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Register Report - COLLEY

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1. CLAUDE COLLEY. Claude married Therese BECARD. They had one child:

2 i. PIERRE (ca1757-)

Second Generation

2. PIERRE COLLEY (Claude1). Born ca 1757 in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France. Pierre died in France. On 23 Jul 1782 when Pierre was 25, he married Madeleine JEANTROUT, daughter of Ferdinand JEANTROUT & Catherine JACQUEMIN, in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France. Born ca 1756 in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France. Madeleine died in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France, on 23 Mar 1818; she was 62. They had one child:

3 i. JEANNE FRANCOISE (1790-1869)

Third Generation

3. JEANNE FRANCOISE COLLEY (Pierre2, Claude1). Born on 3 Aug 1790 in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France. Jeanne Francoise died in Ormoy, Haute Saone, France, on 7 May 1869; she was 78. On 22 Oct 1819 when Jeanne Francoise was 29, she married Jean Francois BONNEPRISE, son of Nicholas BONNEPRISE & Jeanne Francoise BOUTEUSE, in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France. Born on 21 Apr 1796 in Ormoy, Haute Saone, France. Jean Francois died in Ormoy, Haute Saone, France, on 2 Feb 1847; he was 50. They had the following children:

i. Anne (1820-)
ii. Francoise (Died Young) (1822-1826)
iii. PIERRE/PETER LOUIS (1825-1901) (1824-1901)
iv. Louis Francois (1826-1904)
v. Jeanne Rose (1829-1854)
vi. Jeanne Henriette (1831-)
vii. Joseph (Died Young) (1833-1844)

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