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Register Report - WINDSOR

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1. MILES De WINDSOR. Miles died on 30 Sep 1451. Miles married Joan GREENE, daughter of Walter GREENE. They had one child:

2 i. THOMAS (ca1441-1485)

Second Generation

2. LORD THOMAS WINDSOR (Miles De WINDSOR1). Born ca 1441 in Of Stanwell, Middlesex, England. Thomas died in England on 29 Sep 1485; he was 44. Bef 1 Feb 1465/1466 when Thomas was 24, he married Elizabeth ANDREWS, daughter of John ANDREWS & Dame Elizabeth STRATTON. Born in England. Elizabeth died in England. They had the following children:

3 i. ANDREWS (<1467-1543)
ii. Bridget.
iii. William.
iv. Elizabeth.
v. Alice.

Third Generation

3. SIR ANDREWS WINDSOR 1st Lord Windsor (Thomas2, Miles De WINDSOR1). Born bef 1 May 1467 in Of Stanwell, Middlesex, England. Andrews died in England on 30 Mar 1543; he was 75. Buried in Hounslow, Middlesex, England. Church of the Holy Trinity. Ca 1490 when Andrews was 22, he married Elizabeth BLOUNT Lady Windsor, daughter of Sir William BLOUNT & Margaret ECHINGHAM. Born ca 1467/1468 in England. Elizabeth died in England bef 30 Mar 1543; she was 76. Buried in Hounslow, Middlesex, England. Church of the Holy Trinity. They had the following children:

4 i. EDITH (ca1515-)
ii. Elizabeth. Born in England. Buried in England. Elizabeth married Sir Peter VAVASOR. Born in Of Spaldington, Yorkshire, England.
iii. Anne. Born in England. Anne died in England. Anne married Roger CORBET. Born in Of Morton-Corbet, Shropshire, England.
iv. Eleanor.
Eleanor first married Lord Ralph SCROPE. Eleanor second married Sir Edward NEVILLE, son of 4th Lord George NEVILLE Bergavenny & Margaret FENNE. Edward died on 8 Dec 1538.

Fourth Generation

4. EDITH WINDSOR (Andrews3, Thomas2, Miles De WINDSOR1). Born ca 1515 in England. Edith died in England. Bef 26 Mar 1543 when Edith was 28, she married George LUDLOW, son of William LUDLOW & Jane MOORE. Born ca 1522/1523 in England. George died in England bef 4 Feb 1580/1581; he was 58. They had the following children:

i. Mary
ii. Ursala
iii. Anne
iv. Margaret
v. Jane
vi. Phillippa
vii. Edmund (ca1545-1624)
viii. THOMAS (ca1550-<1607)

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