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Ahnentafel Report
Anne Marbury Hutchinson

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1 Anne MARBURY.  Born bef 20 Jul 1591 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England. Anne was baptized in Alford, Lincolnshire, England on 20 Jul 1591. Anne died in Pelham Bay, NY in Aug 1643; she was 52. On 9 Aug 1612 when Anne was 21, she married William HUTCHINSON, in Saint Mary Woolnoth, Lincoln, England.

Second Generation

2 Rev. Francis MARBURY.  Born bef 27 Oct 1555 in Of Alford, Lincolnshire, England. Francis was baptized in Soper Lane, London, Middlesex, England on 27 Oct 1555. Francis died in England bef 14 Feb 1610/1611; he was 54. bef 1591 when Francis was 35, he married Bridget DRYDEN, in England.

3 Bridget DRYDEN.  Born ca 1563 in England. Bridget died in England bef 2 Apr 1645; she was 82.

Third Generation

4 William MARBURY.  Born in 1524 in Of Grisby, Burgh-Upon-Bain, Lincolnshire, England. William died in England in 1581; he was 57. William married Agnes LENTON.

5 Agnes LENTON.  Born in England. Agnes died in England.

6 John DRYDEN.  Born in Of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire, England. John died on 3 Sep 1584 in England. Buried in Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire, England. John married Elizabeth COPE.

7 Elizabeth COPE.  Born in England.

Fourth Generation

8 Robert MARBURY.  Born ca 1490 in England. Robert died in England on 7 Aug 1545; he was 55. Robert married Katherine WILLIAMSON.

9 Katherine WILLIAMSON.  Born ca 1508 in England. Katherine died in England on 11 Aug 1525; she was 17.

10 John LENTON Esq.  Born in Of Aldwinke, Northampton, England.

12 David DRYDEN Esq.  Born in Of Staffe Hill, Cumberland, England. David married Isabel NICHOLSON.

13 Isabel NICHOLSON.  Born in Of Staffe Hill, Cumberland, England.

14 Sir John COPE.  Born in Of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire, England. John died on 22 Jan 1558/1559. John married Bridget RALEIGH.

15 Bridget RALEIGH.  Born in Of Barnborough, Warwickshire, England.

Fifth Generation

16 William MARBURY.  Born ca 1448 in England. William died in England bef 1 Oct 1508; he was 60. William married Anne BLOUNT.

17 Anne BLOUNT.  Born in 1453/1462 in England. Anne died in England on 20 Nov 1537; she was 84.

18 John WILLIAMSON.  John died on 24 Mar 1512/1513 in England. John married Jane ANGEVINE.


24 William DRYDEN/DRIDEN/DREYDEN.  Born in Of Walton, Cumberland, England.

26 William NICHOLSON.  Born in Of Staffe Hill, Cumberland, England.

28 William COPE.  Born ca 1450 in Of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. William married Jane SPENCER.

29 Jane SPENCER.  Born in England.

30 Sir Edward RALEIGH.  Born ca 1470 in Of Farnsborough, Warwickshire, England. Edward died in England aft 25 Aug 1508; he was 38. In 1496/1505 when Edward was 26, he married Anne CHAMBERLAIN.

31 Anne CHAMBERLAIN.  Born in Of Sherbourne, Oxfordshire, England. Anne died in England.

Sixth Generation

32 John MARBURY.  Born in England. John died in 1460 in England. John married Eleanor ?.

33 Eleanor ?  Born in England. Eleanor died in England.

34 Sir Thomas BLOUNT.  Born ca 1420 in England. Thomas died in 1468; he was 48. ca 1453 when Thomas was 33, he married Agnes HAWLEY.

35 Agnes HAWLEY.  Born in England. Agnes died in 1462 in England. Buried on 14 Oct 1462 in Burgh-On-Bain, England.

36 Alexander WILLIAMSON.  Born in Of Winceby, Lincolnshire, England. Alexander died bef 22 May 1503 in England. Alexander married Alice ?.

37 Alice ?

38 Michael ANGEVINE.  Born in Of Lincolnshire, England. Michael died on 20 Mar 1521/1522 in England. Michael married Joan TOWTHBY.

39 Joan TOWTHBY.

56 Alexander COPE.  Born in Of Grimsby, Northamptonshire, England.

58 John SPENCER.  Born in Of Hodnell, Warwickshire, England.

60 Sir Edward RALEIGH.  Born ca 1441 in Of Farnsborough, Warwickshire, England. Edward died bef 20 Jun 1509; he was 68. In 1467 when Edward was 26, he married Margaret VERNEY, in England.

61 Margaret VERNEY.  Born in England. Margaret died aft 1478 in England.

62 Richard CHAMBERLAIN.  Born in Of Sherburne Castle, Oxfordshire, England. Richard died on 28 Aug 1497. Richard married Sibyl FOWLER.

63 Sibyl FOWLER.  Born in England. Sibyl died in 1525 in England.

Seventh Generation

68 Sir Thomas BLOUNT.  Born in England. Thomas died in 1456 in England. Thomas married Margaret GRESLEY.

69 Margaret GRESLEY.  Born in England. Margaret died in England.

70 John HAWLEY.  Born in Of Girsby, Burgh-On-Bain, Lincolnshire, England.

112 William COPE.  Born in England. William married ? GOSSAGE.

113 ? GOSSAGE.

120 Sir William RALEIGH.  Born ca 1420 in Of Farnsborough, Warwickshire, England. William died in England on 15 Oct 1460; he was 40. ca 1440 when William was 20, he married Elizabeth GREENE.

121 Elizabeth GREENE.  Born in England. Elizabeth died in England.

122 Sir Ralph VERNEY. Ralph married Emme ?.

123 Emme ?

124 Richard CHAMBERLAIN.  Born ca 1392 in Of Tilsworth, Bedforshire, England. Richard died in England in 1438; he was 46. Richard married Margaret KNYVET.

125 Margaret KNYVET.  Born in England. Margaret died in 1458 in England.

126 Richard FOWLER.  Born in Of Sherburne, Oxfordshire, England. Richard died in 1477. Richard married Joan DANVERS.

127 Joan DANVERS.  Joan died in 1505.

Eighth Generation

136 Sir Walter BLOUNT.  Born ca 1348 in Of Sodington, Worcestershire, England. Walter died in Battle of Shrewsbury, England on 21 Jul 1403; he was 55. ca 1373 when Walter was 25, he married Doña/Dame Sancha De AYALA.

137 Doña/Dame Sancha De AYALA.  Born in Spain. Sancha died in 1418 in England. Buried in Leicester, England.

138 Sir Thomas GRESLEY.  Born in Of Drakelowe, Derbyshire, England.

140 Sir Thomas HAWLEY.  Born in Of Girsby, Lincolnshire, England. Thomas married Margaret ?.

141 Margaret ?  Margaret died aft 10 Jan 1396 in England.

224 John COPE.  Born ca 1355 in England. John died in England in 1415; he was 60. In 1393 when John was 38, he married Elizabeth NEWNENHAM, in England.

225 Elizabeth NEWNENHAM.  Born in England.

240 John / Johannes RALEIGH.  Born in Of Thornborow, Warwickshire, England. John / Johannes married Idon / Idonea COTESFORD.

241 Idon / Idonea COTESFORD.  Born in England.

242 Sir Thomas GREENE.  Born on 10 Feb 1399/1400 in Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, England. Buried in Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, England. Thomas died on 18 Jan 1461/1462; he was 61. Thomas married Philippa De FERRERS.

243 Philippa De FERRERS.  Buried in Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, England. Philippa died on 3 Nov 1415.

248 Richard CHAMBERLAIN.  Born in England. Richard died in 1396 in England. Richard married Margaret LOVEYNE.

249 Margaret LOVEYNE.  Born in England. Margaret died in England.

250 Sir John KNYVET.  Born in England. John died in 1515 in England. John married Joan/Joanna De STAFFORD.

251 Joan/Joanna De STAFFORD.  Born in England. Joan/Joanna died in England.

252 William FOWLER. William married Cecily ENGLEFIELD.

253 Cecily ENGLEFIELD.  Born in 1403.

Ninth Generation

272 Sir John LE BLOUNT.  Born ca 1298 in Of Sodington, Worcester, England. John died in England in 1358; he was 60. John married Eleanore BEAUCHAMP.

273 Eleanore BEAUCHAMP.  Born in England. Eleanore died in England.

274 Don Diego Gómez De GUZMAN / De TOLEDO.  Born in Of Toledo, Spain. Diego Gómez married Doña Inés Alfonso De AYALA.

275 Doña Inés Alfonso De AYALA.  Born in Spain.

280 Sir William HAWLEY.  William died bef 3 Nov 1387 in Bayonne, Gascony, France.

450 John NEWNENHAM.  Born in England.

480 Sir Henry RALEIGH.  Born in England. Henry died in England. Henry married ? BENNELL.

481 ? BENNELL.

482 Sir Thomas COTESFORD.  Born in England. Thomas died in England.

484 Sir Thomas GREENE.  Born ca 1369 in Of Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, England. Thomas died on 14 Dec 1417; he was 48. Buried in Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, England. Thomas married Mary TALBOT.

485 Mary TALBOT.  Mary died on 13 Apr 1433 in Green's Norton, Northampton, England. Buried in 1433 in Green's Norton, Northampton, England.

486 Sir Robert De FERRERS.  Born on 31 Oct 1357/1359 in Staffordshire, England. Robert died on 12/13 Mar 1412/1413; he was 54. Buried in 1412/1413 in Merevale Abbey, England. aft 1379 when Robert was 21, he married Margaret Le DESPENSER.

487 Margaret Le DESPENSER.  Margaret died on 3 Nov 1415. Buried in 1415 in Merevale Abbey, England.

496 Sir Richard CHAMBERLAIN.  Born in England. Richard died in England. Richard married Jane REYNS.

497 Jane REYNS.  Born in Of Clifton Reyns, Buckinghamshire, England. Jane died in England.

498 Nicholas LOVEYNE.  Born in England. Nicholas died in England.

500 Sir John KNYVET.  Born in England. John died in 1446 in England. John married Elizabeth De CLIFTON.

501 Elizabeth De CLIFTON.  Born ca 1392 in England. Elizabeth died in England.

502 Duke Humphrey De STAFFORD Of Buckingham.  Born on 15 Aug 1402. Humphrey died in Battle Of Northampton, England on 10 Jul 1460; he was 57. Buried in Grey Friars', Northampton, England. bef 18 Oct 1424 when Humphrey was 22, he married Lady Anne NEVILLE.

503 Lady Anne NEVILLE.  Anne died on 20 Sep 1480. Buried in Pleshey, Essex, England.

506 Nicholas ENGLEFIELD.  Nicholas died on 1 Apr 1415. bef 1400 Nicholas married Joan CLERK or RYCOTE.

507 Joan CLERK or RYCOTE.  Joan died ca 1407.

Tenth Generation

544 Sir Walter Le BLOUNT.  Born in Of Ockha, Worcestershire, England. Walter died in 1322 in England. Walter married Johanna De SODINGTON.

545 Johanna De SODINGTON.  Born in England. Johanna died in England.

546 John BEAUCHAMP.  Born in Of Hache, Somerset, England.

548 Gómez PÉREZ.

550 Don Fernán Pérez De AYALA.  Born in Of Toledo, Spain. Fernán Pérez died aft 1375 in Battle Of Aljubarrota, Spain. Fernán Pérez married Doña Elvira Alvarez De CEBALLOS.

551 Doña Elvira Alvarez De CEBALLOS.  Born in Spain. Elvira Alvarez died aft 15 Jun 1395 in Spain.

560 Sir William HAWLEY.  Born in England.

960 Thomas RALEIGH.  Born in England. Thomas died in England. Thomas married Agnes SWINFORD.

961 Agnes SWINFORD.  Born in England. Agnes died in England.

964 Sir Roger COTESFORD.  Born in England. Roger died in England.

968 Thomas GREENE. Thomas married ? MABLETHORP.


970 Sir Richard TALBOT 4th Lord Talbot.  Born ca 1361 in England. Richard died in London, Middlesex, England on 8/9 Sep 1396; he was 35. bef 23 Aug 1383 when Richard was 22, he married Baroness Ankaret Le STRANGE.

971 Baroness Ankaret Le STRANGE.  Born in 1361. Ankaret died on 1 Jun 1413; she was 52.

972 Sir John De FERRERS.  Born bef 10 Aug 1331 in Southoe, Huntingdonshire, England. John was baptized in Southoe, Huntingdonshire, England on 10 Aug 1331. John died in Najera on 3 Apr 1367; he was 35. On 19 Oct 1349 when John was 18, he married Elizabeth De STAFFORD.

973 Elizabeth De STAFFORD.  Elizabeth died on 7 Aug 1375; she was 38. Born ca 1337.

974 Sir Edward Le DESPENSER 4th Lord Despenser.  Born ca 24 Mar 1335/1336 in Essendine, Rutland. Edward died in Llanbethian, Glamorgan, Wales on 11 Nov 1375; he was 40. Buried in Tewkesbury Abbey, England. bef 2 Aug 1354 when Edward was 19, he married Elizabeth De BURGHERSH.

975 Elizabeth De BURGHERSH.  Born in 1342. Elizabeth died ca 26 Jul 1409; she was 67. Buried in Tewkesbury Abbey, England.

992 Sir John CHAMBERLAYNE.  Born in England. John died in England. John married Jane MORTEINE.

993 Jane MORTEINE.  Born in England. Jane died in England.

994 Sir John REYNS.  Born in Of Clifton Reyns, Buckinghamshire, England. John died in England.

1000 John KNYVET Esq.  Born in England. John died in 1418 in England. John married Joan BOTETOURT.

1001 Joan BOTETOURT.  Born in Of Mendlesham, Suffolk, England. Joan died in England.

1002 Baron Constantine De CLIFTON.  Born in England. Constantine died in England.

1004 5th Earl Edmund Of STAFFORD.  Born on 2 Mar 1377/1378. Edmund died in Battle Of Shrewsbury on 21 Jul 1403; he was 26. Buried in Austin Friars', Staffordshire, England. Edmund married Countess Anne Of GLOUCESTER Of Stafford.

1005 Countess Anne Of GLOUCESTER Of Stafford.  Born in Apr 1383. Anne died bef 16 Oct 1438; she was 55. Buried in Gloucester, England.

1006 Earl Ralph De NEVILLE Of Westmoreland.  Born in 1363 in Of Raby, Durahm, England. Ralph died in England on 21 Oct 1425; he was 62. On 3 Feb 1396 when Ralph was 33, he married Joan BEAUFORT.

1007 Joan BEAUFORT.  Born ca 1379. Joan died in Howden, Yorkshire, England on 13 Nov 1440; she was 61. Buried in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.

1014 Nicholas CLERK alias RYCOTE.  Nicholas died bef 1412. Nicholas married Catherine RYCOTE.

1015 Catherine RYCOTE.

Eleventh Generation

1088 Sir William Le BLOUNT.  Born in 1270 in England. William died in England in 1315; he was 45. William married Lady Isabel De BEAUCHAMP.

1089 Lady Isabel De BEAUCHAMP.  Born in England. Isabel died in England.

1096 Fernán GOMEZ. Fernán married Teresa VASQUEZ.

1097 Teresa VASQUEZ.

1100 Don Pero Lopez De AYALA.  Born in Of Toledo, Spain. Pero Lopez died in Spain. Pero Lopez married Doña Sancha FERNANDEZ De BARROSO.

1101 Doña Sancha FERNANDEZ De BARROSO.  Born in Spain. Sancha died in Spain.

1102 Diego Gutiérrez De CEBALLOS.  Diego Gutiérrez died in 1330. Diego Gutiérrez married Juana García CARRILLO.

1103 Juana García CARRILLO.

1120 Robert HAWLEY.  Born in Of Girsby, Burgh-On-Bain, Lincolnshire, England. Robert died aft 1309 in England. Robert married Joan ?.

1121 Joan ?  Born in England.

1920 John RALEIGH.  Born in England. John died in England. John married Rose HELION.

1921 Rose HELION.  Born in England. Rose died in England.

1922 Sir William SWINFORD.  Born in England. William died in England.

1928 Roger COTESFORD.  Born in England. Roger died in England. Roger married Catherine SCARSHULL.

1929 Catherine SCARSHULL.  Born in England. Catherine died in England.

1938 Sir John MABLETHORP.

1940 Sir Gilbert TALBOT 3rd Lord Talbot.  Born ca 1332 in Of Eccleswall, Herefordshire, England. Gilbert died in Roales, Spain on 24 Apr 1387; he was 55. bef 8 Sep 1352 when Gilbert was 20, he married Petronilla BUTLER.

1941 Petronilla BUTLER.  Petronilla died in 1368.

1942 4th Lord John LE STRANGE.  Born ca 1332 in Of Blackmere, England. John died on 12 May 1361; he was 29. John married Isabel FITZ ALAN.

1943 Isabel FITZ ALAN.  Isabel died in 1361.

1944 Sir Robert De FERRERS.  Born on 25 Mar 1309 in Of Chartley, England. Robert died on 28 Aug 1350; he was 41. bef Oct 1330 when Robert was 21, he married Margaret ?.

1945 Margaret ?

1946 2nd Baron Ralph De STAFFORD.  Born on 24 Sep 1301 in England. Ralph died in England on 31 Aug 1372; he was 70. Buried in Tonbridge, Kent, England. bef 6 Jul 1336 when Ralph was 34, he married Lady/Baroness Margaret De AUDLEY.

1947 Lady/Baroness Margaret De AUDLEY.  Born ca 1325. Margaret died in England on 16 Sep 1348; she was 23. Buried in Tonbridge, Kent, England.

1948 Sir Edward Le DESPENSER.  Edward died on 30 Sep 1342 in Morlaix. On 20 Apr 1335 Edward married Anne De FERRERS, in Groby, Leicestershire, England.

1949 Anne De FERRERS.  Anne died on 8 Aug 1367.

1950 Bartholomew De BURGHERSH 4th Lord Burghersh. Bartholomew married Cecily De WEYLAND.

1951 Cecily De WEYLAND.

1984 Sir Robert CHAMBERLAYNE.  Born in England. Robert died in England. Robert married ? GRIFFIN.

1985 ? GRIFFIN.

1986 John MORTEINE.  Born in England. John died in England.

2000 Sir John KNYVET.  Born in England. John died in 1381 in England. John married Alianore (Eleanor) BASSET.

2001 Alianore (Eleanor) BASSET.  Born in England. Alianore (Eleanor) died in 1388 in England.

2002 John BOTETOURT.  Born in Of Mendlesham, Suffolk, England.

2008 2nd Earl Hugh De STAFFORD.  Born ca 1342. Hugh died in Isle Of Rhodes on 16 Oct 1386; he was 44. bef 1 Mar 1350/1351 when Hugh was 8, he married Philippe De BEAUCHAMP.

2009 Philippe De BEAUCHAMP.  Philippe died bef 6 Apr 1386. Buried in Stone.

2010 Duke Thomas of Woodstock PLANTAGENET Of GLOUCESTER.  Born on 7 Jan 1354/1355 in Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, England. Thomas of Woodstock died in Prince's Inn, Calais, France on 8/15 Sep 1397; he was 43. Buried in Collegiate Church Of The Holy Trinity, England. bef 24 Aug 1376 when Thomas of Woodstock was 22, he married Eleanor De BOHUN.

2011 Eleanor De BOHUN.  Born ca 1366. Eleanor died in London, Middlesex, England on 3 Oct 1399; she was 33. Buried in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

2014 Duke John Of GAUNT Of Lancaster.  Born in Mar 1339/1340 in Abbaye De St. Bavon, Ghent, Flandre-Orientale, Belgium. John died in Leicester Castle, Leicestershire, England on 3 Feb 1398/1399; he was 58. Buried in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England. On 13 Jan 1396 when John was 56, he married Katherine De ROET, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.

2015 Katherine De ROET.  Born in 1350 in prob. At Hainault. Katherine died in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England on 10 May 1403; she was 53. Buried in Lincon, Lincolnshire, England.

2028 William CLERK.

2030 John I RYCOTE. John I married Elizabeth GERNON.

2031 Elizabeth GERNON.  Elizabeth died bef 1366.

Twelfth Generation

2176 Robert Le BLOUNT.  Robert died in 1288 in England. Robert married Isabel Of ODINSELS.

2177 Isabel Of ODINSELS.  Born in England. Isabel died in England.

2178 Earl William De BEAUCHAMP Of Warwick.  Born in England.

2192 Gómez PÉREZ.

2200 Don Sancho (El Motila or El Moco) LOPEZ.  Born in Spain. Sancho (El Motila or El Moco) died in Spain. Sancho (El Motila or El Moco) married Doña Aldonca De VELASCO.

2201 Doña Aldonca De VELASCO.  Born in Spain. Aldonca died in Spain.

2206 García Gómez CARRILLO. García Gómez married Elvira Alvarez OSORIO.

2207 Elvira Alvarez OSORIO.

3840 Sir John RALEIGH.  Born in England. John died in England. John married Joan Of ROTHERFIELD.

3841 Joan Of ROTHERFIELD.  Born in England. Joan died in England.

3842 Sir Peter HELION.  Born in England. Peter died in England.

3858 Sir William SCARSHULL.  Born in England. William died in England.

3880 Richard TALBOT 2nd Lord Talbot. Richard married Elizabeth COMYN.

3881 Elizabeth COMYN.

3882 1st Earl James BUTLER Of Ormonde.  Born ca 1305. James died on 6 Jan 1337/1338; he was 32. Buried in Gowran, Ireland. In 1327 when James was 22, he married Eleanor De BOHUN.

3883 Eleanor De BOHUN.  Born in 1304. Eleanor died on 7 Oct 1363; she was 59.

3886 3rd Earl Richard (Copped Hat) FITZ ALAN Of Arundel.  Born ca 1313 in Of Arundel, Sussex, England. Richard (Copped Hat) died in Arundel, Sussex, England on 24 Jan 1375/1376; he was 62. Buried in Lewes, Sussex, England. In 1321 when Richard (Copped Hat) was 8, he married Isabel Le DESPENSER, in Havering-Atte-Bower. Marriage was annulled on 4 Dec 1344.

3887 Isabel Le DESPENSER.  Born ca 1312.

3888 Sir John De FERRERS.  Born on 20 Jun 1271 in Cardiff, England. John died in Gascony, England ca Sep 1312; he was 41. John married Lady Hawise De MUSCEGROS.

3889 Lady Hawise De MUSCEGROS.  Born on 21 Dec 1276.

3892 Baron Edmund De STAFFORD Of Stafford. Edmund married Margaret BASSET.

3893 Margaret BASSET.

3894 Earl Hugh De AUDLEY Of Gloucester.  Born in England. Hugh died on 10 Nov 1347 in England. On 28 Apr 1317 Hugh married Margaret De CLARE, in Windsor, England.

3895 Margaret De CLARE.  Born in Oct 1292 in Caerphilly Castle. Margaret died in England on 9 Apr 1342; she was 49.

3896 Sir Hugh Le DESPENSER 2nd Lord Despenser.  Hugh died on 24 Nov 1326 in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. Buried in Tewkesbury Abbey, England. aft 14 Jun 1306 Hugh married Alianor (Eleanor) De CLARE, in London, Middlesex, England.

3897 Alianor (Eleanor) De CLARE.  Born in Oct 1292. Alianor (Eleanor) died on 30 Jun 1337; she was 44.

3898 Sir William FERRERS. William married Ellen De SEGRAVE.

3899 Ellen De SEGRAVE.

3902 Sir Richard De WEYLAND.

3968 Sir Richard CHAMBERLAYNE.  Born in England. Richard died in England. Richard married Jane GATESDEN.

3969 Jane GATESDEN.  Born in England. Jane died in England.

4000 Richard KNYVET.  Born in Of Southwick, Northamptonshire, England. Richard died in England. Richard married Joan WOURCH.

4001 Joan WOURCH.  Born in England. Joan died in England.

4002 Ralph 2ND LORD BASSET OF WELDON.  Born on 27 Aug 1300. Ralph died bef 4 May 1341; he was 40. Ralph married Joan STURDON.

4003 Joan STURDON.  Born in Of Winterbourne, Gloucester, England.

4016 same as ahnentafel number 1946

4017 same as ahnentafel number 1947

4018 11th Earl Thomas De BEAUCHAMP Of Warwick.  Born on 14 Feb 1313 in Of Elmley, Worcester, England. Thomas died in Calais, France on 13 Nov 1369; he was 56. Buried in Warwick, Warwickshire, England. aft 22 Feb 1324 when Thomas was 11, he married Katherine De MORTIMER.

4019 Katherine De MORTIMER.

4020 King Edward III Of ENGLAND.  Born on 13 Nov 1312 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England. Edward III died in Richmond, Surrey, England on 21 Jun 1377; he was 64. Buried in London, Middlesex, England. On 24 Jan 1328 when Edward III was 15, he married Countess Philippa De HAINAULT Of Holland, in York Minster, England.

4021 Countess Philippa De HAINAULT Of Holland.  Born on 24 Jun 1311 in Of Mons, Hainaut, Belgium. Philippa died in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England on 15 Aug 1369; she was 58. Buried in London, Middlesex, England.

4022 7th Earl Humphrey De BOHUN Of Hereford.  Born on 25 Mar 1342. Humphrey died on 16 Jan 1373; he was 30. aft 9 Sep 1359 when Humphrey was 17, he married Joan FITZ ALAN.

4023 Joan FITZ ALAN.  Born bef 1351. Joan died on 7 Apr 1419; she was 68. Buried in Essex, England.

4028 same as ahnentafel number 4020

4029 same as ahnentafel number 4021

4030 Pain De ROET.

4060 Fulk III De RYCOTE.  Born ca 1295. Fulk III died aft 22 May 1372; he was 77.

4062 John II GERNON.  John II died aft 1327.

Thirteenth Generation

4352 Sir Stephen Le BLOUNT.  Born in England. Stephen died in England. Stephen married Maria Le BLOUNT.

4353 Maria Le BLOUNT.  Born in England. Maria died in England.

4400 Don Pero LOPEZ De AYALA.  Born in Spain. Pero died aft 1253 in Spain. Pero married Doña Elivra SANCHEZ.

4401 Doña Elivra SANCHEZ.  Born in Spain. Elivra died in Spain.

4414 Alvar Rodríguez OSORIO. Alvar Rodríguez married Elvira NUÑEZ (De Navarra?).

4415 Elvira NUÑEZ (De Navarra?).

7680 Sir Henry RALEIGH.  Born in England. Henry died in England. Henry married Mabel PINCHERDON.

7681 Mabel PINCHERDON.  Born in England. Mabel died in England.

7682 Lord Gray John Of ROTHERFIELD.  Born in England. John died in England.

7762 John COMYN.

7764 Earl Edmund Le BOTILLER Of Carrick.  Edmund died on 12 Sep 1321 in London, Middlesex, England. Buried on 9 Nov 1321 in Gowran, Ireland. In 1302 Edmund married Joan Fitz Thomas FITZ GERALD.

7765 Joan Fitz Thomas FITZ GERALD.

7766 8th Earl Humphrey De BOHUN Of Hereford.  Born ca 1276 in Pleshy Castle, Essex, England. Humphrey died in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, England on 16 Mar 1321; he was 45. Buried in Mar 1321 in York, Yorkshire, England. On 14 Nov 1302 when Humphrey was 26, he married Princess Elizabeth PLANTAGENET Of England, in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

7767 Princess Elizabeth PLANTAGENET Of England.  Born on 7 Aug 1282 in Rhudlan Castle, Flint, Carnarvan, Wales. Elizabeth died in Quendon, Essex, England on 5 May 1316; she was 33. Buried in May 1316 in Essex, England.

7772 Earl Edmund FITZ ALAN Of Arundel.  Born on 1 May 1285 in Marlborough Castle, England. Edmund died in Hereford, England on 17 Nov 1325; he was 40. In 1305 when Edmund was 19, he married Alice De WARRENNE, in England.

7773 Alice De WARRENNE.  Alice died bef 23 May 1338.

7774 same as ahnentafel number 3896

7775 same as ahnentafel number 3897

7778 Sir Robert De MUSCEGROS.  Born in Of Charlton, England. Robert died on 27 Dec 1260. Robert married Agnes ?.

7779 Agnes ?

7786 Lord Ralph BASSET.

7788 1st Baron Hugh Of AUDLEY.  Born in Of Stratton Audley, Oxfordshire, England. Hugh died in England. Hugh married Isolt De MORTIMER.

7789 Isolt De MORTIMER.

7790 9th Earl Gilbert De CLARE Of Clare.  Born on 2 Sep 1243 in Christ Church, Hamshire, England. Gilbert died in Monmouth Castle, England on 7 Dec 1295; he was 52. Buried in Tewkesbury, England. ca 30 Apr 1290 when Gilbert was 46, he married Joan Of ARCE, in London, Middlesex, England.

7791 Joan Of ARCE.  Born in 1272 in Acre, Palestine. Joan died on 23 Apr 1307; she was 35. Buried in Clare, Suffolk, England.

7792 Sir Hugh Le DESPENSER.  Born on 1 Mar 1260/1261 in England. Hugh died in England on 27 Oct 1326; he was 66. Hugh married Isabella De BEAUCHAMP.

7793 Isabella De BEAUCHAMP.  Isabella died in 1306 in England.

7794 same as ahnentafel number 7790

7795 same as ahnentafel number 7791

7798 John De SEGRAVE.

7936 Robert CHAMBERLAYNE.  Born in England. Robert died in England.

8004 Richard LORD BASSET Of WELDON.  Richard died bef 18 Aug 1314. Richard married Joan De HUNTINGFIELD.


8036 Guy De BEAUCHAMP.  Born ca 1271. Guy died in Warwick Castle, England on 12 Aug 1315; he was 44. Buried in Bordesley Abbey, England. On 12 Feb 1309 when Guy was 38, he married Alice De TOENI.

8037 Alice De TOENI.

8038 Earl Roger De MORTIMER Of March.

8040 King Edward II, Of Caernarvon Of ENGLAND.  Born on 25 Apr 1284 in Caernarvon, Caernarvonshire, Wales. Edward II, Of Caernarvon died in Gloucstershire, England on 21 Sep 1327; he was 43. On 25 Jan 1308 when Edward II, Of Caernarvon was 23, he married Princess Isabel Of FRANCE, in Boulogne, France.

8041 Princess Isabel Of FRANCE.  Born in 1292 in Paris, Seine, France. Isabel died in England on 22 Aug 1358; she was 66. Buried in Newgate, London, England.

8042 Count William III (The Good) De HAINAULT & HOLLAND.  Born ca 1280. William III (The Good) died on 7 Jun 1337; he was 57. On 19 May 1305 when William III (The Good) was 25, he married Jeanne De VALOIS.

8043 Jeanne De VALOIS.  Born ca 1294. Jeanne died on 7 Mar 1352; she was 58.

8044 Earl William De BOHUN Of Northampton.  Born ca 1312 in Caldecot, Northampton, England. William died on 16 Sep 1360; he was 48. Buried in Essex, England. In 1335/1338 when William was 23, he married Elizabeth De BADLESMERE.

8045 Elizabeth De BADLESMERE.  Born in 1313 in Of Chilham, Kent, England. Elizabeth died in London, Middlesex, England in Jun 1356; she was 43. Buried in London, Middlesex, England.

8046 same as ahnentafel number 3886

8047 Alianor Of LANCASTER.  Born in 1311 in Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, England. Alianor died in Arundel, Sussex, England on 11 Jan 1371/1372; she was 60. Buried in Lewes, Sussex, England. On 5 Feb 1345 when Alianor was 34, she married 3rd Earl Richard (Copped Hat) FITZ ALAN Of Arundel, in Ditton Church, Stoke Poges, Buckingham, England.

8120 Sir Fulk II De RYCOTE.  Fulk II died in 1302. Fulk II married Margaret Le DESPENCER.

8121 Margaret Le DESPENCER.  Margaret died aft 1302.

8124 John I GERNON.  John I died aft 1302. John I married Alice De PLESSIS.

8125 Alice De PLESSIS.

14th Generation

8704 4th Baron Gilbert / Hubert LeBLOUNT Of Ixworth.  Born in England. Gilbert / Hubert died aft 1173 in England. Gilbert / Hubert married Agnes De L'ISLE/De INSULA.

8705 Agnes De L'ISLE/De INSULA.  Agnes died aft 1198 in England.

8706 William Le BLOUNT.  Born in Of Saxlingham, Norfolk, England.

8800 Don Lope (El Chico) RUYS.  Born in Spain. Lope (El Chico) died in Spain. In 1253 Lope (El Chico) married Doña Berenguela GONZELZ GIRON, in Spain.

8801 Doña Berenguela GONZELZ GIRON.  Born in Spain. Berenguela died in Spain.

8802 Sancho PÉREZ De GAMBOA.  Born in Spain. Sancho married Doña Andrea DIAZ De MENA.

8803 Doña Andrea DIAZ De MENA.  Born in Spain.

8828 Rodrigo RODRIGUEZ.

15362 Sir John PINCHERDON.  Born in England. John died in England.

15528 Theobald Le BOTILLER.  Born ca 1242. Theobald died in Arklow on 26 Sep 1285; he was 43. Buried in Black Friar's, Arklow. bef 1268 when Theobald was 26, he married Joan FITZ JOHN.

15529 Joan FITZ JOHN.  Joan died on 4 Apr 1303.

15530 Earl John FitzThomas FITZ GERALD Of Kildare.

15532 7th Earl Humphrey De BOHUN Of Hereford.  Born ca 1249. Humphrey died in Pleshey, England on 31 Dec 1298; he was 49. Buried in Walden, Essex, England. In 1275 when Humphrey was 26, he married Maud De FIENNES.

15533 Maud De FIENNES.  Maud died bef 1298. Buried in Walden, Essex, England.

15534 King Edward I (Longshanks) Of ENGLAND.  Born on 17 Jun 1239 in Westminster, Middlesex, England. Edward I (Longshanks) died in Burgh-On-Sands, Cumberland, England on 7 Jul 1307; he was 68. Buried in London, Middlesex, England. On 18 Oct 1254 when Edward I (Longshanks) was 15, he married Princess Eleanor Of CASTILLE, in Abbey Of Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castille.

15535 Princess Eleanor Of CASTILLE.  Born ca 1244 in Castile, Spain. Eleanor died in Hardby, Nottinghamshire, England on 29 Nov 1290; she was 46. Buried in 1290 in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

15544 Richard FITZ ALAN.  Richard died in 1302. Richard married Alice Of SALUZZO.

15545 Alice Of SALUZZO.

15546 William De WARRENNE.  William died on 15 Dec 1285 in Croydon, England. ca 1283 William married Joan De VERE.

15547 Joan De VERE.

15556 Sir John De MUSCEGROS.  Born on 10 Aug 1232 in Of Charlton, England. John died on 8 May 1275; he was 42. John married Lady Cecily AVENEL.

15557 Lady Cecily AVENEL.  Cecily died on 10 Aug 1301.

15578 Sir Edmund De MORTIMER Baron Of Wigmore.

15580 Richard De CLARE.  Born on 4 Aug 1222. Richard died on 15 Jul 1262; he was 39. bef 25 Jan 1237/1238 when Richard was 14, he married Maud De LACY.

15581 Maud De LACY.  Maud died bef 10 Mar 1288/1289.

15582 same as ahnentafel number 15534

15583 same as ahnentafel number 15535

15586 1st/9th William De BEAUCHAMP Earl of Warwick.  Born in 1237 in England. William died in Elmley, Worcester, England on 5 Jun 1298; he was 61. Buried on 22 Jun 1298 in Grey Friars, Worcestershire, England. William married Lady Maud FITZ JOHN.

15587 Lady Maud FITZ JOHN.  Maud died on 16 Apr 1301. Buried on 7 May 1301 in Worcester, England.

15872 Lord William CHAMBERLAIN Of North Riston.  Born in England. William died in England.

16010 Sir Roger De HUNTINGFIELD.  Roger died bef 5 Dec ? . ca 1277 Roger married Joyce D'ENGAINE.

16011 Joyce D'ENGAINE.  Joyce died ca 1312.

16072 same as ahnentafel number 15586

16073 same as ahnentafel number 15587

16080 same as ahnentafel number 15534

16081 same as ahnentafel number 15535

16082 King Philip IV (The Fair) Of FRANCE.  Born in 1268 in Fontainebleau, France. Philip IV (The Fair) died in Fontainebleau, France on 29 Nov 1314; he was 46. Buried in St. Denis, France. In 1284 when Philip IV (The Fair) was 16, he married Queen Jeanne (Joan) I Of NAVARRE.

16083 Queen Jeanne (Joan) I Of NAVARRE.  Born in 1271. Jeanne (Joan) I died in 1305; she was 34.

16084 Jean II De AVESNES.  Born in 1247. Jean II died in 1304; he was 57. Jean II married Comtesse Philippine De LUXEMBOURG.

16085 Comtesse Philippine De LUXEMBOURG.  Born in 1252. Philippine died in 1311; she was 59.

16086 Count Charles III De VALOIS.  Born on 12 Mar 1270. On 16 Aug 1290 when Charles III was 20, he married Margaret Of ANJOU.

16087 Margaret Of ANJOU.  Born in 1274. Margaret died on 31 Dec 1299; she was 25.

16088 same as ahnentafel number 7766

16089 same as ahnentafel number 7767

16090 Bartholomew De BADLESMERE. Bartholomew married Margaret De CLARE.

16091 Margaret De CLARE.

16094 2nd Earl Henry Of LANCASTER Of Lancaster.  Born ca 1281 in Grosmont Castle, Monmouthsire, England. Henry died in Monastry Of Cannons, England on 22 Sep 1345; he was 64. Buried in Leicestershire, England. bef 2 Mar 1296/1297 when Henry was 15, he married Maud CHAWORTH.

16095 Maud CHAWORTH.  Born ca 1282 in Of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Maud died aft 19 Feb 1316/1317; she was 34.

16240 William De RYCOTE.  William died bef 1233.

16242 Sir Adam Le DESPENCER.

16248 Roger II GERNON.  Roger II died bef 1279.

16250 Sir Hugh De PLESSIS.  Hugh died in 1292. Hugh married Isabel BISET.

16251 Isabel BISET.

15th Generation

17408 3rd Baron William Le BLOUNT Of Ixworth.  Born in England. William died in England. William married Sarah De MONCHENSI/MONCHAMPES.

17409 Sarah De MONCHENSI/MONCHAMPES.  Born in England.

17412 ? Le BLOUNT.  Born in Of Saxlingham, Norfolk, England.

17600 Don Lope DIAZ De HARO Of Biscay.  Born in Spain. Lope died in Spain. Lope married Doña Urraca ALFONSA.

17601 Doña Urraca ALFONSA.  Born in Of Leon, Spain. Urraca died in Spain.

17604 Don Pedro VELAZ De GUEVARA.  Born in Spain. Pedro married Doña Maria De SALZEDO.

17605 Doña Maria De SALZEDO.  Born in Spain. Maria died aft 1328 in Spain.

17656 Rodrigo OSORIO.

31056 Theobald Le BOTILLER.  Theobald died in 1248. Theobald married Margery De BURGH.

31057 Margery De BURGH.

31058 Sir John FITZ GEOFFREY.  Born in Of Shere, England. John died on 23 Nov 1258. John married Isabel BIGOD.

31059 Isabel BIGOD.

31064 Humphrey De BOHUN.  Humphrey died on 27 Oct 1265 in Beeston Castle, Chester, England. Buried in Combermere Abbey, England. Humphrey married Eleanor De BRAOSE.

31065 Eleanor De BRAOSE.

31066 Enguerrand De FIENNES.

31068 King Henry III Of ENGLAND.  Born on 1 Oct 1207 in Winchester, Hampshire, England. Henry III died in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England on 16 Nov 1272; he was 65. Buried in London, Middlesex, England. On 4 Jan 1236 when Henry III was 28, he married Eléonore De PROVENCE, in Canterbury, Kent, England.

31069 Eléonore De PROVENCE.  Born ca 1217 in Aix-En-Provence, France. Eléonore died in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England on 24 Jun 1291; she was 74.

31070 King Ferdinand III Of CASTILLE and LEON.  Born in 1199. Ferdinand III died in Seville, Spain on 30 May 1252; he was 53. In 1237 when Ferdinand III was 38, he married Countess Jeanne De DAMMARTIN Of Ponthieu, in Burgos.

31071 Countess Jeanne De DAMMARTIN Of Ponthieu.  Born in 1208. Jeanne died in 1278; she was 70.

31088 John FITZ ALAN.  John died in 1272. John married Isabella MORTIMER.

31089 Isabella MORTIMER.

31094 Robert De VERE.  Born ca 1240 in England. Robert died in England on 2 Sep 1296; he was 56. bef 22 Feb 1252 when Robert was 12, he married Alice De SANFORD.

31095 Alice De SANFORD.  Born in Of Great Hormede, Hertsfordshire, England. Alice died on 7 Sep 1317.

31112 Sir Robert De MUSCEGROS.  Born in Of Charlton, Norton, England. Robert died on 29 Jan 1253/1254. bef 11 Feb 1220/1221 Robert married Hawise MALET.

31113 Hawise MALET.

31114 Sir William AVENEL.

31160 Gilbert De CLARE.  Born ca 1180. Gilbert died on 25 Oct 1230; he was 50. On 9 Oct 1217 when Gilbert was 37, he married Isabel MARSHAL.

31161 Isabel MARSHAL.  Isabel died on 17 Jan 1239/1240; she was 38. Born on 9 Oct 1200.

31162 Earl John De LACY Of Lincoln.  Born ca 1192. John died on 22 Jul 1240; he was 48. bef 21 Jun 1221 when John was 29, he married Margaret De QUINCEY.

31163 Margaret De QUINCEY.  Margaret died bef 30 Mar 1263.

31172 5th Baron William Of BEAUCHAMP.  Born in Of Elmley Castle, England. William married Lady Isabel MANDUIT.

31173 Lady Isabel MANDUIT.  Isabel died bef 1268.

31174 same as ahnentafel number 31058

31175 same as ahnentafel number 31059

31744 Lord Chamberlain Richard De TANKERVILLE.  Born in England. Richard died in England.

32020 Sir William De HUNTINGFIELD.  Born on 24 Aug 1237 in Of Huntingfield, Suffolk, England. William died bef 2 Nov 1290; he was 53. William married Emma De GREY.

32021 Emma De GREY.  Emma died in 1264.

32022 Sir John D'ENGAINE.  Born in Of Laxton, Northamptonshire, England.

32164 King Philip III (The Bold) HARDI Of France.  Born on 1 May 1245. Philip III (The Bold) died in 1285; he was 39. In 1262 when Philip III (The Bold) was 16, he married Princess Isabelle Of ARAGON.

32165 Princess Isabelle Of ARAGON.  Born in 1247. Isabelle died in 1271; she was 24.

32166 King Henri I (The Fat) Of NAVARRE.  Born in 1239. Henri I (The Fat) died on 22 Jul 1276; he was 37. In 1269 when Henri I (The Fat) was 30, he married Blanche D'ARTOIS.

32167 Blanche D'ARTOIS.  Born in 1250. Blanche died in Paris, France on 2 May 1302; she was 52.

32168 Jean I De AVESNES.  Born in 1219. Jean I died in 1257; he was 38. Jean I married Countess Aleida Of HOLLAND.

32169 Countess Aleida Of HOLLAND.  Born in 1226.

32170 Count Henri II De LUXEMBOURG.  Born in 1220. Henri II married Marguerite De BAR.

32171 Marguerite De BAR.  Born in 1220.

32172 same as ahnentafel number 32164

32173 same as ahnentafel number 32165

32174 King Charles II (The Lame) Of NAPLES.  Born in 1254. Charles II (The Lame) died on 5 May 1309; he was 55. In 1270 when Charles II (The Lame) was 16, he married Princess Maria Of HUNGARY.

32175 Princess Maria Of HUNGARY.  Born in 1258. Maria died on 25 Mar 1323; she was 65.

32182 Thomas De CLARE.

32188 Earl Edmund (Crouchback) Of LANCASTER.  Born on 16 Jan 1244/1245 in London, Middlesex, England. Edmund (Crouchback) died in Bayonne, Pyrennes, Atlantiques, France on 5 Jun 1296; he was 52. Buried in London, Middlesex, England. bef 29 Oct 1276 when Edmund (Crouchback) was 32, he married Blanche D'ARTOIS, in Paris, France.

32189 same as ahnentafel number 32167

32190 Sir Patrick De CHAWORTH. Patrick married Lady Isabel De BEAUCHAMP.

32191 same as ahnentafel number 1089

32480 Sir Fulk I De RYCOTE.  Fulk I died in 1233. Fulk I married Matilda VISDELOU.

32481 Matilda VISDELOU.

32496 Roger GERNON.  Roger died aft 1223. Roger married Matilda ?.

32497 Matilda ?  Matilda died bef 1225.

32502 John BISET. John married Alice BASSET.

32503 Alice BASSET.

16th Generation

34816 2nd Baron Gilbert Le BLOUNT Of Ixworth.  Born in England. Gilbert married Alicia De COLEKIRKE.

34817 Alicia De COLEKIRKE.  Born in England.

34818 Hubert De MONCHENSI/MONCHAMPES Lord Elwalston.  Born in England. Hubert died in England.

34824 ? Le BLOUNT.  Born in Of Saxlingham, Norfolk, England.

35200 Diego LOPEZ De HARO.  Diego died in 1214 in Spain.

35202 King Alonzo Of LEON.  Born in Spain. Alonzo died in Spain.

35210 5th Lord Don Sancho GARCIA De SALZEDO Of Ayala.  Born in Spain. Don Sancho died in 1195 in Battle Of Alarcos, Spain. Don Sancho married Doña Maria INIQUEZ De PIEDROLA.

35211 Doña Maria INIQUEZ De PIEDROLA.  Born in Spain.

35312 Osorio GONZALEZ.  Osorio died ca 1220.

62112 Theobald Le BOTILLER.  Theobald died on 19 Jul 1230 in Poitou. Theobald married Joan De MARISCO.

62113 Joan De MARISCO.

62114 Lord Richard (The Great) De BURGH Of Connacht.  Richard (The Great) died in 1243. Richard (The Great) married Giles De LACY.

62115 Giles De LACY.

62118 3rd Earl Hugh BIGOD Of Norfolk.  Hugh died in Feb 1225. ca 1212 Hugh married Matilda MARSHAL.

62119 Matilda MARSHAL.

62128 Earl Humphrey De BOHUN Of Hereford.  Humphrey died on 24 Sep 1275. Buried in Llanthony, Gloucester, England. Humphrey married Maud De LUSIGNAN.

62129 Maud De LUSIGNAN.  Maud died on 14 Aug 1241.

62130 William De BRIOUZE.

62136 King John (Lackland) Of ENGLAND.  Born on 24 Dec 1166/1167 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. John (Lackland) died in Newark, Nottingham, England on 19 Oct 1216; he was 49. On 24 Aug 1200 when John (Lackland) was 33, he married Isabella D'ANGOULEME, in Bordeaux, France.

62137 Isabella D'ANGOULEME.  Born in 1188 in Of Angouleme, France. Isabella died in Fontévrault, France on 31 May 1246; she was 58.

62138 Count Raymond BERENGER Of Provence.  Raymond died in 1245. In 1220 Raymond married Beatrice ?.

62139 Beatrice ?  Beatrice died in 1267.

62140 King Alfonso IX Of LEON.  Born on 15 Aug 1171 in Zamora, Spain. Alfonso IX died in Villanueva De Sarria on 24 Sep 1230; he was 59. In 1197 when Alfonso IX was 25, he married Queen Berengaria Of CASTILE, in Valladolid.

62141 Queen Berengaria Of CASTILE.

62142 Count Simon De DAMMARTIN Of Ponthieu.

62188 Hugh De VERE.  Born ca 1210 in England. Hugh died in England in Dec 1263; he was 53. aft 11 Feb 1223 when Hugh was 13, he married Hawise De QUINCEY.

62189 Hawise De QUINCEY.

62190 Gilbert De SANFORD.  Born in Of Great Hormede, Hertsfordshire, England.

62226 William MALET Baron.  William died ca 1220. William married Alicia BASSET.

62227 Alicia BASSET.

62320 Richard De CLARE.  Richard died bef 28 Nov 1217. Richard married Amice FITZ ROBERT.

62321 Amice FITZ ROBERT.  Amice died on 1 Jan 1224/1225.

62322 William MARSHAL. William married Isabel De CLARE.

62323 Isabel De CLARE.

62326 Robert De QUINCEY.

62346 6th Baron William Of MANDUIT. William married Lady Alice De NEWBURGH.

62347 Lady Alice De NEWBURGH.  Alice died bef 1263.

63488 Lord Chamberlain John De TANKERVILLE.  Born in England. John died in England.

64040 Sir Roger De HUNTINGFIELD.  Roger died bef 10 Jul 1257. Roger married Joan De HOBRUGG.

64041 Joan De HOBRUGG.  Joan died bef 7 Sep 1297.

64042 Sir John De GREY.  Born in Of Shirland, Derby, England.

64328 King Louis IX (St. Louis) CAPET Of France.  Born on 25 Apr 1214. Louis IX (St. Louis) married Countess Margaret Of PROVENCE.

64329 Countess Margaret Of PROVENCE.

64330 King Jaime I (The Conqueror) Of ARAGON.  Born in 1208. Jaime I (The Conqueror) married Yolande (Violante) Of HUNGARY.

64331 Yolande (Violante) Of HUNGARY.

64332 King Teobaldo I Of NAVARRA.  Born in 1201. Teobaldo I died in 1253; he was 52. Teobaldo I married Marguerite De BOURBON.

64333 Marguerite De BOURBON.  Born in 1205.

64334 Count Robert I Of ARTOIS.  Born in Sep 1216. Robert I died in 1250; he was 33. On 14 Jun 1237 when Robert I was 20, he married Matilda De BRABANT.

64335 Matilda De BRABANT.  Born in 1224. Matilda died on 29 Sep 1288; she was 64.

64336 Bouchard De AVESNES.  Born in 1192. Bouchard died in 1244; he was 52. Bouchard married Comtesse Marguerite De FLANDRE.

64337 Comtesse Marguerite De FLANDRE.  Born in 1202. Marguerite died in 1280; she was 78.

64338 Count Floris IV Of HOLLAND.  Born in 1210. Floris IV died in 1234; he was 24. Floris IV married Princess Mathilde Of BRABANT.

64339 Princess Mathilde Of BRABANT.  Born in 1200. Mathilde died in 1267; she was 67.

64342 Count Henri II BAR Le DUC.  Born in 1170. Henri II married Philippe De DREUX.

64343 Philippe De DREUX.  Born in 1174.

64348 King Charles I CAPET Of Naples & Sicily.  Born in Mar 1226. Charles I died on 7 Jan 1285; he was 58. Charles I married Countess Beatrice BERENGER Of Provence.

64349 Countess Beatrice BERENGER Of Provence.  Born in 1234. Beatrice died in 1267; she was 33.

64350 King Stephen V Of HUNGARY.  Born in 1240. Stephen V died in 1272; he was 32. Stephen V married Princess Elizabeth Of KUMANIEN.

64351 Princess Elizabeth Of KUMANIEN.  Born in 1240. Elizabeth died aft 1290; she was 50.

64376 same as ahnentafel number 31068

64377 same as ahnentafel number 31069

64960 Richard De RYCOTE. Richard married Matilda ?.

64961 Matilda ?

64962 Humphrey VISDELOU.

17th Generation

69632 Sir Robert Le BLOUNT 1st Baron Of Ixworth.  Born in Normandy, France. Robert died in England. Robert married Gundred De FERRER.

69633 Gundred De FERRER.  Gundred died in England.

69648 Sir William Le BLOUNT.  Born in England. William died in England.

70420 Don Garcia De SALZEDO 4th Lord Ayala.  Born in Spain. Garcia died in Spain. Garcia married Doña Alberta SANZ.

70421 Doña Alberta SANZ.  Born in Spain. Alberta died in Spain.

70422 Count Don ? NUNO.

70624 Gonzalo OSORIO.

124224 Chief Butler Theobald le Botiller WALTER Of Ireland.  Theobald le Botiller died in 1205.

124236 2nd Earl Roger BIGOD Of Norfolk.  Born ca 1150. Roger died bef Aug 1221; he was 71. bef 1190 when Roger was 40, he married Ida (Isabel) PLANTAGENET.

124237 Ida (Isabel) PLANTAGENET.

124238 same as ahnentafel number 62322

124239 same as ahnentafel number 62323

124256 5th Earl Henry De BOHUN Of Hereford.  Born in 1176. Henry died on 1 Jun 1220; he was 44. Buried in Llanthony Priory, Gloucester, England. Henry married Countess Maud De MANDEVILLE Of Essex.

124257 Countess Maud De MANDEVILLE Of Essex.  Maud died on 27 Aug 1236.

124258 Count Raoul De LUSIGNAN Of Eu.

124272 King Henry II (Curtmantle) FITZ EMPRESS Of England.  Born on 5 Mar 1132/1133 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France. Henry II (Curtmantle) died in Chinon, Normandy, France on 6 Jul 1189; he was 57. Buried in Fontévrault, Anjou, France. On 18 May 1152 when Henry II (Curtmantle) was 20, he married Duchess Eleanor Of AQUITAINE, in Poitiers, Bordeaux, France.

124273 Duchess Eleanor Of AQUITAINE.  Born in 1122 in Bordeaux Or Belin, Aquitaine, France. Eleanor died in Fonévrault, Anjou, France on 26 Jun 1202; she was 80. Buried in Fonévrault, Anjou, France.

124274 Count Aymer TAILLEFER Of Angouleme. Aymer married Alice De FRANCE.

124275 Alice De FRANCE.

124276 Count Alfonso Of PROVENCE.  Alfonso died in 1209. In 1193 Alfonso married Garsinde De SABRAN.

124277 Garsinde De SABRAN.  Garsinde died aft 1209.

124278 Count Thomas Of SAVOY.

124280 King Ferdinand II Of LEON.  Born in 1137. Ferdinand II died in Benavente, Spain on 22 Jan 1188; he was 51. Ferdinand II married Urraca Of PORTUGAL.

124281 Urraca Of PORTUGAL.  Born ca 1151.

124282 King Alfonso VIII Of CASTILE.  Born on 11 Nov 1155 in Soria, Spain. Alfonso VIII died in Gutierre Munoz, Spain on 6 Oct 1214; he was 58. In Sep 1170 when Alfonso VIII was 14, he married Princess Eleanor Of ENGLAND, in Castile, Spain.

124283 Princess Eleanor Of ENGLAND.  Born in Sep 1161 in Damfront, Normandy, France. Eleanor died in Burgos, France on 31 Oct 1214; she was 53.

124376 Robert De VERE.  Born ca 1170 in England. Robert died in England on 25 Oct 1221; he was 51. Robert married Isabel De BOLEBEC.

124377 Isabel De BOLEBEC.  Born in Of Buckinhamshire, England. Isabel died on 3 Feb 1245.

124378 Saire De QUINCEY.  Born ca 1155. Saire died on 3 Nov 1219; he was 64. Saire married Margaret De BEAUMONT.

124379 Margaret De BEAUMONT.

124454 Thomas BASSET.

124642 William FITZ ROBERT.

124646 2nd Earl Richard De CLARE Of Pembroke.

124694 4th Earl Waleran De NEWBURGH Of Warwick.  Waleran died on 24 Dec 1203. ca 1196 Waleran married Alice De HARCOURT.

124695 Alice De HARCOURT.

126976 Count William De TANKERVILLE.  Born in Of Tankerville Castle, Normandy. William died in England.

128080 William De HUNTINGFIELD.  William died in 1220. William married Isabel ?.

128081 Isabel ?

128082 William De HOBRUGG.

128656 King Louis VIII (The Lion) CAPET Of France.  Born on 5 Sep 1187 in Paris, France. Louis VIII (The Lion) died in Auvergne, France on 8 Nov 1226; he was 39. Buried in St. Denis, France. On 23 May 1200 when Louis VIII (The Lion) was 12, he married Princess Blanca (Blanche) Of CASTILE, in Normandy, France.

128657 Princess Blanca (Blanche) Of CASTILE.  Born in 1188 in Palencia, Spain. Blanca (Blanche) died in Paris, France on 27 Nov 1252; she was 64.

128658 same as ahnentafel number 62138

128659 same as ahnentafel number 62139

128664 Count Thibault V Of CHAMPAGNE.  Born in 1177. Thibault V died in 1201; he was 24. Thibault V married Blanche De NAVARRA.

128665 Blanche De NAVARRA.  Born in 1180. Blanche died in 1229; she was 49.

128666 Archambaud VIII LORD BOURBON.  Born in 1189.

128668 same as ahnentafel number 128656

128669 same as ahnentafel number 128657

128670 Duke Henry II VON BRABANT.  Born in 1207. Henry II died in 1248; he was 41. bef 22 Aug 1215 when Henry II was 8, he married Maria VON HOHENSTAUFEN.

128671 Maria VON HOHENSTAUFEN.  Born in 1201. Maria died in 1235; she was 34.

128672 Jacques De AVESNES.  Born in 1155. Jacques died in 1191; he was 36. Jacques married Adelphie De GUISE.

128673 Adelphie De GUISE.  Born in 1159.

128674 Count Baudouin IX Of FLANDERS.  Born in 1171. Baudouin IX died in 1206; he was 35. Baudouin IX married Marie De CHAMPAGNE.

128675 Marie De CHAMPAGNE.  Born in 1174. Marie died in 1204; she was 30.

128676 Count Willem I Of HOLLAND.  Born in 1167. Willem I died in 1222; he was 55. Willem I married Countess Aleid Of VAN GELRE.

128677 Countess Aleid Of VAN GELRE.  Born in 1187. Aleid died in 1218; she was 31.

128678 Duke Henry I Of BRABANT.  Born in 1160. Henry I died in 1235; he was 75. Henry I married Maud D'ALSACE.

128679 Maud D'ALSACE.  Born in 1163. Maud died in 1211; she was 48.

128696 same as ahnentafel number 128656

128697 same as ahnentafel number 128657

128698 same as ahnentafel number 62138

128699 same as ahnentafel number 62139

128700 King Bela IV Of HUNGARY.  Born in 1206. Bela IV died on 3 May 1270; he was 64. Bela IV married Maria LASKARINA.

128701 Maria LASKARINA.  Born in 1206. Maria died in 1270; she was 64.

128702 Khan Kuthen Of CUMANIA.  Born in 1214.

18th Generation

139264 3rd Count Raoul / Rodolphus Of GUISNES.  Born in England. Raoul / Rodolphus died in England. Raoul / Rodolphus married Rosella ?.

139265 Rosella ?

139266 First Lord Henry De FERRER.

139296 same as ahnentafel number 139264

139297 same as ahnentafel number 139265

140840 Don Galindo VELASQUEZ De AYALA 3rd Lord Of Ayala.  Born in Spain. Galindo died in Spain. Galindo married Doña Maria / Liberia De SALZEDO.

140841 Doña Maria / Liberia De SALZEDO.  Born in Spain. Maria / Liberia died in Spain.

140842 Lord Garcia SANZ Of Zurbano.  Born in Spain. Garcia died in Spain.

141248 Count Osorio MARTINEZ.  Born bef 1108. Osorio died in 1160; he was 52. Osorio married Teresa FERNANDEZ.

141249 Teresa FERNANDEZ.  Born ca 1117.

248448 Hervey WALTER.

248474 5th Earl Hameline PLANTAGENET Of Surrey.  Born ca 1129. Hameline died on 7 May 1202; he was 73. Buried in Lewes, Sussex, England. In Apr 1164 when Hameline was 35, he married Isabel De WARENNE.

248475 Isabel De WARENNE.

248512 Constable Humphrey De BOHUN Of England.  Humphrey died in 1182. In 1175 Humphrey married Countess Margaret De HUNTINGDON.

248513 Countess Margaret De HUNTINGDON.  Born ca 1148. Margaret died in 1201; she was 53.

248514 Earl Geoffrey FITZ PIERS Of Essex.

248544 Count Geoffrey (Le Bel or The Fair) PLANTAGENET Of Anjou.  Born on 24 Nov 1113 in Anjou, France. Geoffrey (Le Bel or The Fair) died in Le Mans, Maine, France on 7 Sep 1151; he was 37. On 22 May 1127 when Geoffrey (Le Bel or The Fair) was 13, he married Empress Matilda (Maud) Of England, in Le Mans, France.

248545 Empress Matilda (Maud) Of England.  Born on 7 Feb 1101/1102 in Winchester, England. Matilda (Maud) died in Rouen, France on 10 Sep 1167; she was 66.

248546 Duke William (Guillaume) X Le Toulousian Of AQUITAINE.  Born ca 1099 in Toulouse, Aquitaine, France. William (Guillaume) X Le Toulousian died in Saint Jacques-De-Compostelle, Spain on 9 Apr 1137; he was 38. William (Guillaume) X Le Toulousian married Anor/Eleanor Châtellérault De ROCHEFOUCAULD.

248547 Anor/Eleanor Châtellérault De ROCHEFOUCAULD.  Born in 1103. Anor/Eleanor Châtellérault died aft 1130; she was 27.

248550 Pierre De FRANCE.

248552 King Alfonso II Of ARAGON.  Alfonso II died in 1196. In 1174 Alfonso II married Sancha Of CASTILE.

248553 Sancha Of CASTILE.  Sancha died in 1208.

248554 Count Rainou FORCALQUIER.

248560 Count Alfonso VII, Emperor Of CASTILE.  Born on 1 Mar 1105. Alfonso VII, Emperor died in Fresneda, Spain on 21 Aug 1157; he was 52. Alfonso VII, Emperor married Berengar Of BARCELONA.

248561 Berengar Of BARCELONA.

248566 same as ahnentafel number 124272

248567 same as ahnentafel number 124273

248754 Walter De BOLEBEC.  Born in Of Buckinghamshire, England.

248758 Robert De BEAUMONT.

249388 2nd Earl Roger De NEWBURGH Of Warwick. Roger married Lady Gundred De WARENNE.

249389 Lady Gundred De WARENNE.  Gundred died ca 1166.

257312 King Philip II (Augustus) CAPET Of France.  Born on 21 Aug 1165 in Gonesse, Nr. Paris, France. Philip II (Augustus) died in Mantes, France on 14 Jul 1223; he was 57. Buried in St. Denis, France. In 1180 when Philip II (Augustus) was 14, he married Isabella Of HAINAULT.

257313 Isabella Of HAINAULT.

257314 same as ahnentafel number 124282

257315 same as ahnentafel number 124283

257328 Count Henri I Of CHAMPAGNE.  Born in 1127. Henri I died in 1181; he was 54. Henri I married Princess Marie (Mary) CAPET Of France.

257329 Princess Marie (Mary) CAPET Of France.  Born in 1145. Marie (Mary) died in 1198; she was 53.

257330 Sancho VI (VI) De NAVARRA.  Born in 1130. Sancho VI (VI) died in 1194; he was 64. Sancho VI (VI) married Princess Beatrice SANCHA Of Castile.

257331 Princess Beatrice SANCHA Of Castile.  Born in 1150.

257340 Duke Henry I Of BRABANT.  Born in 1160. Henry I died in 1235; he was 75. In 1179 when Henry I was 19, he married Matilda Of BOLOGNE.

257341 Matilda Of BOLOGNE.  Born ca 1162. Matilda died in 1211; she was 49.

257342 King Philipp II Of the ROMANS.  Born ca 1176. Philipp II died in 1208; he was 32. Philipp II married Irini (Irene) Maria ANGELINA.

257343 Irini (Irene) Maria ANGELINA.  Born in 1184. Irini (Irene) Maria died in 1208; she was 24.

257344 Nicholas De AVESNES.  Born in 1129. Nicholas married Mathilde De la ROCHE.

257345 Mathilde De la ROCHE.  Born in 1133.

257346 Bernard De GUISE.  Born in 1133. Bernard married Alix ?.

257347 Alix ?  Born in 1137.

257348 Baldwin (Baudouin) VIII HAINAULT.  Born in 1150. Baldwin (Baudouin) VIII died in 1195; he was 45. Baldwin (Baudouin) VIII married Countess Marguerite Of FLANDERS.

257349 Countess Marguerite Of FLANDERS.  Born in 1135. Marguerite died in 1194; she was 59.

257350 Count Henri I De CHAMPAGNE.  Born in 1127. Henri I died in 1181; he was 54. Henri I married Princess Marie Of FRANCE.

257351 Princess Marie Of FRANCE.  Born in 1145. Marie died in 1198; she was 53.

257352 Count Floris (Florence) III Of HOLLAND.  Born in 1141. Floris (Florence) III died in 1190; he was 49. Floris (Florence) III married Princess Ada Of SCOTLAND.

257353 Princess Ada Of SCOTLAND.  Born in 1146. Ada died in 1204; she was 58.

257354 Otto I COUNT GELRE.  Born in 1150. Otto I died in 1207; he was 57. Otto I married Princess Richardis Of BAVARIA.

257355 Princess Richardis Of BAVARIA.  Born in 1173. Richardis died in 1231; she was 58.

257400 King Andrew II Of HUNGARY.  Born in 1176. Andrew II died in 1235; he was 59. bef 1203 when Andrew II was 27, he married Countess Gertrude Of Meran Of ANDECHS.

257401 Countess Gertrude Of Meran Of ANDECHS.  Born in 1185. Gertrude Of Meran died on 28 Sep 1213; she was 28.

257402 Emperor Theodore I Of BYZANTIUM.  Born in 1175. Theodore I died in 1222; he was 47. Theodore I married Anna/Angelina KOMNENE.

257403 Anna/Angelina KOMNENE.  Born in 1156. Anna/Angelina died in 1212; she was 56.

19th Generation

278528 2nd Count Ardolphus Of GUISNES.  Born in Normandy. Ardolphus died in Normandy. Ardolphus married Mahaut/Matildis ?.

278529 Mahaut/Matildis ?

278530 Count Plugh II Of ST. POLL.

278532 Gualcheline/Walcheline De FERIERS/FERRERS.  Born in Normandy.

281680 2nd Lord Lope (Rico Hombre De Castile) SANCHEZ De AYALA Of Ayala.  Born in Spain. Lope (Rico Hombre De Castile) died aft 1089 in Spain.

282498 Count Fernando FERNANDEZ.  Fernando died bef 1130. ca 1117 Fernando married Elvira ALFONSO.

282499 Elvira ALFONSO.  Born ca 1079.

496896 Hervey WALTER.

496948 same as ahnentafel number 248544

496949 Adelaide Of ANGERS. She did not marry Count Geoffrey (Le Bel or The Fair) PLANTAGENET Of Anjou.

497024 Baron Humphrey De BOHUN.  Born ca 1116. Humphrey died in 1187; he was 71. Humphrey married Margaret De PITRES.

497025 Margaret De PITRES.  Margaret died on 6 Apr 1187.

497088 Count Fulk V (Foulques) Of ANJOU.  Born in 1092. Fulk V (Foulques) died in 1143; he was 51. Fulk V (Foulques) married Countess Ermengard Du MAINE.

497089 Countess Ermengard Du MAINE.  Born in 1096. Ermengard died in 1126; she was 30.

497090 King Henry I Of ENGLAND.  Born ca Sep 1068 in Selby, Yorkshire, England. Henry I died in Angers, Maine-Et-Loire, France on 1 Dec 1135; he was 67. On 11 Nov 1100 when Henry I was 32, he married Princess Edith (Matilda/Maud) Of SCOTLAND, in London, Middlesex, England.

497091 Princess Edith (Matilda/Maud) Of SCOTLAND.  Born in 1079/1080 in Dunfermline, Scotland. Edith (Matilda/Maud) died in Westminster Palace, London, Middlesex, England on 1 May 1118; she was 39. Buried in London, Middlesex, England.

497092 Duke William (Guillaume) IX Le Troubadour Of AQUITAINE.  Born on 22 Oct 1071 in France. William (Guillaume) IX Le Troubadour died on 10 Feb 1126; he was 54. In 1094 when William (Guillaume) IX Le Troubadour was 22, he married Philippa Of TOULOUSE.

497093 Philippa Of TOULOUSE.

497094 Aimery I Châtellérault De ROCHEFOUCAULD.  Born ca 1076. Aimery I Châtellérault died in L'Abbey De Notre Dame De Noyers on 7 Nov 1151; he was 75. Aimery I Châtellérault married Countess Of CHATELLERAULT.

497095 Countess Of CHATELLERAULT.

497106 King Alfonso VII Of LEON AND CASTILE.  Alfonso VII died in 1157. In 1152 Alfonso VII married Richilde Of POLAND.

497107 Richilde Of POLAND.  Richilde died bef 1176.

498778 Earl William De WARENNE Of Warren & Surrey.  Born in 1081. William died on 11 May 1138; he was 57. Buried in Lewes, Sussex. William married Isabel Elizabeth De VERMANDOIS.

498779 Isabel Elizabeth De VERMANDOIS.  Isabel Elizabeth died bef Jul 1147.

514624 King Louis VII (The Younger) CAPET Of FRANCE.  Born ca 1121. Louis VII (The Younger) died in Paris, France on 18 Sep 1180; he was 59. Buried in Melun, Frane. On 18 Oct 1160 when Louis VII (The Younger) was 39, he married Adele De CHAMPAGNE De Blois.

514625 Adele De CHAMPAGNE De Blois.

514656 Thibaud IV (II) Of CHAMPAGNE.  Born in 1093. Thibaud IV (II) died in 1152; he was 59. Thibaud IV (II) married Princess Mathilde (Maude) Of CARINTHIA.

514657 Princess Mathilde (Maude) Of CARINTHIA.  Born in 1097. Mathilde (Maude) died in 1152; she was 55.

514658 same as ahnentafel number 514624

514659 same as ahnentafel number 124273

514660 Garcias V (VI) De NAVARRA.  Born in 1099. Garcias V (VI) died in 1150; he was 51. Garcias V (VI) married Marguerite De la AIGLE.

514661 Marguerite De la AIGLE.  Born in 1100. Marguerite died in 1141; she was 41.

514662 Alphonso SANCHA?  Born in 1103. Alphonso married Berenquela ?.

514663 Berenquela ?  Born in 1110.

514680 Godfrey III LOTHIER.  Born in 1133. Godfrey III died in 1190; he was 57. Godfrey III married Margaret ?.

514681 Margaret ?  Born in 1125. Margaret died in 1172; she was 47.

514682 Count Matthieu Von LOTHRINGEN Of Boulogne.  Born in 1137. Matthieu died on 25 Jul 1173; he was 36. ca 1160 when Matthieu was 23, he married Countess Marie OF BOULOGNE Of Mortaigne. Marriage was annulled in 1169.

514683 Countess Marie OF BOULOGNE Of Mortaigne.  Born in 1136. Marie died in St. Austrebert, Montreuil, France in 1182; she was 46. Buried in St Austrebert, Montreuil, France.

514684 Emperor Frederick I BARBEROSA Of the West.  Born in 1123. Frederick I died in 1190; he was 67. In 1156 when Frederick I was 33, he married Countess Beatrice Of PALATINE.

514685 Countess Beatrice Of PALATINE.  Born in 1147. Beatrice died in 1184; she was 37.

514686 Emperor Isaac II Of BYZANTIUM.  Born in 1155. Isaac II died in 1204; he was 49.

514704 Count Dirk VI Of HOLLAND.  Born in 1114. Dirk VI died in 1157; he was 43. Dirk VI married Countess Sofie Of RHEINECK.

514705 Countess Sofie Of RHEINECK.  Born in 1117. Sofie died in 1176; she was 59.

514706 Earl Henry Of HUNTINGTON.  Born in 1114. Henry died on 12 Jun 1152; he was 38. Buried in Roxburghshire. Henry married Adelaide De WARENNE.

514707 Adelaide De WARENNE.  Born in 1120. Adelaide died in 1178; she was 58.

514708 Count Hendrick Of VAN GELRE.  Born in 1124. Hendrick married Agnes VON ARNSTEIN.

514709 Agnes VON ARNSTEIN.  Born in 1128.

514710 Duke Otto I Of BAVARIA.  Born in 1147. Otto I married Agnes De LOOZ Comtesse.

514711 Agnes De LOOZ Comtesse.  Born in 1151.

514800 King Bela III Of HUNGARY.  Born in 1148. Bela III died in 1196; he was 48. In 1185 when Bela III was 37, he married Queen Consort Margaret CAPET Of France.

514801 Queen Consort Margaret CAPET Of France.  Born in 1158. Margaret died in Acre, Palestine in 1198; she was 40.

514802 Duke Berthold III Of MERAN.  Born in 1159. Berthold III married Countess Agnes Of GROITZSCH.

514803 Countess Agnes Of GROITZSCH.  Born in 1163.

514804 Manolis LASKARIS.  Born in 1140. Manolis married Ioanna KARATZAINA.

514805 Ioanna KARATZAINA.  Born in 1148.

514806 Emperor Alexios III Of BYZANTIUM.  Born in 1143. Alexios III died in 1211; he was 68. Alexios III married Euphrosyne Dukaina KAMATERINA.

514807 Euphrosyne Dukaina KAMATERINA.  Born in 1163. Euphrosyne Dukaina died in 1211; she was 48.

20th Generation

557056 Prince Siegefrede Of DENMARK 1st Count of Guisnes. Siegefrede married Estrude ?.

557057 Estrude ?

557058 Count Ernicule Of BOULOGNE.

563360 Lord Sancho VELASQUEZ Of Ayala. Born in Spain. Sancho died aft 1074 in Spain.

564998 King Alfonso VI Of SPAIN. He did not marry Jimena MUÑOZ.

564999 Jimena MUÑOZ. Jimena died in 1128.

994048 Humphrey De BOHUN. Born ca 1080. In 1087/1100 when Humphrey was 7, he married Maud Of SALISBURY.

994049 Maud Of SALISBURY. Born ca 1086. Maud died in 1142; she was 56.

994050 Miles De Pîtres FITZ-WALTER 3rdEarl-Hereford. Miles De Pîtres died on 24 Dec 1143 in Forest Of Dean, England. Buried in Llanthony Priory, Gloucester, England. In 1121 Miles De Pîtres married Sibyl Di NEUFMARCHE.

994051 Sibyl Di NEUFMARCHE. Buried in Llanthony Priory, Gloucester.

994176 Count Fulk IV (The Rude) Of ANJOU. Fulk IV (The Rude) died on 14 Apr 1106. Fulk IV (The Rude) married Bertrade De MONTFORT.

994177 Bertrade De MONTFORT.

994180 King William I (The Conqueror or The Bastard) Of ENGLAND. Born in 1027 in Falaise, Calvados, France. William I (The Conqueror or The Bastard) died in Hermenbraville, France on 19 Sep 1087; he was 60. In 1053 when William I (The Conqueror or The Bastard) was 26, he married Matilda De FLANDERS, in Normandy, France.

994181 Matilda De FLANDERS. Born ca 1031 in Flanders, France. Matilda died in Caen, France on 2 Nov 1083; she was 52.

994182 King Malcolm III CAENNMORE Of Scotland. Born ca 1031. Malcolm III died in Alnwick Castle, England on 13 Nov 1093/1098; he was 62. ca 1068 when Malcolm III was 37, he married St./Queen Margaret Of SCOTLAND, in Dunermline, Scotland.

994183 St./Queen Margaret Of SCOTLAND. Born in 1045 in Hungary. Margaret died in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland on 16 Nov 1093; she was 48. Buried in Dunfermline Abbey, Fife, Scotland.

994184 Duke William VI/VIII (Guido) Of AQUITAINE. Born ca 1026. William VI/VIII (Guido) died in Chateau De Chize, France on 25 Sep 1086; he was 60. ca 1069 when William VI/VIII (Guido) was 43, he married Hildegard Of BURGUNDY.

994185 Hildegard Of BURGUNDY. Born in 1050. Hildegard died aft 1104; she was 54.

994186 Count William IV Of TOULOUSE. Born in 1040. William IV died in 1093; he was 53. William IV married Mathilde ?.

994187 Mathilde ? Born in 1042.

994214 Vladislas II Of POLAND. Vladislas II died in 1159. ca 1125 Vladislas II married Agnes VON BABENBERG.

994215 Agnes VON BABENBERG.  Agnes died in 1157.

997556 Count, 1st Earl William De WARENNE Of Surrey. Born ca 1055 in Bellebcombe, France. William died in Pevensey, Sussex on 24 Jun 1088; he was 33. Buried in Lewes, Sussex. William married Gundred ?.

997557 Gundred ? Born in 1063. Gundred died in 1085; she was 22.

997558 Count Hugh (The Great) De CRÉPE Of Vermandois. Born in 1057. Hugh (The Great) died on 18 Oct 1102; he was 45. Hugh (The Great) married Countess Adelaide Of VERMANDOIS.

997559 Countess Adelaide Of VERMANDOIS. Born in 1050. Adelaide died in 1124; she was 74.

1029248 King Louis VI (The Fat) CAPET Of France. Born ca 1081 in Paris, France. Louis VI (The Fat) died in Paris, France on 1 Aug 1137; he was 56. Buried in St. Denis, France. In 1115 when Louis VI (The Fat) was 34, he married Adelaide De MAURIENNE Of Savoy.

1029249 Adelaide De MAURIENNE Of Savoy.

1029360 Godrey II LOTHIER. Born in 1107. Godrey II died in 1142; he was 35. Godrey II married Luitgarde ?.

1029361 Luitgarde ? Born in 1109. Luitgarde died in 1162; she was 53.

1029362 Duke Henry II Of LIMBURG. Born in 1111. Henry II died in 1167; he was 56. Henry II married Maud ?.

1029363 Maud ? Born in 1113. Maud died in 1145; she was 32.

1029364 Dietrich D'ALSACE. Born in 1099. Dietrich died in 1168; he was 69. Dietrich married Sibilla (Sibyl) ANJOU.

1029365 Sibilla (Sibyl) ANJOU. Born in 1105. Sibilla (Sibyl) died in 1167; she was 62.

1029366 King Stephen Of ENGLAND. Born in 1096 in Blois, France. Stephen died in Dover Castle, Kent, England on 25 Oct 1154; he was 58. Buried in Faversham Abbey, Kent, England. In 1125 when Stephen was 29, he married Queen Matilda Of ENGLAND, in Westminster, England.

1029367 Queen Matilda Of ENGLAND. Born in 1103/1105 in Boulogne, France. Matilda died in Hedingham Castle, Essex, England on 3 May 1152; she was 49. Buried in Faversham Abbey, Kent, England.

1029368 Duke Frederick VON HOHENSTAUFEN Of Swabia. Born in 1090. Frederick died in 1147; he was 57. Frederick married Princess Judith Of BAVARIA.

1029369 Princess Judith Of BAVARIA. Born in 1103. Judith died aft 1130; she was 27.

1029370 Count Reynold Of MACON. Born in 1117. Reynold died in 1148; he was 31. Reynold married Princess Agatha Of LORRAINE.

1029371 Princess Agatha Of LORRAINE. Born in 1119. Agatha died in 1147; she was 28.

1029372 Andronikos Dukas ANGELOS. Born in 1122. Andronikos Dukas died in 1185; he was 63. Andronikos Dukas married Euphrosyne KASTAMONITISSA.

1029373 Euphrosyne KASTAMONITISSA. Born in 1125. Euphrosyne died in 1195; she was 70.

1029408 Count Floris II Of HOLLAND.  Born in 1085. Floris II died in 1121; he was 36. Floris II married Princess Petronille Of OBERLOTHRINGEN.

1029409 Princess Petronille Of OBERLOTHRINGEN. Born in 1086. Petronille died in 1144; she was 58.

1029412 King David I (The Saint) Of SCOTLAND. Born ca 1084. David I (The Saint) died in Carlisle, Cumbria, England on 24 May 1153; he was 69. Buried in , Scotland. In 1113 when David I (The Saint) was 29, he married Matilda (Maud) Of NORTHUMBERLAND.

1029413 Matilda (Maud) Of NORTHUMBERLAND. Born in 1074. Matilda (Maud) died in 1131; she was 57. Buried in Perth, Scotland.

1029414 same as ahnentafel number 498778

1029415 same as ahnentafel number 498779

1029600 King Geza II Of HUNGARY. In 1146 Geza II married Euphrosyne Of KIEV.

1029601 Euphrosyne Of KIEV. Euphrosyne died bef 1186.

1029602 same as ahnentafel number 514624

1029603 Constance Of CASTILE. bef 18 Nov 1153 Constance married King Louis VII (The Younger) CAPET Of FRANCE.

1029612 same as ahnentafel number 1029372

1029613 same as ahnentafel number 1029373

1029614 Andronikos Dukas KAMATERINA.  Born in 1108. Andronikos Dukas died in 1176; he was 68.

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