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Massengill Marriages
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Note:  This is a partial transcription of marriages found for Massengill/Massengale (whatever spellings) found in Itawamba County, MS and Monroe County, MS.

Misc. Massengill/Massengale Marriages Monroe Co. & Itawamba Co, MS

Date County Comments
Massengale, Arthur Hattie Towery Jan 8, 1905 Monroe Cornelius Arthur "Autho" Massengale, son of John T. >Alfred W.>Reddick
Massengale, Bertha Bill Miller Apr 6, 1902 Monroe  
Massengale, Elizabeth Colium L. Brasfield July 16, 1877 Monroe Dau. of Alfred W.>Reddick
Massengale, Mrs. Elizabeth Julius Osborne Apr 16, 1865 Monroe Could this be James Massengale's widow remarrying? James is son of Reddick
Massengale, E. O. Lela Coker Dec 27, 1908 Monroe Ellie Oliver Massengale, son of John T.>Alfred W.>Reddick
Massengale, H. L. Ida Sanderson Dec 8, 1912 Monroe  
Massengale, J. H. Henrietta Hawkes Dec 23, 1885 Monroe Joseph H., son of Alfred W.>Reddick
Massengale, Lavonia Lawrence Millican Aug 19, 1908 Monroe  
Massengale, Lucinda William Z. Little Aug 5, 1877 Monroe Mary Lucinda dau. of Alfred W.>Reddick
Massengale, Martha George G. Stafford Sept 11, 1887 Monroe Martha Ellen dau. of William R.>Reddick
Massengale, Nancy A. J. J. Nash Aug 20, 1874 Monroe dau. of Alfred W.>Reddick
Massengale, Wiley Josie Vandiver Jan 7, 1899 Monroe son of John T.>Alfred W.>Reddick
Massengill, Miss W. M. J. C. Addington Apr 5, 1901 Monroe  
Massingale, Frances T. W. Walker Jan 6, 1869 Monroe Lucy Frances dau. of Alfred W.> Reddick
Massinggale, George Dulrinia Hadaway Jan 9, 1881 Monroe  
Massingale, James Elizabeth J. Bennett Apr 13, 1854 Monroe son of Reddick
Massingale, M. J. F. M. Little Aug 24, 1880 Monroe Martha Jane Massingale, dau. of Alfred W.>Reddick
Massingale, Wiley Ophelia Harnston (Harston) Nov 7, 1821 Monroe Wiley A. son of John T.>Alfred W.>Reddick
Massengale, A. W. Roda M. Tyra Dec 5, 1838 Itawamba Alfred W., son of Reddick
Massengale, W. T. Mary Samples Feb 15, 1849 Itawamba  
Massingill, W. May F. Williams Mar 28, 1861 Itawamba William R., son of Reddick
Massengale, G. T. W. M. Garrett May 7, 1892 Itawamba George Thomas son of William R.>Reddick
Massengale, J. W. M. L. Doyberry July 26, 1901 Itawamba James Walter son of William R.> Reddick
Massengill, Martha Harvy Sullivan Dec 3 1839 Itawamba dau. of Reddick
Massingale, Lucinda Sampson Stafford 10 Jul 1844 Itawamba dau of Reddick
Massingile, Elizabeth Randy Coleman 2 Nov 1852 Itawamba dau of Reddick
Masengale, Jane Burrel Pearce 27 Feb 1850 Itawamba dau of Reddick

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