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Middlebie Cemetery


"There is an inscription that someone sent in to you re: the Middlebie Churchyard, and I have the same person as being buried at Albie Isle. It is handwritten by my gg grandfather in the mid 1800's. "her lyes John CARLYLE son to John CARLYLE relict in Satur he died ye 6 of March 1748 aged near 3 years also Margaret CARLYLE his daughter she died ye 3 of June 1747 aged 7 days" In my g grandfather's journal, this is what he said about it. "This John considered he had a claim on the Albie estate throught his mother, it being part of the district owned by the BELLs of Middlebie, a very numerous clan, and when his claim was disputed he swore a solemn oath that he would never give it up dead or alive. He set to work and built a burial place or Isle in the centre of a field in front of the village of Albie Chaple near Waterbeck wher he and his family lie buried". Maybe it became what is now Middlebie Churchyard?!"
Contributed by Linda Sherlock
BELL - 3, 5, 9
CARLYLE - 6, 7, 9
CURRIE - 1, 4

Interior plaque on the west wall has been completely obliterated but the following reading appears, it was recorded many yrs. ago. "John Carlyle b. 1745 died 6th Mar 1748 age 3 yrs. John carlyle b. 1755 d. 17 Sep 1808"
Wm. Blackloc in MOrals who died Aug 12 1758 age 84 also Jean Currie his spouse who died 24 Nov 1763 age 80 yrs. also Archiblad thier son who died 4th of Mar 1747 age 25 yrs also thomas their son who died 22 Jul 1773 age 59 yrs.
James Scott who died at Craighouse Mar 7 1780 age 52 yrs also Margaret Blacklock his spouse who died Aug 17 1821 age77 yrs Mary his daughter who died 5 Sep 1791 also Wm. Scott s/o John who died at Mt. Annan age 10 wks also Jane Scott duaghter who died 21 Mar 1816 age 7 yrs. also said John Scott who died at Dudley 03 Oct 1827 age 25, Margaret his dauther who died at Meinside 27 Mar 1828, age 22 yrs James his son died at Meinside 24 Jun 1829 age 33 yrs ald Janet d/o James Scott died 18 Mary 1828 age 1 yrs.
The Rev. Thomas Bell Minister of the Gospel in Midd. who died in the yr.----------also Isabell Bell only daugther to Francis Bell of Satur and spouse to John Carlyle in Burrons who died Apr 1759 age 72 also Sarah Bell d.o Wm. Bell of Satur and spouse to Francis Carlyle in Middlebie town Commander of the King's Excise yacht she died May 10 1776 age 64 yrs also said Francis Carlyle who died Aug 19 1803 age 77 yrs also Peter Little, late farmer in Potstown who died 3 Oct 1801 age 56 yrs also Isabella Carlyle his spouse who died in Ecclefechan 18 Apr 1807 age 54 yrs. also Wm. Little their son who died on his passage home from the West Indies on 3 Jul 1808 age 22 yrs.
Note: This looks like a Casket, it is not just a stone, in Very poor condition.
Andrew Currie of Dockenflatt son of the Rev. Mr. James Currie formerly Minister of the Gospel at Hoddom, he died 21 Oct 1780 76 yrs. & Mary Wightman his spouse who died 24 Sep 1788 age 78 yrs also John Currie his son who died 30 Apr 1800 age 54 yrs also Elizabeth Patterson spouse to David Currie his son who died 21 Aug 1799 Pockesking 14 Jun 1853 age 69 yrs.
Here lies the body of Wm. Bell of Albie who died 15 Apr 1700 age 48 yrs also Mary bell his daughter, she died 4 Nov 1703 age 6yrs also Janet Beattie hs spouse she died Dec 1715 age 56 yrs also Francis Bell s/o Wm. in Satur he died Jul 1717 age 9 days also Wm. Bell of Satur died 03 Jun 1769 age 90 yrs. Jean Bell his spouse she died 6 Mar 1754 age 72. Looks like Wm. marr. twice.
John Carlyle b. 1745 died 6th of Mary 1748 3 yrs.
John Carlyle b. 1755 d. 17 Sep 1808
Memory of James Jardine in Blackethouse who died Jun 30 1772 66 yrs of age also Wm. Jardine son to James in Blackethouse who d. Jan 4 1760 age 23 yrs, John Jardine who d. at Burnfoot, Springkell 28 Aug 1803 age 63 yrs also Barbara Thomson his spouse who d at Waterbeck Jan 1 1828 age 81 yrs
Margaret Bell spouse to James Carlyle in Albie who d. Dec 1764 age 33 yrs also Janet Carlyle their daugther who d. 15 Jan 1764 also Jane Holliday his spouse who d. at Wyliehole Apr 5 1806 age 85 yrs also the above James Carlyle who d. Cleugheads Tundergarth 26 Mar 1814 age 82