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Subject: Rentz of South Carolina-POWG-1
From: gslat
Date: December 31, 1999

RENTZ, Samuel	1796-1968  ECHOLS

SAMUEL RENTZ was born in Barnwell District, South Carolina, 1796, a son of 
Simon and Mary Rentz of that county, and a grandson of George Rentz, R.S. 
 Simon Rentz, 1755-1820, was probably also in the Revolutionary War; he 
died testate leaving a will dated April 3, 1815, probated April 28, 1820 in 
Barnwell County, naming his twelve children in the will among whom were 
Samuel, the subject, and his sister, Margaret, who married Jacob Hughes. 
 Samuel and Margaret moved to Lowndes County, Georgia, with their 
respective families; the other ten Rentz children remained in South 
Samuel Rentz married in Barnwell County, South Carolina, Miss Elizabeth 
Rice, 1802-1863, daughter of John and Nancy (Guest) Rice (q.v.).  The Rentz 
and Rice families moved to Wiregrass Georgia at the same time (1833). 
 Samuel Rentz settled in the portion of Lowndes which was in 1858 cut off 
into the new County of Echols.  To him and his wife, Elizabeth, were born:

1. William	b. 1827, m. Nancy _____.  Died in C.S.A.
2. Sallie	b. 1828, m. Levi Moore.
3. Artemus	b. 1831, never married.
4. Peter	b. 1834, m. Esther Hughes, daughter of Jacob, 1st cousin.
5. Charles	b. 1837, m. Renie Wetherington, daughter of Dennis.
6. Samuel	b. 1838, m. Keziah Knight, daughter of William C.
7. Olive Ann	b. 1841, m. (1) John J. Lightsey, son of Samuel (2) Martin T. 
Carter, son of John and Lavina.
8. Simon	b. 1847,
9. John H.	b. 1855, m. Martha Carter, daughter of Isaac and Rachel.

Samuel Rentz served in Capt. Jesse Carter's company of Lowndes County 
Militia in the Indian War in 1838.
Mrs. Elizabeth Rentz was received by letter May, 1833, into Union Church 
From Springtown Baptist Church, Barnwell District, South Carolina, at the 
same time as her mother and sisters were received into Union.  She was 
dismissed by letter April 10, 1841, to join in organizing Wayfare Church 
nearer her home.  She later affiliated with Unity Church, and died a 

Census References: 1840, 1850, Lowndes; 1860, Echols.


Charles Rentz was born in Lowndes, now Echols, County, Nov. 5, 1836, son of 
Samuel Rentz (Vol. I) . He grew up there and married Serena Wetherington, a 
daughter of Dennis Wetherington (Vol, I); she was born Nov. 27, 1838, in 
Lowndes County, and died in Berrien (now Cook) County, Sept. 11, 1911. To 
her and her husband were born:

1. Anna R.	b. Nov. 22, 1858, died young.
2. Simeon Alonzo	b. March 9, 1861, m. Amanda Webb, dau. of Jordan Webb.
3. Joel J.	b. Mar. 21, 1863, m. Mattie Morris, dau. of J. S.
4. Sarah Elizabeth	b. May. 24, 1868, m. James P. Whitehurst.
5. Molcy J.	b. March 2, 1870,m. Joseph B. Rowan.
6. Kizzie Missouri	b. May 7, 1872, m. Thomas E. Allen.
7. Mattie America	b. Dec.18, 1877, m. Joe McCranie, son of John R.
8. Julia	b. May 14, 1880, m. Mack Gardner, Feb. 16, 1902.

Charles Rentz was a faithful soldier of the Confederacy, serving as a 
volunteer private in Company "G", 26th Georgia Infantry Regiment,a company 
composed mostly of Lowndes County men. After the war he returned home and 
resumed farming on his plantation near the present Howell station; He lived 
there until about 1875-76 when he sold out and moved to Berrien County in 
the portion now in Cook County, where he bought a farm and lived until his 
death, Oct. 23, 1905. Mr. and Mrs. Rentz were buried at Concord Church, 
Cook County.
Mr. and Mrs. Rentz were members of the Primitive Baptist Church and were 
members of Unity Church in Lowndes County for about ten years. He was 
received and baptized Sept. 16, 1865, into Unity Church; and his wife was 
similarly received Sept. 15, 1866. On Feb. 27, 1876, they were granted 
letters of dismission and transferred to a church in Berrien County - 
particulars of their membership there not known to the Compiler.


Samuel (or Samuel R.) Rentz was born in Barnwell District, S.C., Feb. 22, 
1839, son of Samuel Rentz (Vol. 1). His parents moved soon after his birth 
to Lowndes (now Echols) County and he grew up there.
He was married twice. His first marriage was in 1865 soon after his return 
From the Civil War, to Mrs. Keziah Knight Harrell, widow of Hiram Franklin 
Harrell, a Confederate casualty, and daughter of Wm. C. Knight (Vol. III). 
She was born in Lowndes (now Lanier) County, July 2,1840. She had one child 
by her first husband, named Hiram F. Harrell, Jr., born March 1, 1862; his 
father died in the service Feb. 4, 1862. Mr. and Mrs. Rentz had nine 
children, viz:

1. Eugene J.	b. Aug. 6,1868,	m. Laurens Anderson.
2. William Lawrence	b. Jan. 11, 1870,	m. Mattie Emily Carter, Dec. 10, 
1896, dau. of Lyman C.
3. Florence (twin) 	b. Jan. 11, 1870,	m. Wm. M. Bloodworth.
4. Sullivan	b. Oct. 26,1872,	died Dec. 16,1884.
5. Charles	b. Mar. 18,1874,	m. Ellie Norman.
6. Nancy	b. Mar. 10, 1876,	m. Geo. Leff ie Wetherington, Jan. 17,1895.
7. John H.	b. Jan. 17,1878,	m. Missouri Weeks, 1904, dau. of Josiah S.
8. Matthew	b. Dec. 3,1879,	m. Delilah (Delia) Wetherington.
9. Belle	b. Mar. 21,1881,	m. Burrell S. Key.

The first wife died Feb. 25, 1882 in Berrien County (now Cook) where he was 
then living. In 1895 he married Elizabeth (called "Lizzie") Lieupo, born in 
Berrien (now Cook) Jan. 18, 1874, daughter of John Q. Lieupo of near Lenox. 
By her eight children were born:

10. Pinky	b. Feb. 17, 1896,	m. Thomas Weaver, Dec. 10, 1916.
11. George Dewey	b. June 8, 1899,	m. 1st Ethelle Allen; 2nd Mattie Gay, 
 Feb. 22, 1941.
12. Effie Mae	b. Oct. 8,1901,	died single Sept. 9, 1970.
13. Sophia Ann	b. Aug. 19,1903,	m. 1st Paul J. Johnson, Dec. 28, 1920: 2nd 
Stanton E. Walker, July 3,1969.
14. Samuel	b. Aug. 20,1905,	m. Louise Norman, Dec. 9,1934.
15. Quincey	b. Sept. 3, 1907,	died Sept. 5, 1908.
16. Catherine Roberts	b. Sept. 19, 1909,	m. Benj. F. Mercer, Apr. 27,1929.
17. Cecil Shelby	b. June 11, 1915,	died Apr. 23, 1943 in World War 11, in 
the North African campaign, Died single.

Mr. Rentz served in the Confederate Army. He enlisted June 14, 1861, in the 
"Lowndes Volunteers," the first company raised in Lowndes for the War; it 
was designated as Co. "I", 12th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A., which was in 
m1st. of the battles in Virginia and suffered many casualties. He was 
captured at Front Royal, Va., May 30, 1862, but was exchanged at Akins 
Landing, Va., Aug. 5, 1862. He then rejoined his old command. On May 10, 
1864, he was again captured in the battle of Spottsylvania Courthouse, Va. 
He was kept in Elmyra, N.Y., Federal -prison until June 21, 1865, when he 
was released and returned home mostly on foot. In his later years he was 
granted a Confederate pension which he drew until his death.
After marriage Mr. Rentz farmed in Lowndes County but about 1880 when he 
sold his farm and moved to Berrien County and entered the turpentine 
business in what is now Cook County. He sustained a bad financial loss, 
however, due to economic conditions, and sold out and moved to Florida whee 
he lived several years. Then he returned to Georgia and located in Colquitt 
County and married again. He lived there until his death Nov. 29, 1914. His 
widow lived with her minor children in Moultrie, and died there April 9, 
1959, age 85 years. She was buried by tier husband in the Moultrie city 
NOTE: Thanks are due Mrs. H. S. Gulliver of Valdosta for the data on this 
record. She is a daughter of the son, William L. Rentz. Her aged mother 
died March 1973.

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