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The Troutman Family of North Carolina

A Genealogy from 1690 to 1850 with some records up to 1900

William Monroe Troutman (1809) of Iredell County, North Carolina

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William Monroe Troutman (1809) was the son of George Troutman (c1782) and Margaret Sifford.

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The family of William Monroe Troutman (1809) is very interesting because, prior to the 1900s, this was the only white Troutman family in Iredell County, NC that was NOT descended from Jacob Troutman (1767).

William Monroe Troutman was born 2 May 1809 in Rowan or Cabarrus County. He was baptized at Organ Lutheran Church, Rowan County, NC, as the son of George Troutman (c1782). The baptism was sponsored by his grandparents, William and Elizabeth (Lentz) Sifford. Some sources have stated that William M. Troutman (1809) was the son of Jacob Troutman (1768). Jacob Troutman (1768) did indeed have a son named William, but this William Troutman was born in 1806, and Jacob Troutman (1768) and his entire family moved to Butler County, Ohio around 1810. The 2 May 1809 birth date given for William M. Troutman in the Organ Lutheran Church records exactly matches the birth date on the tombstone of W.M. Troutman in St. Martin’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Iredell County, NC.

I made the assumption that William’s middle initial stood for “Miles”, because this is a common name among William’s descendants. However, other researchers of this family have told me his middle name was Monroe. You may see some places on this site that still refer to him as William Miles Troutman until I get a chance to clean them up.

When William M. Troutman (1809) was a child, his father, George Troutman (c1782), bought land in western Rowan County very near land of the Stirewalt family. Although George (c1782) later moved his family to Cabarrus County, they must have remained close to the Stirewalt family, because William M. Troutman eventually married Salome “Sally” Stirewalt.

The baptismal records of Organ Lutheran Church list “Salome Steirgerwalt”, daughter of “Mich. Steirgerwalt”, born 10 Mar 1809, baptized 2 Apr 1809, the baptism sponsored by her parents. This birth date matches exactly the birth date listed on the tombstone of Sallie Troutman in St. Martin’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Iredell County, NC. “Steirgerwalt” is an old spelling of Stirewalt. Unlike today, in the 1800s “Sally” was never given as a girl’s full name; instead, it was usually the nickname for “Sarah”. Thus, a lot of people assumed that “Sally” Stirewalt was actually Sarah Stirewalt, when in fact she was Salome Stirewalt. This explains why she appears as “Sarah” in many records. Salome is a biblical name. There were two different women named Salome in the Bible, the bad one who demanded the head of John the Baptist, and the good one at the crucifixion of Jesus. According to other researchers of this family, Salome’s middle name was Elizabeth.

Michael Stirewalt (24 Jun 1771 - 10 Mar 1833) married Anna Maria Hoffman (20 Apr 1779 - 1 Jul 1860) on 20 Feb 1796, according to Rowan County marriage records. Data on Michael Stirewalt’s birth and death dates come from researchers of the Stirewalt family. Pastor Storch wrote in his diary that he confirmed “Maria Hoffmann” as a member of the Lutheran Church at the Peint (Painted) Church in Rowan County in 1793. Michael and Anna Maria Stirewalt had several children, including Salome “Sally” Elizabeth Stirewalt.

William M. Troutman (1809) was listed as a member of Organ Lutheran Church in a list from 1826, in which he is listed as “Wilhelm Troutman”. William was still living with his parents during the 1830 Census. George Troutman (c1782) was enumerated in Cabarrus County in 1830, and William M. Troutman is the male aged 20-29 in George’s household. A few months after the census, William M. Troutman (1809) married Sally Stirewalt. The Rowan County records list the marriage as between “William Troutman” and “Sally Stirewalt” in Rowan County on 11 Nov 1830. However, this marriage was also recorded in the "Western Carolinian" Newspaper (7 Dec 1830 edition) as “William Troutman” to “Miss Sarah Stirewalt” on 18 Nov 1830 in Rowan County. The discrepancy in the dates is easily explained, because the date on early marriage records was the date the marriage license was obtained, not the date of the marriage. As genealogists, we very often list the date from the license as the marriage date, when the actual marriage usually occurred a few days later. In this case, William M. Troutman (1809) married Sally Stirewalt exactly a week after obtaining the license.

I do not know where William M. and Sally Troutman lived after they first married. They may have lived in Cabarrus County near William’s parents, or a few miles away in Rowan County, near Sally’s parents. Thus, I am not sure whether their first two children, Miles Monroe Troutman (1831) and Caroline Rebecca Troutman (1834) were born in Cabarrus or Rowan County. Caroline may even have been born in Iredell County, since she was born near the time that William M. and Sally Troutman moved to Iredell.

In early 1833, Salome “Sally” Elizabeth Stirewalt Troutman’s father, Michael Stirewalt, died. He left a will in Rowan County. The following is an abstract of that will:

Rowan Co, NC wills
H:597.  Michael Stirewalt Sr.  8 Mar 1833.  Probated May 1833.  
Wife Anna Maria.  Sons:  Michael, Thomas (land bought of 
Daniel Furr in Iredell County), Adam, Henry (note on William 
Troutman).  Daughters:  Sophia Stirewalt, Caroline Stirewalt, 
Rosena Stirewalt, Anna Holtamen (grinstone quarry in Montgomery County), Sally Troutman.  
Executors:  Anna Maria Stirewalt, son Micheal.  
Witness:  John F. Stirewalt, Caleb Stirewalt.

Note that both William Troutman and Sally Troutman are mentioned in the will. William and Sally must have inherited some land from Michael Stirewalt, because they sold that land in 1833 according to Rowan County Deeds (Troutman, William to Smith, William in 1833, Book 32, page 93). I do not currently have an abstract of that deed record. I assume William and Sally inherited the land from Michael Stirewalt since I can find no record of William Troutman ever purchasing land in Rowan County.

The next year (1834), William and Sally Troutman purchased land in Iredell County:

Iredell Co, NC Deeds
Deed Book R: Page 112.  Date 19 Aug 1834.  The firm of Turner 
and Shuford of Lincoln Co, NC to William Troutman of Rowan Co.  Consideration [not readable].  
A tract of land on Norwood Creek, joining John Miller, containing 173 acres.  
Signed: Turner and Shuford.  
Witness: Theophilus Falls and Theo Simonton.  Proved Aug 1834.  Registered 4 Oct 1834.

When William M. Troutman (1809) moved to Iredell County, he moved in among several other Troutman families that were the sons of Jacob Troutman (1767). The vast majority of the Troutmans in Iredell County, NC to this day are the descendants of Jacob Troutman (1767). The sons of Jacob Troutman (1767) were the second cousins once removed of William M. Troutman (1809).

William M. Troutman began attending St. Martin’s Lutheran Church in Iredell County. The records of St. Martin’s list the baptisms of the last seven children of William M. and Sally Troutman. Both William M. and Sally are buried in the church cemetery. Note that for a few years there were two William Troutmans attending this church, William M. Troutman (1809) and William Troutman (c1806), son of Jacob Troutman (1767). William Troutman (c1806) moved his family west to Tennessee around 1845. So, for a few years, the records of St. Martin’s Church that refer to William Troutman are talking about two different men, and it is not always easy to tell them apart.

These are the baptismal records of William M. Troutman’s children at St. Martin’s:

Saint Martin's Lutheran Church, Iredell Co, NC
Baptismal Records of Troutmans - children of William M. Troutman
Birth        Child             Baptism       Parent(s)         Sponsor
18 Nov 1837  Annah Levina       1 Apr 1838   William           parents
15 Dec 1838  Charles Augustus   6 Apr 1839   William           parents
17 Jul 1841  Salma Malinda     29 Aug 1841   Wm M.
21 Sep 1842  Seine L.          29 ??? 1843   Wm                parents
13 Feb 1845  Cantus Alonda     19 Apr 1845   William           parents
25 Feb 1847  Mary Selina       18 Aug 1847   William M.        parents
 1 Mar 1849  William Lafayette 29 Apr 1849   Wm                parents

St. Michael's Lutheran, Iredell Co, NC - children of Miles (Milus, Milas) A. Lippard and wife Caroline R. Troutman
Laura Elenor Lippard 21 Feb 1857
Sharlotte Malissa Lippard 10 Mar 1859
Walton Augustus Lippard 21 Jan 1861

The last seven children of William M. Troutman (1809) and Salome “Sally” Elizabeth Stirewalt were Anna Levina (1837), Charles Augustus (1838), Salome Malinda (1841), Sina Loretta (1842), Candice Alundi (1845), Mary Selina (1847), and William Lafayette (1849). A few notes on these names:

1) I believe that “Salma Malinda” is a mistake for “Salome Malinda”. In other words, she was named for her mother. Salome Malinda usually went by Sally but, like her mother, was occasionally referred to as Sarah.
2) “Siene L.” was Sina Loretta. The correct spelling of the first name comes from several other later records. Her middle name comes from the estate records of William M. Troutman (1809).
3) “Cantus Alonda” is a mistake for Candice (or Candace) Alundi.

William M. Troutman (1809) was listed in 1840 Census of Iredell County, NC as follows:

Iredell Co, NC
p.195  William M Troutman  1 1 0 0 / 1
                           1 1 0 0 / 1

The male 20-29 was William M. Troutman (although he was actually 31), and the female 20-29 was Sally Stirewalt Troutman (although she was also 31). The male 5-9 was Miles Monroe (1831). The male 0-4 was Charles Augustus (1838). The female 5-9 was Caroline Rebecca (1834) and the female 0-4 was Anna Levina (1837).

The 1850 Census of Iredell County, NC lists William M. Troutman (1809) and his entire family, including all nine of their known children:

1850 Census
NC Iredell, [1st Reel (M432-633)] p.92, 96, 110 - 123
[William Monroe (1809) > George (c1782) > MPA]
[Civil War:  Charles Augustus (1837) - CSA NC Inf 48th Reg Co C]
[Civil War:  Miles M. (c1831) - CSA NC Mallet's Bn (Cp.Guard) Co D]
1571 1581 William M Troutman 42 M W Miller     900 NC
          Sarah              42 F W                NC
          Miles M            18 M W Farmer         NC
          Caroline           16 F W                NC
          Ann                13 F W                NC
          Charles            12 M W                NC
          Sarah M             9 F W                NC
          Sinia L             8 F W                NC
          Candace A           6 F W                NC
          Mary                3 F W                NC
          William L           1 M W                NC

Between 1850 and 1860, the three oldest children of William M. Troutman (1809) all got married. The marriage records of Iredell County from before 1868 were all pretty much lost in a fire. But we do know that Miles Monroe Troutman (1831) married Anna Mahalia Sigmon around 1855. This marriage may have occurred in Alexander County, NC, because Anna Sigmon’s family was from Alexander County, and the marriage usually took place in the home county of the bride. After marrying Anna, Miles M. Troutman moved to Alexander County and lived with his father-in-law, Christopher Sigmon.

Caroline Rebecca Troutman (1834) married Miles A. Lippard around 1856. The baptisms of the children of Miles A. Lippard and Caroline Rebecca Troutman begin appearing in the records of St. Martin’s Lutheran starting in 1857.

The marriages of Anna Levina Troutman (1837) are a little less clear. According to one source, her first husband was David Levi Clodfelter, who was killed in the Civil War. However, when she married Henry Collins in 1868, she was listed as “A.L. Hoover”. We know this was Anna Levina Troutman since her parents were listed as William and Sallie Troutman. So, Anna Levina must have first married David Levi Clodfelter, then a Mr. Hoover, then Henry Collins.

In the 1860 Census, I found the families of William M. Troutman (1809), as well as the families of Miles M. Troutman (1831), who was living with his father-in-law, Christopher Sigmon; and Caroline Rebecca (Troutman) Lippard, wife of Miles Lippard. For some odd reason, the census taker wrote Caroline’s name as “Folina”. I could not find the family of Anna Levina (Troutman) Clodefelter, wife of David Levi Clodfelter.

1860 Census
NC Alexander PO Taylorsville, p.152

[Miles M. (c1831) > William Monroe (1809) > George (c1782) > MPA]
 643  643 Christopher Sigmon68 M W Farmer   350     825 NC
          M M Troutman      29 M W Frm Lab    -       - NC
          A M               32 F W                      NC
          S J                3 F W                      NC
          C S M              1 F W                      NC

NC Iredell School Dist 50 p.180-181

[William Monroe (1809) > George (c1782) > MPA]
 565  568 William Troutman  51 M W Farmer     2600  600 NC
          Sarah             50 F W                      NC
          Charles           21 M W                      NC
          Sarah             19 F W                      NC
          Cina              17 F W                      NC
          Candis            16 F W                      NC
          Mary              13 F W                      NC
          Lafayette         12 M W                      NC

[Caroline Rebecca (Troutman) Lippard (1834) > William Monroe (1809) > George (c1782) > MPA]
 575  578 Milas Lippard     32 M W Farmer     -      -  NC
          Folina            26 F W                      NC
          Laura              3 F W                      NC
          Charlotte          1 F W                      NC

In July of 1860, Anna Maria (Hoffman) Stirewalt, the mother of Salome “Sally” Elizabeth (Stirewalt) Troutman, passed away. She was buried in St. Martin’s Cemetery, only a few stones away from where Sally Troutman was later buried. Anna Maria Hoffman left an unrecorded will in Iredell County. I found a copy at the Iredell Public Library in Statesville, NC and made a photocopy. The following is her will, word-for-word, with original spelling preserved:

Unrecorded will of Anna Maria Stirewalt, Iredell Co, NC
I Anah Mariah Stirewalt (widow of Michael Stirewalt) 
considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and 
being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this 
my last will and Testament, in manner and form following 
(that is to say) 
FIRST I appoint my sun Thomas Stirewalt executer of this 
my Last will and Testament 
SECOND I want to burit decentley and have good stone or 
grave stones put to my grave and all these expences paid 
first and then the ballens of my estate to be divided as 
THIRD my dather Salley Troutman and my dather Sofiah Boger a
nd my sun Michael Stirewalt and my sun Thomas Stirewalt and 
my sun Henry Stirewalt shall draw equal or have equal shares 
of the estate and my daughter Anney Haltamans heirs ie: all 
her heirs shall have as much as her equal share would be ie: 
her heirs are onley to have as much as her equal share would 
be as also my daughter Caroline Shouping s heirs shal have 
their share equal as in the case of Anney Haltaman's heirs and 
my daughter in law Catherine Stirewalt wid. of my sun Adam 
Stirewalt I give bequeath 15 dollars and my sun in law Moses 
Shuping I give and bequeath twenty five cents for his share
FOURTH I will that Sally Troutman and Sofiah Boger and Mariah 
Shuping and Flora Shuping shal have my bedding and my clothing 
and divide them equel among them I will that Thos Stirewalt act 
for Mariah & Flora Shuping in dividing the above named clothing 
I also appoint my sun Thomas Stirewalt to holde or keepe the 
money that is to go to Caroline Shupings heirs untill they come 
of age Having appointed my sun Thomas Stirewalt sole excecutor of 
this my Last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills 
by me made in witnes whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 
this the 6th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and fifty eight.
Anna Mariah X Stirewalt

Michael Stirewalt
Louis Wm(?) Vaughn

The Civil War was very hard on the family of William M. Troutman (1809), as it was on several families throughout the United States. The Civil War would take the lives of William M. Troutman’s son, Miles M. Troutman (1831), as well his son-in-law, David Levi Clodfelter, husband to Anna Levina Troutman (1837). Miles A. Lippard, husband of Caroline Rebecca Troutman, died sometime between 1861 and 1870, so it is very possible he was also killed in the Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865, but I have not checked the records yet.

Charles Augustus Troutman (1838) served in CSA NC Infantry 48th Regiment, Company C. I had thought that Miles M. Troutman (1831) was the “M.M. Troutman” in CSA NC Mallet's Battalion (Camp Guard), Company D, but recent information from another researcher of this family shows that Miles M. Troutman was in the Confederate Navy. It is possible he was in the Army at the beginning of the war, but later joined the Navy.

Several months before joining the Confederate Army, Charles A. Troutman (1838) married Margaret Holdshouser. The marriage was reported in the “Western Democrat” Newspaper as “Mr. Chas. A. Troutman” to “Miss Margaret E. Houldshouser” on 10 Dec 1861. Later, Charles A. Troutman (1838), joined the Army. Here is an abstract of his military record:

CSA NC Infantry 48th Reg Co. C.
TROUTMAN, Charles A., Private
Resided in Iredell County where he enlisted at age 23, 1 Aug 1862, for the war.  
Reported present in Sep-Oct 1862.  Wounded in the right arm at Fredericksburg, 
VA, 13 Dec 1862.  Hospitalized at Richmond, VA.  Furloughed for forty days on 
10 Jan 1863.  Returned for duty in May-June 1863.  Reported present in 
March-April and Sep-Oct 1864.  Captured at Hatcher’s VA, 2 Apr 1865.  Confined 
at Hart’s Island, New York Harbor, 7 Apr 1865.  Released at Hart’s Island on 
19 Jun 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance.

Other Troutmans in unit - Adam W. (1st Lt), Adam Carmi (Pvt.), 
	Daniel A. (Pvt.), John B. (Pvt).

Note that there were four other Troutmans in Charles’s unit, all grandsons of Jacob Troutman (1767).

After the death of Miles M. Troutman (1831) at a military hospital in Virginia in 1865, his widow, Anna Mahalia (Sigmon) Troutman, had a daughter out of wedlock in March 1867. This was Elizabeth J. M. Troutman (1867). Alexander County court records for Feb and March 1867 show that a “bastardy bond” was taken out for A.M. Troutman. These bastardy bonds almost never named the child or identified the father. Miles M. Troutman (1831) and Anna Mahalia Sigmon had 5 known children together, one of whom died as a child. Friendship Lutheran Cemetery, Alexander County, NC, has a tombstone for Mary R. M. Troutman. The inscription on her tombstone says she was the daughter of “Milas M. and A.M. Troutman” and that she lived from 6 Apr 1856 to 29 Jul 1857. After Miles M. Troutman (1831) died, his four living children went to live with Miles’s parents and siblings in Iredell County.

I have seen a list of Estate Records for Alexander County, NC that lists “M.M. Troutman” in 1866 and again in 1881. The second “M.M. Troutman” in 1881 may be a typo for “A.M. Troutman”, or Anna Mahalia Troutman, Miles’s widow. I know she died sometime between 1880 and 1900, but I do not know exactly when.

In the late 1860s, Candace A. Troutman (1845) married George Brown and Anna Levina (Troutman) Clodfelter Hoover married for the third time to Henry Collins. The following are some marriage records of children and grandchildren of William M. Troutman (1809):

Marriage Records of Iredell County

Groom                    Bride                    Date          Notes
Collins, Henry           Hoover, A L              12 Jul 1868   2
Brown, G A               Troutman, Clandance      18 Nov 1868
Watts, W M               Troutman, S M            12 Sep 1872
Lippard, J M             Lippard, C R             10 Mar 1876   3
Combs, R R               Troutman, Julia          13 Oct 1880
Thompson, George Walter  Troutman, Emelanie       24 Mar 1881   4

2 - parents of bride were William & Sallie Troutman
3 - parents of bride listed as W. M. and Sarah Lippard were in fact William Monroe and Salome (Stirewalt) Troutman
4 - from IGI

In 1865, George Troutman (c1782), father of William M. Troutman (1809), died in Cabarrus County. George (c1782) mentioned William (18090 in his will, although he left the bulk of his estate to his youngest son, George Troutman (1823). I assume this was because William M. Troutman was already well established, and George (1823) needed the help more.

In 1869, Mary Selina Troutman (1847), daughter of William M. Troutman (1809), died and was buried at St. Martin’s. Mary Selina never married.

In the 1870 Census, I found Anna M. (Sigmon) Troutman, widow of Miles M. (Troutman), living in a household in Alexander County with just herself and the daughter born after Mile’s death, Elizabeth (1867). In Iredell County, I found the families of William M. Troutman (1809); Caroline R. (Troutman) Lippard (1834), widow of Miles A. Lippard; Anna Levina (Troutman) Clodfelter Hoover Collins (1837), wife of Henry Collins; Charles Augustus Troutman (1838); and Candace A. (Troutman) Brown (1845), wife of George A. Brown. Note that Julia A. Troutman (c1857), daughter of Miles M. Troutman (1831), was living with George and Candace (Troutman) Brown in 1870. Miles’s other three children were living with his parents, William M. and Sally Troutman: Lottie (Charlotte Susan), Mahala M. (Mahalia Emaline), and Thomas M.M. (Thomas Miles Monroe).

1870 Census
NC Alexander Taylorsville Twsp p.226

[Anna M. (Sigmon) Troutman, widow of Miles M. (c1831) > William Monroe (1809) > George (c1782) > MPA]
  57   57 Troutman, Anna M    44 F W House     700   200 NC
          -Eliza J             3 F W                     NC

NC Iredell Falls Twsp p.112-8
  25   24 Collins Henry       53 M W                     NC
          -Ann L              32 F W                     NC
          -Monroe             11 M W                     NC
          -Thomas              9 M W                     NC
          -Harriet             4 F W                     NC
          -Laura               1 F W                     NC

  72   68 Brown, George       32 M W                     NC
          -Candace            25 F W                     NC
          Troutman, Julie A   13 F W                     NC

  73   69 Troutman, Charles A 32 M W                     NC
          -Margaret E         31 F W                     NC
          -Lillie M            5 F W                     NC
          -John W A            3 M W                     NC
          -Sarah               1 F W                     NC
          Parker, Julia A     13 F W                     NC

 100   94 Troutman, Wm M      63 M W                     NC
          -Sarah              63 F W                     NC
          -Sarah M            29 F W                     NC
          -Sini N             28 F W                     NC
          -William L          21 M W                     NC
          -Lottie              9 F W                     NC
          -Mahala M            7 F W                     NC
          -Thomas M M          6 M W                     NC

 102   95 Lippard, Caroline R 36 F W House     -       - NC
          -Charlotte M        11 F W                     NC
          -Valen A             9 M W                     NC

William M. Troutman died 11 Feb 1872 and was buried at St. Martin’s. He died without a will, so his youngest son William Lafayette Troutman (1849) was appointed administrator of his estate. Here are my notes from the estate records (at the State Archives in Raleigh, NC):

Estate record of William M. Troutman
Estate valued at $12000, Wm. L. Troutman administrator
Sarah Troutman (widow)
Caroline Lippard (widow of Miles Lippard)
Anna Collins wife of Henry Collins
Charles Troutman
Malinda Troutman
Sina Loretta Troutman
Candas Brown wife of George Brown
Wm. L. Troutman
Julia Ann Troutman
Charlotte Troutman
Millie Troutman
Milus Troutman
Minor children of Milus M. Troutman
24 Feb 1872

Heirs at law and children of Milus M. Troutman
A.M. Troutman widow
M.E. Troutman (now wife of G.W. Thompson)
Julia Ann Troutman (now wife of R.R. Combs)
C.S. Troutman
Thomas Milus M. Troutman

Lawsuit, A.M. Troutman vs. W.L. Troutman

The settlement of the estate was held up for a while because of a lawsuit brought by Anna M. (Sigmon) Troutman, widow of Miles M. Troutman (1831), against William Lafayette Troutman (1849), the administrator of the estate of William M. Troutman. Apparently, Anna M. (Sigmon) Troutman felt that she and her children were not getting their fair share. Note that Anna’s child born after Miles died, Elizabeth Troutman (1867), was not listed as an heir. The documents in the estate folder are not very clear in describing how the estate was finally settled.

The following are some cemetery records from St. Martin’s Lutheran Church Cemetery in Iredell County, NC.

St. Martin's Lutheran Cemetery - family of of William M. Troutman
Row #8
Caroline R. Troutman Lippard 23c Mar 1834 - 24 Nov 1887, 
	Third wife of John M. Lippard
John M. Lippard 9 Nov 1826 - 14 Jul 1907 Aged 88y 8m 5d
Row #9
Henry Collins 1814 - 26 Mar 1905, erected by his children
Annie L. Collins 18 Nov 1837 - 14 Jul 1923, wife of 
Henry Collins, aged 85y, 7m, 26d
double marker:
Malinda Watts 16 Jun 1841 - 9 Aug 1812
William Watts 17 Nov 1848 - 1 Aug 1885
Dora B. Watts 26 Nov 1876 - 10 Dec 1876 Dau. of W. M. & S. M. Watts
Infant son of of W. M. & S. M. Watts (died) 23 May 1875
Infant son of of W. M. & S. M. Watts (died) 7 Jul 1874
Row #11
Lottie C. Troutman 14 May 1853 - 1 May 1888, wife of W. L. Troutman
Infant son of of W. M. & M. Watts (broken stone - 
	no dates, original survey showed date of 28 Apr 1873)
Sallie Troutman 10 Mar 1809 - 6 Feb 1885, Wife of W. M. Troutman
W. M. Troutman 2 May 1809 - 11 Feb 1872, Aged 69y 9m 9d
Mary S. Troutman 25 Feb 1847 - 27 Jul 1869, aged 21y 9m 7d
Laura E. Lippard 21 Feb 1857 - 11 Nov 1862, Dau. 
	of M. A. & C. R. Lippard
Anna M Stirewalt 20 Apr 1779 - 1 Jul 1860, Aged 82y 2m 11d
Infant Troutman 22 Oct 1897 - 23 Oct 1897, Dau of T.M. & S.E. Troutman

Troutman, Sina, Miss died 15 Oct 1920 (unmarked grave, 
	data from Landmark Newspaper)
Troutman, W. L. buried 20 Dec 1927 (resident of Asheville, NC, 
	unmarked grave, data from Landmark Newspaper)

After William M. Troutman (1809) died, his widow, Sally (Stirewalt) Troutman, lived with her daughter Salome “Sally” Malinda (Troutman) Watts, wife of William Watts. Also living with the William Watts family in the 1880 Census were Sina Loretta Troutman (1842), daughter of Miles M. Troutman; and Charlotte Susan Troutman and Thomas Miles Monroe Troutman, the children of Miles M. Troutman (1831). (Note that the census taker wrote that Charlotte and Thomas were the sister-in-law and brother-in-law of William Watts, when they were in fact the niece and nephew of his wife).

In 1876, Caroline Rebecca (Troutman) Lippard married again to John M. Lippard. John M. Lippard was obviously related to her first husband, Miles A. Lippard, but I do not know how. (There was only one Lippard/Lippert family in that part of North Carolina, just like all the Troutmans were related.) This was John M. Lippard's third marriage.

Sina Loretta Troutman (1842) never married and died in 1920.

Sally (Stirewalt) Troutman died in 1885 and was buried next to her husband at St. Martin’s.

1880 Census
NC Alexander Taylorsville Twsp SD 4 ED 6 p.206

  16   16 Troutman, A M    W M 54 H  W farmer    NC NC NC sore leg
          -Mahala E        W F 18 D  S farm lab  NC NC NC
          -Elizabeth E     W F 13 D  S farm lab  NC NC NC
          Steel, Mary E    W F 9m GD S           NC NC NC Sep
          [The enumerator wrote A M Troutman, male, but was almost certainly Anna M. 
           (Sigmon) Troutman, widow of Miles M. Troutman, female]

NC Iredell Statesville Twsp SD 2 ED 139, p.20, 28, 29
 494  500 Lippard, John W  W M 53 H  M Farmer    NC NC NC
          -Rebecca C       W F 46 W  M           NC NC NC
          -John Q          W M 16 S  S farm Lab  NC NC NC
          -Esther A        W F 12 D  S           NC NC NC
          -Nathan A        W M 12 S  S           NC NC NC
          -Marha O         W F  9 D  S           NC NC NC
          -Sarah F         W F  2 D  S           NC NC NC

NC Iredell Shiloh Twsp SD 2 ED 141, p.53, 62

 144  145 Troutman, W L    W M 31 H  M Farmer    NC NC NC
          -C C             W F 27 W  M           NC NC NC
          -W A L           W M  1 S  S           NC NC NC

 147  148 Troutman, C A    W M 42 H  M Farmer    NC NC NC
          -M E             W F 42 W  M           NC NC NC
          -Lillie          W F 16 D  S           NC NC NC
          -J W A           W M 14 S  S           NC NC NC
          -Sallie          W F 12 D  S           NC NC NC
          -M L F           W M 10 S  S           NC NC NC
          -Charlie         W M  7 S  S           NC NC NC
          -Ida             W F  3 D  S           NC NC NC
          -L C             W M 8m S  S           NC NC NC

NC Iredell Fallstown Twsp SD 2 ED 142 p.64, 69-72
 150  150 Watts, William M W M 31 H  M farmer    NC NC NC
          -Sarah M         W F 37 W  M           NC NC NC
          -Omez R          W F  1 D  S           NC NC NC
          Troutman, Sarah  W F 72 ML W           NC NC NC
          -Sina L          W F 31 SiLS           NC NC NC
          -Susan C         W F 21 SiLS           NC NC NC
          -Milas T M       W M 16 BL S           NC NC NC

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