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Purple Heart Stories

Cecil Toliver Daniel's Story

Army, Headquarters 187th Engineer Combat Battalion General Orders No. 8 APO 350, C/o PM, NY, NY, 29 May 1943. Award of the Purple Heart: By direction of the President and under the provisions of AR 600-45 22 Sep 1943, as amended and Cir 32 Hq ETOUSA 20 Sep 1944, the Purple Heart is awarded to the following Officer for wounds received in action on 7 Apr 1945 in Germany: Captain CECIL T. DANIEL, 0 255 453, CE. (Ribbon and Medal not available for issue. By order of Lieutenant Colonel Pierce: James S. Abney 1st. Lt., CE Adjutant.

Ralph Anthony Daniello's Story

I was a Navy Corpsman with Hotel company 2nd Battalion 1st Marines. One evening after patrol Cpl. David Lopez and I were checking our parimeter when a booby trapped chicom grenade was detonated between us. Cpl. Lopez got hit and I got shrapnel in both legs and sprayed with small pieces on my arms and left side of my face.

Donn N. Danielson's Story

U.S. Army, MIA January 10, 1945, Confirmed KIA January 12, 1945. Killed during the Battle of the Bulge at Foy Belgium. Interred in a small church grave yard in Foy Belgium. Disinterred and moved to Henri-Chapelle National Cemetery (Date unknown).

Frank J. Danulevith's Story

Army, As a member of Company B, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry. We were on patrol near the Ho Chi Minh Trail... My platoon was sent out on a midnight ambush...There was 26 of us in the platoon...At about 2am we were attacked by about 6oo hard core NVA....After 4 hours of fierce fighting the battle was over...Toll was 14 dead 12 wounded, and 217 enemy killed... title for the battle was "The Battle Of Angel Wings".

William Alexander Darby's Story

Army, (From a newspaper article about him in our local newspaper): He heard a shell screaming down from the sky and he had to dive beneath his tank. He remembered a loud noise and then everything lit up. As he went to the ground, he could see his tank's combat light. Then everything went dark. It was nine days later when he woke up. He had shrapnel wounds in his stomach, legs , arms, back and neck. Only one other man survived and he lost a leg. Six others were killed. The Army shipped him from Oran, Africa to Staten Island and from there to Memphis. He remembers during his long recovery, being taken out in a wheelchair and people throwing money in his lap to thank him for his sacrifice.

Other Medals: World War II Victory, Good Conduct, European, African, Middle Eastern Campign

Billy N. Davis' Story

Army, 96TH 381ST A Co., My grandfather was wounded by a "flying boxcar" while his company was making an offensive towards a hill called the "Yanabaru Escarpment". His squad heard a "flying boxcar" coming in and hit the foxholes. My grandfather found a foxhole and jumped in and another man jumped in on top of him. The man was instantly killed and my grandfather woke up in the hospital with blindness due to a concussion and shrapanel to his back. His eyesight returned and was sent back to the field. My grandfather does not know this man's name and I would like to learn his name. The man has already given me 27 years with my grandfather and a lot more. I would appreciate any help so I can try and contact any surving family members, it would mean alot to me.

George Davis, Jr.'s Story

PFC Davis, an African-American artilleryman, was massacred along with 10 fellow soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge.

Louis B. Davis' Story

Army, world war 2 vet. most decorated man in Bedford County, PA purple heart awarded for injury received saving bat.

McGregory C. Davis' Story

Army, basic training at Camp Croft, S.C. Infantry Training in 3rd Platoon, Company C, 53rd Battalion, Camp Wolters, Tx. Arrived European-African-Middle Eastern Theater (Eamet) on Mar. 19, 1943. Served as a B.A.R. Rifleman with Company I, 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division in the Tunisia, Sicily and Normandy Campaigns. After release from the hospital on Oct. 8, 1944 assigned to Company D, 383rd Military Police Battalion. Departed Eamet On Oct. 23, 1945 arriving in the USA on Oct. 30, 1945. Separated From Service On Nov. 7, 1945. In addition to the Purple Heart, he was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, Eamet Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Stars, the WWII Victory Medal and the Meritorious Unit Commendation, The WWII Honorable Discharge Pin and 5 Overseas Service Bars.

William Hiram Davis' Story

Killed in bombing, buried at U.S. Military cemetery, Neuville-en-Condroz Plot J , Row 9, Grave 205 Nine miles South West of Leige, Belgium Mounment stone at Fisher Arkansas Cemetery.

Dominic DeAngelo's Story

U.S. Army, 3rd Army, 90th Division, Battery B 344th Field Artillery. Forward Observer. World War II. Was also awarded: Europe, African, Middle Eastern, Theater Campaign ribbon with bronze arrowhead, World War II Victory Medal, American defense service metal, Bronze Star w/1 oak leaf cluster, officer commissioned over seas, lapel button.

Robert David Deese's Story

Army, 79th Infantry Division, 314th Infantry Regiment. Robert Deese was in the Army from 20 Sep 1940 until 28 Mar 1946. The 79th Infantry Division won the Distinguished Unit Badge GO#107. He loved his country and honored his days in the army. When he was wounded, they wanted to amputate his leg but he would not allow this and so after much pain and suffering and many surgeries, he was able to keep his leg. The military issued special shoes from him to wear. One was a regular shoe and the other was built up about 3-4 inches to compensate for his lose of bone. He rarely spoke of his war days because he saw so many of his friends wounded or killed. He instilled good values in all of his children. He passed away December 27, 1994. We miss him.

Anthony James Deflippo's Story

Army, Landed on Utah Beach on D-Day. Fought through France and was hit by mortar before entering Germany. Died at age 52 in Syracuse VA Hospital.

Frank Delgado's Story

From the Morning Report of this Day, 13 June, 1945, Co. B: "Received counterattack at dawn, killed 225 Japs. Co remained in same position, 11 EM & 1 OFF. LWA." As these men reached the top of a hill, they encountered a banzai charge. As the above result indicates, they fought valiantly. What it does not state, is that it was hand-to-hand combat, with grenades, rifles, and flamethrowers. Of the men listed on the morning report of the 13th, none were listed on the 14th- they were all KIA, or WIA. *There is only one man still alive, who fought with Co. B that day. He will not share what occured. Thank You, fighting men of Co. B. You were instrumental, as were other fighting companies on Okinawa, in turning the tide of the war, and, as stated in several of the history books, "putting America at Japan's doorstep." As long as there are people like you, reading stories like this- then the bravery of a country that continues to attempt the global restoration of human rights- and the fighting men who have and continue to make it possible, will never be forgotten. And maybe, as was asked in the recent movie, "Saving Private Ryan," We will remember, This Day, to "Earn It." God Bless you, Co. B.

Matt O'Brien Delmas, II's Story

Army, At the time of receiving injuries sustained by a mortar barrage, 2nd Lt. Delmas was on a hill with a patrol of men under his command. Without any notice or forewarning the barrage began. Almost instantaneously 2nd Lt. Delmas was hit by mortar fragments and seriously injured. At that point, he was carried by stretcher down the hill to a soccer field where a small observation aircraft(LP) was quickly modified to accommodate this seriously wounded officer. Later he was taken aboard a British hospital ship where he initially began months of recuperating fom his wounds sustained in this mortar attack.

Antonio H. De La Cerda, Jr.'s Story

Army, Tony had less than 30 days to go when APC he was riding was blown up by a mine. Mission was supposed to be a milk run!!

Virgil De Munck's Story

Merchant Marine, MIA, He was on the troopship SS Dorchester. It was torpedoed by a German U - boat off the coast of Greenland, on Feb. 3, 1943. Over 600 men lost their lives, including four chaplains.

Arthur Charles Dennis' Story

Art was guarding McArthur at his Manila Hq. prior to the fall of Manila when he was first wounded.

Leroy F. Denson's Story

Marines, was also awarded: American Campaign Medal, Asiactic Campaign Medal & Victory medal.

William E. DePuy's Story

A General in the Army, First Infantry Division, with two purple hearts, two distinguished crosses, three distinguished medals, three silver stars, and multiple other medals and honors.

George Lester DeSha's Story

Marines, Co. A, 1st Bn. 7th Regiment, For some the number 13 may be unlucky, but George DeSha considers it just the opposite. He was born on 13 May 1930 to Lester George DeSha and wife, Cornelia "Bettee" DeSha, in Waldo, Alachua County, Florida. He enlisted in the U.S. Marines on the 13th, was shipped out for duty on the 13th, left the United States with the 13th replacement draft, was attached to Company A of the 13th Artillery Training Support Battalion, was a squad leader of 13 men, and received a personal letter of appreciation for spirit in performance and duty in his 13th month after leaving Paris Island. Sgt. DeSha was shot and wounded on the 13th, while out on scouting duty, he was placed on the Navy Hospital Ship USS Haven, taken to Japan (near Tokoyo) for special surgery, then returned back to his unit to continue fighting, then rotated back to the United States, and arrived home on the 13th. Sgt. DeSha received the Purple Heart and the Medal of Valor. Also he received other medals usually awarded to men in a combat situation. George returned to Florida to live where he later became the Fire Chief for Keystone Heights.

William C. Dickman's Story

Dfc, Air Medal, Mertious Service Medal, Chinal Service Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, American Defense Service Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign with 3 Bronze Stars, Victory Medal WWII, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Organized Reserve Medal with 2 stars, Good conduct medal with 1 Bronze Star, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Pearl Harbor Survivors Medal & Several Certificates of Commendation.

Carl Dill's Story

Also was awarded the Silver Star for Gallentry; 157th Rifle Infantry, 45th Infantry Division; Buried in the American Cemetery in Epinal, France.

Eugene N. Dille's Story

While carrying bazooka shells across the Moselle River during the battle of the Metz France. His body was found surrounded by 35 dead German soldiers, it is believed that he discovered a flanking penetration of the German column and called in an artillery barrage on himself and them to prevent them from flanking his troops. He was a member of Company A, 1st Battalion, 10th Infantry, 5th Division, 3rd Army.

Homerl Earl Dille's Story

Navy, Gunner on the Uss Enterprise and was killed around Midway. He also recieved the Victory Medal and the Ship recieved the Presidential Unit Citation.

Robert Lee Dobbs' Story

Corporal Dobbs was a Browning Automatic Rifleman with Company B, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was Killed in Action while fighting the enemy in North Korea on November 28, 1950 by a Chinese mortar round. Corporal Dobbs was awarded the Purple Heart, the Presidential Unit Citation, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal.

Lloyd A. Dodd's Story

Army, wounded during the battle of the bulge, Prisoner of War medal. Frost-bitten feet and hands (feet still partially disabled) on march from front lines to POW camp, Stalag IXB, Bad Orb Germany. Captured near Hosingen, Luxombourg, December 20th, Co. M 110th Inf. Rgt, 28th Infantry Division.

Robert L. Donald's Story

Army Infantry, Prisoner of War for 6 months, Germany, Communications Battalion Headquarters 106th Infantry Division, European Theatre of Operations, Expert Rifleman, 2 Battle Stars, Good Conduct Medal, Also Aviation Cadet stationed at Miami, Florida and Lockbourne Air Force Base in Columbus, Ohio, Military Honor Guard in Military Disrtict of Washington, D.C., Communications Instructor at Officers Candidate School in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Ned H. E. Doolittle's Story

Army, Ned served with the 3rd Bn. 12th Inf. 1st Bge. 4th Inf. Div. from the time it was activated for service in Vietnam(12/65) until he was wounded and permanently disabled. He served in both HHC and B Co.

Daniel Frederick Dorman's Story

Daniel was a Glider pilot in what was believed to have been the 151st Airborne Division. He was shot down over Holland and died as a result of the injuries sustained.

James Luther {Jimmy} Dotson's Story

Army, This is my dad. Not sure if i the month and date are correct but would love to find someone that was in his unit. 1st Cavalry is all know. In Vietnam from 1968-69 I believe. He has a green jacket with the phrase "When I die, I will go to heaven because I spent my time in Hell. He was in a field artillary unit. He was a forward observer.

John Doty's Story

My Uncle was shot in the neck. His parents were: John & Mary Doty (maiden name Moriarty) Residing in Boston.

Michael P. Dougherty's Story

My greatuncle Mike was a Marksman in the US Army according to his discharge papers. Other decorations received: EAME Ribbon; American Defense Service Medal.

Irving M. Douglas' Story

He was inducted on 5/26/42. Trained at Camp Croft, SC where he later served as an instructor and was stationed at Ft. Meade as a supply sergeant before going overseas in June, 1944. He saw action in N. Africa before his assignment to the Italian area. He was buried in an Italian cemetery and brought back to the states for burial in Feb. of 1949.

Charles Arthur Douglass' Story

Army, Charles was in the 4th Armored Div. 53rd AIB,CO B. He survived the Battle of the Bulge, the crossing of the Rhine, but was killed at the end of March 1945. He was awarded the Bronze Star and the Presidential Unit Citation. He is still missed by those he left behind.

Thomas Gordon Dovell's Story

Army, Entered service February 26, 1943, Hospitalized in Ft Lewis, WA with pneumonia spring '43. Served as a rifleman in Co E, 2d Bn, 381st Inf, 96th Division thru Jan. 1944 in Leyte, Phillipines when he was again hospitalized this time with Yellow Jandice and tropical ulcers. Returned to unit to land on Okinawa. KIA by enemy shrapnel 18 May 1945. He had just turned 21 in March.

Was also awarded a World War II Victory Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with one Bronze Service Star, Combat Infantry Man's Badge, Bronze Star Medal.

Normand L. Doyon's Story

Navy, I served with River Division 554 from April 1,1969 to April 1,1970. The type of boat I served on is called PBR (patrol boat river). Toward midday on 23 June 1969 my 2 boat patrol were escorting 6 Vietnamese river boats. We came under intense enemy rocket and automatic weapon fire from both banks of the river. As lead boat, I informed the Army Vietnamese advisor to have his group of 6 boats run the starboard side of the river so that our faster boats (PBR) could make high speed run on the enemy position. While making our second run against the rocket and automatic weapon fire, my boat substained a hit by a 108mm rocket that hit my starbord (right) engine. The explosion killed my after gunner, wounded my M60 machine gunner, where scrapnel severed his right hand off from the wrist and 3 middle fingers from left hand. My foward gunner received a scrapnel wound through his back which punctured a lung. My Patrol Officer was knocked out from a concussion and I suffered scrapnel wounds and a ruptured ear drum. My wounds were not life threatening, which I was not aware of at the time. I cleared the kill zone and beached my boat with the aid of another PBR who came to our aid. I rendered first aid to my M60 gunner and provided cover fire where I could. We were medivac by helo to an Army hospital where we were treated for our wounds. My forward gunner died from his wounds and my Patrol Officer was in the operating room for several hours. He had his left anf right legs amputated, his right arm amputated and while they were anticipating taking his left arm. Awarded: Bronze Star Medal with combat V, Purple Heart Medal

John Drago's Story

Army, My step-father had other medals but I don't know what they were after he died in August of 1973. We donated his Purple Heart and Uniform to the V.F.W. Post he was a member of.

Lloyd O. Draheim's Story

463 Bombing Squadron; also awarded an Air Medal; 4 Oak Leaf Clusters; and a Good Conduct Medal.

Ben Drake's Story

Ben went to rescue an ambushed squad with 3 other Marines. He was ambushed on the way but fought through and called supporting arms in using the radio of the fallen squad because he went without a radio. Ben received a Silver Star for this evening.

Michael J. Dreiling's Story

Air Corps; also awarded Distinguished flying cross, 2 Oak leaf clusters, Air Medal w/ 3 Oak Leaf Clusters.

John M. Drenan's Story

Army Air Force, he was also awarded an Air Medal w/2 Oak Leaf Clusters. His plane went down at sea {6 deg 55 min N, 171 deg 25 min E} and his body was never recovered. He is memorialized with his name engraved in one of the standing columns at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu.

John Edward Driessler's Story

Army, I was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, the Bronze Star with V-Device, the Army Commendation Medal, and a Silver Service Star for having been in five campaigns.

David Alan Drown's Story

Army, paratrooper 173 airborne brigade, kia while clearing lz, awarded bronze star w/v device.

Euliss L. Duggan's Story

Army, My mother said he won several swimming championships in China, before WWII. He was station most of his 19 years in the Pacific area. I think he was in the Army Air Corp. He died in 1943 and was buried in National Cemetery Chattanooga, Tn in 1949, Grave site is U16WS.

Rollin Dukeman's Story

Rollin was my husband's uncle. He was killed three days after D-Day but we do not know specifically where or on what beach head he landed. He was interred in the St. Laurent cemetery until 1948 when his remains were returned and buried here in Battle Creek. We are lucky enough to have his Purple Heart and some other memorabilia.

Dennis Duncan's Story

Air Force, All WWII common awards plus the Air Medal w/13 clusters and the DFC three Belgium Unit Awards.

Arthur A. Durante's Story

Army Air Corps, My father was flying as a bombardier in a B17 enroute to bomb a German aircraft factory near Augsburg, Germany when his plane was shot down. The navigator next to him was killed immediately and Dad was wounded in the head by fragments of cannon shells fired from a German fighter that attacked them near the French town of St. Dizier. He parachuted from the plane just as it disentigrated and crashed. He joined up with the French resistance and evaded capture for six weeks, but was eventually betrayed and turned over to the Germans. He spent the rest of the war in a POW camp. He was in Stalag Luft III until the evacuation and then eventually ended up in Moosburg where he was liberated on 29 April 1945.

Thomas Lawrence Durkin's Story

Army Air Corps, Inducted Oct. 1942, started at Camp Upton November 4, 1942 until his death January 24, 1944. He was a gunnery sergent. His plane was shot down over Germany (Belguim) or what was called the European Theatre. He was first declared missing in action on Feb. 6, 1944 and then confirmed dead in March. He received his purple heart in March of 1944, he also received an Air Medal. Thomas Durkin was my uncle born and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY. He came from a large family and during his time in service two other brothers where in the service, Capt. Walter Durkin, Army, and Joseph Durkin, Navy. Thomas was 22 years old when he died.

Robert F. Dyer's Story

Parachute Infantry, also received Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge, Unit Citation w/ 2 Oak Leaf Clusters.

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