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Register Report - EDGINGTON

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1. GEORGE EDGINGTON. Born in 1707. George died in Holiday's Cove (Weirton), Brooke Co., VA, in 1791; he was 84. On 30 Jul 1743 when George was 36, he married Margaret BROOME, daughter of Thomas BROOME & Elizabeth COLEY, in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA. First Presbyterian Church. Born ca 1724 in Philadelphia Co., PA. Margaret died in Holiday's Cove (Weirton), Brooke Co., VA. They had the following children:

2 i. Thomas (1744-1814)
3 ii. GEORGE (ca1746-1816)
4 iii. Joseph (1748-1832)
5 iv. Isaac (ca1752-ca1836)
6 v. John (ca1754-1813)
vi. Elizabeth. Born ca 1757 in Hampshire Co., VA.
7 vii. Jesse (1759-1821)
viii. Hannah. Born ca 1760 in Hampshire Co., VA.
ix. Jemima. Born in 1763 in Hampshire Co., VA. Jemima died in Freeport, Harrison Co., OH, ca 1835; she was 72.

Second Generation

2. Thomas EDGINGTON (George1). Born in 1744 in Hampshire Co., VA. Thomas died in Brooke Co., WV, on 2 Jan 1814; he was 70. Thomas married Martha (Patty) ? They had the following children:

i. Asahel.
ii. George.
iii. Mary.
iv. John.
v. Sarah.
vi. Jesse.
vii. Rachel.
viii. Drucilla.
ix. Thomas.

3. GEORGE EDGINGTON (George1). Born ca 1746 in Hampshire Co., VA. George died in Adams Co., OH, in 1816; he was 70. Ca 1769 when George was 23, he first married Mary NAYLOR. Born ca 1750. Mary died bef 1797; she was 47. They had the following children:

i. John. Born in 1770 in Hampshire Co., VA. John died in Knox Co., IN, in 1815; he was 45.
ii. George. Born in 1774 in Hampshire Co., VA.
iii. Absalom. Born in 1776 in Hampshire Co., VA. Absalom died in Adams Co., OH, in 1853; he was 77.
8 iv. ELIZABETH (TACY) (ca1778-1824)
v. William. Born on 14 Jan 1781. William died on 2 Jun 1845; he was 64.
vi. Mary. Born ca 1783 in Hampshire Co., VA. Mary died in Adams Co., OH, in 1826; she was 43.
vii. Drucilla. Born in 1788 in Hampshire Co., VA. Drucilla died in Adams Co., OH.
viii. Sarah. Born ca 1789 in Hampshire Co., VA.
ix. Abel. Born in 1794 in Adams Co., OH. Abel died in Adams Co., OH, in 1876; he was 82.

Ca 1797 when George was 51, he second married Almira LEEDOM, daughter of John LEEDOM & Letitia JONES. Born ca 1756. They had the following children:

i. Peter. Born in 1798 in OH.
ii. Bruce. Born in 1800 in OH.
Bruce married Margaret GUTRIDGE.
iii. John. Born in 1809 in OH.
iv. Sarah. Born in 1809 in OH.
v. Beulah. Born in 1809 in OH.
vi. Green Clay. Born in 1811 in OH.
vii. Nathan. Born in 1813.
viii. Thomas. Born in 1815 in OH.

4. Joseph EDGINGTON (George1). Born in 1748 in Hampshire Co., VA. Joseph died in Adams Co., OH, in Apr 1832; he was 84. Joseph first married Eleanor ? They had the following children:

i. Ashahel.
ii. Margaret.
iii. Eleanor.
iv. George.
v. Joseph.
vi. Isaac.
vii. Joshua.
viii. Jemima.
ix. Henry.
x. Honor.
xi. Asa.

On 8 Aug 1814 when Joseph was 66, he second married Hannah McLAUGHLIN. Hannah died on 2 Aug 1845.

5. Isaac EDGINGTON (George1). Born ca 1752 in Hampshire Co., VA. Isaac died ca 1836; he was 84. Ca 1777 when Isaac was 25, he married Elizabeth ? They had the following children:

i. Ruah Ann.
ii. Abraham.
iii. Isaac.
iv. Jacob.
v. Rachel.
vi. Brice Viers.
vii. Azariah.
viii. John.

6. John EDGINGTON (George1). Born ca 1754 in Hampshire Co., VA. John died in Stark Co., OH, in 1813; he was 59. John married Nancy BRUCE. They had the following children:

i. Aaron.
ii. John.
iii. Sarah.
iv. Mary.
v. Rebecca.
vi. Noah.
vii. Nancy.
viii. Margaret.
ix. Isaac.

7. Jesse EDGINGTON (George1). Born in 1759 in Hampshire Co., VA. Jesse died in Mansfield, Richland Co., OH, in 1821; he was 62. On 5 Oct 1779 when Jesse was 20, he married Margaret PALMER / PARMER / PARAMOUR / PARRAMORE. They had the following children:

i. Thomas.
ii. John.
iii. Levi.
iv. Isaac.
v. Jesse.
vi. William.

Third Generation

8. ELIZABETH (TACY) EDGINGTON (George2, George1). Born ca 1778 in Hampshire Co., VA. Elizabeth (Tacy) died in Spriggs Twp., Adams Co., OH, in 1824; she was 46. In 1795 when Elizabeth (Tacy) was 17, she married William LEEDOM, son of John LEEDOM & Letitia JONES, in Adams Co., OH. Born on 6 Sep 1763 in prob. Bucks Co., PA. William died in prob. Adams Co., OH, on 14 Mar 1850; he was 86. They had the following children:

i. Elijah (1795-1851)
ii. Joseph (1797-1867)
iii. Asa (1800-1878)
iv. Mary (1801-)
v. Aaron (1802-)
vii. George Washington (1806-1879)
viii. William (1808-1882)
ix. Nancy (1810-1856)
x. Tacy Elizabeth (1810-1845)
xi. Sarah (1812-1860)

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