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1851 Lochmaben, Dumfries Census relating to Anderson research

This data is available through the courtesy of Lynn Crockett

         Name         Age        Occupation       Relation     Born         Residing

Anderson, Mary         17 servant                 um      Dryfesdale     High Street
with Peter Turbet fam
Anderson, John 47 molecatcher head England Barras Anderson, Jane 49 wife Dumfries Barras Anderson, Elizabeth 16 dressmaker dau Dunscore Barras
Anderson, George 22 farm servant Tinwald Broadchapel with Flint family
Anderson, William 10 nephew Middlebie w Proudfoot, James 44 head Johnstone Proudfoot, Margaret 46 sis Johnstone Proudfoot, Mary 40 sis Johnstone
Anderson, James 43 cloggmaker head Lockmaben Smallholm Village Anderson, Jane Carruth 37 wife Lockmaben Smallholm Village Anderson, Isabella 15 dau Lockmaben Smallholm Village Anderson, Robert 14 son Lockmaben Smallholm Village Anderson, William 12 son Lockmaben Smallholm Village Anderson, Sarah 9 dau Lockmaben Smallholm Village Anderson, Jane 5 dau Lockmaben Smallholm Village
Anderson, William 46 prop/farmer 30 ac head Lochmaben Smallholm Anderson, Helen Johnst 36 wife St Mungo Smallholm Anderson, William 11 son Lochmaben Smallholm Anderson, Isabella 9 dau Lochmaben Smallholm Anderson, John 7 son Lochmaben Smallholm Anderson, Hellen 2 dau Lochmaben Smallholm
Anderson, Margaret 45 head Lochmaben Smallholm Richardson, James 31 ploughman nephew Lochmaben Smallholm
Anderson, Edward 47 farmer, 16 ac head Wamphray? Anderson, Mary 57 wife Lockerby Anderson, Elizabeth 12 dau Lockerby Anderson, James 10 son Lockerby Anderson, Mary 8 dau Lockerby Richards, Mary 85 aunt Lochmaben
Anderson, Janet 70 m-in-lawLochmaben Green, George 34 lab head Lochmaben Green, Elizabeth 34 wife Lochmaben Green, James 14 son Lochmaben Green, Janet 11 dau Lochmaben Green, Elizabeth 9 dau Lochmaben Green, Margaret 7 dau Lochmaben Green, Robert 4 son Lochmaben Green, Mary 1 dau Lochmaben
Boyes, Mary 11 servant Lochmaben with Wilson family
Boyes, John 41 currier head Applegarth Weststreet Boyes, Agnes 42 wife Lochmaben Weststreet Boyes, John 18 farmer son Lochmaben Weststreet Boyes, Isabella 13 home dau Lochmaben Weststreet Boyes, Margaret 8 scholar dau Lochmaben Weststreet
Boyes, William 39 violin player; blind head Ecclesmachan Barras Boyes, Jannet 36 wife Lochmaben Barras Boyes, Mary 10 dau Lochmaben Barras Boyes, George 7 son Lochmaben Barras Boyes, David 5 son Lochmaben Barras Boyes, William 2 son Lochmaben Barras Boyes, James 15 appr tailor poss sonLochmaben Barras with Byers family
Boyes, James 32 stockingmaker jrn head Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, Jane 36 wife Tinwald Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, Thomas 9 son Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, Isabella 7 dau Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, James 5 son Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, Janet 3 dau Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, Margaret 2 dau Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, Helen 2 mo dau Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots
Boyes, James 67 ag lab head Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, Isabella 63 wife Dryfesdale Varkfoot/Karkfoots Boyes, Robert 20 ag lab son Lochmaben Varkfoot/Karkfoots
Boyes, James 74 lab head Applegarth Parks Campbell, Mary 10 g-dau Applegarth Parks
Boyes, James 80 retired merchant head Dryfesdale Gotterbie Clark, Isabella 24 servant g-dau ? Gotterbie
Boyes, Joseph 64 lab head Lochmaben Boyes, Margaret 58 wife Lochmaben Boyes, Janet 22 dau Lochmaben
Boyes, William 28 NO ??? head Lochmaben Boyes, Mary 27 wife Lochmaben Boyes, Janet 7 dau Lochmaben Boyes, Margaret 5 dau Lochmaben Boyes, Joseph 2 son Lochmaben
Carruthers, James 37 sawyer head Lochmaben Carruthers, Marg Curri 27 wife Lochmaben Hetherington, John 9 son-in-lLochmaben Carruthers, William 13 son Lochmaben Carruthers, James 1 son Lochmaben Anderson, Jean 67 m-in-lawLochmaben
Rogerson, David 68 prop/farmer head Johnstone Maryfield Rogerson, Margaret 58 wife Torthorwald Maryfield
Rogerson, Mary Ann 80 aunt Torthorwald Blackriggs of Thomas Johnston
Rogerson, George 44 head Lockmaben Old Millhill Rogerson, Agnes 32 wife Dryfesdale Old Millhill Rogerson, William 14 son Lockmaben Old Millhill Rogerson, Sarah 9 dau Lockmaben Old Millhill Rogerson, Grace 9 dau Lockmaben Old Millhill Rogerson, James 5 son Lockmaben Old Millhill Rogerson, Agnes 3 dau Lockmaben Old Millhill
Beattie, Jane 50 prop land & house head Tinwald Beattie, Mary 20 teacher English/sewing dau Tinwald Beattie, Anne 16 milliner dau Tinwald Beattie, Wilhelmina 12 scholar dau Tinwald
Beattie, Benjamin 38 farmer & seeddealer,10 ahead Lochmaben Beattie, Jannet 29 wife Lochmaben Beattie, Agnes 2 dau Lochmaben Beattie, Robert 6mo son Lochmaben Beattie, Jannet 77 life renter of prop/housmother Tinwald
Beattie, William 45 plaister head Lochmaben Beattie, Janet 56 wife Lochmaben Beattie, William 23 son Lochmaben Morrison, George 32 stepson Lochmaben
Beattie, William 47 pauper, former tailor head Lochmaben Beattie, Isabella 40 wife Lochmaben Beattie, Mary 13 dau Lochmaben Beattie, Elizabeth 10 dau Lochmaben Beattie, Agnes 7 dau Lochmaben Beattie, Laurance 5 son Lochmaben Beattie, Jesie 3 dau Lochmaben Beattie, William 5mo son Lochmaben
Irving, Catharine 48 ag lab, um head Lochmaben
Lockerby, Jannet 45 prop of houses, umar head Johnstone Irving, David 14 boarder, scholar Lochmaben Irving, Sarah 11 boarder, scholar Lochmaben Irving, John 7 boarder, scholar Lochmaben
Irving, Elspeth 80 wid visitor Carlaverock w/Wm Dalziel fam
Irving, Janet 56 wid Lochmaben
Irving, George 52 lab head Mousewald Irving, Jean 59 wife Dublin, IRE Irving, Andrew 19 farm servant son Lockerbie?
Hetherington, Mary 58 spirit dealer/drugist head Lochmaben Hetherington, Hennriet 29 dau Lochmaben Hetherington, Janet 20 dau Lochmaben Irving, George 72 dep on Mrs Hetherington bros Lochmaben
Brown, William 84 ret farmer head Kirkpatrick Juxta Brown, Annie? 82 wife Kirkpatrick Juxta Brown, Agnes 42 umar dau Kirkpatrick Juxta
Lockie, George 45 farmer head Lochmaben Lockerbie, James 35 ag lab bro Lochmaben Lockerbie, Henrietta 37 servant sis Lochmaben Brown, Janet 72 wid mother Lochmaben