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Register Report - BUTTERWORTH

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1. ? BUTTERWORTH. Children:

2 i. HENRY (ca1598-ca1640)
ii. Samuel. Samuel died bef 3 Mar 1685/1686.

Second Generation

Ship2. HENRY BUTTERWORTH (?1). Born ca 1598/1600 in Rochdale, Lancastershire, England. Henry died in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA, ca 1640; he was 42. Ca 1620 when Henry was 22, he married Mary ?, in Rochdale, Lancastershire, England. Born in 1600 in England. Mary died in Newport, Newport Co., RI, on 26 Jan 1687/1688; she was 87. Religion: Quaker. They had the following children:

3 i. Abraham (ca1622-)
4 ii. MARY (1629-1714)
5 iii. John (ca1630-1708)
iv. Sarah. Born ca 1640/1641 in MA.

Third Generation

3. Abraham BUTTERWORTH (Henry2, ?1). Born ca 1622 in Rochdale, Lancastershire, England. Child:

i. Ann

4. MARY BUTTERWORTH (Henry2, ?1). Born on 29 Aug 1629 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA. Mary died in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA, on 29 Aug 1714; she was 85. Buried in Bullock's Cove, Rehoboth, Bristol MA. On 9 Mar 1651/1652 when Mary was 21, she married Sampson MASON, son of Robert MASON & Hannah UXOR, in Dorchester, Norfolk Co., MA. Born on 10 Mar 1625/1626 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. Sampson died in Swansea, Bristol Co., MA, on 7 Sep 1676; he was 51. Buried in Sep 1676 in Bullock's Cove, Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA. Occupation: Shoemaker. They had the following children:

i. Noah (1651-1698)
ii. Sampson (ca1653-1744)
iii. Samuel (1655-1742)
iv. John (ca1657-1682)
v. Sarah (1657-ca1712)
vi. Mary (1659-1714)
vii. James (Died Young) (1661-)
viii. Joseph (1662-1748)
ix. Bethia (1665-1712)
x. Isaac (1667-1740)
xi. Pelatiah (1669-1763)
xii. Benjamin (1670-1740)
xiii. THANKFUL (1672->1743)

5. Deacon John BUTTERWORTH (Henry2, ?1). Born ca 1630 in Rochdale, Lancastershire, England. John died in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA, in Oct 1708; he was 78. Religion: Baptist. John married Sarah ? They had the following children:

i. John (1651-1730)
ii. Sarah (1653-)
iii. Nathaniel (1655-)
iv. Joseph (1657-1746)
v. Deborah (1659-)
vi. Samuel (1661-ca1690)
vii. Mercy or Mary (1663-)
viii. Daniel (1665-)
ix. George (1667-)
x. Experience (1669-)
xi. Benjamin (1672-)
xii. Hopestill (1663-)

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