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1851 Kirkconnel, Dumfries Census relating to Anderson research

This data is available through the courtesy of Lynn Crockett

     Name            Age  Occupation    Relation    Born           Residing

Anderson, John       43  farmer            head    Sanquhar         Sprango
Anderson, Agnes      47                    wife    Stirling, Denny  Sprango
Anderson, Christophe 19  ag lab            son     Kirkconnel       Sprango
Anderson, Martha     13                    dau     Kirkconnel       Sprango
Anderson, John 17 servant Kirkconnel Crawich w James Rigg fam Forge
Anderson, John 49 ag lab head Kirkconnel Kirkconnel Anderson, Elizabeth 49 wife Mig-hive? Kirkconnel Anderson, Agnes 15 scholar dau Kirkconnel Kirkconnel Anderson, John 13 scholar son Kirkconnel Kirkconnel
Anderson, William 48 ag lab head Tynron Rach Anderson, Christian 45 wife Crawford, Lanark Rach Anderson, James 17 dau Kirkconnel Rach Anderson, Charles 11 son Kirkconnel Rach
Anderson, Samuel 37 ag lab head Durrisdeer? Anderson, Jane 37 wife Durrisdeer? Anderson, Elizabeth 13 dau Closeburn Anderson, William 11 son Closeburn Anderson, Henratta 8 dau Kirkconnel Anderson, James 6 son Kirkconnel Anderson, Samuel 4 son Kirkconnel Anderson, Robert 8mo son Kirkconnel
Anderson, Robert 44 com miller head Kirkconnel Anderson, Janet 29 wife Morton Anderson, Marion 7 dau Kirkconnel
Anderson, Sarah 46 dressmaker head Kirkconnel Carmichael, Margaret 19 dressmaker niece Kirkconnel
Jackson, James 31 RR lab head Dunscore Kirkconnel Jackson, Jane 32 wife Kirkconnel Kirkconnel Jackson, Janet 11 dau Kirkconnel Kirkconnel Jackson, David 9 son Kirkconnel Kirkconnel
Weir, John 36 builder head Kirkconnel Weir, Marion 32 wife Sanquhar Weir, James 7 son Kirkconnel Weir, John 5 dau Kirkconnel Weir, Jane 9mo dau Kirkconnel
Weir, Jane 72 wid head Kirkconnel Weir, John 29 mason son Kirkconnel Weir, Janet 31 at home dau Kirkconnel