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Purple Heart Stories

Barry R. Mabus' Story

Army, Awarded the C.I.B., National Defence ribbon, Vietnam Service ribbon, Vietnam Campaign ribbon, Good Conduct ribbon and the Presidential Unit Citation.

George H. Machtolff, III's Story

Marines, I was with 3rd Amtrac Battalion, 1st Marine Division. During the time I was over in Nam, Feb. 1968 to March 1969, I lost four Amtrac due to bombs & large land mines while on differnt search and destroy mission. I also recieved the Navy Commedation Medal with the Combat V.

John Stanley Maddox, Jr.'s Story

Awarded Bronze Star by United States Marine Corps, Headquarters, Sixth Marine Division, In The Field, "For meritorious achievement in connection with operations against the Japanese enemy on Okinawa Shima, Rtukyu Islands, from 1 April 1945 to 6 June 1945." Lemuel G. Shepherd Jr., Major General, U.S. Marine Corps.

Lester A. Maize's Story

Army, My father was a career officer who entered the Army in the Iowa ROTC in 1936. He was activated into the regular Army in 1939. He married Betty Jane Hiatt in July of 1940 and they were shortly assigned to Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii. On December 7, 1941, thier home was straffed by Japanese planes. My mother, 7 months pregnant with my older sister, Sherry, was told to pack a small bag and wait at the schoolhouse. It was feared the Jampanese would invade and they had no way to defend the island. My mother was sent to the states in January and Sherry was born just out-side Northwood, Iowa. My father did not see her until March, 1943, when he got leave before being transfered to the newly organized Rainbow Division in Oklahoma. After one year he requested to be sent to an active unit and was on his way to England in April, 1944. He was sent into France around June 25th as a replacement officer for the 175th Regiment of the 29th Division. He was part of the heavy action required to take the city of St. Lo on July 18. On July 30, near the village of Villebaudon, the Regimental headquarters of the 175th was directly hit be German artillary. 13 of 14 officers present were casualties with 11 officers killed. Captain Maize was one of those. It was the only known instance of a Regimental Headqurters being hit by enemy fire in the European Theater of Operations. It changed the lives of all the members of my family.

Melvin J. Maleport's Story

US Army, Co. A, 301st Infantry, 94th Infantry Division. Died as a result of severe head and chest wounds. Was buried in Hamm Luxemburg at the U.S. Military Cemetery. Was later transferred to a cemetery in his hometown of Sault Ste, Marie.

William Glenn Manders' Story

The recipient was assigned to the 454th Bomber Group, 739 Bomber Squadron stationed in Ceringnola, Italy. He served as a waist gunner and radio operator on a B24 Liberator.

Was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries received on his 43rd bombing mission to Bucharest, Romania to destroy the Marshalling Yards there. His plane was attacked on its way back by fighters and was hit with three 20mm cannon shells. One hit the nose of the plane, one hit the waist, and one hit the gas tanks on the wings. The co-pilot was killed, two crew members bailed out and were captured, three crew members were injured, and four were not injured.

The remaining crew members were able to get the plane to a British landing strip even though the plane had no hydraulics, no oxygen, and no power to their heated suits. Gasoline has sprayed on everything including their parachutes which had also been hit with flak pellets. They jacked the ball tourret up by hand so they would be able to belly land since they knew they would not be able to get the landing gear down.

Fortunately for them they were able to land the plane without it exploding and everyone on board survived. The two crew members who bailed out were prisoners of war for the remainder of the war.

Was also awarded Good Conduct, EAME Service Medal w/4 bronze stars and Air Medal.

2 Distinguished Unit Citations: One for a Raid on airdrome at Bad Voslau on April 12, 1944, and the other for an attack on steel plants at Linz on July 25, 1944.

Jess Willard Marlar's Story

Army, 383rd Infantry, Bronze Service Star for Ryukyu Campaign, World War II Victory Medal, Bronze Service Star for Philippine Campaign, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with 2 Bronze Service Stars, Bronze Service Arrowhead on Asiatic Pacific Theatre Ribbon - Leyte, PI, Good Conduct Medal & Combat Infantry Badge.

Allen Otto Marr's Story

While diving into a foxhole, he was hit by schrapnel in the legs and was sent to a hospital in Italy. The US Army lost track of his whereabouts and listed him as AWOL. Later, he was confirmed WIA and located.

Charles W. Mars' Story

Army Air Force, 2nd. LT. Charles W. Mars was the pilot of a B-17 on a so called 'MILK RUN' on a rocket launch site. Total time over enemy territory was to be 26 minutes. A direct hit by FLAK caused fires in both wings just after the bombs were dropped. All of the crew parachuted successfully and all but one was captured. The bomb togellier evaded.

Edwin Lewis Marsh, Jr.'s Story

Air Force, My brother Eddie was in the 22nd Squadron 374th carrier troop, he is now buried in the Manila American Military Cemetery. He had signed on for this mission to postpone his leave, in order to go with a friend the next week, to Australia. They were shot down over New Guinea, my parents decided not to bring his body home, since they never believed it was recovered. He would have been 21 years old on January 19th in 1945.

Ben Martin's Story

Army, went through basic training at Camp Fannin, Tyler Texas. Was a member of the 34th Inf. Reg. 24th Div., Co. L., is buried overseas in a Manilla Cemetery.

George Carney Martin, Jr.'s Story

Army, 3 Bronze Stars for Rhineland Ardennes Central Europe Campaigns per WD GO 33& 40 1945, Good Conduct Medal, Purple Heart per GO 12 Hq. 104 Evac Hosp 15 Jan 1945. No time lost under AW 107; Lapel Button Issued; Entitled to wear European African Middle East Theatre Campaign Ribbon. 1 Over seas bar ASR score 2 Sept. 1945 go. Automobile Rifleman 746. Combat inf. Badge G0 10 Hq. 357 Inf. 19 Jan 1945. Rifle Exp. 29 july 1944. Seperation center Jefferson Barrecks Missouri. Died at Independence Missouri Medical Center December, 2001. Layed To Rest With Honers At Harrisonville, Missouri.

Johnnie H. Martin, Jr.'s Story

Army Aircorps, Shot down, was also awarded: Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster, Good Conduct Medal, WWII Victory Medal, European Theater Operations Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Two Battle Stars.

Raymond E. Martin's Story

U.S. Army, He was my uncle. He died eleven years before I was born. The U.S. Army was mopping up hostile forces of the Imperial Japanese Army and my uncle bought it just one week before the United States Army established a dominent presence on Attu. He was only 23 1/2 years old. He's buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Detroit.

Wallace Bryce Martin, Sr.'s Story

Army, Bryce was a radio operator on a B-29 Superfortress stationed in India. He volunteered to leave his unit and fly on this mission and was killed in action. His body, along with the rest of the crew, rested together in the Mopansham Cemetery at Funguanshan, China until June 8, 1949, when his body and his comrades who died with him were buried together in the National Cemetery at Keokuk, Iowa. Bryce was my uncle and was killed 3 years before I was born.

Donald E. Martindale's Story

I received the Million Dollar wound, in the left buttock. The Doctors said it was a good spot to get hit in a lot of meat and not many people ever see it. Why I call it a Million Dollar wound is, the following day most of my Company Co D 1st Bn 503rd Inf 173rd Abn was hit hard and quite a few of my fellow troopers didn't make it. I remember them always on Nov 11 which also is Veterans Day.

Julian P. Martinez's Story

Member of 319th Airborne Field Artillery, Battery B, (Gliders). Wounded in Glider Crash. Evacuated to England. A metal plate was used to patch the back of his skull. Returned to duty. Took part in the Holland drop, and the Battle of the Bulge. Went on to Berlin with the 82nd and his 319th GFA. Died on June 6, 1964 due to a accidental fall that reinjured his head. Twenty years to the day of orginial injury.

Lesley Burgess Mashburn's Story

US Army, Co. G, 330th Infantry, 38th Div.; was also awarded: Combat Infantryman, Rifle (Sharpshooter), BAR (Sharpshooter), American Theater Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, World War II Victory Medal, European African Middle Eastern Ribbon & Normandy Campaign Battle Star.

Melvin I. Mason's Story

I know that Melvin I. Mason received (2) purple hearts, but I do not know the incidents related to the award. I do know that he served in WWII under Patton just before the Battle of the Bulge.

John F. Masterson, Jr.'s Story

His injuries consisted of metal fragments to his left arm and lung, having collapsed the lung. (Note: This is a much shorter version. If you would like the full story, please e-mail me and I will be happy to send it to you.)

Willard Byron Matchett's Story

Army, 1st purple heart - Italy, 2nd purple heart - France. He was then killed in France 9-14-1944 at age 24. He was with the 15th "Can do" Infantry Regiment. He met his death in action 3 days after leaving the hospital for the 2nd time. He had participated in the invasions of North Africa, Italy & Silicy before being sent to France. He also was regimental color bearer at a review in Italy.

Omer T. Mather's Story

Army, 186th Infantry Reg., 41st Infantry Div. (The Jugglers). He was awarded his Purple Heart on August 31, 1944 per G.O. #8, HQ 186th Inf.

Buford R. Matlock's Story

Army, 70th Div., I was in Co. M 276 Inf.and had a section of machine guns attached to Co. I 276 in a wooded area north of Forbach when a number of German 88 artillry rounds came in on us. There was a tree burst above me when I was hit.

Stephen A. Matta's Story

Army, Cpl. Matta was with a tank destroyer unit. He had his hand and leg seriously injured.

Walter Lloyd Mattern's Story

His brother, Wilbur Clyde Mattern, was killed in action 8 months earlier. Phil and Sadie Mattern lost both sons during WWII. They were the only sons they had. Walter Mattern was killed during the invasion of Guam on Chonito Cliffs, by Cabras Island chain on Guam. Walter is buried in Hawaii

Wilbur Clyde Mattern's Story

He died during the invasion of Tarawa. His brother, Walter Lloyd Mattern, was Killed in Action 8 months later. Phil and Sadie Mattern lost both sons during WWII. They were the only sons they had. He was hit by 12 machine gun bullets while arriving on the Red Beach 3 to the left of the long pier on Tarawa. Wilbur is on a stone listed as Missing in Action.

I was able to get a phone number for the man also injured on Tarawa. I called him and he told me he was with Wilbur when he was hit and stayed with him until he died on the beach, then went to help with the invasion. When he returned to the beach, Wilbur's body was gone. I relayed this information and phone number to Walter and Wilbur's only remaining sibling. Her, her sister and her mom and dad always wondered if he really died because there was no body. Was some closure for her, now in her late 80's, to finally know.

Clemence T. Matye's Story

Bravo Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division. Wounded by anti-personnel land mine during a roadsweep on Liberty Road near Hill 55 southwest of Da Nang. Four Marines KIA and five others WIA in same incident. I was awarded Silver Star.

John S. Maycrovich, Jr.'s Story

Army, We know that he was killed when the ship he was on in the North Atlantic was torpedoed. We do not know for sure, but believe he was on the USS Dorchester.

Ernest McBride's Story

Pfc. McBride was wounded by machine gun fire during the Battle of the Bulge. While awaiting evacuation he was also wounded by shrapnel from enemy artillery.

Frederick Joseph McCall, Jr.'s Story

Navy, Radioman 3rd Class, My brother was killed in action in the early morning hours aboard the USS Hovey January 7, 1945. His body was never recovered. He was 21 years old.

Robert V. McCammack's Story

Co. A, 38th Infantry, 2nd Division. He was a medical corpsman, hit by mortar while trying to coordinate the evac. of wounded during heavy mortar attack.

James J. McCann's Story

Army, 36 Armd Inf Reg 3rd Armd Division. Also wounded in Germany on November 3 and December 12, 1944. Received ETO Ribbon with Three Bronze Service Stars, Purple Heart with Double Oak Leaf Cluster.

Fred McCloy, Jr.'s Story

Daddy's major wound was his back (spine) and was told he would never walk again. The doctors took his leg bone and fused it to his back and he did walk again, fished most of his life and lived a lot longer than they expected. I credit the doctors of that time for taking a chance and giving my father his life back. He only recieved the medals from USA and didn't get the ones from France, Belgium and the other European countries back then. By the time he decided to send from them, they no longer had WWII medals to award. Daddy stayed in a Veterans nursing home in Shreveport, LA for 3 months before passing away. On the 60th anniversary of Normandy, I made sure to drive the long distance from our house to the cemetery to place a flag on his grave with the words "Normandy, France 60th anniversary 1944 - 2004" since Daddy landed on that beach and survived. His service in the US Army was very important to him and he belonged to all the VFW, Purple Heart, American Legion and Disabled Veteran organizations where he lived in Orange, TX until his death. He was a lifetime member of all of them and a charter member for the Purple Heart that started in Beaumont, TX. If he were alive today, he'd probably want to be over there with the men and women serving overseas and fighting along with them. Holding his head up high and proud to be an American.

Daddy died August 28, 1995 in Bossier City, LA after a long illness with asbestosis.

Philip W. McConnell's Story

Army, My Father had a purple heart with oak leaf cluster, the bronze star and infantry medal. He died on a Troop Train in Germany.

Elton McCoy's Story

Army, I was told that he was killed by a sniper in a town in France. He was my Great Uncle Charlie's son.

Harry E. McCune's Story

Army, He died in 1992 in Tampa, Fla. His body was Cremated as he wished. He served in Armored in Korea-Viet Nam.

Stephan Arlen McDonald's Story

Wounded by Claymore-type mine during fire fight. At least one of his buddies was killed.

William McDonald's Story

Army. Uncle Bill (McDonald) - The story goes that he was face to face with a German soldier and they both shot at the same time. The bullet from the german's rifle hit my uncle's rifle and went up Uncle Bill's arm. He was not sure if he killed the German but, since Uncle Bill returned from the war, we assume that he did. William McDonald died in August of 1998.

Paul Thomas McElroy's Story

Incident happened Onboard the heavy cruiser USS Chester ( CA-27 ) during a bobbardment at the Mashall Gilbert Islands, , South Pacific Area (Bomb Hit)

As a member of the " V " Division in the heavy cruiser USS Chester (CA-27 ) my battle station was setting and maintaining condition "ZED" topside in the vicinity of the well deck. While the Chester was bombarding shore installations on the Jap island of TAROA in the Gilbert and Marshall chain we came under heavy Jap air attack. We received a bomb hit in the vicinity of my battle station. From the bomb explosion myself and a sailor beside me were hit by scrapnel, he was literally cut in half at the waist and died on the spot , by the grace of GOD my wounds were minor by comparison. As a result of the bomb hit eight of my shipmates were killed and thirty eight were wounded.

Good Conduct Medal, World War 11 Victory Medal, American Defense Freedom Medal Fleet, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal w/3 Navy Occupation Service Madal, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal w/2 United Nations Service Medal, Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, Presidental Unit Citation Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea War Service Medal

Walter Henry McFarland, Jr.'s Story

Army, was KIA on a POW "Hell" Ship. Silver Star received by Mother and Father, was trained as a 50cal gunner with 60th CAC, "M" Battery.Went into the field of fire 5-5-1942 and picked up a wounded comrade and finding an open vehicle, drove the wounded comrade to a hospital. The next morning made his way back to a ridge overlooking the malinta tunnel road and having obtained more gun mounts and ammo, held the Japanese from advancing to the important Malinta tunnel for 7 hours. He subsequently was wounded. Ended up as a MIA for 28 months, but was REALLY in POW camp #2 ,as evidenced by pow card sent home after his POW hell ship was sunk in the south china sea by friendly fire. I understand, don't have official records yet, that his guards on the ship came around in life boats and either shot the swimming, escaping, POW's or beheaded them right there. I have just come into this information this last 12 months because of the passing of the holder of my mom's scrape book. It also appears that he met and married with a local young lady, whom I search for, too. My brother has a headstone at the Manila Burial grounds. His remains were never recovered. I'm also searching for his outfit buddies and other same hellship pow's. My brother went by "MAXI" as far as I know. I understand that he also had made it up to supply Sgt.

John F. McGahan's Story

Marines, Our regiment George Company, 3rd. Battlion, 7th Marines were ordered into combat in September, 1951. While assaulting a hill, in heavy underbrush along a finger of the hill, an enemy sniper was operating, shooting through an opening in the brush at targets of opportunity. I was directed through the opening and stopped a second to see a dead Marine lying there, when I was shot through the upper right arm. I was carrying ammo for the BAR man ahead of me. In February, while the peace talks were going on, the marine command decided to provide us with hot meals. They erected a mess tent on the reverse slope of the hill we were holding. While returning to my bunker after lunch of February 23, a mortar round whistled in and landed behind me. I caught a piece of shrapnel in my right kidney. Several other Marines were wounded or killed. I was evacuated and eventually sent back to the states.

Thomas Eugene McGee's Story

He is my husband's grandfather. All I know is that he stepped on a live mine in the Vietnam war he lived a little while after that but has since died of cancer.

Charles Victor McGervey's Story

Army, 96th Infantry, Charles is my uncle, our family, particularly my dad, Richard McGervey is trying to investigate the circumstances of his passing. All we know is from the telegram our family recieved stating that he had died of his wounds on October 27th, 1944.

Thomas McGill's Story

Army, Won the Bronze Star Was A Virginia Rifle (night sniper) with Patton's 3rd Was a platoon sgt. was my father, and I have his medals, but he left when I was 3 and know almost nothing about his military career.

Vadon J. McIlwain's Story

Army, Sgt McIlwain was a member of the Big Red 1, Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 18th Infantry. He was in battles in Alfgeria-Fr Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, and Central Europe. He received the European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon with 7 bronze stars, the Silver Star Medal, the Bronze Star Medal, the Purple Heart with 1 oakleaf cluster, the Good Conduct Medal, the American Defense Service Medal, and the Distinguished Unit Badge with 1 Oakleaf Cluster.

Julian Allen McKee Story

Marines, He was with 38 other men of 1st Platoon, E Co. 2/9 and took Hill861. 12 of which were killed including Julian aged 20.

Alton McKeithen's Story

Dad's 9th Armored Division Company B 60th Armored Infantry Batallion crossed the only bridge intact on the Rhine River, the Ludendorff Bridge. It was a railroad bridge. The officer in charge of blowing up the bridge so our troops could not cross was beheaded by Hitler. Both of Dad's legs were wounded; some schrapnel was removed from his leg (he still has a piece of it wrapped in gauze from the field hospital). After staying in the General Hospital in Paris, France, he went with the 1st Division troops to the Nuemburg Trials. Dad entered the Army 29 March, 1943. He remembers his serial number because he didn't know it to get his 1st pay check. He says that in two days he knew it, and to this day can repeat it from memory.

Mike McKinney's Story

Army, 2 Silver Stars,2 Bronze Stars. Won Silver Star on Omaha Beach, June 6th in first wave assault.

Matt D. McKnight, III's Story

Army, Combat Infantryman Badge, Master Army Aviator Badge, LOM, BS w/V 1st OLC, AM w/23 OLC, ACM w/V 2 OLC, other awards for service.

Henry Alton McNemar's Story

Med Corpsman 324th IR 44th Inf Div. Col Thacher Nelson, Commanding Officer of the 324th, and 2 other men, stepped into an unmarked mine field setting off an explosion and Col Thatcher was instantly killed and the other 2 severely injured. Rushing to give aid, my dad also stepped on a mine and lost his life. Awarded Purple Heart and Silver Star posthumously. Buried at Epinal American Cemetery, France.

William J. Mears' Story

Marines, 1st Marine Division, engineering reconnaissance unit. Fought at Guadalcanal, New Britain, Cape Gloucester, and Bougainville, before being killed on Peleliu.

Lauren Dewey Mendenhall's Story

Enlisted on July 2, 1941, just 10 days after his 18th birthday. Inducted into service at San Francisco, CA. Left US on Jan. 23, 1945. Arrived in France Feb. 1, 1945. Sometime after this he went somewhere in the Pacific and boarded a ship for home on Nov. 10, 1945. Arrived in US Nov. 25, 1945. Discharged at Camp Peale, CA Nov. 29, 1945 as part of 587th Signal Corp. He says he was part of the Screaming Eagles. He worked as a machinist when he first joined. He was a master mechanic. He was shot in the left thigh.

Lauren Dewey Mendenhall enlisted in the Army on July 2, 1945. He worked as a mechanic for a couple of years. Then in 1944 he received paratroop training and was shipped out to France. He was a semi-pro boxer and boxed for his division. He was in the Rhineland and Ardennes Campaigns, and the American Campaign.

He was also awarded: Expert Rifleman, Paratroop training, American Theatre Campaign Ribbon, American Defense Service Medal, Distinguished Unit Citation 7 Feb. 1945, European/African/Middle East Campaign Ribbon, WWII Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, Airborne Ribbons and pins

Hugh Hudson Melrose's Story

Army, 90th Div. 357th Inf. Regt. Co. G, Hugh was reported missing in action on June 12, 1944, during the invasion of Normandy, France. He was confirmed, killed in action, on June 12, 1944, by letter from War Department dated July 25, 1944.

Harry Merrill's Story

Infantry, was also awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster & a medal for the country he sustained his injuries in. He died in 1971 and is buried in Kalamazoo, Mount Everest Cemetery, Michigan.

Lewis S. Messer, II's Story

Served with U. S. CBMU301 Navy Seabees PUC, NUC, PH, Vietnam Campaign Medal. Vietnam Service Medal, Plus others.

January 21, 1968 the TET offencive started at Khe Sanh. The NVA hit the base with hundreds of Rockets, Mortors, and Arty. They got the ammo dump and close to 50,000 tons of stored ordance cooked off over a four to five hour period. From Dec 1967 to April 1968 we were surronded by an estimated enemy force of 20 to 40,000 ground troops, plus support troops. Lang Vie special forces camp was down the road from us and was over ran in Feb 1968. We had a total of appx 6,000 troops on the base, in the Special Forces Camp at Lang Vie, on Hills 861, 861A, 881 South, hills 950, 1015, and the famous walking dead 1 / 9 marines at the rock quarry and hill 700.

The first time all three Battalions of the 26 th Marines had served together since Iwo Jima in WW 2. This Battle was on television every night back in the US.

Daniel Frederick Meyer's Story

Army, Died of wounds recieved during or shortly after the Battle of the Bulge. Served with 417th Infantry Reg, 76th Infantry Division "Onaway." I'm still researching the exact details of his death.

Leo J. Meyer's Story

1st PH award - 1LT Meyer, Company 'A' 34th Infantry 24th ID, Mortar shrapnel in June 1945 during Operation Victor V (the mopping up operations of Mindanao) when 1st Battalion began its push toward Tuli, (Vicinity of Davao) Mindanao,Philippians.

2nd PH award - CPT Meyer, Bn S2 3d Battalion, 7th Infantry, 3rd ID, Mortar fire during “Task Force Dog”; the 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry, 3rd ID, provided flanking covering force for the withdrawing 1st Marine Division and elements of the 7th Infantry Division from the Chosin Reservoir to the port of Hungnam, North Korea. 3BN/7INF was the last unit off the beach.

Military awards:

Combat Infantryman Badge 3rd award {one each conflict; WWII, Korea, Vietnam} /// Soldiers Medal /// Bronze Star Medal 2nd Award /// Meritorious Service Medal /// Air Medal /// Joint Services Commendation Medal /// Army Commendation Medal 2nd Award /// Navy Commendation Medal w/combat V DIST Device /// Good Conduct Medal /// American Defense Service Medal /// American Campaign Medal /// Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal w/3 Battle Stars /// WWII Victory Medal /// Army of Occupation Medal (Japan) /// National Defense Service Medal 2nd award /// Korean Service Medal w/4 Battle Stars /// Vietnam Service Medal w/3 Battle Stars /// Republic of Korea War Service Medal /// Armed Forces Reserve Medal /// Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm Medal /// Vietnam Civil Actions Medal 1st Class /// Philippine Liberation Ribbon /// United Nations Service Medal /// Vietnam Campaign Medal /// Presidential Unit Citation {Army} /// Meritorious Unit Commendation /// Philippine Presidential Unit Citation /// Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation /// Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation /// Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Bronze Star Unit Citation /// US Army Parachutist Badge /// Republic of Vietnam Special Forces Parachutist Badge

Click here to view a webpage honoring him.

Click here to view his story on Wikipedia.

Ervin Mikesh's Story

Wounded at Salerno; Captured at Rapido River; Spent 18 months as POW; Was member of "T-Patchers" fighting 36th Division.

George M. Miles' Story

Was wounded while on burial detail by a mortar shell. She was burying his fellow soldiers who were killed in action.

John Miles' Story

Marines, My uncle was awarded two Purple Hearts for his injuries and bravery in Guam. He is alive and well, and still living in Concord, California.

Oklen Seldon Miles' Story

Company D, 318th Infantry. Seldon Miles was a machine gunner (605) and participated in the Rhineland and Ardennes (GO 40 WD 45) campaigns. Decorations and Citations include: Purple Heart (GO 33 Hq 80th Division 45) and European African Middle Eastern Service Medla with two Bronze Stars. He died in March 1991.

Byron F. Miller's Story

Army, Byron was an Infantry Rifleman in Company K, 3rd Battalion, 127th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Infantry Division. Wound was caused by Japanese hand grenade.

Julius R. Miller's Story

Army, also awarded: Bronze star, Bronze service star & Citation for meritorious service as an ammunition carrier.

Laddie Miller's Story

Army, He was honored for the death march in the Phillipines and three and a half years in prison camp in Mukden.

Raymond Patrick Miller's Story

Navy, Aboard the USS Monnsen DD 436, accompanied the USS San Fransico into a night action with a superior Japanese force. The Monsen was abandoned as a burning hulk and sunk the next day.

Robert Richard Miller's Story

SFC, RA, SOA, CCS, 5th SFG; was also awarded a Bronze Star, Letter "V" Device, Army Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal w/ Claspe Bronze w/ 2 loops, Meritorious Unit Emblem, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal - 4 Bronze Stars - 1 Silver Star, Combat Infantryman Badge, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon w/device, Parachutist Badge, Senior Parachutist Badge, Driver & Mech. Badge w/"W" bar, Sharpshooter Badge w/Rifle Bar, Expert Badge w/Automatic Rifle Bar. Co. B, 801st Maint. Bn., SPT Gp, 101st ABN.

Tommy N. Miller's Story

Marines, Letter from his commanding Officer Captain Hill recommending him for the Silver Star and the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Aychie C. Milligan's Story

Was reported MIA on October 20, 1950 and changed to KIA on December 31, 1953; also awarded an Air Medal, Presidential Citation, & 5 oak leaf cluster.

Donald John Millington's Story

Wounded from fragments from mortar round on outpost -evacuated by helicopter to USS Repose -{hospital ship} medically discharged-Served with 1st Marine Regt.

Robert A. Milton's Story

Robert Milton was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal as a result of his involvement in the European Theatre in WWII. His mos was 745 rifleman. He was born on 27 October 1910, in Model, Tennessee. After being discharged from the Army via a military hospital in Missouri, he took a civil service position at the Granite City (Illinois)Army Installation. He was working at that position in 1955, when a mechanical door malfunctioned and fell off the track, crushing him to death. He died 21 October 1955. He is buried at Dutch Ridge Cemetery in Murphysboro, Illinois. He grave is marked with a military marker with the inscription, BSM PH 1763 Service Unit.

Orville Mishler's Story

Also received the Bronze Star for meterious duty on recon. Patrol along with the Purple Heart.

Timothy D. Mitchell's Story

Marines, Was part of the Multinational Peacekeeping Force. Wounded in Marine HQ attack in 1983 only three of us made it out of the basement alive. Nobody wants to remember that we lost 241 men that day? I just want the people to know that we who survived will never forget and remember how we were treated when we came home, nobody cared not even our own government.

Nicholas Mitrione's Story

He was in C company, 38th Infantry, Second Division. At the time of his death, the 2nd Division was attached to the 3rd Army as it drove toward the port town of Brest, France. He died on September 9th or 10th, 1944 as his company reached the outskirts of Brest fighting in close quarters with German defenders. He had been in combat since the end of June, 1944 having participated in the breakout from the D-day beaches, the capture of St. Lo, and the sweep West toward the French coast.

Tyler C. Mobley's Story

Army, Bronze Star. He was part of the 357th Inf. Reg. A part of the famed 90th division.

Benjamin Champlin Moffatt's Story

Marine- enlisted at 17, although father signed that he was 18, year of birth-1920, attended military school prior to enlisting. School unknown. Brother, Ralph E. Moffett was in the Navy. Mother-Mary Clark Moffett, father Benjmain C. Moffett, Sr. He had re-enlisted for the 2nd time at time of WARII.

Hamilton C. Moffett's Story

While retreating from German infantry advancing on the town of Mortain, France, Lt. Hamilton C. Moffett and other members of his rifle platoon were fired upon by German mortar crews. My father was wounded in both legs and feet in that attack. He never filed for disability for problems related to his wounds. I am very proud of my father and the sacrifice he made for his country. My father graduated from Texas A&M College in 1943 and received his Army commission after graduating from Army OCS. He landed in Normandy with the 30th Infantry Division 10 days after D-Day. He gave me his purple heart on Veteran's Day several years ago. I will always treasure his medal. He is a great man and he has set a great example for me.

Norman M. Mohar's Story

Army, 3rd Inf. Div., Soldiers Medal, Bronze star w/cluster, Combat Infantrymans badge, French 1st army medal for Kolmar campaign, Eto medal, victory medal, good conduct medal, Unit Citation, French Croix de guerre which is a 3rd infantry division citiation from the French.

William P. Molesky's Story

He was with the 82th airborne division 505th, Companies G/H, he made four combat jumps.

John Harry Monahan's Story

Army, Bronze Star for heroic actions in the face of the enemy 7/8/44. Lt. Monahan rescued a man left exposed to enemy fire when wounded by snipers. Lt. Monahan then killed both snipers allowing the the troops to continue their advance. Near the Ay river in France.

John Howard Mooney, Jr.'s Story

Marines, Cpl Mooney was on his second tour of duty (voluntered to go to vietnam) and was serving as the dispersing clerk for HMM-362. He was flying as an H34 door gunner when a troop (grunt) inside the helicopter lost a grenade from his web belt. (He had attached the grenade by the pin!) the grenade fell to the deck at Cpl. Mooony's feet and .......well you can imagine the rest.

John Raymond Moore's Story

Drafted early 1944, served under Pattons 3rd Army, 80th Division, 37th Infantry; was imprisoned in Lichtenstein and liberated on April 15, 1945 by the 4th Armoured Division. Was also awarded a Bronze Star.

Stuart Miller Moore's Story

My father was trained at San Angelo Army Air School in San Angelo, TX. He was a member of the fifth class of San Angelo bombardiers. In flight he served as navigator. In August of 1944 he was stationed in Assam, India, from where flights were made over the Himalayas, across the South China Sea and on to Japan. As of August (sorry, I don't know exact date) my father had completed all of his missions was soon to be sent back to US. One of his buddies became ill and could not fly. My father volunteered to take his place. Their mission was almost a success. They were shot down, while returning, over the South China Sea. Some landed in the water, some on land, but to my knowledge none survived. Because this caused great pain to the man whose place he took, I will not name him here. I do know that for many years he struggled with it.

Charles J. Molinari's Story

Army, was awarded: American Service Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Purple Heart GO #13, World War II Victory Medal.

Ernest Molnar's Story

Army, Combat Infantryman's Badge-World War II Victory Medal, EAME Ribbon with Two Bronze Battle Stars-Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon-Order of The Purple Heart with One Oak Leaf Cluster- American Theater Ribbon- Good Conduct Ribbon- American Defense Service Medal. My uncle died in 1978 from lifelong complications due to his injuries. The story told to me by my father (my uncle didn't talk about it) was that he had a squad of Nazi soldiers pinned down near the town of Nancy, France. As he was a M1 Rifle expert, the enemy called in for a Tiger tank to knock out his position. Shell fragments ripped into his skull. When medics arrived he was left for dead, until one of them saw movement from his body. That medic, along with the doctors and nurses and all the other personnel saved his life. I suspect there has been a typo on the dates of the injuries, because he received his first wounds six weeks prior to the event described here.

Richard U. Moorman's Story

Army, I don't know the exact events surrounding the incident because he wouldn't talk much about it. I do know that he lost an eye and also recieved a silver star. I do know that he was a machine gunner and also recieved a bronze star in World War II, for forming litter squads of prisoners and evacuating wounded Americans under extremely concentrated artillery and mortar fire during the assault on the Siegfried Line near Wallendorf, Germany. He was my grandma's brother and is no longer with us.

Zelma J. Morgan's Story

Army, He fought at the Battle of the Bulge. He was an US Army Expert Rifleman, and he was wounded in the right leg in the Winter of 1944 or 1945 in Belgium while on a routine mission. He was wounded severly, but the icy conditions contributed to saving his life.

Vaughn A. Morris' Story

Marines, The first time happened in operation Prairie III, RVN on March 25, 1967, shrapnel right arm, Quang Tri Province. The second time was on operation Kingsfisher, RVN, on July 26, 1967 where he received shrapnel in his back.

Frank F. Motley's Story

He along with his squad was pinned down by the enemy sometime in September 1918 when he volunteered to sneak through the enemy lines to go for help. Although he was successful in reaching his own forces for help he had to crawl through areas that was overlain with mustard gas. He lived to return home at the end of the war in 1919 but the effects of the gas eventually killed him in early life.

Garner W. Mott's Story

Marines, My father was wounded at Peliliu on September 16, 1944 and then was killed at Okinawa May 7, 1945. He was in the First Marine Division 3rd battalion 5th Regiment company K.

Lestor Leroy Mulnix's Story

Also awarded a Bronze Star; US Army, 2nd Infantry, 5th Division Regiment, Rhineland Campaign.

Melvin C. Munson's Story

Army, Also received Bronze Star Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and American Defense Medal.

William F. Murphy's Story

U.S. Army; Captain Murphy was in the 81st Infantry Division 321st Inf Reg Regimental Planning officer when he volunteered to lead a Rifle Company. He was killed in action several days later with Co K. Posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

George Francis Murray's Story

Participated in Rhineland campaign as a member of the 411th Infantry regiment, 103rd Infantry Division, assigned as an infantry First Lieutenant Officer. Wounded in combat in March 1945. He was awarded the European African Middle Eastern Service Medal, American Service Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and the Purple Heart.

Raymond W. Murray's Story

U.S.M.C., Member of 81st mm Mortar of the 2nd Battalion 7th Regiment 1st Marines Division Battles fought Peleiu At Bloody Nose Ridge & Okinawa; was also awarded a Bronze Star.

Paul Frank Musick, Jr.'s Story

Army, was also awarded a Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star Medal with oak leaf cluster, Purple Heart with oaf leaf cluster, Victory Medal WWII, Combat Infantry Badge 2nd award, Distinguished Unit Citation, American Campaign Medal-WWII, Army Occupation Medal-Japan, European-African-Middle East Campaign Medal-WWII, Korean Service Medal, Army Commendation Ribbon with Medal Pendant & oak leaf cluster, United Nations Service Medal-Korea, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation and the Army Good Conduct Medal.

Don Michael Myers' Story

Army, I have two brothers who were wounded in Vietnam. This first brother is Don. He served in Vietnam in about 1968. Don is a 100% disabled American Veteran. Don was a quiet, very nice older brother. He serves the Lord. The war today remains a heavy burden for Don. He wasin many heavy fire fights. My mother, who died in 1993, words to my brother when he left for Vietnam, was "to write often." He was airlifted to Japan after being dropped into a hot spot. He landed and was penetrated by a pole. He has problems inside, today. His records are extensive. There was a loss of hospital records in Japan. We thought he was dead. The Red Cross found him in the hospital in Japan. He survived, and was sent back to Vietnam. I was 15, so I don't remember all the details. I remember a horrible story about another incident. Don loves children, he was never able to have his own, but he has been a loving stepfather, and he continues to help children by helping with youth activies in his church and with a boy scout troop. According to the story, he had a little friend in Vietnam that a bomb was attached to, and who was blown up. Don smoked a cigarette stateside, and his rank was reduced by an inexperienced officer. It was a small incident. Don was one of very few in his group who lived. Don is a very good man. He served his country with great honor. He lost so much of the person I knew as a child. I have seen him return to Vietnam in his mind.

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