matthew, William, and Lucy Womack/Warmack were almost certainly siblings, based upon who they married, the bondsman of the marriages, and later associations in Kentucky and Tennessee. Thomas Womack who married Lavina Dennis may be a sibling; he moved to Georgia.

Several on-line sources list the full name of Milly Winchester (who married William Warmack) as Millicent Martin Winchester. I think that her maiden name was Martin, and that she was married to a Mr. Winchester before marrying William Warmack. Furthermore, I think that Milly's mother was the Martha Martin who was in census records of Guilford Co, NC in 1800; Warren Co, KY in 1810; and Davidson Co, TN in 1820. I will elaborate more on the theory of Martha Martin further down in this essay. There were definitely links between the Martin and Winchester families in Guilford and Rockingham Cos, NC. For example, Coleman Winchester married Nancy Martin in 1792 in Rockingham Co, NC with bondsmen John Winchester and Rhodham Martin. Also, Joshua Martin's will (1824, Guilford Co, NC) was witnessed by John Winchester.

I used the search features on to find certain names in the US Census records:

The name "Martha Martin" in census records:
In 1800, there were 2 (1 in Guilford Co, NC)
In 1810, there were 3 (1 in Warren Co, KY, right before Matthew Wormack and William Wormack)
In 1820, there were 6 (1 in Davidson Co, TN, right before William Wamack)

The name "Stephen Ramsey" in census records:
In 1810, there were 2 (1 in Warren Co, KY)
In 1820, there was 1 (in Williamson Co, TN, next to Henry W Davis)

The name "Henry W. Davis" in census records:
In 1800, there was 1 (in Guilford Co, NC)
In 1810, there was 1 (in Warren Co, KY)
In 1820, there was 1 (in Williamson Co, TN, next to Stephen Ramsey)

Below are my transcriptions of the 1790 and 1800 Census records for Guilford Co, NC. I have included all Ramsey, Hester, Calloway, Dennis, and Martin families I could find. For Davis families, I just transcribed Henry W. Davis in 1800. Some of the names are from the will of William Dennis, whose daughter Lavina married Thomas Womack.

1790 Census, Guilford Co, NC
Ancestry has as 9 images, each divided into a top and bottom row.
Each row has three columns of 25 or 26 lines.
NOT alphabetized.

i.3, top row, 2nd col, l.15 - James Ramsey - 11300
i.3, top row, 2nd col, l.13 - James Hester - 10100
i.3, top row, 3rd col, l.18 - Obediah Calloway - 11301
i.3, top row, 3rd col, l.19 - William Dennis - 12400
i.3, top row, 3rd col, l.20 - Jonathan Calloway - 12300
i.4, top row, 2nd col, l.9 - Rhodeham Martin - 13400
i.5, bot row, 1st col, l.11 - James Martin - 11200
i.8, top row, 3rd col, l.7 - Robert Hester - 34200
i.8, bot row, 2nd col, l.20 - Francis Hester - 10000
i.8, bot row, 2nd col, l.23 - Mathias Dennis - 10200

Also, on i.8, top row, 1st col - John Davis, Tristan Davis, Epsebi(?) Davis
No Winchester families in Guilford, but 3 in Rockingham, as well as 11 Martin families

1800 Census, Guilford Co, NC
Ancestry has 75 images, no rows or columns, about 20 lines per image.
NOT alphabetized.

i.24, p.642, l.1 - Rachel Calloway - 00000 / 01101
i.31, p.649, l.19 - Joshua Martin - 10010 / 10100
i.31, p.649, l.19 - William Martin - 00100 / 00000 Also on p.649 of possible note: Edward Owen
i.32, p.650, l.15 Martha Martin - 11100 / 00301 Also on p.650 of possible note: Malicah Reeves, Samuel Owens, Aron Owens, John Wittee, Andrew Wittee
i.33, p.651, l.14 - William Dennis - 00200 / 00100
i.48, p.666, l.15 - James Ramsey - 00001 / 00101
i.50, p.668, l.16 - James Hester - 20010 / 20010
i.54, p.672, l.9 - Henry W Davis - 31010 / 11010 Also on p.672 of possible note: Jessee (?) Reaves (right after Henry W Davis)
i.72, p.690, l.8 - James Martin - 01010 / 21010

Also in Guilford Co, NC in 1800, the Waynick/Wanick family - Daniel Wanack, Ludwick Wanick

Note that no Womack/Warmack families are listed in Guilford Co, NC in 1790 or 1800. According to some researchers of Henry W. Davis, he had a child in Virginia in 1796, and one in North Carolina in 1797. So, it is very likely that Henry W. Davis and the Womack/Warmack family moved together from Virginia to Guilford Co, NC about 1796. All the Womack marriages in Guilfprd Co, NC occurred between 1798 and 1801. Whether the father, Richard Womack, came to NC is unknown. He may have died in VA and his children, perhaps with his widow, moved to NC. Note that Guilford Co, NC is adjacent to Davidson Co, NC. Thomas Womack and his family lived in the part of Rowan Co, NC that later became Davidson.

According to Davis researchers, John Davis who married Nancy Womack was probably the brother of Henry W. Davis who marrried Judith Womack. There is conflicting info about John Davis. Some say he went Elbert Co, GA where he received a Revolutionary War pension. However, other researchers say that this John Davis was married to Sarah Hamm, not Nancy Womack. Other info says that John Davis and Nancy Womack moved to Ohio where a daughter Elizabeth Davis married William S. Mickle. Anyhow, this line needs more research.

What is known for certain is that the families of Henry W. Davis, Stephen Ramsey, William Warmack, Matthew Warmack, and Martha Martin all moved from Guilford Co, NC to Warren Co, KY by 1810, and then to Davidson and Williamson Cos, TN by 1820.

1810 Census, Warren Co, KY
Ancestry has 38 images, each image has 2 rows (or a fold in the page) with totals for each row, and each row has about 21 lines
NOT alphabetized.

i.4, p.246 (799), 2nd row, l.13 - Abraham Wormack - 00111 / 00001
i.4, p.246 (799), 2nd row, l.14 - Nath(?) G Parker - 10010 / 00100 [Abraham Womack married Mrs Susannah Parker]

i.28, p.270 (830), 1st row, l.4 - Robert Todd - 20010 / 20010 [Robert Todd witnessed a 1819 Warrem Co, KY deed for Allen Womack]
i.28, p.270 (830), 1st row, l.9 - Henry W Davis - 12101 / 11101 [married Judah/Judith Womack]

The following 7 families are listed one after the other
i.31, p.273 (772), 1st row, l.14 - Harris Reavis - 22001 / 10101 [somehow related to Isham Reavis who married Sarah Womack]
i.31, p.273 (772), 1st row, l.15 - Edmond Cason - 22010 / 11110 [land adjacent to land William WAMACK (which one?) bought from Landon Key in 1808; also Edmond Cason was security for the marriage of Isham Reavis to Sarah Womack]
i.31, p.273 (772), 1st row, l.16 - Harmon Hamm(?) - 30010 / 22010 [who is he?]
i.31, p.273 (772), 1st row, l.17 - Thos Coleman - 21111 / 02201 [land adjacent to land Martha MARTAIN (Martin) bought from Landon Key in 1808]
i.31, p.273 (772), 1st row, l.18 - Martha Martin - 00100 / 00101 [probably same as Martha Martin in Guilford Co, NC in 1800 and in Davidson Co, TN in 1820]
i.31, p.273 (772), 1st row, l.19 - Mathew Wormack - 30010 - 01010
i.31, p.273 (772), 1st row, l.20 - Willm Wormack - 40010 - 00010

i.35, p.277 (837), 2nd row, l.7 - Stephen Ramsey - 00010 / 00010 [married Lucy Womack/Warmack]

1820 Census, Franklin, Williamson Co, TN
Ancestry has 61 images, no rows or columns, about 34 lines per image
NOT alphabetized.

The following 4 families are listed one after the other
i.45, p.154 (617), l.16 - Stephen Pigg - 211101 / 00101 [father of Stephen P. Pigg who married Mary Warmack]
i.45, p.154 (617), l.17 - Thompson Davis - 300210 / 10110 [son of Henry W. Davis and Judith Womack]
i.45, p.154 (617), l.18 - Henry W Davis - 000101 / 11001 [married Judah/Judith Womack]
i.45, p.154 (617), l.19 - Stephen Ramsey - 100001 / 10010 [married Lucy Womack/Warmack]

1820 Census, ntl, Davidson Co, TN
Ancesry has 33 images, each with two rows (fold in page), each row with about 26 lines
NOT alphabetized.

The following 4 families are listed one after the other
i.23, p.70, l.9 - Martha Martin - 000010 / 20111
i.23, p.70, l.10 - William Wamack - 421201 / 10010
i.23, p.70, l.11 - Lemuel Bowers - 300110 / 00100 [between William and Matthew Warmack, who is he?]
i.23, p.70, l.12 - Matthew Wamack - 220001 / 10010
Also on p.70 - Mary Ann Byrne, Charles Byrne, William Baker, Henry Scroggins

There were other Womacks in Warren Co, KY in 1810. Most of these were the sons of Thomas Womack of Rowan Co, NC: Abraham, William, Bird, Epps (Eppy), and Jesse; as well as their sister Sarah Womack. All these were listed as children of Thomas Womack in his will. In addition, there was an Allen Womack in Warren Co, KY in 1810. This Allen Womack had a large family, and he later moved to Missouri where he died. One theory is that he was the son of Abraham Womack, oldest son of Thomas Womack of Warren Co, KY. Allen Womack witnessed the marriage of Abraham Womack to [Mrs.] Susannah Parker in Rowan Co, NC in 1804; he had also witnessed the will of Thomas Womack in Rowan Co, NC in 1799. I think Allen Womack was another child of Richard Womack, and thus the nephew of Thomas Womack of Rowan Co, NC. See the research of Linda Sparks Starr:

Although these Womacks and Warmacks were in Warren Co, KY in 1810, most were missed by the census taker. A tax list in 1810 got more of them: 1810 Warren County, KY Tax List. Note that this tax list is missing Henry W. Davis and Stephen Ramsey who were in the 1810 Census in Warren Co, KY. Under the letter "W", there is Wm. Wommock, Jesse Womack, Matthew Mommack, and Abraham Wommack. I do not know why Matthew's surname was transcribed as beginning with an "M", and then placed under "W". I also do not know which William Womack is referred to in this list: William Womack, son of Thomas, or William Warmack, son of Richard. Note that Linda Sparks Starr in her research indicates that Allen Womack was also on the 1810 tax list.

Warren Co, KY Deed Record Abstracts

Note that Landon Key sold land to Allen Wammack in 1805, and then to William Wamack [Warmack] and Martha Martain [Martin] both on 15 Nov 1808 in adjacent tracts. Noe also that several of the neighbors in this deed records appear near Martha Martin, William Warmack, and Matthew Warmack in the 1810 Census of Warren Co, KY. In 1819, Allen Womack sold his land, and one of the witnesses was Robert Todd. This Robert Todd was near Henry W. Davis in the 1810 Census. Also, back in Rowan Co, NC in 1792, a Matthew Wommack was the bondman for the marriage of Joshua Todd to Elizabeth Palmer. These Todds may be related, and the Matthew Wommack in 1792 was likely the Matthew Warmack who married Margaret Ramsey.

In 1815, Allen Co, KY was formed partially from Warren Co, KY. It appears the land that Martha Martin and William Warmack bought in Warren fell into Allen when it was formed. A deed records from Allen Co, KY indicates that Moses J. Bonner bought 100 acres from Martha Martin:

Davidson County, Tennesse Marriages
Gr. Last Name Gr. First Name Br. First Name Br. Last Name Issue Date Bondsman MB Pg. No. REB NOTES
Warmach William Patsy Wright 11/1/1826 Jesse Johnson 320 .
Warmack Matthew Elizabeth Hackney 11/9/1825 Henry W. Davis 304 .
Warmack Thomas Harriot Byrn 9/12/1828 William Pitt Bowers 353 .
Warmath Henry H. Elizabeth Fly 8/11/1825 John Warmath 300 NOT WARMACK!!
Warnock William Nancy Griffin 12/5/1803 Samuel Telford 75 NOT WARMACK!!
Winchester Jabez Louiza Demumbrun 3/26/1827 Thomas Warmack 328 .
Barton Burges Jane Scoggins 8/5/1819 William Warmack 211 Probably Burgess MARTIN and Jane SCROGGINS