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Subject: Re: Colonial Times Money Conversion to US Dollars
From: Elreeta Weathers
Date: April 03, 1998

If you will check the link for "Not Strictly Hamilton, Hamilton
County, TX" at

and go to the bottom of the list, 
there will be a link for the Value of Money. 
At the bottom of that article is a link to an 
Inflation Calculator. 
Unfortunately it is only for American money--not English pounds.

Elreeta Crain Weathers
Miss Ann's Home Page
Hamilton County, TX GenWeb

> From: Ronald Jaudon Berry 
> To:
> Subject: Colonial Times Money  Conversion to US Dollars
> Date: Saturday, April 04, 1998 1:31 AM
> 'Been following Steve Coker's great postings of SC Accounts.
'Saw where
> one of my (probable) relatives ( Roberts who married Jaudon
> submitted his bill for coroner inquest duties and was paid in
> pounds.
>  It seemed as if his pay  was higher than that of the "town"
> who was paid more than the carpenter. (So the moral of the story
> is--stay in school, get an education, become a higher-paid
> professional).
> Or, is it that the two "cutters" got paid better than the
hammerer 8) ?
> Seriously, does anyone have a conversion table or site for
> pounds sterling to present day US dollars, i.e. adjusted for
inflation ?
> How much did these guys make, in present-day terms ?
> I'd bet Mr. Coker knows.
> Doesn't he do a great job !  Thanks, Steve. 
> Thanks all-be blessed and good-night.
> Don 
> Ronald Jaudon Berry  Jacksonville, Fl.

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