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1861 Benjamin F. Wilson to Sintha Wilson

Book W page 486
Registered January 14, 1861

This indenture made and entered into this day of 7th January 1861 between Benjamin F. Wilson of the county of Gibson, State of Tennessee of the one part and Sintha Wilson and the legal begotten heirs of her body of the county and state of aforesaid of the other part witnessth for and in consideration of the sum of Fifteen Hundred and fifteen dollars to be paid as follows: TO WIT: Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars to me on hand paid, three hundred and thirty two dollars and fifty cents due on the 25th of December, Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Three , Three Hundred and thirty-two dollars due on 25th , the receipt
of which if hereby acknowledged for the said B.F. Wilson has this day bargained and sold to Sintha Wilson and the legal begotten heirs of her body their heirs and assigns forever a certain tract of land or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Gibson and State of Tennessee in Civil District No. 19 and bounded as follows, Beginning
at a stake the South East corner of Richard Wade tract of land, running west, with said Wade's line 155 poles to a hickory , thence south with said Wade's line 99 1/2 poles to a beech, thence East with Alexander O'Daniel's north bound any line 158 1/3 poles to a stake, thence North 109 poles to the beginning containing by survey One Hundred and One acres, 6 poles, to have and to hold the to her Sintha Wilson, her legal begotten heirs of her body, the said B.F. Wilson doth bind himself, his heirs and assigns to warrant and defend the title of said land to said Sintha Wilson and the legal begotten heirs of her body against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever. As witness my hand and seal this 7th day of January 1861.

B.F. Wilson (SEAL)

State of Tennessee Gibson County
Personally appeared before me E.W. Raines clerk of the county court of said county the within named B.F. Wilson with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged that he executed the within Deed for the purposes therein contained, Witness my hand at office the 9th day of January 1861.

E.W. Raines clk

by A.W. Raines


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