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1851 Middlebie, Dumfries Census relating to Anderson research

This data is available through the courtesy of Lynn Crockett

        Name         Age       Occupation       Relation       Born       Residing     

Anderson, John       24  blacksmith             head    Wigton/Cumberlund
Anderson, Mary       24                         wife    Moffat
Anderson, Isabella    1                         dau     Middlebie
Anderson, James 34 tailor head Hoddam Anderson, Esther 31 wife Carmichael Anderson, Mary 8 dau England Anderson, Jane 6 dau England Anderson, Sarah 4 dau England Anderson, Janet 2 dau England Anderson, James 1 son Dumfries
Anderson, Alexander 32 ag lab head Dryfesdale Waterbeck Anderson, Nancy 34 wife Middlebie Waterbeck Anderson, George 3 son Middlebie Waterbeck Anderson, Janet 1 dau Middlebie Waterbeck
Anderson, Thomas 30 ag lab head Gundergast? Old Waterbeck Anderson, Divina 27 wife Gundergast? Old Waterbeck Anderson, Irving 5 son Gundergast? Old Waterbeck Anderson, Margaret 3 dau Gundergast? Old Waterbeck Anderson, John 1mo son Gundergast? Old Waterbeck
Anderson, John 63 ag lab head Northumberland, ENG Anderson, May 63 wife Hoddam Anderson, Martha 20 dau Middlebie Anderson, William age? gson Middlebie Anderson, Alexander 13 gson St Mungo Anderson, Agnes 11 gdau Middlebie
Anderson, James 33 CHL weaver head Middlebie Anderson, Margaret 33 wife Kirkmichael Anderson, Jane 12 dau Middlebie Anderson, William 8 son Middlebie Anderson, Isabella 4 dau Middlebie Anderson, Margaret 2 dau Middlebie Anderson, Ann 9mo dau Middlebie
Anderson, Jeremiah 53 tailor head Middlebie Anderson, Margaret 48 wife Kirkpatrick? Anderson, William 18 son Middlebie Anderson Isabella 18 dau Middlebie Anderson, Jeremiah 13 son Middlebie Anderson, James 9 son Middlebie
Anderson, John 77 ret tailor, wid head Hoddam Anderson, William 36 son Middlebie Anderson, Francis 34 son Middlebie Anderson, Janet 22 d-in-lawMiddlebie Anderson, Matthew 21 ap tailor gson Middlebie Anderson, Jane 5mo gdau Middlebie
Anderson, Mary 27 house servant Middlebie Anderson, James 29 farm servant Middlebie w/Richard Nevin fam Minister of Middlebie Middlebie
Boyes, James 64 farmer, 85 ac head Dryfesdale Whitehill Boyes, Janet 57 wife Dryfesdale Whitehill Boyes, Andrew 25 son Dryfesdale Whitehill Boyes, Agnes 23 dau Dryfesdale Whitehill Boyes, Matthew 20 son Dryfesdale Boyes, Jane 12 dau Dryfesdale Whitehill
Rogerson, John 36 lab head Johnstone Old Pennersaughs Rogerson, Janet 37 wife Middlebie Old Pennersaughs Rogerson, Elizabeth 15 dau ? Old Pennersaughs Rogerson, ? 13 Dryfesdale Old Pennersaughs Rogerson, John 8 son Johnstone Old Pennersaughs Rogerson, Matthew 6 son Kirkpatrick Old Pennersaughs Rogerson, Mary 4mo dau Middlebie Old Pennersaughs
Rogerson, Joan 74 grocer head Dryesdale Rogerson, Janet 28 gdau Applegarth
Beattie, Francis 65 lab head Middlebie Beattie, Margaret 57 wife Annan Beattie, Jannet 18 dau Middlebie Linton, Jane Beattie ? gdau Middlebie
Beattie, Mary 35 farm lab, um head Kirkpatrick Fleming Beattie, Elizabeth 13 dau Middlebie Henderson, John 4 son Middlebie
Beattie, William 26 --- layer head Middlebie Beattie, Mary Ann 25 wife ENG Beattie, Ann F 2 dau Middlebie
Beattie, John 25 head Middlebie Beattie, Sarah Bell 32 wife Hoddam Beattie, Thomas 6 son St Mungo Beattie, Elizabeth 2 dau Middlebie Beattie, Ellen 1 dau Middlebie Beattie, Ellen 1 niece St Mungo
Beattie, William 48 cloggmaker Kirkpatrick Fleming Beattie, Isabella 40 Annan Beattie, James 9 Lancashire Beattie, Jane 7 Kirkpatrick Fleming Beattie, Mary 5 Kirkpatrick Fleming Beattie, William 1 Middlebie
Beattie, William 39 lab, umar head Watenbridge Little, Sarah 63 visitor, wid mother Canonbie Little, Thomas 9 nephew Middlebie
Beattie, John 34 tollkeeper, age 43? head Canonbie Beattie, Margaret 41 wife Galloway, ORR Beattie, Janet 3 dau Langholm Beattie, Margaret 1 3/4 dau Langholm
Beattie, Isabella 43 housekeeper, wid head Annan Beattie, Richard 29 plate layer son Middlebie Beattie, Christopher 27 ag lab son Middlebie Beattie, Alexander 13 scholar son Middlebie
Beattie, Ann 75 pauper, form ag lab, wihead Middlebie
Beattie, Mary 48 pauper head Middlebie Remedy?, Margaret 24 niece Yorkshire Dalzell, Robert 4 step-nepMiddlebie Henderson, David 1 step-nepMiddlebie
Little, David 65 miller/corn & barley, 5head Canonbie Little, Margaret 63 wife Hawick Little, Walter 22 son Annan Little, Fanny 18 dau Middlebie Beattie, David 10 g-son Middlebie
Irving, James 27 Innkeeper head Tundergarth Irving, Elizabeth 26 wife Half Morton Irving, Janet 2 dau Hoddam Irving, Thomas 14 bros Tundergarth
Irving, Garvin 26 corn miller, um head Cummertrees
Irving, George 76 res parochial schoolmashead Annan Irving, Agnes 60 wife Hoddam Irving, William 26 son Middlebie Irving, John 24 son Middlebie Irving, Thomas 21 son Middlebie Irving, Janet 19 dau Middlebie
Irving, William 50 head Annan Irving, Jannet? 26 age? wife Annan Irving, Richard 1 son Middlebie Irving, John 1mo son Middlebie Davidson, Jannet m-i-law Kirkpatrick Fleming
Irving, John 49 blacksmith head Kirkpatrick Fleming Irving, Jean 56 age? wife St Mungo Irving, Janet 20 dau Hoddam Irving, Jean 15 dau Middlebie
Irving, John 35 age? ag lab head Hoddam Irving, Janet R 35 wife Dryfesdale Irving, John 11 son Dryfesdale Irving, Benjamin 6 son Middlebie Irving, Agnes B 4 dau Middlebie Irving, Williamina R 1 dau Middlebie
Irving, George 67 age? farmer, 132 ac, wihead Kirkpatrick Fleming Paterson, William 37 farmer s-in-lawMiddlebie Irving, Janet 34 dau Kirkpatrick Fleming Irving, John 6 gson Middlebie Irving, George 4 gson Middlebie Irving, Margaret 2 gdau Middlebie Irving, Janet mos? gdau Middlebie
Irving, George lab, age? head Hoddam Irving, Janet 43 wife Middlebie Irving, Jean 11 dau Canonbie Irving, George 9 son Canonbie Irving, Mary 7 dau Canonbie Irving, John 5 son Canonbie
Irving, George 82 ret farmer head Cummertrees Irving, Janet 83 wife Hoddam
Irving, James 58 mason, age? head Middlebie Irving, Jean 35 wife Westerkirk Irving, John 9 son Middlebie Irving, Williamina 4 dau Middlebie Irving, Mary 4 dau Middlebie