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Subject: Re: First Families of South Carolina
From: Margaret Miller
Date: March 28, 1998

Marie Jefferson wrote:
> Would someone please tell me the requirements for becoming a member of
> "First Families of South Carolina".
> I had a form with the information and address  and must have thrown it out
> accidentally as I cannot find it.  the information was in a regular white
> business envelope.  I need the address and requirements because I think I
> have an Ancestor for the right period of time.
> Thank you..
> Marie
> Marie Brunson Jefferson

Address: The society of First Families of South Carolina 1670-1700, P.
O. Box 21328, Charleston, SC 29413.

Right now, the requirement is that the ancestor was in SC pre-1700;
however, at the April meeting there will be a vote to change this time
requirement to include the year 1700. Hope so because that's the first
year I can document my paternal ancestor being in SC although I'm
confident he was there earlier. Good luck. Margaret Miller

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