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1851 Kirkmichael, Dumfries Census relating to Anderson research

This data is available through the courtesy of Lynn Crockett

        Name         Age      Occupation     Relation   Born       Residing

Anderson, William    50  stallion keeper     head    Dunscore
Dinwoodie, Isabella 48 farmer, 300 ac, wid head Tynron Dinwoodie, Isabella 12 dau Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, Margaret 11 dau Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, Mary Agne 9 dau Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, Jessie? 6 dau Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, Jemina? 4 dau Kirkmichael
Dinwoodie, John 41 shoemaker head Johnstone Dinwoodie, Ellen 46 wife Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, Agnes 13 sewing school dau Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, William 11 son Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, Thomas 9 son Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, John 7 son Kirkmichael
Dinwoodie, James 42 wood forester head Dumfries Dinwoodie, Ann 41 wife Morton Dinwoodie, Elizabeth 16 servant dau Morton Dinwoodie, James 11 scholar son Morton Dinwoodie, Ann 6 dau Kirkmichael Dinwoodie, David 3 son Kirkmichael Gibson, Margaret 20 millers wife dau Morton , James 1mo gson Kirkmichael
Hastie, Janet 47 grocer head Dumfries
Lockerbie, William 31 tailor master head Kirkmichael Lockerbie, Elizabeth 31 wife Kirkmichael Lockerbie, Agnes 6 dau Kirkmichael Lockerbie, James 3 son Kirkmichael Lockerbie, William 1 son Kirkmichael Lockerbie, John 16 nephew Kirkmichael
Lockerbie, James 47 weaver, master head Kirkmichael Lockerbie, Catherine 47 wife Kirkmichael Lockerbie, Margaret 11 dau Kirkmichael
Lockerby, Isabella 68 pauper head Kirkmichael Bell, Margaret 28 lab dau Kirkmichael