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Register Report - TOUGH

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1. ? TOUGH.

2 i. Richard (->1517)

Second Generation

2. Richard TOUGH (?1). Born in Of Leicestershire, England. Richard died aft 11 Sep 1517 in England. Occupation: Merchant. Child:

i. William. Born in Of Leicestershire, England. William died in 1552 in England.

3. WILLIAM TOUGH I (?1). Born in England. William married Agnes ? They had one child:

4 i. WILLIAM (-ca1542)

Third Generation

4. WILLIAM TOUGH II (William2, ?1). Born in England. William died ca 1542/1543 in England. William first married Margaret ?. Margaret died bef 1542 in England. They had one child:

5 i. William

William second married Joanna ?. Joanna died in 1574 in England. They had one child:

6 i. THOMAS (->1586)

Fourth Generation

5. William TOUGH III (William3, William2, ?1). Born in England. Child:

i. John. Born in England.

6. THOMAS TOUGH (William3, William2, ?1). Thomas died aft 20 May 1586 in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England. Buried on 24 May 1586 in England. Occupation: Yeoman. Thomas married Susan ?. Susan died in Nov 1592. Buried on 30 Nov 1592. They had the following children:

7 i. Thomas (-1619)
8 ii. RALPH
iii. Jeane. Born in England.
iv. Margaret. Born in England.

Fifth Generation

7. Thomas TOUGH (Thomas4, William3, William2, ?1). Born in England. Thomas died in 1619 in England. Occupation: Husbandman. Thomas married Elizabeth ? They had the following children:

i. William. Born in England. William married Anne ALLEN.
ii. John. Born in England.
iii. Thomas. Born in England.
iv. Robert. Born in England.

8. RALPH TOUGH (Thomas4, William3, William2, ?1). Born in Of Burrough-On-The-Hill, Leicestershire, England. Child:

9 i. FRANCES (1595-<1673)

Sixth Generation

Ship9. FRANCES TOUGH (Ralph5, Thomas4, William3, William2, ?1). Born in 1595 in Burrough On The Hill, Leicester, England. Frances died in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT, bef 23 Dec 1673; she was 78. On 26 Nov 1617 when Frances was 22, she first married Sampson CHESTER, in St. Anne's Blackfriars, London, Middlesex, England. Born ca 1592 in Leicestershire Co., England. Sampson died in England aft 4 Nov 1623; he was 31. Occupation: Merchant Tailor. They had the following children:

i. Margaret (<1618-)
ii. Joanna (<1619-)
iii. John (<1621-1696)
iv. Abigail (Died Young) (<1623-1636)

Frances second married Thomas SMITH. Thomas died ca 1629.

Ca 1629 when Frances was 34, she third married Deacon Edward STEBBINS, son of William STEBBING/STEBBINS, in England. Born bef 24 Feb 1594/1595 in Black Notley, Essex, England. At the age of <1, Edward was baptized in Black Notley, Essex, England, on 24 Feb 1594/1595. Edward died in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT, bef 19 Aug 1668; he was 74. Occupation: Tanner. Education: Able To Sign His Will. Religion: Admission To Cambridge Church Prior To 14 May 1634. They had the following children:

i. MARY (ca1629-1657)
ii. Elizabeth (ca1631->1694)

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