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Mochrum Churchyard

COID - 286
CORNICK - 272, 286, 501
CRAIG - 133
CURRAN - 133, 499, 501, 605
McKIE - 272

Erected by John and Andrew Hannay of Manchester in memory of their brother, Alexander Hannay (1807-1831), and to their Grandfather Thomas Hannay (1733-1824), and their Grandmother Elizabeth McGill (1737-1827), also to their brother the Rev. James Hannay (1799-1855), also to Margaret Hannay, their Aunt (1760-1845), also to Mary McCracken (1779-1856) their Mother, also to Thomas Hannay (1775-1866) their Father.

Stone 133
Erected by John CURRAN, Tenant in Barrachan, in memory of his father James CURRAN who died 18th November 1859 aged 87 years. Also Mary CRAIG his mother who died 1st September 1857 aged 83 years. Also Mary CURRAN his daughter who died in 1837 aged 3 years. And Margaret CURRAN his daughter who died 21st May 1874 aged 13 years. Also Margaret YOUNG his wife who died at Barrachan Village 21 December 1889 aged 90 years. Also of the said John CURRAN who died at Barrachan Village the 25th March 1890 aged 85 years. Also his daughter Jane died 16th February 1931 aged 86 years.
Stone 272
Erected by William CORNICK, Cornhulloch in memory of his son William Heron CORNICK who died 28th September 1843 aged 17 months. Also his daughter Mary who died 29th March 1853 aged 22. Also his son-in-law Nathan McKIE who died 3rd August 1861 aged 31 years. Also the said William CORNICK who died 18th February 1869 aged 62 years. Also Elizabeth COULBORN his wife who died 7th March 1879 aged 77 years. Also Elizabeth CORNICK wife of Nathan McKIE who died at Bladnoch 11th March 1910 aged 74 years.
Stone 286
Erected by Charles COID in memory of his son Robert who died on the 29th September 1861 aged 11 months. Also his son Charles who died on the 10th August 1863 aged 2 years and 10 months. Also his beloved wife Margaret CORNICK who died 19th July 1899 aged 69 years. Also the above Charles COID who departed this life 2nd February 1902 aged 74 years.
Stone 499
Erected by William KIRKDALE in memory of his wife Mary CURRAN who died at Barrachan 29th November 1906 in her 72nd year. Also the above William KIRKDALE who died at Barrachan 20th Dec. 1910 in his 72nd year. Also Elizabeth (Bessie) their daughter who died at Little Airies 9th Dec. 1936 aged 66 years. Also their son John James who died at Little Airies 13th March 1942 aged 68 years.
Stone 501
In loving memory of William CURRAN died at Broadfield Cottage, Wigtown 19th February 1918 age 84 years. Jane CORNICK wife of William CURRAN who died Cairnfield, Whauphill 20 November 1914 age 75 years. Also Jessie CURRAN daughter of the above died at Broadfield Cottage, Wigtown 20 December 1932 age 55 years. Also Jane CURRAN their daughter who died Broadfield Cottage 2 October 1933 age 71 years. Also their son John CURRAN who died 20 May 1954 age 90 years. Also their daughter Annie who died 3 February 1957 aged 84 years. Also their daughter Mary who died 13 May 1959 aged 84 years.
Stone 605
Erected by Sarsh FORSYTH in memory of her husband Thomas CURRAN who died at Barrachan Village 27th August 1877 aged 38 years. Also the above Sarsh FORSYTH who died at Barrachan.....(unreadable).