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Subject: Davis-POWG-2
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Date: December 23, 1999


James Davis was born in 1795 in North Carolina, a son of Lewis Davis. The 
latter moved to Georgia and became one of the first. settlers of Ware 
County. James Davis was married in Telfair County (now Coffee), July 18, 
1820, to Elizabeth Peterson, born 1798 in Georgia, daughter of John 
Peterson (Vol.1). They had six children.

1. John	b. 1824, m. Sarah
2. Hulda	b. 1826, never m. Five children.
3. Margaret	b. 1830, m. Elijah Youngblood (Vol.M).
4. Mary	b. 1834, m. Benj. F. Ricketson. Moved to Llano, Texas.
5. Samantha	b. 1836, died In girlhood.
6. Anna	b. 1845, m. Joseph Adams, son of Wm- R.

The 1850 Census of Ware County shows that James Davis and his wife, 
Elizabeth, were living separate, and she and the above children were living 
by themselves, while he was living in the home of Ann Fletcher (born 1810) 
and her children. In the 1860 Census of Coffee County he was living in the 
home of Anna Smith, born 1810 in Georgia (evidently same woman as Ann 
Fletcher). The 1850 Census shows the following children by the Fletcher 
name in the home: Thomas, 19; Rhoda, 17; Hiram, 13; Sallie, 9; Lewls, 7; 
Daniel 3; Amanda, I year old. The 1860 Census shows the following children 
in the home under the Smith name: Sarah, 19 (same as Sallie); Lewis, 
16;Daniel, 12; Amanda and Martha, age 10 years each. These children later 
went by the Davis name but whether they were James Davis' children or were 
adopted by him or merely went by the Davis name, cannot now be determined. 
They married as follows:

1. Thomas	b. 1831, wife unknown.
2. Rhoda	b. 1833. m. Ist. Mark Lott; 2nd. Perry Floyd.
3. Hiram D.	b. 1837. in. Marlah Carver, dau. of James.
4. Sarah A.	b. 1841, m. Sampson B. Carver.
5. Lewis D.	b. 1843, m. Calista Ritter of Clinch Co.
6. Daniel	b. 1847, prob. died single.
7. Mary Amanda	b. 1849, m. Amos Adams.
8. Martha	b. 1850, m. Warren Tanner.

Mrs. Elizabeth Davis was living separate from her husband in 1850, 1860, 
and 1870 Censuses. Her home-place was on lot of land 202, 6th district of 
Coffee County, which she with her children, Hulda Davis, Peggy Youngblood, 
Mary Ricketson and Anna Adams, deeded to Elijah Youngblood, her son-in-law, 
Feb. 10, 1872 (deed book "B", page 298, Coffee County).
The 1870 Census of Coffee County, shows James Davis, age 76 years, and 
family consisting of his wife, Anna, age 55 years, and children Amanda 
Davis, age 19; Mary A. Davis, age 15, and Martha Davis, age 14 years.


James Davis was born in 1796 in South Carolina, the only son of his father, 
John Davis, R. S. The latter drew land as a Revolutionary Soldier in the 
1838 land lottery, residing at the time in Lowndes County. James Davis was 
married in South Carolina to Mary Hightower, born 1806 in that state, 
daughter of John Hightower. Born to them were nine known children.

1. Nancy	b. 1826, S.C., died single.
2. Elizabeth	b. 1828, Ga., m. James N. Walker.
3. Jane	b. 1830, Fla., m. - Jordan.
4. Mary	b. 1832, Fla., m. Ist. Jesse C. Knight; 2nd. John G. Knight.
5. Sarah	b. 1836, Fla., m. Solomon Walker, Jr., Dec. 27, 1855.
6. Edwin Perry	b. 1840, Ga., m. Priscilla Ann Roberts, dau. of 	William and 
7. Emily	b. 1843, Ga.~ m. MeDuffle Martin.
8. Martha	b. 1845, Ga., m. Thomas J. Burgstiener.
9. Irene	b. 1849, Ga., m. Orren Knight, son of Wm. J.

Mr. Davis moved to Georgia soon after the birth of his first child, and his 
parents came at the same time. They settled in Lowndes County. However, 
after two or three years he moved to Florida for a stay of about ten years. 
He then returned to Lowndes -County where he lived until -his death about 
1870. He and his wife were buried at Antioch Methodist Church in Lowndes 
County. They were members of Antioch Church.
Note: The Acts of the Georgia General Assembly show a resolution approved 
December, 1833, granting a divorce to James and Elizabeth Davis of Lowndes 
County, but it would seem that that James Davis was another man since James 
Davis, the subject, was living at the time in Florida.

DAVIS, JOEL.	1821-1885 	COFFEE

Joel Davis was born Feb. 15, 1821, in Montgomery County, son of Stafford 
Davis (Vol.11). He was married in 1845 to Roxana Kirkland, daughter of 
Moses Kirkland . She was born Feb. 5, 1830, in Telfair (now Coffee) County. 
They had sixteen children, viz:

1. Penny	b. Mar. 10, 1846, m. Henry C. Wilson.
2. Margaret	b. Feb. 12, 1847, m. Frederick M. Tanner.
3. Stafford	b. May 27, 1849, m. Georgia Ann Roberts, dau. of Gray, Jr.
4. Rhoda	b. Jan. 1, 1851, m. James G. Carter.
5. Moses	b. Aug.	26, 1852, m. Mary Jane Meeks, dau. of Merritt.
6. Sarah Ann	b. May 16, 1854, m. E.D. Southerland.
7. Roxie Ann	b. June 11, 1856, died young.
8. Joel Harrison	b. June 30, 1857, died July 7, 1870.
9. Martha	b. Nov. 12, 1859, m. Joshua Carter.
10. Elizabeth	b. April	1861, m. Warren Smith.
11. Mary	b. Sept.	1862, m. James Teston.
12. John	b. Apr. 11, 1863, m. Mary Jane Little.
13. Linnie	b. Nov. 12, 1864, m. Ben T. Bagley (son of Wm.).
14. Enilly	b. July	1866, m. John Hursey.
15. Travis	b. Nov.	1868, m. Ist. Margaret -; 2nd. Eugenia Durden.
16. Ella D.	b. Oct. 8, 1871, m. Hiram Davis.

The Davis home-place and farm was in the present Nicholls district of 
Coffee County. Mr. Davis died there June 6, 1885, and his wife survived 
four years, dying Aug. 23, 1889. They were buried at Roxie Mae Church, 
Coffee County.


Arthur Davis was born about 1755, and as thought, in North Carolina, oldest 
son of Christopher and Mary Davis of Anson County, N. C. The elder Davis 
died testate in Anson County in 1786 and his will probated there April 6, 
1786, devised his estate to his wife and sons Arthur, Thomas, Lewis and 
John Davis and four daughters. Arthur and Lewis Davis subsequently became 
residents of Washington Co. Ga., in the latter 1790s, and Arthur afterwards 
moved to Montgomery County. Arthur married Mary Vick also of Anson Co. and 
had the following known children:*

1. Stafford	b. 1786. m. Penelope Lott, dau. of Mark (Vol.I).
2. James	b. 1787, m. Ist. (unknown); 2nd. Elizabeth
3. William	b. 1790, m. Michel --------- Moved to Thomas County.
4. Jane	b. 1794, m. Henry Howard; lived in Appling County.
5. Arthur	b. 1797, m. Charlotte Adams, July 17, 1817.
6. Daniel	b. 1801, m. Delilah Posey, July 8, 1824, Telfair Co.
7. Rhoda	b. 1805, m. Joel Lott of Ware Co. (Vol.III).

Arthur Davis moved soon after marriage to South Carolina where he lived in 
old Cheraw District a few years in the 1780s. While there he served in the 
South Carolina militia in the Revolutionary War; he was paid in 1785 for 
158 days' service (see Book "It", p. 71, Stub Indents, S.C. Rev. War 
Records, by Salley). His widow, Mary, drew land in the Cherokee Land 
Lottery in Georgia, as the widow of a Revolutionary Soldier, residing at 
the time in Montgomery Co. Ga. (see p. 377, Knight's Georgia Roster of the 
About 1788, Arthur Davis and family moved back to Anson County and lived 
there until about 1798 when they moved to Washington County, Ga. Anson 
County deed records show he was a resident there in 1788 and until 1793; 
also show deed from him of Georgia, to Drury Allen of Anson Co., Oct. 6, 
1798 for 50 acres in Anson County (deed book F, p. 141), and deed to same 
purchaser dated Jan. 27, 1801, for 150 acres (deed book H2, p. 345), both 
of these last two deeds made while living in Washington County. By 1805 
Arthur Davis had moved to Montgomery County where he lived until his death 
about 1830.
Arthur and Lewis Davis have many descendants living in Washington, 
Montgomery, Coffee, Ware and Appling counties to-day.

(*) It is thought that Arthur and Mary Davis had three or four more 
children older than those named above, but descendants of Stafford Davis 
did not know their names. Stafford's birth-year is given above as 1786, but 
in his record in Vol.II is shown as 1790; one of these birth-years is based 
on his reputed age (100 years) at his death in 1886, and the other on the 
1850 Census.

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