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Subject: SHOKES and allied familes c. 1900 Charleston, SC
From: Janet Jilote
Date: August 16, 2000

The following info was found in the Marriage Records of
Probate Court, Chas. SC. Many of these persons I can
directly connect to my lines, others are related to g-g-g-
Uncle George who married his only slave, and a few I haven't
a clue about.

Alick W SHOKES m. 12-14-1884 Anni DUBOSE

Charles C SHOKES m. 4-7-1890 Anne TURNEY

Charles Hamilton SHOKES m. 6-6-1937 Margaret Lucille

Charles C SHOKES m. 3-10-1928 Marie PORTER

Clarence Mortemer SHOKES m. 5-31-1909 Lizzie Thameo MEREE

Clarence M SHOKES m. 2-20-1922 Belle WRIGHT (Worght)

Clifton SHOKES m. 10-17-1901 Lillie PENDARVIS

Clyde H SHOKES m. 7-22-1948 Laura M SANDERS

D. James SHOKES m. 5-1-1918 Hattie DICKER

Edward Christ. SHOKES m. 7-28-1896 Clare Estille LYNES

Francis Marion SHOKES m. 7-5-1896 Minnie BRANCH

Harold L SHOKES m. 4-6-1926 Julia L BROCKINGTON

Harold M SHOKES m. 11-11-1920 Nancy O. HARRINGTON

Henry SHOKES m. 3-12-1924 Mattie BEARD (my grandparents)

Joseph Francis SHOKES m. 5-30-1909 Edith Adelaide ---

Joseph C SHOKES m. 4-8-1925 Elizabeth WARREN

Philip C SHOKES m. Edna E BISHOP (forgot to write down date)

Raymond H SHOKES m. 10-30-1934 Elaine Elizabeth THOMAS

Victor SHOKES m. 4-16-1919

Warren Eugene SHOKES m. 12-20-1935 Virginia MUCKENFUSS

William J SHOKES m. 4-5-1883 Alice FERREL

William H SHOKES m. 6-30-1890 Celia ISSEAR (?)

Harry J SHOLK (?) m. 11-4-1919 Ida LIVINGSTON

Cecil Thurman SHOOK (?) m. 3-21-1942 Lucille GOOD

Homer SHOOK (?) m. 10-28-1953 Evelyn E PURVIS

Reginald A SHOKES (blk) m. 11-25-1936 Alma E EDWARDS (blk)

Solomon Joseph SHOKES (blk) m. 4-7-1979 Joy WRIGHT (blk)

Adalaide Idella SHOKES m. 3-3-1898 David M LLOYD

Alma SHOKES (blk) m. 6-25-1959 Charles GATHERS (blk)

Beulah E SHOKES (blk) m. 10-12-1934 Richard Martin TURNER Jr

Carrie SHOKES (blk) m. 6-18-1905 Jacob SHARK (blk)

Cleo Elizabeth SHOKES m. 4-19-1936 Henry Martin HOLLING

Elizabeth Ann SHOKES m. 7-7-1907 Henry J MUSGROVE

Emily Idella SHOKES m. 4-7-1919 William Clyde LINTON

Florence SHOKES m. 9-25-1890 Vincent Y SALVO

Frances Josephine SHOKES m. 5-1-1923 Clarence Harold

Harriet Leonor SHOKES m. 8-25-1881 Silas S BUNCH

Hermenia SHOKES m. 7-15-1913 James F BISCHOFF

Julia E SHOKES m. 7-18-1923 Andrew J MALONE

Maggie E SHOKES m. 8-8-1906 Joseph M CLAYTON

Mamie Valk SHOKES m. 4-7-1907 Thomas A HOTTER (Halter)

Martha Louise SHOKES m. 3-5-1883 Lewis Chaffe- KNOX

Martha Estelle SHOKES m. 6-16-1926 Herman STEHMERER

Mary Elizabeth SHOKES m. 6-14-1878 William N BAHR

Happy Hunting!
Janet Nielson Jilote

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