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Users of this material should be aware of its limitations. It was not painstakingly researched. It should be used like an interview, i.e., as a clue to further research, rather than as an authoritative source. See Dorris Keeven's comments.

Disclaimer: The opinions on these pages are those of the writers and don't necessarily reflect my own views. More..

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When this first appeared on the List [MOSTCHAR] a few days ago, I made some remarks about this needed some corrections. I apologize to Ms. Scobee, as I did not mean her transcription. I would never attempt to transcribe a book as large as Pioneer Families, and I would have made many more errors than she. I applaud her generous effort.

But as a historian and a professional genealogist, I was speaking more to the point about accuracies in Mr. Bryan's and Mr. Rose's work. They too should be applauded for their efforts, as many families would not have any idea of where to start without the work Pioneer Families. But please keep in mind when doing your research to consider the source. Written in 1870 Mr. Bryan rode on horseback through the area soliciting the family history from the residents. And while oral history is important, one should never take it as the only source, as memories can become distorted and stories enlarged as they are retold. After the patriarch recounted his story to Mr. Bryan (a Boone family member by the way), the little slips of paper where sent off to Mr. Rose at the printing office, for his transcription, and then subsequently published. An enormous amount of work, but with no proof reading or verifying any sources.

After studying and writing on this area's history for over ten years, and having MO Pioneers cited by clients many times, I have read and re read the book several times. I keep a card file of the Warren County families as reported by Bryan and Rose with notations of marriage, census, and other important information found on these families. Many times they are extremely accurate. But not when it came to the Germans. Below I have inserted some notes that it is important to know (in the 21st century). Research in our families is an ongoing process, are we not happy when we can say we know more now, than we did even 10 years ago? Surely we can be happy to know more than we did 130 years ago.

If you want more information on Duden, the Washington Historical Society publishes my continuing column on Gottfried Duden in the Washington Missourian. There are many great books published on Germans in Missouri, my favorite is the Missouri Heritage Readers Series "German Settlement in Missouri" by Robyn Burnett and Ken Luebbering, published by the University of Missouri Press, Columbia,1996 (ISBN 0-8262-1094-5). There are two great books by Walter Kamphoefner "The Westfaliens" and "News from the Land of Freedom" also. The Dutzow Verein and the Washington Historical will be giving a tour of the sites in Gottfried Duden's settlement on October 22.

Again, hats off to Ms. Scobee and her ambitious efforts.

And to Mr. Bryan and to Mr. Rose - thank you - and I hope you don't mind a little "up dating". And I'm sorry but I have a hard time seeing our German names so messed up- so I fixed some of them too.

Dorris Keeven


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