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Subject: Blakeney, Welsh, etc
From: Cynthia H. Porcher
Date: July 23, 1998

This reply is in response to the following query:
>,I am looking for any information on JOHN MASSEY,Jr.born 27 Oct.
>1791,d.18 Dec.1862;married MARY WELSH on 22 Oct.1813.Mary was daughter of 

First Generation 

1. Capt. John BLAKENEY Sr.1, 5G Grandfather, B425, M. Born ca 1730 in Mt 
Blakeney, Limerick, Ireland. John died on 8 Aug 1832; he was 102. 
Emigrated from Ireland to America. Nationality: Irish. Served in the 
military. .
Emigrated from Ireland to Granville Co., NC ca 1750 - witnessed will of 
John Lynch 31 Aug 1753.Moved to Cheraws District. Became overseer for 
poor, St. Davids Parish
1774 Member of SC Congress
1775 Elected Capt of Militia; his co. became part of Bentons Regiment, 
Marions Brigade. John and 3 of his sons were active patriots in the 
Revolutionary War.
1796 Vestryman, St. Davids Parish
1785 Purchased 100 acres on Lynches River from James McManus, recd 300 
acre land grant
He and his sons contd receiving land grants, had extensive land holdings2
A Rev War marker has been erected at the Blakeney Cemetery in the Dudley 
area of SC near the NC line.
John married Margaret Peggy EVANS1, 5G Grandmother, E152, F. Born ca 1732.
Wife is sometimes listed as Mary B. Evans3
They had the following children:
	2	i.	John, M
	3	ii.	Jane, F (1768-)
	4	iii.	Mary, F (1772-)
	5	iv.	Robert, M (1760-)
	6	v.	William, M (1763-)
	7	vi.	James, M (1765-1819)
	8	vii.	Hugh, M (1774-)
	9	viii.	Thomas, M (1756-1822)

Second Generation 

Family of Capt. John BLAKENEY Sr. (1) & Margaret Peggy EVANS

2. John BLAKENEY Jr.1, GGGG Grandfather, B425, M. Served in the military. 
Military: Veteran of American RevolutionHe was an Adjutant in the Rev 
John first married Nancy LOWRY4, L600, F.
John second married Nancy MAY1, GGGG Grandmother, M000, F, daughter of 
John Joseph MAY, M (1756-ca 1819) & Mary BOGGAN, F (1763-1830).
They had the following children:
	10	i.	Elizabeth, F (1797-)
	11	ii.	Michal, F (1807-1897)

3. Jane BLAKENEY, 5G Aunt, B425, F. Born in 1768.3
Jane married John WELSH, W420, M. Nationality: Scotch Irish Ancestry. 
Served in the military. 
Capt of the Militia in the Revolutionary War. His father was a member of 
the Regulators, a group of active Pre-Revolutionary War Patriots in NC>
They had the following children:
	12	i.	Frances, F (1782-1852)
	13	ii.	William, M (ca1790-)
	14	iii.	Mary, F

4. Mary BLAKENEY, 5G Aunt, B425, F. Born in 1772.3

5. Robert BLAKENEY, 5G Uncle, B425, M. Born in 1760.3

6. William BLAKENEY, 5G Uncle, B425, M. Born in 1763.3
William married Leah SHEHORN, S650, F.

7. James BLAKENEY, 5G Uncle, B425, M. Born on 12 Nov 1765.4,4 James died 
in Oct 1819; he was 53.4
James married Mary Allen WHITE, W300, F, daughter of Amelia ALLEN, F. 
Born on 25 Nov 1772.5 Mary Allen died on 8 Aug 1857; she was 84.5

8. Hugh BLAKENEY, 5G Uncle, B425, M. Born in 1774.3

9. Thomas BLAKENEY, 5G Uncle, B425, M. Born in 1756.4 Thomas died in 
Montgomery, TN on 2 Dec 1822; he was 66.4
Thomas first married Mary ATKINSON4, A325, F.
Thomas second married Susan LOWRY4, L600, F.

Third Generation 

Family of John BLAKENEY Jr. (2) & Nancy MAY

10. Elizabeth BLAKENEY1, GGGG Grandmother, B425, F. Born on 22 May 1797.6 
Elizabeth died on 3 May .6 Buried in Beaver Cemetery.
Elizabeth married Mathis (Mathias) BEAVER1, GGGG Grandfather, B160, M. 
Born on 30 Jul 1792.6 Mathis (Mathias) died on 30 Jul 1877; he was 85.6 
Buried in Beaver Cemetery. Served in the military. . Veteran of War of 
1812 Mathis was said to have come from NC into SC near the state line in 
Chesterfield Co and settled near Elizabeth Blakeneys father.  John 
Blakeney was a Revolutionary War Patriot. 6
They had the following children:
		i.	Fernetta Fernettie1, F (1820-1910)
		ii.	Louisa6, F (1817-)
		iii.	Jones6, M (1818-)
		iv.	James6, M (1822-)
		v.	Nancy, F (1823-)
		vi.	Mary6, F
		vii.	Frances6, F (1827-1915)
		viii.	Alfred6, M (1828-)
		ix.	Aaron6, M (1830-)
		x.	Elizabeth6, F (1832-1905)
		xi.	Sarah6, F (1836-1931)
		xii.	John6, M (1838-)
		xiii.	Nathan6, M
		xiv.	Elihu6, M (1843-)
		xv.	Infant, ?

11. Michal BLAKENEY1, GGG Grandmother, B425, F. Born on 1 Apr 1807. 
Michal died on 11 Sep 1897; she was 90.
Michal married Berry L. EVANS, GGG Grandfather, E152, M, son of William 
EVANS, M (21 Jun 1786-26 Aug 1857) & Cynthia Mourning DIGGS, F (6 Nov 
1790-19 Dec 1874). Born on 5 Jun 1813 in Anson  Co, NC. Berry L. died in 
Chesterfield Co, SC in Jan 1862; he was 48.
They had the following children:
		i.	Henry H.7 (Twin), M (ca1842-1916)
		ii.	Mayme, F
		iii.	Mary A.8, F
		iv.	Jane (Twin), F (ca1842-)

Family of Jane BLAKENEY (3) & John WELSH

12. Frances WELSH, 1C5R, W420, F. Born on 5 May 1782 in Cheraws District, 
SC. Frances died in Jefferson, Chesterfield Co, SC on 12 May 1852; she 
was 70.
On 18 Jan 1810 when Frances was 27, she married Michael MILLER4, M460, M, 
son of George MILLER, M & Elizabeth SINGLETON, F.4 Occupation: He was a 
farmer and also started a store in the early 1800s in Jefferson, SC. 
Served in the military. .
Military: Lt. in Capt James Douglass company, SC Militia, an infantry 
company under Lt Col Adam McWilie. He served frequently as an officer in 
courts martial. 

13. William WELSH, 1C5R, W420, M. Born ca 1790.3
William married Mary RUSHING, R252, F.

14. Mary WELSH, W420, F.
Mary married John MASSEY, M200, M.

If anyone has additional or conflicting info on any of these families, I 
would love to hear from you.  Cynthia Porcher

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