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Register Report - JEANTROUT

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1. FRANCOIS JEANTROUT. Born in 1640. Francois died on 30 Aug 1697; he was 57. On 26 Jun 1661 when Francois was 21, he married Jeanne THOMAS, in Fontenois la Ville, Haute Saone, France. Jeanne died on 29 Dec 1699 in Fontenois la Ville, Haute Saone, France. They had the following children:

2 i. Claude (1670-)
3 ii. SEBASTIEN (1677-1759)

Second Generation

2. Claude JEANTROUT (Francois1). Born in 1670. On 26 Oct 1693 when Claude was 23, he married Anne Maire MILLEROT, in Buffiguecourt, Haute Saone, France. They had one child:

4 i. Antonie (1701-1777)

3. SEBASTIEN JEANTROUT (Francois1). Born in 1677. Sebastien died on 10 Oct 1759; he was 82. On 4 May 1701 when Sebastien was 24, he married Louise MOUGEOT, in Polaincourt, Haute Saone, France. Born in 1678. Louise died on 15 Oct 1750; she was 72. They had one child:

5 i. FERDINAND (1706-)

Third Generation

4. Antonie JEANTROUT (Claude2, Francois1). Born on 10 Mar 1701. Antonie died in Fontenois la Ville, Haute Saone, France, on 20 Nov 1777; he was 76. On 13 Sep 1731 when Antonie was 30, he married Jeanne DOILLON, in Fontenois la Ville, Haute Saone, France. Born on 7 May 1714. They had one child:

6 i. Antonie (1731-1804)

5. FERDINAND JEANTROUT (Sebastien2, Francois1). Born on 23 Oct 1706. On 5 Feb 1731 when Ferdinand was 24, he married Catherine JACQUEMIN, in Polaincourt, Haute Saone, France. They had one child:

7 i. MADELEINE (ca1756-1818)

Fourth Generation

6. Antonie JEANTROUT (Antonie3, Claude2, Francois1). Born on 1 Apr 1731. Antonie died on 27 Dec 1804; he was 73. On 10 Feb 1766 when Antonie was 34, he married Amie Francoise VINOT, in Fontenoy le Chateau, Haute Saone, France. Amie Francoise died on 23 Oct 1811. They had one child:

i. Marie (1773-)

7. MADELEINE JEANTROUT (Ferdinand3, Sebastien2, Francois1). Born ca 1756 in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France. Madeleine died in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France, on 23 Mar 1818; she was 62. On 23 Jul 1782 when Madeleine was 26, she married Pierre COLLEY, son of Claude COLLEY & Therese BECARD, in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France. Born ca 1757 in Hurecourt, Haute Saone, France. Pierre died in France. They had one child:

i. JEANNE FRANCOISE (1790-1869)

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